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Posted in: Fact or Fiction
FACT or FICTION - The Morpheus Still Has A Fever Edition
By Morpheus
Feb 20, 2011 - 2:15:30 AM

The Morpheus Still Has A Fever Edition

NOTE FROM MORPHEUS: These topics and such were gathered, sent out, and whatnot near the beginning of the month. Delays in waiting for responses, followed by my own unfortunate illness issues have delayed its posting until now. I take full blame for any outdated sentiments that might be found herein. I mean, shit, who knew THE ROCK would show up?

Topic 1 (from Azreal): Sting should sign with the WWE and go on to face John Cena at Wrestlemania. FACT or FICTION.

fenixx: It’s a bit difficult to say. Speaking as part of the newer generation of WWE viewers, I’m completely unfamiliar with Sting. I’ve never seen a match of his and all I know about him is that he “descends from the rafters” wielding a baseball bat. Other than that, I’m not really excited about him coming if he does indeed debut. The return of Sting is one more for nostalgia and to appease the older fans of the WWE. If he does debut, I can’t see him lasting for too long or for him to remain with the company past Wrestlemania. The Road to Wrestlemania has begun and while many of you suggest that a feud somehow “writes itself”, it doesn’t for the fans of the WWE who aren’t familiar with Sting. The only reason that people want Sting to sign with the WWE is so that they can have that happy moment and mark out like they’re ten years old again, but they’re not. I call FICTION on this, he just doesn’t fit in especially in a feud with John Cena. Casual fans and younger viewers would rather see Cena face a heel or at least a character they are the slightest bit familiar with.

Morpheus: Anyone who's reading this that doesn't already know my opinion on Sting has been living under a rock. I'll break it down into a real short and sweet answer here for all of you, though, just to be sure you get it. FICTION, simply because I absolutely could care less about having Sting sign with the WWE.

Rey Ca$h: I just wrote a column for SkitZ Triple Banger about this. I don't think that Sting should sign with the WWE FOR WrestleMania. I would love for Sting to sign, but I don't think he should sign just for a WrestleMania moment. If he signs, he definitely shouldn't face John Cena, therefore it's FICTION. I don't care what anyone says. Sting isn't that huge, especially now, to warrant a match with the Hogan/Austin of this generation. Love him or hate him, John Cena IS the WWE. He's next in line behind Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin in terms of franchise cornerstones for Vince. Sting is a second rate, past his prime wrestler at this stage of the game. He's not even that big of a draw. Kurt Angle made bigger noise when he signed with TNA than Sting did. Hell, Christian got bigger ratings for TNA than Sting. I'm not a Sting fan, but I like him. So this isn't because I don't care about him. He's just not worth it anymore.

I keep hearing people talk about if he comes back, he should face the Undertaker. Why? What sense does that make? Because they both wear black? Guys, Sting was dark, in 1998! Sting's gimmick now is that of an Icon who is legendary and cemented in his beliefs. Does that sound like dark to you? There's no earthly reason why that match should happen. What would that mean for Wade Barrett, who buried the Undertaker alive? What would that mean for Kane, who feuded with his brother for months over who was the Devil's favorite demon? If Sting comes back, it should be either against someone younger that he can put over, or Chris Jericho. I only say Jericho because the two are familiar, Jericho's a big enough name so the IWC won't bitch that Sting is being misused, and Jericho is just coming back. If not that, I wouldn't mind Sting facing Jack Swagger or Drew McIntyre. Imagine what it would to for their career to take on Sting at Mania.

SkitZ: Is this penis wrinkle serious? FICTION and not a moment too soon. I certainly don’t wanna be subjected to that bullshit when fifty bucks is being withdrawn from my checking account for watching it. Chris Jericho’s about the only individual I can truly depend on to carry Sting through an above average bout and guess what? It doesn’t look like either of them are gonna make the show. I would say it’s not a knock on Cena in particular but that’s a blatant lie. However if it makes him feel any better, I’d opt for Sting/Cena over Sting/Taker in a heartbeat. Can we just quit blabbing about Borden altogether and act as if he was never linked with the '2 21 11' vignettes from the start? Let him wrestle for TNA until his ****ing corpse rots.

Wevv Mang: FICTION. John Cena vs Bill Goldberg would be a much bigger match. Sting vs Cena’s main appeal is that it would mean Sting signed with WWE. The real draw is Sting, regardless of who he would be working with. Sting could feud with any top tiered talent and have the exact same level of fan interest.

