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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Springfield, Massachusetts 3/29/13
By PainLord
Mar 30, 2013 - 2:16:07 PM

Thanks to Rick for emailing this report!

The night started out with a man proposing to his girlfriend in the ring, to which she said yes. Crowd cheered.

Team Hell No vs 3MB

Good opener, Daniel Bryan and Kane worked the crowd to see who liked each of them more. Kane got a huge pop, while people boo'ed Bryan just for comedy when he pointed to himself. They were both over. Daniel Bryan accidentally hit Kane from the top rope which led to some pushing between the two, and the crowd chanting to hug it out. They were about to when 3MB slid back into the ring, but Team Hell No picked up the victory with a simultaneous No Lock from Bryan and Pin from Kane.

After the match, Kane wouldn't give Daniel his tag title, to which he started whining for him to hand it over. He grabbed the mic, pretty funny. He almost cried and said that he hated everyone here, when Kane grabbed him to hug it out.

R Truth vs The Miz vs Wade Barret

R Truth got a huge pop. Great match. Truth and Miz worked the match real well. Miz went for a figure four as we all woo'ed, but Truth broke it up. Barrett slid back into the ring and got the pin, then quickly ran out. After the match, The Shield came in and beat down miz and truth.

Antonio Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio

Cesaro got some of the biggest heat of the night, he really worked the crowd. Ricardo came out to introduce Alberto to a huge pop. Alberto was chanted throughout the entire match, he was popular here. Great back and forth match, these two put on a good show. Swagger ended up running in and attacking Del Rio, to huge boo's. Kofi ran out to help Del Rio. The only thing the crowd heard next was shrieking and what sounded like two swords rubbing together and everyone looked confused. It was the voice of Vickie who came out and made it a tag match.

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston

Zeb Coulter and Ricardo were funny to watch, as Ricardo kept trying to hit him with his crutch. Great Match, the kids in the crowd loved Kofi. A "you cant wrestle" chant broke out for Swagger. He kept messing up Del Rio's cross arm breaker by not moving fast enough when it was applied, which was very noticeable. His hurricanrana is even better to see in person. Crowd started to die off with Swagger getting the upper hand. Del Rio with cross arm breaker for the win over Swagger. After the match, the crowd popped huge for the winners, especially Del Rio.
Swagger ran back down only to get tapped out again by Del Rio.

15 minute intermission

Kaitlyn vs Tamina
Tamina worked the crowd to some small heat, dodging one particular guys attempt at a slap of her hand. She went for it and pulled back, then yelled at him from the ring. Pretty funny.
Overall a solid divas match. Kaitlyn picks up the win with a spear.

Mark Henry vs Ryback
It was an "over the top rope" match. Huge pop for Ryback, feed me more was chanted pretty much the entire match. A big man match for sure. They kept running into each other at the start to just show strength, then Ryback did some crazy chest beating like a gorilla. It was intense. Mark Henry challenged him to a test of strength, which showed Henry getting the upper hand early. Ryback hit a pretty decent meat hook clothesline on Henry. No "that's what I do" from Henry, unfortunately. The two exchanged blows some more, and Henry lifted Ryback. Ryback was on the outside of the ring when Henry was about to push him out when he charged at Ryback, who them pulled down the ropes. Mark Henry tumbled out and Ryback wins. Huge pop for Ryback again.

The Shield vs Big Show, Sheamus and John Cena
I couldn't believe that Big Show was this over as a face. The crowd loved him, they went nuts. Sheamus got a decent pop, and John Cena blew the roof off the place. He played with the crowd when he came out and acted like his ears hurt, then looked behind the stage to see everyone and acted like he couldn't believe the noise level. The Shield entered through the crowd to a good amount of heat. Great match overall, Shield looked real strong. They dominated over Cena and Sheamus most of the match. Big Show ripped the Shield's shirts to chest slap each one. The crowd was behind it, they even "shhh'ed" along with Show when he did it. Cena worked in some new moves, including R-Truth's hand shuffle, punches and crotch thrust. Big Show was going for a double choke slam on the Shield when he took a steel chair to the back and the match ended in DQ. After the match, the faces worked their usual moves on the Shield and sent everyone home happy.
Cena's parents were ringside and spotlighted after the match.

Biggest pops:
Big Show

Biggest heat:
Antonio Cesaro (by far)
Swagger (seemed like actual hatred though)
The Shield

After the show was over, we saw a bunch of superstars leaving. Daniel Bryan and Cesaro traveled together. 3MB was the friendliest of all, rolling down their windows. Jinder actually smiled back after I yelled that they were great. Swagger was driving alone and sped down the road away from the arena.

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