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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Topeka, Kansas 2/3/12
By Calvin Martin
Feb 4, 2012 - 2:12:30 PM

Scott T. sent in the following report:

The Expocentre was packed, there were at least twice as many people for this house show as when televised Smackdown came to Topeka in 10-2010. I was honestly surprised because Topeka has a track record of not supporting events that come to town.

The new house show superstar entrance set-up looks great.

1st Match: Brodus Clay defeated Michael McGillicutty with the splash.

This was a match that was probably about as long as his Royal Rumble match. I was surprised to see that his dancers were present at the house show and came to the ring with him.

2nd Match: Ryback defeated Alex Riley with the F-5.

Riley came out to a poor reception (boos). David Otunga came out and told Riley to wipe that stupid smile off his face, because he was in charge and had personally chosen Riley's opponent. He said that he wished that the match would take place in classier city than Topeka. He than introduced the Sin City Cyborg, Ryback. This was a good match with Riley kicking out of a lot of power moves. The crowd was really into Riley after Otunga came out. It was night and day from his entrance. The crowd was chanting, "Goldberg, Goldberg" every time that Ryback did anything. After the match Otunga insulted Riley, and then threaten to get him fired if he touched Otunga. His big line was that Riley's plans went "A-Ry".

3rd Match: Santino defeated Kenneth Cameron from Manchester England with the Cobra.

This was a typical Santino match. He was beat down most of the match and came back at the end. Cameron reminded me a lot of Drew McIntyre, so they might have a tag team or Drew's replacement angle set-up. David Otunga told Santino that he didn't have a real cobra only a sock. Santino went to cobra Otunga, but once again Otunga threatened to call Laurinaitus. Santino took down the cobra several times, with it popping back up until he finally subdued it. He told Otunga that he was lucky and turned around, then David Otunga hit Santino in the back with his coffee cup.

4th Match: Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston with the Swagger Bomb.

Swagger cut a promo on Zack Ryder before the match. He called him ridiculous, then set the mic down and did push ups over the mic saying, ri - dic - u - lous a syllable at a time. This was a long match with a lot of offense for both wrestlers. After the match Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise as Jack Swagger was doing his victory circles in the ring.

5th match: Beth Phoenix defeated Eve with the Glam Slam.

Beth cut a promo before the match saying that everyone loves Zack Ryder in the crowd, but no one cares as much about him as Eve. She said that she was going to do something that she normally doesn't do; she was going to give Eve the opportunity to leave and buy a ticket back to Long Island rather than fighting her. She said that she needed real competition, not someone that was 50% because they were thinking of someone else and Topeka didn't really want to see a Diva's match anyway. Eve then attacked her. Probably an 8-10 minute match.

6th Match: John Cena/R-Truth defeated Miz/Kane with the Attitude Adjustment.

This match was a good match with R-Truth taking the long beat down (with some pretty stiff shots) from Miz and Kane making frequent tags while Cena tried to get tagged in. This and the main event definitely showed why the wrestlers are in the position that they are in. The quality of the matches were taken to such a high level. The match ended with Cena going for You Can't See Me, Kane grabbing him for a choke slam, Cena getting out. R-Truth and Cena then put Kane over the top rope with a double clothes line, and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on the Miz. Earlier in the match, Cena did the Flair strut after bulldogging the Miz.

7th Match: WWE Championship Match - CM Punk Defeated Dolph Ziggler with the GTS.

Absolutely, the match of the night, but what else would you expect from the Best Wrestler in the World and the Show-Off. Before the match, Otunga declared himself "special outside enforcer". Great match. At one point, CM Punk had Ziggler down, so he showed off. Obviously, this upset Dolph. Punk jumped up and down in the ring, climbed the turnbuckles, then got down to ringside; sprinting around the ring slapping hands with fans. Punk seemed to be really enjoying himself and putting on a great show. After a lot of offense by both wrestlers, the ref got knocked out, and CM Punk applied the Anaconda Vise. Otunga ran to the back and got Charles Robinson. He held him outside the ring questioning whether he would be a unbiased ref while CM Punk got another couple pin falls in the ring. Finally CM Punk gave Otunga the GTS. Ziggler got some offense, threw Punk into the corner and tried for a splash. Punk dodged, Ziggler hit his head on the ring post and was given the GTS. Punk then posed for fans facing each side of the ring, then spent time at ring side interacting with fans. He left once then came back out again. During the match, CM Punk honored several wrestlers. (Flair strut, Macho Man, Foley)

Great show from top to bottom.

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