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Posted in: Fact or Fiction
FACT or FICTION: The My Pimp Hand Is Way Strong Edition
By Morpheus
Sep 20, 2011 - 2:58:58 PM

The My Pimp Hand Is Way Strong Edition

NOTE FROM MORPHEUS: Well, here we are again, just as I said we would be. For all the haters who scoffed, I say kneel before the great God Testiclees and Taste the Power! That’s a thinly veiled euphemism telling you to lick my balls. Clever, eh? Anyhow, we’ve got a hell of a Sensational Six lined up this time around, and you’ll see that as we move forward into the heart and soul of this thing. In addition to the mighty Morphster, we’ve got Current Big Thing making his ambiguous return to the FOF circlejerk, alongside our most recent COTM winner, KingKervin00, who hasn’t yet figured out that numbers in a user name are gay. Speaking of gay usernames, we’ve got our resident racist, RandyBoy1986 making his FOF debut here, just as Super Chrisss finally makes it back on board. It’s amazing what a little whining and offers of sexual favors can do. Last and almost certainly least is our most least favorite brown Briton, Mazza, who is making his FOF return to try out his new pimping shoes. Take it away, Mazzticle.

Mazlining: The Tournament

'Sup, LOP. It's your old pal Mazza here again. Morpheus has given me the opportunity to be part of this current edition of Fact or Fiction and also pimp out a tournament that I am currently running in the Columns Forum. Mazlining: The Tournament is based on a daily column that I write in the forums and it is giving the opportunity for the best in the CF to prove they are the best throughout September. We have currently just wrapped up the round 2 columns that you can check out >>>here<<< and are about to embark on the semi-finals. It is definitely worth dropping by to check out the best daily columnists as judged by the guys like Super Chrisss and Hustle who are currently doing the same for you here on the main page of Lords of Pain.

Topic 1 (from Current Big Thing): Instead of becoming the next "Rock", or even the next "Miz", Zack Ryder will, in fact, wind up becoming the next Hacksaw Jim Duggan. FACT or FICTION.

KingKervin00: FICTION While the similarities already seem to be in place for Zack Ryder to become someone like Jim Duggan, I can’t see Ryder really getting the same opportunities Duggan received. Duggan won the first ever Royal Rumble match as well as two mid-card titles in WCW. While Ryder could potentially get a rub like that, I can’t see it happening. With the muddled mid-card scene as it stands, how can the WWE justifiably give Ryder that kind of exposure?

The easy argument is that his internet show has been a success, but at the same time, it’s not beyond reason that someone like R-Truth or The Miz could do an internet show and attain even more viewers. Hell, Matt Hardy gets a ton of internet viewers while he subliminally threatens to kill himself. For Ryder, I think his character, while comedic like Duggan’s, would actually need something more solidified in order to achieve what Duggan has achieved. Duggan latched onto an excellent role as a patriotic symbol, so while he was funny, he was also someone ALL fans could enjoy. Ryder will definitely be hit or miss with some people who hate stupid humor.

One last thing; in order to be the next Hacksaw, one would have to suggest he would ultimately become a Hall of Famer, and that is something I just can’t see.

Mazza: FICTION. Ryder wishes he could become the new Hacksaw. He is the new Santino, at best, which is handy because the old Santino seems to be hitting his Sell By date. WWE have taken so long to get Ryder on TV, he may even be stale before he even gets going. I have heard a couple of people start to question his ability to put out a decent 5 minute show once a week, and I personally never thought it was that good in the first place (his dad aside). I just really don’t see what makes the guy interesting and I am still not sure what his catchphrase means either. If he was smart he would just ask management to pair him back up with Curt Hawkins right now and try and get a feud with Otunga and McGillicutty. Sorry, Chrisss.

Morpheus: I think this does need a tad bit of clarification. Are you talking about Hacksaw twenty-some years ago, or are you talking Hacksaw now? Hacksaw of yore had a damn fine career that sticks are not to be shaken at, while Hacksaw of nowish is more of a comedy filler routine designed to give people feel good chucklies down in the pits of their inner children. Honestly, in the current climate of the wrestling business, I’d be damn proud to have either one of those spots. As for the other two dudes mentioned, the Miz is barely the next Miz, and there will never be another Rock, so I suppose I’ll go with FACT here, even though I don’t see that as a bad thing in any way.

