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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from St. Joseph, Missouri 9/28/12
By PainLord
Sep 30, 2012 - 2:56:33 PM

Thanks to Alex O. for emailing this report!
If you go to a WWE or TNA house show please email me a report for posting here on LOP.

Very small arena maybe 1500 people tops.

Opening was AJ coming out announcing no Cena. Punk comes out runs down the crowd, makes fun of AJ. AJ announces Big Show vs Punk for the WWE title in a fans choice match. Choices are 2/3 falls or Lumberjack...fans choose lumberjack.

Daniel Bryan/Kane def. Kofi/R Truth. Good long opening match. Had a good mix of wrestling and some story telling of the love/hate friendship from Dbry and Kane. Lots of arguing about who's the tag champ. Kane was most over here, with Bryan getting most heat.

Eve def. Layla. After looking at both divas for my eye candy fix, I went to get a shirt. Cant comment.

Michael Mcguilly def. Dean Ambrose. Wasn't too impressed with Dean. Crowd wasn't really into this match but it was ok.

Antontio Cesaro def. Zack Ryder. Ryder was mad over. Great match. Cesaro got some good heat. Ryder lost but afterwards hit a Rough Ryder on Cesaro.


Brodus Clay def. Damien Sandow. Ok match, Sandow got some damn good heat. After the match, Brodus lets kids dance.

Santino Marella def. Tesnai. A pure comedy match, but a good one. Santino wins with the COBRA!

Big Show def. Punk by dq. Punk spent 10 minutes talking trash on the crowd. It was awesome. I think my little brother and I were one of the VERY few Punk fans, the heel turn is working. After a while, Punk tries retracting his statements and leaving but the lumberjacks bring him back. A mix of comedy/Serious match. Crowd was way into it. Show wins by dq after Punk hits him with the belt. Then Kofi and R truth tried attacking him while Show was down but Punk got the best of them. Big Show gets up and knocks Punk out. It takes Punk FOREVER to get out the ring. They wheel him out on a big tool box thing.

Overall a fun show. WWE did a good job of making up for No Cena.

Biggest pops:
Big Show


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