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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Jackson, Mississippi 7/20/12
By Andy Steven
Jul 21, 2012 - 8:25:54 AM

WWE Raw house show results
July 20, 2012
Jackson, Miss. at the Mississippi Coliseum
Report by Kyle N

I hung out with a group of Mississippi intellectuals before the show at the building entrance. I watched Layla come out of the Big Show's bus, and Charles Robinson was the only one to stop and sign autographs. For some unknown reason, a kid had his shirt signed by Charles and it was apparently the best moment of his life.

Doors opened at 6:30 p.m. for the 7:30 bell time. The show started with standard Raw 1,000 commercials. People using hashtag #WWEJackson had their tweets and photos shown on the mini video boards. You could also text your messages. The show started on-time with Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger.

* Brodus Clay beat Jack Swagger. This was the same opener as the June 3 house show in Birmingham. Some little kid won a radio contest and got to ring the opening bell, but then had to leave ringside. Not exactly a great promotion. Clay defeated Swagger in six minutes with the splash. Kids danced in the ring afterwards. Basic opener. The crowd wasn't hot whatsoever, though, as people were still filing in.

* Tensai beat Tyson Kidd. Tensai came out to no reaction. Tyson Kidd got a small pop, but then a large "Let's Go Tyson" chant broke out. Tensai won in eight minutes with a squash. Prior to the finish, Kidd hit a flipping neckbreaker from the top for a nearfall. The whole crowd stood up thinking it was finish, then he went for the Sharpshooter, but got pushed into ropes. Tensai missed a splash and got rolled up for another nearfall. Tensai then hit Tensai Bomb with a back splash for the win.

Curt Hawkins came out and cut a promo. He claimed he was the reason Edge won all of his titles. Then, he added some Jackson cheap heat remark. Out came Roman Leakee, who said the only thing embarrassing is, "I can smell this guy's poop breath from here."

* Roman Leakee beat Curt Hawkins in five minutes. There were three different restholds. Leakee has same frame/look as Reks. Yawn. On the way to the back, Leakee went in front of the video board instead of going throught the space between the boards. Pretty embarrassing.

* Divas champion Layla beat Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas Title. Layla won in eight minutes with a kick to the head. Tons of stalling and comedy early, then a good match for Divas standards.

AW came out next, but his mic didn't work. He finally got to the ring and grabbed Justin Roberts's mic. "I should've expected the mic not to work in this dump of a town where nothing works," AW said to cover for it. The PTP'ers easily had most heat of the evening up to this point. R-Truth then got the first "Superstar" pop of the night with Lil' Jimmy, and the whole crowd did the "What's Up?" routine. Kofi Kingston received an even bigger pop.

* WWE tag champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth beat Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil & Darren Young w/AW). As soon as the bell rang, AW stopped everything and got the pick out to comb Young's hair. Then, he interviewed him. "I look good, so I feel good, if you know what I mean," he said. AW worked the mic the whole match. They did a spot where Young knocked out Truth on the outside, then AW got down on a knee and said, "How does it feel to get knocked the hell out? Let's do an interview, brother." Other quips included, "Hey, Bob Marley, get back in yo corner ain't nobody talkin to you." And, "Boom shaka laka laka, step on 'em him like a cock-a-roach." He also said "man, you all greasy" after choking Truth behind the ref's back. This was by far the best entertainment of the night. AW had the entire crowd in the palm of his hand. Young hit his finisher and they won the titles until Mike DiBiase in jorts, a ref shirt, and sneakers informed the appointed referee that Kingston had his foot on the ropes. AW went to hit DiBiase, but DiBiase countered and clocked him. R-Truth and Kofi both hit finishers to win in 16 minutes. It was the best tag match I've seen on TV/PPV in months. 100 percent effort, the crowd was hooked on everything, and AW had everyone entertained.

Justin Roberts did a tout video saying that WWE was going to re-tweet it. Then, they did a text message poll on whether John Laurinaitis should be ringside for main event since he opened show with promo saying he would be in Big Show's corner against John Cena.

Dolph Ziggler came out next in a Jerichoholic t-shirt, ass cape, and with the Money in the Bank briefcase. For a WM29 preview, Zack Ryder came out to face him.

* Dolph Ziggler beat Zack Ryder. This was a re-match of the June 3 Birmingham house show, which was second-best match behind Bryan-Punk No DQ. Ziggler beat Ryder in seven minutes with the Zig-Zag after Dolph threw Ryder into an exposed turnbuckle on a Rough Ryder attempt. The match ended up being eight minutes shorter and did not contain as many nearfalls as their last house show match I saw. Also, not even close to the heat on the tag match. Afterwards, Ziggler went to hit Ryder with MITB briefcase, but missed. Ryder then hit his finisher.

* U.S. champion Santino beat The Miz to retain the U.S. Title. This was a cluster. The match was boring and had zero comedy for a Santino match. Eight minutes into it, Santino went to hit the ropes and the top rope collapsed. Santino eventually tried to kip up but couldn't, so they re-did the spot. Santino then beat Miz in ten minutes with the Cobra. Last time I was at a Jackson house show last August, Miz main-evented with Cena and got the most heat I've seen at a house show. It was nowhere near the heat this time around. The match had terrible pacing and the timing was awkward, but the top rope breaking made it even worse and just took the believability away from everything.

After they fixed the top rope and set up the cage, it was time for the main event between Show and Cena. Cena got the biggest pop of the night, and Show got the most heat out of anyone. As soon as the bell rang, Laurinaitis's music hit and he came into the cage, but Roberts said the fans voted him banned. Cena tried to give Big Johnny the AA, but Show punched him in the gut to start the match.

* John Cena beat Big Show in a steel cage match. Show dominated the early going. Cena came back and tried to escape the cage by going over it, but Show climbed up and sent him crashing to the mat with a headbutt. Show tried to climb over, but Cena crawled to the door, causing Show to jump down and pull Cena away from the exit. Cena eventually was on other side of cage a couple minutes later, but Show palmed hos head and brought him back in. Cena countered a chokeslam with DDT, then Show climbed out the door, but Cena pulled him back in. Cena then leaped toward the exit, but Show pulled him back and connected with a sidewalk slam. Cena eventually crotched Show on the ropes, threw him into cage, and hit the fist drop. He went for the AA, but collapsed under Show. Show went through the door and Cena jumped over it and kicked the door in his face. Show recovered to bring him back in ring and hit the chokeslam. Show then went for the KO Punch, but hit the cage and took the AA for the 1-2-3 in 17 minutes. This was way better than their PPV cage match; the kids ate it up.

After the match, Laurinaitis hit the ring and chaired Cena over and over to massive boos before Cena hit him with the AA to close the show.

Crowd size: 6,000. There were empty seats near the top and at the ends of the floor. The August 2011 house show I went to was a legit full house with 7,500.

Top Pops:

- Cena
- Kofi
- Truth
- Santino
- Ryder

Most Heat:

- Big Show
- Laurinaitis
- The Miz
- AW/PTP'ers

Best Matches:

- PTP vs. Kofi/Truth
- Cena vs. Show


(Credit: PWTorch.com)

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