RandyBoy1986: Somewhere, Super Chrisss is having a fit at this question. Wait, he's on this same column? My bad.....Anywho, I'll go with a big, juicy FACT (sorry Chrisss) on this one. I've only got into the 'Ryder Revolution' and played catch up with his YouTube series and I have to admit, although while funny in places, it's steadily losing ground on me, as if they're running out of ideas (kinda like the Creative Team for Ryder or other underused talent). I commend him for trying to get & succeeding in getting noticed but even that only lasted briefly and his role on SmackDown! isn't going to get him places either. If only ECW was still about, I enjoyed his work there, especially against Christian for the ECW Title and his trunks were awesome (#nohomo). Besides, being the next Hacksaw is better than being the next Matt Hardy (oooh, I went there)

Super Chrisss: ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?!

You're asking LOP's number one Zack Ryder fan if he will go on to one day become one of the WWE's top stars? I hope that's a trick question. Bias or no bias, this is complete FICTION. What separates Ryder from 95% of the rest of WWE's midcard? His passion. Sure, guys like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are better athletes than Ryder, but Long Island Iced Z has a charisma inside and outside the ring that neither of these guys have yet to produce. Ryder may not be putting on five-star matches every week, but neither is The Miz, and look how far he's come.

I'll admit that there are a lot more superstars likely to have a "Jim Duggan career" than a "Rock career". There's no doubt about that. However, Ryder is one of the youngest superstars on the main roster, and he's already more popular than most of his peers without receiving half the amount of television time. Not only that, but he's one of WWE's top merchandise movers, behind only Cena and Orton, and he's only had two t-shirts and a headband released! WWE finally seems to be giving him a push and if booked correctly, could be wearing midcard gold by the end of the year. A heel turn and move to Smackdown! in 2012 could even see Ryder win his first world title. Right now, Ryder has a great shot at becoming a HUGE superstar. Maybe not as big as The Rock or even The Miz, but there's no way he'll have a jobber career. #RyderOrRiot

Current Big Thing: First, I feel it's necessary to state that one could do far worse than experiencing the level of success that the Hacksaw attained. That said, I think Ryder has the ability to do more. I actually see him being kind of the "Owen Hart" of his time, if you will, inasmuch as being that dependable undercard/tag team guy who never quite makes it to the tippy-top, but who is still met with a modicum of respect and is taken at least slightly seriously. It's that last point that I think makes this FICTION, but if Santino Marella weren't already the new Hacksaw, I might just as easily call it "fact".

Topic 2 (from KingKervin00): CM Punk is winning the war of words between himself and HHH. FACT or FICTION.

Mazza: This is a tough one. I am a massive Triple H fan so I really want to say Fiction but this is not a simple case of black and white. When Punk dropped “that” promo it was something way out of the norm. He was on a roll and when Hunter first got involved with “The Best in the World”, he was without a doubt rusty. Since then however he has grown and grown with every promo where as Punk is pretty much using the same formula every time he has mic. I mean it is still interesting and funny but it is essentially the same thing dressed up a little differently each time. Hunter totally owned him on this week’s Raw and he had been level for a couple of weeks, but before that Punk was definitely getting the better of the verbal battles. I guess I am going to call it even overall at this stage so I’ll go with FICTION. Yet I think there will definitely be a winner by the time the feud is done.

