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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Savannah, Georgia 6/23/13
By PainLord
Jun 23, 2013 - 11:02:44 PM

Thanks to Cody C. for emailing this report!

Just got back from a WWE Live event in Savannah and it was pretty good. My biggest complaint was that the t-shirt stand sucked. They had old Ziggler, Miz, CM Punk, Ryback, & Orton shirts. The only new shirts they had was all three of Cena's, heel Ryback, The Rock & Fandango. Awesome.

Match 1: Tons of Funk defeated Team Rhodes Scholars.
When the Rhodes Scholars came out, each member gave the other a big, dramatic entrance that puts Ricardo Rodriguez to shame. During the match, every time either Rhodes or Sandow did a move he would walk over to his partner and they would hug. Sandow got massive heat, one of the biggest of the night. Finish came with the double splash on Sandow.

Match 2: Justin Gabriel defeated Drew McIntyre.
First off, Heath Slater wasn't even there for some reason. Boo, Slaters gonna Slate. Anyways, this was a really fun match that the crowd got into. Gabriel wins with the 450 Splash. After the match, Gabriel was making his way up the ramp when Jinder Mahal got on the mic and said that 3MB have been beaten in back-to-back matches, so he challenged Gabriel to come back down and face him.

Match 3: Justin Gabriel defeated Jinder Mahal.
Match lasted about a minute and half. Gabriel wins with the roll-up.

As Justin is making his way up the ramp, he his attacked by The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt says he had decided that tonight is the night he proves why everyone should be afraid and we should all follow the buzzards.

Match 4: Dean Ambrose defeated Zack Ryder in a Street fight to retain the US Championship.
This match went on for over 20 minutes. They used a chair and kendo stick as the weapons. The crowd started chanting "We want tables!" so Ambrose yelled, "Dean, Get the tables!" He slid out of the ring and pulled out a table before pushing it back under to massive heat. Ambrose wins with his Headlock DDT after interference from Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. After the match they continue to attack Ryder until Kane's music hits. He walks out to moderate cheers, but the place explodes when they see Daniel Bryan walk out after. They chase The Shield out of the ring before...

Match 5: Team Hell No defeated The Shield via DQ with the Tag Team Titles on the line.
The crowd for every little thing Daniel Bryan did, it was insane. The DQ came when Ambrose hit Kane with a chair. The Shield begins to attack until Ryder comes back out and hits the Rough Ryder on Ambrose, sending him and Reigns running. Daniel Bryan then hit Seth Rollins with the Chokeslam. He then gets on the turnbuckle and starts yelling, "YES!" but Kane starts yelling "NO!" D-Bry gets a mic and starts arguing over who does the Chokeslam better. Bryan says that everyone knows that he invented the move and is going to prove it. He tries to Chokeslam Kane, but can't pick him up. Kane grabs Bryan's throat and is about to Chokeslam him until The Shield runs back down and Seth Rollins slides in the ring but is caught by Kane. Kane slings him over to Zack Ryder who hits a Chokeslam to a massive pop.


Match 6: Naomi defeated Brie Bella.
Nikki Bella wasn't there, which I thought was weird. This match was a pain as I had to watch Brie Bella control nearly ten minutes of this match with rest holds. Naomi ended up coming back with some impressive moves and wins with a Back Heel Kick.

Bray Wyatt and his family come out. Bray says that he will only fight tonight if Alex Riley can defeat Luke Harper.

Match 7: Luke Harper defeated Alex Riley.
A-Ry was really over from start to finish, the crowd loved him. Luke Harper has got some moves for a big man, reminds me of Kane. Harper wins with a vicious-looking Discus Clothesline. Erick Rowan spent the whole match on the entrance way, wearing the sheep mask.

Match 8: John Cena defeated Ryback in a Tables Match to retain the WWE Title.
Firstly, I thought the place was loud with Daniel Bryan, but the it was nothing compared to the reaction Cena got. It was a 95-5 Cena fan to Cena hater split. This was your typical affair, it actually looked a lot like their tables match from last Sunday. Funny moment though when Ryback was setting up the table one of the legs broke off. Ryback hesitated for less than three seconds before placing the table in the corner. Later, Cena was setting up a second table and one of the legs broke off that one too, but he just kicked it out of the ring.

This was my first WWE house show, and I think the TNA one that came here last October was better. There was more fan interaction then, here it just felt like business as usual, not the personal feel I had heard so much about. Except for The Shield and Bray Wyatt who were very interactive with the crowd from the moment they walked out to the moment they left the arena.

Biggest pops:
1. John Cena
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Zack Ryder chokeslamming Seth Rollins

Biggest heat:
1. Rhodes Scholars
2. Bray Wyatt
3. The Shield

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