Sting’s cult appeal is that he has never worked for WWE, and since he was a main WCW star, this would his first match for the “enemy”. Ergo, a match at Wrestlemania should draw extra attention, above and beyond what a high profile Sting match should draw. The problem with that is the timing. It’s too late. Sting is now mainly a TNA commodity, since WCW folded ten years ago. I’m sure there are some fans to whom such a match may be a big deal, but they are few and far between, and the extra income that could be gleaned off them for such a match would be small. If Sting signed with WWE, he could feud with just about anyone for his first opponent. Randy Orton would work just as well as Cena, as would Kane, as would Edge, etc, and so on.

Now, Goldberg on the other hand, he’s done Celebrity Apprentice, and still keeps his name in the media, without overexposing himself to the wrestling crowd.

Bottom Line:

I’d rather see Cena vs Goldberg, instead of Sting. That is all.

Azreal: You'd think that I'd have an easy answer to my own question. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Working under the assumption that Sting signs with the Big 'E, there are several Wrestlemania matches that I, personally, would love to see. Sting vs John Cena, Sting vs CM Punk, Sting vs Jericho, and of course, Sting vs Undertaker. Ever since the rumors first cropped up about Sting's signing, everyone has clamored for Sting vs Undertaker on the Grandest Stage of Them All. The question you have to ask yourself is, is that the best thing for Sting? While it would be a dream come true for the fans, I don't believe that the WWE would let Sting be the man to break the streak. That turns Sting's big match into Streak fodder. Whether you like him or not, he deserves better than that. Sting vs John Cena would be just as epic a contest, with a winner not being obvious from the word “go.” The face of WCW, and one of TNA's top dogs, going head to head with the face of the WWE? That's a match that sells itself folks, so I'll go with FACT.

Topic 2 (from fenixx): Programs such as NXT and Tough Enough should be scrapped so that more attention and publicity can be placed on the wrestlers who frequent Superstars. FACT or FICTION.

Morpheus: This is 100% complete FICTION. NXT and Tough Enough don't appeal to the same core group of participants, nor do they appeal to the same audience, nor do they appeal to the same network sensibilities. To me, this is like saying NBC should get rid of Law and Order to put more focus and publicity onto the nightly news. Completely unrelated. And absolutely wrong.

Rey Ca$h: FICTION! ****ing fiction! Superstars isn't for new wrestlers to get their start. Superstars is for lower card to lower mid-card wresters to get some experience. Superstars is Sunday Night Heat circa 2011. Tough Enough and NXT are integral to the WWE in terms of building new talent. Let me use an analogy for you. Do any of you smoke cigarettes? Have you tried to quit? If you did, I'm sure you've tried those one step programs to quit cold turkey. How'd that work for you? My guess is, not so good. In the same breath, which I'm sure isn't long if you smoke, have you tried a multi step program. That's an easier way to ween you off of nicotine because it gives you more steps to get comfortable without your addiciton. The same thing goes for new WWE wrestlers. They learn the ropes in FCW, where they learn to wrestle the WWE style and cut WWE promos. Now, instead of going straight to Raw or Smackdown, they can go to Tough Enough or NXT and take that next step to the main roster slowly. They can see what it feels like to grow their character in front of cameras and a crowd. Then, they can go to Superstars, which is more exposure. Finally, when they're ready, Raw and Smackdown are waiting for them. Every new talent isn't John Cena, Batista, or Alberto Del Rio. Some guys need seasoning. Taking away Tough Enough or NXT just for Superstars takes away an important step in the new guys' development.

SkitZ: This is tricky. I watched Superstars once when it first started airing under false pretenses. WWE had hyped the shit out of it and fed us reason to believe it would consist of sixty action packed worthwhile minutes. The company threw us a couple bones to get the show up and running…. Then they turned the program into the next Sunday Night Heat or Velocity. Why would I set aside time in my schedule to follow 3 or 4 snoozers that would otherwise serve as RAW/SmackDown dark matches? Suck my tiny white dick. My answer’s FICTION as I believe the opposite should take place. Perhaps if Superstars broadcasted gems such as Jericho versus Morrison and Ziggler versus Bourne, I’d share a separate opinion. I’m psyched for the long-awaited return of Tough Enough. Cancel Superstars and quietly admit defeat.