Morpheus: FICTION, because no one ever is ever capable of ever doing anything better than Triple H ever. Forever and ever. Amen. <3

RandyBoy1986: He may be winning the war of words between himself and HHH but he isn't winning over any new fans, especially the younger ones which is the main focus (unfortunately). How many kiddies know who Phil Brooks and Paul (Google's surname) Levesque are? Anywho, Trips being a face in the authority role isn't good, he's boring and can't let loose too much as Punk can. If Trips was a heel, then he would run riot but then again, it could turn out to be a burying session (I sound like Tito) or an unintentional racist jab controversy a la Booker T leading up to Wrestlemania 19. Gotta love me some racism.....er, scratch that from record before Hustle or Ro have a field day. As for Punk, there's only a certain amount of times you can use the 'under the thumb' jabs before it gets as stale as Cena's character. Him going too inside will confuse a lot of casual followers, he should just stick to what made him 'break out', the infamous diatribe leading up to MitB. **** it, I'll go FACT as I have to go get my groceries shortly and clean my flat for a birthday party tonight. You're all invited, except Matt Hardy #****Him

Super Chrisss: I am 100% sure Mazza answered FICTION for this one, but he's wrong. Although he's lost a battle or two, CM Punk is certainly winning the war against "Coo-Coo". Ladies and gentlemen, this one right here is a FACT. People argue that Punk's promos against Triple H are repetitive - he disses Stephanie, says he's out of touch, calls him old, etc. etc. Yet not many people seem to realize that HHH's promos, although arguably more fierce and passionate than Punk's, are even more stale. All HHH does is put Punk down and call him a "nobody" or an "internet darling". He makes fun of Punk for being the "voice of the voiceless", but really, that's all he's got. Ever since Punk invaded Comic-Con after winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, Punk always has a clever comeback to the C.O.O. Punk is NOT being buried by HHH because unlike many before him, Punk is able to defend himself.

As long as Triple H remains in "face mode", he has no chance of winning the war of words against CM Punk. He can put down the former WWE Champion all he wants, but Punk will always be ready for him. If anyone needs to step their game up, it certainly isn't Punk.

Current Big Thing: This is FICTION, if for no other reason that this "war of words" is, if anything, even. And it's not "even" in the sense that a football game is even at zero because of both teams' defensive units are playing out of their minds-- on the contrary, it's more like one of those games in which it seems like neither quarterback can do quite enough of the right things.

See, on the one hand, Triple-H hasn't done a whole lot of talking over the last year, and, as such, he started this program with a teensy bit of rust on him. Now, he's a veteran, and his vast experience (of which I haven't forgotten that I have absolutely none) has served him well in terms of coping with the virtual jet-lag that has accompanied one of the longer layoffs of his storied career, but he only now seems to really be matching Punk blow-for-rhetorical-blow.

On the other hand, though, is the fact that CM Punk's "stuff", so to speak, has begun to sound more and more "manufactured" over the last few weeks, at least to me. To my ears, this trend reached its highest point this past Monday when Punk brought up the "bodybuilder physique" thing. It was during this particular mini-tirade that Punk lost me a little bit.

Punk would have us believe that this is the "Reality Era" for want of a better word, and he'd have us believe that it's got his name at the top of it because of how he started it by "shooting straight". Well, in "reality", CM Punk was in the closing segment of goddam Monday Night Raw for like the ninth week in a row. How am I supposed to buy a line referencing WWE/F's alleged disdain for having "smaller" guys in the main event, when said line is being delivered by someone who, according to his own logic, is forbidden from being on TV at the point in the broadcast at which time that line was delivered?

To me, a line like that just reeks of having been manufactured specifically to touch a nerve in the "IWC", as it were, by directly referencing one of the many things about which the "IWC" has bitched over the years. In "reality", those doors were blown open ages ago by guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, and the argument can even be made for guys like Ric Flair and Randy Savage doing it even before Hart or Michaels. Pro wrestling has always been about whomever can outright command the attention of the viewer, regardless of that person's size, or lack thereof.

There's simply no way I can regard someone seemingly relying upon such an archaic talking point as being in the "lead" of any debate.

KingKervin00: FICTION I’d say this whole war of words between the two of them has been a wash. While Punk started out really owning Triple H on the microphone, it became whiny and uninspired. Every week it was some weak joke about Stephanie’s panties or something along those lines which made it feel so forced. The fake hacking sounds that he made a few weeks ago was borderline asinine. So, where Punk started out hotter than a branding iron on a cow’s ass, he fell quicker than Owen Hart on a zipline (Don’t beat me up Scott Hall).

