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Posted in: Main Event
WWE Main Event Results 12/19/12
By Jason Martinson
Dec 20, 2012 - 12:18:05 AM

Report by Jason Martinson

Announcers: Michael Cole and The Miz

A look at the huge rivalry between Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars.
First match of the night is the tag team titles match.

Team Hell No vs teams Rhodes Scholars
Team Hell No with the most of the offense during the first part of the match. Team Rhodes Scholars in control going into the first commercial break. Back from commercial break, it was back and forth action with Daniel Bryan taking both Cody and Damian out to the floor going into the 2nd commercial break. Coming back from the break, we hear Michael Cole calling Cody and Damian Team Facial Hair! Team Rhodes Scholars in total control with a few very near falls with no luck. Team Hell No win the match by Kane choke slamming Cody Rhodes, tags Daniel Bryan with a flying headbutt to retain the tag team titles.
Winners and still tag team champions, TEAM HELL NO!

After the match they talk about THE MIZ learning how to fly an F18 jet which was AWESOME!

Now it's time for the 2nd match of the night.

Team Co-Bro vs, Prime Time Players 
This match had back and forth action going into the commercial break. Back from the break with PTP in control for a few minutes. Still a back and forth match until Ryder hits the broski boot on Titus O'Neil. The cobra tried to strike but got taken out. Ryder tried for the rough rider but Titus ducked it and hit a power slam on Ryder for the pin.
Winners: Prime Time Players
Now it's time to switch over to USA to watch Tribute To The Troops!

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