Wevv Mang: FACTION. More focus should be placed on the development program, regardless of what they want to call it, period. I see those shows as the graduate school of the training program. You learn the basics in Florida, graduate and learn the chops of working TV style on those programs. I do see value in the individual programs such as Tough Enough and NXT, in that it’s a valuable recruiting tool, and can give a brief taste of what is to come. The hype for such shows is good for the business, as it builds the whole product. The real problem to me is that WWE loses sight of what they meant to do, scraps the program, moves on to something else, half-asses it, and then tries to go back to what had potential to work in the first place. Consistency is what WWE needs to focus on, not relying on new show hype alone.

Azreal: Oh, I'm torn. Should the WWE try to bring in new talent, or should they focus on the ones they have? I don't particularly care about the guys on Superstars, but if they were given a program that matters, who knows? But I also found myself enjoying NXT, and I'm really looking forward to Tough Enough. I think that the WWE should put more focus on Superstars, and treat it as a legit show, but I can't bring myself to say that Tough Enough should be scrapped because the company doesn't have much faith in their jobbers. I'll say FICTION on this one, but I'm straddling the fence on this one.

fenixx: FACT. NXT is terrible in creating stars, in my opinion and is an absolute flop compared to the “New Superstar Initiative” that was introduced during the dying years of ECW. We saw stars like Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne and Sheamus introduced to us and grow because of the attention they had on ECW. These stars were given time to work with in the ring as well as time to work their skills on the microphone which made them steadily improve week after week. I tuned in to ECW because I knew that many of the new stars that were being introduced were going somewhere, which isn’t the same feeling I get when I watch NXT. People want to see if these wrestlers can go in the ring, not if they can carry a barrel. NXT places more emphasis on the entertainment side of the business and tries too hard, often falling short. Season Three of it is remembered more for the commentary of CM Punk, not the overall quality of the show. If Superstars was treated more like ECW was, we could see some real talent emerging. Maybe treating Superstars almost like a third brand, having some more recognisable names wrestling and also promoting some match-ups on RAW and Smackdown! could give this show and its stars some much needed attention, especially when they’re putting on more than decent matches each week.

Topic 3 (from Morpheus): Jumping the gun by splitting the only truly talented wrestlers in Immortal off from the supergroup is signaling the death knell for the storyline that has dominated TNA in recent months. FACT or FICTION.

Rey Ca$h: Before I answer this question, how ****ing funny is it that TNA had to change their plans on a whim because they banked a humongus storyline on two, maybe three guys that weren't even signed? Now that that's out of the way, this is FICTION. Let me think about this as a mark for a minute. AJ Styles is the reigning PWI Wrestler of the Year, and the face of TNA. Beer Money are TNA originals, and to me, the best tag team in the world. Kazarian is a multi-time X Division champion, and has shown that he is a legitimate top tier talent in TNA. Why the **** should they be doing Jeff Hardy and Eric Bischoff's bidding? It can be argued that Ric Flair hasn't done much in the sense of helping Styles, Roode, Storm, and Kaz get better. Half the time, Flair isn't even around. Immortal is a sinking ship. Hell, Matt Hardy is the number 2 guy! In the sense of numbers, however, Immortal will be fine. They have Jeff Hardy, Matt, Gunner and Murphy, Jeff Jarrett, and Abyss. They'll be fine. The only problem I have with the storyline is that Fortune ended up being "They", but that's another story for another time.

SkitZ: OMGeezy… This is positively 100% FACTOID. Yep couldn’t possibly agree with that statement any more. I’ll defend it til’ my untimely demise. No doubt about it. Truth personified right there. Yes, sir.

Um so by the way, WHAT THE **** IS A SUPERGROUP!? Oh wait a minute. My bad, folks. I mean WHAT THE **** IS IMMORTAL!? I swear to God, M. How could you include this heap of cow feces with a straight face? What facial expression ARE you making exactly? Is that a smirk? You're smirking at me? Fuuuuuuuuuck I don't need this right now, chubs.

Wevv Mang: This is surprising? It’s TNA, they randomly shift direction…um...randomly. The only thing consistent with TNA angles is that the angle is not going to be the same as when it started. In fact, help me out here, has TNA ever completed an angle? Let me help clarify that, has TNA ever had an angle that didn’t end in a fashion that didn’t seem like the result of the following discussion?