After that, we were witness to Triple H saying some really truthful things about Punk and the business in general. In retaliation all we got was Punk whining about ice cream bars. I think Punk became that guy who plays to the fans, which isn’t really what we wanted. We wanted him to implement change, not grab cheap pops from the crowd. That’s why I think any chance he had of winning this war of words went straight down the tubes.

Topic 3 (from Mazza): Matt Hardy Will Not Die. FACT or FICTION.

Morpheus: I respectfully abstain from responding here, because any answer I give will be effectively leaking spoilers for the Hardy Zombie Apocalypse Movie. Shit, I really need to get back to that. Thanks a lot, Maz…

RandyBoy1986: Can I start off by going #****YouMattHardy as I'm a proud member and supporter of the Facebook group (hi Hus, Ro, Jeff, etc). This bastard is getting more attention than Rock vs Cena, which is a feat in itself but it's for all the wrong reasons. Does Fatt care? Hell no, the more attention the better. There was a time I liked him when the Hardyz first came about but ever since the Edge/Lita/Matt debacle (#ThankYouEdge), I've noticed him to be nothing but a whiny bitch up to his release from the Fed last year and even through his Total Nonstop Agony career. I could go on a longer, hate filled rant but I'll probably be hunted down by Hardy's die-hard supporters/defenders so I'll just say FICTION because I can't wait until the day I go on LoP to see a headline without him in it

Super Chrisss: I am no Matt Hardy fan, but it still pains me to say this - FICTION. Hardy has become more and more of a loose cannon over time, and it's only a matter of when - not if - he reaches his breaking point. Considering how often he's been arrested for drunk driving, I sadly predict that Hardy will one day lose control and kill himself on the road. I hope that is not the case, and he is bale to go to rehab or something, but if there's any professional wrestler who is on the cusp of a premature death, Matt Hardy has to be the frontrunner. I hope I'm wrong, but if not, I pray he doesn't take away someone else's life in the process.

Current Big Thing: FICTION. Because, like Soylent Green, Matt Hardy is people. People die. ****. My Matt Hardy joke topic got bumped for this crap? Really? Jesus Christ.

Moving on...

KingKervin00: FICTION. Matt Hardy is already dead. His career is dead, and so is all of his credibility. The only thing that may keep him alive would be people like the IWC giving him the life support he so desperately craves. When the day comes that we stop pointing and laughing at him and giving him the attention he seeks, then that will be the true day Hardy dies.

Side note: I hate Mazza for this topic.

Mazza: FICTION because life just isn’t that kind. #****YouMattHardy

Topic 4 (from Morpheus): The negative impact (pun intended) that some of the so-called big names are having on TNA through their personal lives drastically outweighs the positive impact that their name recognition and talent brings/brought to the TNA table. FACT or FICTION.

RandyBoy1986: I don't watch Total Nonstop Agony, I read the results or Crow's columns to find out what happened and maybe watch the videos they put up on their site but I have been seeing a lot of their talent being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy (there's that bastard's name again) and an old favourite of mine, Kurt 'my Twitter got hacked' Angle are the 3 hot topics coming out of TNA at the moment (well, Jeff is oldish news) because of their idiotic dealings in their personal life. Out of the 3, Jeff is (IMO) the one with the more recent big name recognition as it wasn't that long ago that he was main eventing the Fed's PPVs. Then again, I haven't seen a ratings spike after he returned or won the belt. Same goes for Angle and no-one gives a **** about Fatt. Their names weren't doing much for TNA to begin with and their recent problems make TNA look like a good place to go and do drugs, get paid for it and get off scot free. I'll go with FACT on this one but hopefully Robert Roode will change things around and put those guys to shame, although I won't hold my breath.

Super Chrisss: This is 100%, without doubt, a FACT. I think it's safe to say that since joining TNA, guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are shitting on their legacy. Hogan seems to be constantly going through a legal battle with someone, while Flair is so much in debt that he would have to steal Vince McMahon's wallet just to save him from prison. It's gotten to the point where you have to wonder what are TNA's motives in keeping guys like Hogan, Flair, and Jeff Hardy on the payroll? Sure, they may be big names, but are they REALLY helping the company succeed? Last time I checked, Impact's ratings and TNA PPVs were doing about the same as they were a few years ago before all these guys swooped in to "save" the company. Not only that, but TNA has proven that they can get by just fine if Hogan and Hardy aren't around. TNA does not need the WWE rejects - they're the ones who need TNA.

