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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Topeka, Kansas 9/29/12
By PainLord
Oct 1, 2012 - 1:05:01 AM

Thanks to Scott T. for emailing this report!

The Expocentre was not nearly as full as it was in February, with no one in the upper deck and one of the floor sections filled about 10%. I assume that this was a combination of Cena not being present and floor ticket price increasing from $65 in February to $101 for this show. Justin Roberts announced that refunds were available until the end of the second match.

The show opened with AJ coming to the ring. Before she could announce that Cena would not be present. CM Punk interrupted her, wearing street clothes. He said that "as WWE champion he should have the right to give the audience the bad news, and I hope I ruin their entire night. As you can tell, I'm not dressed to wrestle, because I don't have an opponent tonight, because John Cena is not here. And since I'm here and my opponent isn't, let the record show that in... (walks over to Justin Roberts and asks what town he is in)...tonight in Topeka, KS, CM Punk has defeated John Cena by forfeit. Thank you very little." He then skipped around AJ, holding the belt high. AJ responds, "Two things. First, you're an idiot. Second thing is, this is my show. You do not win by forfeit, you will compete and you will defend that title. And I say that you will defend it against the world's largest athlete, The Big Show." CM Punk takes the mic. "OK, Topeka wants to see the Big Show. That's fine, I'm going to break your little hearts, because I'm going to hoist the Big Show up on my shoulders, throw him above my head and I'm going to lift my knee to that stupid chin of his, and I'm going to put him to sleep. Just like I do John Cena, just like I do all your heroes. I'm not scared of the Big Show." AJ responds, "Punk, there's actual one more thing. Your match tonight, it's going to be in a steel cage." Punk drops the belt and starts arguing, then AJ skips off. CM punk gets back on the mic and says, "Topeka, you know its ironic. You'll have to google it or get a dictionary to know what that means, if you can read. But it isn't me that belongs in a cage, it's all you smelly, filthy animals." Then he leaves the ring. He gets into it with a young girl at ringside wearing a Cena shirt.

First Match: Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston retaining the titles.
R-Truth was first to the ring singing What's Up on the way in, followed by Kofi Kingston. Daniel Bryan comes out next, lots of interaction with the crowd, including the Yes!,No! bit with a small child at ringside. Kane comes out next. and goes to each side of the ring saying, "I'm the tag team champions!" Daniel then starts and the crowd chants Yes! when Kane says it and No! when Bryan says it. A fan calls him a goatface and Daniel Bryan gets a mic saying, "I do not have a goatface! This is why I hate Topeka!" Daniel Bryan and R-Truth start. R-Truth gets a What's Up? Goatface! chant started. R-Truth does a little skit with Lil' Jimmy then Bryan shakes hands with Lil' Jimmy and kicks him, causing R-Truth to charge. R-Truth and Kofi beat down Bryan with a series of tags until Bryan finally speed crawls over and tags Kane. Kane and Bryan work over R-Truth, including a segment where they have him in their corner and as they are kicking him. They continue to tag each other in by slapping each others back. This happens 5-6 times. Kane and Bryan finally get into it, then Kane wants a hug. Bryan won't hug him. Kofi and R-Truth show them how to hug. Kane then hugs R-Truth, then Kofi, then all three together. Daniel Bryan has a fit. Kane separates the ring ropes so Lil' Jimmy can come into the ring. Each one of them hugs Lil' Jimmy. Daniel Bryan warns Kane not to hug Lil' Jimmy. They get into it and R-Truth and Kofi attack them. The match ends with Kofi dominating Bryan until Kane tags himself in, as Bryan is being thrown against the ropes. Bryan and R-Truth end up outside the ring and Kane chokeslams Kofi for the win. Kane holds both titles, starts the "I'm the Tag Team Champions!' chant. Bryan demands his belt, then pretends to cry. Kane offers him his belt for a hug. They hug and Daniel Bryan runs off with both belts, screaming I'm the Tag Team Champions!"

2nd Match: Eve retains the Divas Title over Layla.