Writer 1: I think this angle has lost its steam and it’s time to move on. How can we end this tonight?
Writer 2: How about this?
Writer 1: Go with it!

On to the actual question, I will state:


That’s right. Why? Because if I have the right angle that you’re talking about (Immortal vs Fortune, I think that’s right. Thank you TNA recaps, which can be read here: http://www.lordsofpain.net/reports/tna/impact/TNA_Impact_Results_2_10_11.html), then it’s a battle of old vs new, nostalgia vs pop culture, entertainment vs athleticism. Which I think is a good thing. It needs to happen in wrestling. The talkers can always get over with enough TV time, but the wrestlers need the matches to get over. It’s a good way to balance out the two sides, giving both a chance to do what they do best. Going against the seasoned talkers can also help teach the youngsters the tool they may need someday.

I do think it’s a good test for TNA, to see if the talent they have spent all this time developing can stand toe to toe with the established legends in wrestling. If it fails, well, it’s par for the course for TNA. If it succeeds however, then that is some good news for TNA.

Azreal: FACT. I could end it there, but that would be unprofessional of me. When Immortal was first revealed, I was intrigued. “what's this” I thought, “a stable made up of almost entirely authority figures? Intriguing.” When Fo(u)rtune signed on with them, I was interested in TNA's product for the first time in more than a year. A true super-group is a rare sight in wrestling today, so I suppose a split was inevitable. In classic TNA strategy, they brushed against greatness, and then puked all over it. With the “exiles” (whom I rank among my favorite rising stars of today) gone, the only wrestlers left in Immortal are Hardy (who is bound for jail soon enough), Abyss (who is off TV for a while) and Jeff Jarrett (seriously? **** Jarrett.). While I think that Hogan and Bischoff can stretch the feud out simply because people don't like them, the story, like the company, has started down the long, painful road of failure.

fenixx: I don’t watch TNA, but having a stable named Immortal does sound quite lame, especially in a wrestling context. Wrestlers aren’t Immortal. Stables aren’t Immortal. People who watch wrestling know that and every time they lose a match or a feud their names means jack. I mean when you had Legacy of Evolution in the WWE, their names meant something. Immortal sounds like the garbage that comes out of TNA’s Creative Team that just sounds absurd. Seems like Morph likes this group and where it was heading too, so maybe the Creative Team has screwed up again in splitting up one of the more decent, yet terribly named groups in TNA. I’m going to take a guess and say FACT, TNA have a knack for screwing up something that could have been great.

Morpheus: Without Fortune, Immortal consists of Hogan, Bischoff, a comatose/dead Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy. No group has ever screamed FAIL at me the way this one does. FACT.

Topic 4 (from Rey Ca$h): Randy Orton VS CM Punk is a better rivalry than John Cena VS CM Punk for WrestleMania. FACT or FICTION.

SkitZ: Finally an intelligent negro who knows his shit. A Cena/Punk program could have been pimptastic until WWE ****d it out on television for free. Twice already and it’s early February. Sweet Jesus. And keep in mind, Cookie Monster just took over as leader of Nexus in late December. Nah Orton versus Punk is the safe bet and management’s put the wheels in motion. Let Cena rape the WWE Championship away from Miz at ‘Mania and adhere to the status quo. Odds are Mr. Sobriety & The Viper will end up having a more entertaining bout anyways. Plus, Randy’s more of a badass. He can straight flip out on Nexus and lay every one of Punk’s cronies out with punts to the head. I’m aboard the FACT.

Wevv Mang: FACTION. It’s a matter of personal opinion. From a business standpoint, it’s a wash. See, in my opinion, CM Punk vs Cena is good for Cena, as he will take the lead, but he has a strong opponent. Long run, it mainly benefits Cena. Orton vs Punk is good for Punk, as Punk will take the lead, and it gives Punk a solid opponent, and long run, it’s to his benefit.