Current Big Thing: I'm actually going to say FICTION here. My thing is this: there's an old adage which alleges that any publicity at all is good publicity. I'm inclined to buy that statement. In need of further evidence? Look no further than Paris Hilton's career. As in the very fact that I can make reference to Paris Hilton's career. See, if even one person who's never seen or heard of TNA or Impact Wrestling sees Jeff Hardy on TMZ because they're covering the younger Hardy's latest probation hearing or whatever, and TMZ identifies him as "TNA Superstar Jeff Hardy", and that identification causes that person to remark to themselves in a manner similar to this: "Hey, I'd been wondering what Jeff Hardy had been up to-- what's this "TNA" thing? When do they come on?", and that guy Google's "TNA wrestling" and is thus exposed to the product and maybe even becomes a fan, then Jeff Hardy's "negative publicity" has accomplished a positive thing for TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Do I think TNA has a PR department capable of truly capitalizing on what is, no matter how you slice it, mainstream media coverage?

Of course not.

KingKervin00: Interesting topic here, but ultimately I have to say FICTION. From a fan’s perspective, especially those that don’t read dirt sheets and don’t follow wrestler’s personal lives like the paparazzi, they probably couldn’t give two shits about whether Kurt Angle is driving drunk or if Jeff Hardy is on meth. The bottom line is, the product stinks to begin with, and really can’t get that much worse. These stars that continue to make horrible life choices aren’t hurting anybody but themselves. The company suffers somewhat, but we’ve already seen how seriously they take these instances. Angle gets a DUI and he’s still on Impact. Matt Hardy gets one and its caput. It’s hypocritical.

If anything, the reason these life choices don’t have a major impact (stupid puns) as opposed to the actual in-ring product is because TNA is a hypocritical company that only values its big names, and not the rest of the crew. I think we could all agree with that.

Mazza: I have got to go with FICTION again here. Morally, TNA continuing to employ these self destructive people might be seen as wrong but at the end of the day they are still bringing star power to the company. Kurt Angle is great at what he does and Jeff Hardy is inexplicably popular. Letting these guys go is going to have a serious impact (my pun is intended too) on their bottom line and they can’t afford to let that happen. I am sure TNA management aren’t happy when their stars are in the news for the wrong reasons but I am a firm believer in the “all press is good press” so it may even get more people tuning in to check out what the “crazy man” will do next. In fact, maybe it is all a work. I wouldn’t really put anything past Bischoff.

Morpheus: I get the whole argument of “no such thing as bad publicity.” I really do. And from an attraction of random casual fans, sure, I can see that argument. But there is another side of the equation that I think is being overlooked when you take that tack in answering this one: Sponsors. Are the sponsors for the show going to be happy with the repeated and prolonged exposure of people in the main event scene of the show that are constantly being arrested for one dumbass thing or another? Something tells me that I highly doubt it. While it may take some time to start seeing some repercussions about this, don’t be so naïve as to think that there simply won’t be any. Even the minor influx of casual fans won’t be able to overcome the potential (and in my estimation nearly inevitable) backlash from the sponsorship side of things that will come down the pike for all of this, so I have to say FACT for this one. They may as well go ahead and change their official name to Televised Narcotics Anonymous at this point. Hell, that might even help them gain a new demographic of sponsors, rendering my point moot.

Topic 5 (from RandyBoy1986): The Intercontinental Championship used to be a prestigious title that was a stepping stone to the World Title scene. Now, it is but a shell of its former self, and it will never regain the status it once had. FACT or FICTION.