Fairly straight forward Divas match with Layla getting the best of Eve early. When Eve wants to shake Layla's hand, Layla shakes it then kicks Eve. Eve goes out of the ring, and Layla tries to hit her with a sliding kick, Eve pulls out the apron and traps Layla. Back in the ring Eve hits a finisher and pins Layla. Although Layla was not wearing her brace on TV this week, she was wearing it at the house show.

3rd Match: Michael McGillicutty Defeated Dean Ambrose with The McGillicutter.

I was excited to see Joe Hennig, but the crowd didn't seem to know who either wrestler was. Match didn't get much of a response. Dean Ambrose seemed pretty bland.

4th match: Brodus Clay Defeated Damien Sandow with the splash

I went to the merchandise stand during this match after both wrestlers made their entrances. I believe that Sandow got counted out after leaving the match, Brodus taunted him and he came back and the match was restarted.


5th Match: Santino defeated Tensai with the Cobra

Typically Santino match with a lot of comedy. Santino hurt his back trying to belly to back suplex Tensai ( He didn't even get Tensai off his feet). He tried to shoulder block off the ropes, but knowing he couldn't knock Tensai down, he stopped short, gave up and bumped onto his back without Tensai touching him. After being beat down, he hit a belly to back suplex and hit the Cobra. I'm not a Tensai fan, but he was really good in this match.

6th Match: Antonio Cesaro Defeated Zack Ryder with the Nuetralizer to retain the US Title

This was the fan interaction match. Choices were 2 out of 3 falls or Lumberjack match. Lumberjack match won with 83% of the vote. Cesaro came to the ring wearing a beret. He said, " As United States Champion I represent citizens of all 49 states. Yes, I said 49 states, because after 1 day in Topeka, I do not recognize Kansas as a state that I wish to represent." Zack Ryder entered, then all the wrestlers who had already participated came out as lumberjacks. Sandow was wearing a rib wrap when he came out. Cesaro complained to the ref every time that he was throw out of the ring that the other wrestlers were putting their hands on him. Ryder was eventually thrown out and roughed up by the heel wrestlers. Zack Ryder took control, hit a Broski Boot and the Roughrider. When he pinned Cesaro, Sandow put Cesaro's leg on the rope before the 3 count. Zack Ryder confronted Sandow, and got hit. This started a brawl between the lumberjacks. They battled to the back with Sandow left on the floor. Santino came back and nailed Sandow again. Cesaro nailed his finisher.

Main Event: CM Punk Defeated Big Show to retain the WWE championship.

This match was very good. Big Show came out first as a total face. He interacted with fans and kids. CM Punk came out and walked around the cage, taunting a kid who wanted to shake his hand. The bell rings and CM Punk immediately tries to climb out of the ring. Big Show pulls him down. CM Punk tries to run to the door, but Show stops him before he can get through the ropes. Big Show starts to dominate CM Punk. He pins him in the various corners and gives him big chest slaps. At one point CM Punk turns around in the corner and gets a back slap. CM Punk gets down in the middle of the ring and begs for no more chops. Big Show dominates until he misses his second rope splash. Punk then begins to work on the big shows legs and hits him with several corner running knees. CM Punk goes to the top rope and does a flying elbow on the Big Show. He jumps on Big Show from the top rop to put him in the sleeper hold. Big Show turns it into a side slam after fighting against it for a while. Big Show goes for a choke slam, but CM Punk turns it into a DDT. He then tries to escape by climbing over the cage. Big Show grabs CM Punk's leg while he is on top of the cage. Damien Sandow comes out and hands CM punk a Kendo stick. Punk begins hitting Big Show with it, until Big Show grabs it away, breaks it over his knee and throws it to the other side of the ring. Big Show pulls CM Punk back into the ring. Sandow slips the WWE Championship Belt into the cage, and Punk hits the Big Show, covering him for the win. After the match, CM Punk and Sandow stand in the corner on the top rope and CM Punk declares, "Best In The World!" The Big Show gets up. When Punk and Sandow get down from the ropes, Big Show surprises them with a double Chokeslam. After Big Show leaves, CM Punk and Sandow lay in the ring for 4 minutes. The doctor comes in and can't revive them. They drag Sandow out of the ring. The doctor then lays the belt on CM Punk's stomach and drags him out of the ring. They drag him across the floor, up the ramp and back through the entrance to end the show.

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