I think it’s more interesting that WWE thinks so highly of Punk. They want to use him everywhere and against everyone. The downside seems to be that Punk has no solid program, and with each shift, his character gets more exposed, and could result in apathy. Reminds me of how WWE was using Edge a couple of years ago. Edge solidified his main event status, but with the injury bug, kinda stalled out. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Azreal: I think I'll give this one a FACT, but it's a tough call. John Cena vs CM Punk would have given us a legendary war of words, but the end result would be inevitable. The company won't let it's top dog take a fall at Wrestlemania unless the match is something legendary. (Something like... Sting? Hint hint) Meanwhile, a feud with Orton gives the same level of legitimacy to the nu-Nexus, with the big difference being that they aren't guaranteed to lose. Orton could get passable to excellent matches out of every member of the nu-Nexus (except Otunga, but **** that guy), and his mic skills are good enough. Do I think it will be as entertaining as Cena/Punk? No, but it's a hell of a lot more interesting.

fenixx: Ooh, that’s a toughie. As of this moment, it would be strange to see CM Punk face John Cena at Wrestlemania, especially after what happened at the Royal Rumble and on RAW during the RAW Royale. CM Punk seems to fear Randy Orton, and Orton wants to rip Punk apart. It makes sense for them to face each other. However, John Cena vs CM Punk. The hero against the villain. CM Punk is the Joker to Cena’s Batman and it would be awesome to see them fight each other on the grandest stage under the bright lights, but it’s too soon. It wouldn’t make sense for CM Punk to avoid Orton and face Cena this year especially when the storyline with Orton has already begun. The only way I can see Cena being involved in their match is if one of the held the title and it turned into a Triple Threat Match, but I’d rather not see that. Punk and Orton will put on one hell of a show next month, let the New Nexus take on Cena sometime later down the line. This one’s a FACT.

Morpheus: Simply put, Punk/Cena was blown off too quickly with no real happy ending. The feud with Orton will be great, don't get me wrong, but I would have preferred to see something boil to a head with Cena first. Plus, that would keep Cena AWAY from the title picture at WrestleMania, which would be just plain outstanding. FICTION.

Rey Ca$h: Even though this is my own question, I'm on the fence about it. Let's look at it analytically. Randy Orton and CM Punk are better suited for each other in a feud wrestling wise. They seem like they would mesh well. Not to mention, Orton will be a better face in peril because of Nexus than Cena ever was. Orton as the predator being preyed upon by a supergroup could be compelling, especially now that Punk has Nexus as a cult like group. Did you see Raw Monday? See how Orton took Husky Harris out, and Punk pleaded with him not to. The one-upsmanship could be great. Now let's look at John Cena. Yes, he is Nexus's kryptonite. Yes, he has destroyed Nexus over and over again. Outside of the Royal Rumble, however, he hasn't gotten over on Punk's version of the Nexus. Even then, you can argue that Nexus had been in the ring for a while, and Cena was fresh. The main reason I'm leaning toward Cena/Punk is the fact that they have never had a blowoff to their feud. There's no doubt that Punk is the top heel in the company (sorry Miz). This storyline is deeper than you think, because Punk was the guy Cena was facing when the Nexus made their debut. So things have gone full circle. So I'm going with FICTION. For my money, I NEED to see Punk VS Cena at WrestleMania. It's only right.

Topic 5 (from SkitZ): The next stable formed in WWE will be led by none other than Sir Awesome (P.S. -- That's Miz for you unsmarky nitwits). FACT or FICTION.

Wevv Mang: FICTION, I hope. See, I’m not a big fan of the recent supergroups that WWE has put out. NXT reeked of NWO. Not Nash and Hall, but the other group. The B Team. Bunch of guys standing around like walking billboards, and about the same level of interest for each. Barrett was the chosen one, and not even ALL of the NXT guys could make him more than mildly interesting. That’s not good. No, Miz as a leader will give it some notoriety, but that’s about it. Everyone seems to think that putting talent together will result in some kind of Four Horseman supergroup. Yeah, history is littered with the remnants of such groups. Let me put it this way. If WWE can’t even make a decent tag division, how could they make a successful group?

Azreal: FICTION. I'm not a big Miz fan. I just plain don't like the guy, so I personally hope that this never comes true. I'll be nice and put aside my personal hatred of the Miz for the purpose of this question. I shall assume the guise of a Miz-aholic. The Miz has a very specific promo style, and I'm not sure how well it would translate from solo to group promos. But let's put that aside too, let's say he adapts and does well. Do you want the leader of a stable to be a sniveling coward who runs from a 61 year old man? Now I'll put aside Miz's booking and assume that he is booked as a monster for the next few months. Can you really see the Miz giving a rat's ass about anyone but himself? He'd feed his followers to the dogs at the first opportunity. Now I'm starting to ramble, so I'll finish it quickly. He could do it, but I pray that he won't.

fenixx: FICTION. A stable needs someone credible and built up for it to be successful and The Miz hasn’t quite reached that point yet. He’s needs a feud to really cement his spot in the Main Event and for him to be seen as more than a short-term champion. Then again, it’s a bit hard to predict when the next stable will pop up, especially with two stables already present on the two big brands. Who knows when the New Nexus or The Corre will disband? But even if they do, I just can’t imagine it. The partnership, if you can call it that, that he has with Alex Riley is already entertaining enough, why ruin a good thing? I’d much rather watch that partnership than see The Miz heading a stable. He just doesn’t have that presence.