Super Chrisss: If you asked me this question two months ago, I would have replied with FACT and moved on. However, something happened since that time. A certain young superstar just happened to win the Intercontinental Title right before SummerSlam and seems to be rejuvenating the belt's importance with every passing week. That superstar's name? Cody Rhodes. As much as I like Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson, let's be honest - both are those guy's Intercontinental Title reigns were terribly booked. So poorly booked that it was natural for most people to forget that a secondary singles title existed on Friday nights. Fortunately, young Rhodes has quietly been having a spectacular year in the WWE. His feud and matches with Rey Mysterio were compelling, his mic work is becoming one of the strongest on the roster, and just last week, pinned former world heavyweight champion Randy Orton in the middle of the ring. Not only that, but since winning the Intercontinental Championship, Rhodes has already had quality bouts against Jackson, Orton, and even Ted DiBiase at Night Of Champions. Just like Dolph Ziggler is bringing back a lot of credibility to the United States Championship, Rhodes is wasting no time doing the same thing for the Intercontinental Title.

Oh, and in case you didn't already guess, but the answer is FICTION. Rhodes has already defended his title in the main-event of a house show. It's only a matter of time before he defends it on television as well.

Current Big Thing: FICTION. I think Cody Rhodes will handle this one-- just you watch, Internet. Just you watch.

KingKervin00: FACT. I hate to say it, but the Intercontinental Title may never be a stepping stone again. There is a lot of reason for this. Two main reasons are briefcases that get hung from ladders every July. The Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View has become a modern age stepping stone for a wrestler’s way into the world title scene. The IC title has become nothing more than a piece of gold that wrestlers tote around to make it seem as if they are relevant.

The mere fact that Cody Rhodes, who is a promising young talent, is holding the IC title yet doing nothing with it really speaks volumes about how far that title has fallen. There just doesn’t seem to be much concern on the mid-card titles anymore, and the IC title gets even less exposure than the US Title simply because it’s on the lesser brand. I think the days of the IC title as a stepping stone are definitely finished.

Mazza: Well I can’t see into the future and I really hope the title goes back to what it once was but I can’t see it so will have to go with FACT. It will without a doubt become stronger again at some point, but right now is a particularly bad time for the belt. I am sure it can reach the Attitude levels of importance again with a bit of work but I really doubt we will ever see the belt have the same prestige it had when the likes of Bret Hart, Curt Hennig and Rick Rude were champions.

Morpheus: This tears at my soul, because the days of Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon wearing this belt were some of my favorite in history. However, looking back logically, even a decade back when the belt had a good deal more prestige than it has of late, it still didn‘t get a defense on WrestleMania. I think the decline of this mainstay title has been going on a lot longer than any of us would care to admit, which is saddening in and of itself. I know a bunch of dudes are riding on Cody’s nuts right now, but frankly I just don’t see him as the savior of anything, least of all this once-great title. This, sadly, is a simple FACT.

RandyBoy1986: I have to answer my own question? I wasn't informed of this so #****YouMattHardy. Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold, HBK, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and Edge. Those are but a few that have won the I.C. Title before winning the big one. Nowadays the names consist of Santino, Big Zeke (I love the guy #nohomo but what a pointless reign) and Kofi, just to name a few. The last time the I.C. title looked good was the feud between Jericho and Mysterio, the story was good, the matches were great and the title regained some pride. Then Mysterio wouldn't drop it to Ziggler and it was given to Morrison after Mysterio ed up his Wellness. Instead of hot-shotting it to people who aren't ready, give it to someone who deserves it, let them run with it while building someone up so they'll be credible enough to challenge for it and be taken seriously if and when they do win it. A perfect example is Cody Rhodes recently, I have had such the hard-on for this guy since the transformation from Dashing to 'Disfigured.' His feud with Mysterio was good, he even got a win at Wrestlemania and his broody promos makes me feel all emo. He claims he will restore the title back to its former glory and as much as I'd love to believe him, I'm going to go with FACT because it's the Fed. If someone is mildly popular, they'll throw him the belt even if they're green and cannot cut a promo *cough* Zeke.

Topic 6 (from Super Chrisss): With a DVD set in production, the King Of The Ring is set to return to PPV. FACT or FICTION.

Current Big Thing: Shit-- The coming together of that Macho Man DVD didn't lead to a Hall of Fame induction, did it? FICTION.

KingKervin00: FICTION. The WWE makes a ton of DVDs for fans to enjoy, whether it be the Best of Nitro or a Macho Man Randy Savage DVD. Does this mean we should expect Nitro to start airing again or Randy Savage (who was alive at the time of the DVD) to come back and wrestle for the WWE? Of course not. This is just the WWE making more DVDs for their fans to enjoy and relish in some of the good memories of that particular Pay-Per-View.

Not much else to say on that one. King of The Ring was a great concept, and still is, but it seems the ship has sailed on that idea to become a mainstay on PPV again.

Mazza: FICTION. Of course, I hate saying that as like most in the IWC, I would love to see it return to PPV. Not just a cheap version either. 3 full rounds on PPV. I just don't see it returning at all, and even if it did I doubt it would be anything more than the final. I think they will do a KotR tournament to pimp the DVD though, but it will be on Raw. To be honest, I am more interested now to see what they do with the winner. Sheamus didn't do much with the title. I would love to see someone seize winning the title the way Booker did and really get a push from winning it. I like the sound of King Barrett.

Morpheus: God, there is a huge part of me that wants to say that this is an unequivocal FACT, but unfortunately I think I’d be deluding myself. KOTR was always my favorite PPV of the year when I was younger. It was a great way to showcase up and coming talents and really gave the sense that they were fighting for their way to the top of the ladder. Sadly, I don’t see it returning as a PPV, and even if it miraculously did, it wouldn’t be the same as it was, where the whole thing played out in a single night. I think the reason for this is simply the size of the roster. In the mid-90’s, it was ok to have a dude wrestle thrice in a single night, but now the roster size is nearly doubled, and that would leave a lot of unhappy dudes with a lacking payday. For now, while my teenage self weeps, I answer FICTION.

RandyBoy1986: Dammit Chrisss, you should have chose this question the first time. Now I'm having to answer this hungover while I try keeping myself awake to watch Night of Champions....Wrestlemania has the Royal Rumble to determine who was challenging for the title, KotR was like the Royal Rumble but to Summerslam. It made new stars like Stone Cold, Edge, Brock Lesnar & Billy Gunn.....actually, scratch that last one, he sucked, even though I loved his finisher, which Ziggler now uses as a regular move. Where was I? Oh yes, I'm interested in the new DVD set coming out and I loved the tournament back when Regal won it before he got suspended but I honestly can't see them bringing it back as a full time PPV. If they changed the name of a PPV then I'm up for it but if they squeezed it in between two PPV's then they can go **** as their schedule is over saturated as it is. Even if they did bring it back, it'll probably a mess, look how well Sheamus did after winning it last year. He got his ass handed to him numerous times and wore a lobster crown (too many limes, too my limes) and it isn't until he moved to Smackdown that he's getting on his feet again. I'll go with FICTION because I'm hungover and yea....that's all I can think of.

Super Chrisss: Although I'm pretty sure my colleagues all replied with FICTION, I'm going to bravely state this as a FACT. Every year, the WWE toys with new and old Pay-Per-View concepts. Cyber Sunday, Breaking Point, Hell In A Cell, TLC - some stay and some go. In addition, WWE scrapped Vengeance from the PPV calendar several years ago, but here we are in 2011, and Vengeance has been brought back to air. Therefore, it would not surprise me at all if WWE decides to revitalize the King Of The Ring PPV, especially if the upcoming DVD set goes on to be successful. It may not happen in 2012, but I think the whole hosting of the King Of The Ring tournament on RAW idea is a phase that will wear out. The event is too special not to occur on PPV, and could easily be considered a "gimmick" PPV, which WWE has fallen in love with.

It may not happen in the PG era, but don't think for a second that we will never again see a King of The Ring PPV. Wait and see.

And that about does it for this month’s edition of Fact or Fiction. A big thanks to everyone involved, and another big thank you to those of you who took the time to read it. Agree? Disagree? Don't give two shits? If you have any thoughts, feel free to send them our way at the email addresses below, or be lazy and (ab)use the Facebook Comment option even further below. In the meantime, Stay Metal, and I’ll catch all you non-gender-specific ****ers at a future juncture.

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