Morpheus: FICTION. I sometimes wonder if he's handling Alex Riley the best way possible, let alone a whole group of people. Somewhere down the line, maybe we'll talk, but right now Miz is still in the process of kicking against the pricks to get himself over, so he shouldn't be put in a position where he is responsible for getting a bunch of other people over as well. Not yet.

Rey Ca$h: I don't know about this, because I don't see anymore stables in the near future. I can't deny that Miz would be a great leader, seeing as he already has two lackeys. The only problem with Miz having a stable is I don't see how it would help him or the people that would be in the stable. Let's be honest. Miz isn't doing much in the sense of character development for Alex Riley. Miz isn't at that point where I think he could be the guy to elevate other people in his own group, and that's no knock on him. The great Randy Orton couldn't do it for Legacy. So because of this, and the fact that there probably won't be another stable for some months, I have to say FICTION.

SkitZ: As much as I’m sure people will disagree, Sir Fruity’s pressing the FACT button. Firstly, I’m worried about the New Nexus’ longevity and would be surprised if they remained intact until summer time. When Punk’s army deteriorates, I expect The Miz’s entourage to grow in numbers. Sooner or later, Cole will turn full blown heel and start following Mizanin around like a stooge. A-Ri’s already watching the champ’s back, throw in a villainous Diva down the road to stroke Sir Awesome’s ego and there’s your not-so-fantastic four. I never said it would be pretty by any means. Nonetheless, WWE needs a stable consisting of different components instead of the same tired formula. High tier wrestler, low tier wrestler, commentator and Divas sounds like a winning formula to The Candyman.

Topic 6 (from Wevv Mang): The Return Of Triple H will be good for WWE on all fronts (ie TV ratings, angles, increased business, etc). FACT or FICTION.

Azreal: Now I'm not a business genius, I took a couple classes in college, but slept through them so I'm not the best person to answer this question. However, I feel that the answer is pretty obvious. HHH, whether you love him or hate him, is at least as big a star as John Cena. He can talk, he can wrestle, he is hugely over with the fans, and he has an unmatched level of name recognition. How can the return of arguably your biggest star not increase buy-rates and TV ratings? As far as angles go, HHH can basically pick and choose. While programs with Orton, Cena, Edge and 'Taker are always possibilities, I feel that they should be a last resort. So let's look at the next generation, a group of guys who are looking to take out The Game for a little name recognition. Assuming he returns as a face, he could restart his feud with Sheamus, or start a new one with another young star. On Smackdown he's got Ziggler, Rhodes, Swagger, McIntyre and the Corre to choose from. On RAW, he could help out against the nu-Nexus, continue his feud with Sheamus or elevate DiBiase (again). All of these men could benefit from a program with HHH, which helps the WWE out in the long run. In case you haven't figured it out yet, my answer is an emphatic FACT.

fenixx: FACT with one condition and that being that he returns after Wrestlemania. He doesn’t quite fit into Wrestlemania, in my opinion and you can say all you want about him facing Sheamus, but I’d rather see Sheamus face John Morrison in a match to end their feud than see an old feud revisited and a repeat of last year. If or when Triple H does return, he will obviously create a ton of buzz. A Triple H return isn’t like an Undertaker return, people actually care about it, that’s right I said it, but it will open up a whole bunch of new angles. If he comes back on RAW, we could see him interact with the New Nexus or better yet, we could see a confrontation with him and the new face Orton. If in the small chance that he comes back on Smackdown! we could see interactions between him and Del Rio which would give us some sweet promos, or some solid matches between him and Ziggler. The main front that I think that he’d benefit is putting over the newer talent on the roster. Anyone who goes over Triple H in a feud gains instant credibility, much like how Sheamus really took off after he took him out of action.

Morpheus: I remember how much H hate used to emanate from Wevv's keyboard. Just having this topic puts a smile on my face. Of course, anyone who knows me at all knows that I can only answer this question with a resounding, unqualified FACT. Long live the King of Kings!

Rey Ca$h: FACT, FACT, FACT!!! You never know what you've got until it's gone. Even the biggest Triple H haters have been singing his praises and clamoring for his return lately. This makes me smile from ear to ear. I love Triple H. Despite all of his accomplishments, I think it's possible that he may be underrated, just because how he is perceived. Yes, he may not be the draw that Hogan, Austin, Rock, or even Cena is. The one thing he does great is that he is the guy who runs with the ball at the time where nobody else can. He is the guy that keeps the company afloat. Casual fans right now know 3 wrestlers. John Cena, the Undertaker, and Triple H. They may know more, but it's a given that they know these two. For the WWE to be successful, they need two of those three active at all times. Cena can't do it by himself. Triple H's merchandise sales have always been huge. His matches have always been watchable to great. Most imporantly, people tune in to see him. It's a telling thing when people who swear up and down they hate a person start to miss that same person. Triple H is that guy. The WWE needs him.

SkitZ: I’d certainly say so. Just examine Trips’ current situation for a second or two. H’s plenty healthy and simply biding time until the big return date arrives. For all intensive purposes, Hunter could’ve easily rushed back and destroyed Miz to become a 14-time World Champion. He didn’t however. The King of King’s gonna help continue putting over Sheamus and help the younger talent step up their collective games. FACTalingus ladies and gentlemen. RAW’s ratings will natural increase a tad once The Game returns; nothing earth shattering but a small boost for sure. The 10-month sabbatical, along with other annual breaks, will lengthen H’s in-ring career. Now it’s mainly whether he wants to up thrust the engines or shut ‘em down for a comfy Connecticut office space.

Wevv Mang: Fact short term, Fiction long term.

I watched a few minute of Raw after the Rumble. I saw Alberto Del Rio having a celebration in the ring. He won the Rumble. I think. I’m too lazy to check. So, he’s getting a shot at Wrestlemania. Big Stage, Big opportunity. So, this was the typical Heel Celebration. Filled with Hijinks. You know what I saw that was really telling? Alberto got hit in the nuts by Hornswoggle. Your #1 contender. Hit in the nuts. He got to beat up the midget, thankfully, but just to make sure you, the millions of people watching at home get the point that this guy is a joke, after Alberto left the ring, they showed the replay of him getting him in the nuts.

*Slow Golf Clap*

There is a point to the story. But first, some explanation.

Short Term Fact: Triple H is a popular wrestler. His return will give the business a solid nostalgia pop. It means that a main eventer is now available to run some programs in time for WM, and help that show make some more money.

Long Term Fiction: If H had won the Rumble, do you think he would have gotten hit in the nuts, regardless of whether he was a heel or face, on the Raw, where the millions of fans who didn’t buy the Rumble will be watching to find out what happened will see? Hell no.

That’s why I say long term fiction. The rules for booking H are different than what others get. H is kept strong, period. All competitors against him are only allowed rare chances to be made strong, and those are quickly buried. It’s FACT. When H is in play on TV, everything else goes into a kind of holding pattern. Why? H is management, and the staff does not go against management, or they don’t have a job. Now, let me make this perfectly clear. Do I think H tells the staff to bury people? No. Not anymore. H has matured, thank God. BUT, I do think the staff is well aware of what H likes and will cater to his tastes. And what H likes if for H to be the star, period. He’s a competitive guy, and he likes to win, and look strong doing so, and since he has a lot of power, it can go a long way.

I have noticed as the years go by, H has learned. He’s kind of had to, since he’s going to be running the company some day, and will be ultimately responsible, that he’s scaled back his style. However, H and Nash are back together. Will it be another Lethal Does of Poison? . I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. By reading recaps. I lived through it once. It sucked. I’ll pass this time.

And that about does it for this month’s edition of Fact or Fiction. A big thanks to everyone involved, and another big thank you to those of you who took the time to read it. Agree? Disagree? Don't give two shits? If you have any thoughts, feel free to send them our way at the email addresses below, or be lazy and (ab)use the Facebook Comment option even further below. In the meantime, Stay Metal, and I’ll catch all you non-gender-specific ****ers at a future juncture.

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