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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Reading, Pennsylvania 10/20/12
By Daniel Pena
Oct 21, 2012 - 12:06:08 PM

Report by: As

AJ starts the show with bad news, no Cena. Punk interrupts with Heyman, rips the city a bit and says he's going back to NYC. Aj books Punk vs Ryback in a lumberjack match for the title.

1- Brodus Clay def Jack Swagger
Big pop for Brodus, Swagger looks good.

2- Michael McGillicutty def David Otunga
Crowd was behind Michael by the end

3- Eve def Layla to retain the title
Sloppy overall match

4 - Santino def Tensai
Santino possibly had the biggest pop of the night. Lots of comedy at start

5- Team Hell No def Epico and Primo
Title Match.

Close to 30 minute segment, the crowd was very involved. At one point during the match Kane, Epico, Primo, and Rosa had a group hug. Lots of comedy bits throughput. Kane wins with chokeslam.

6- Damien Sandow def JTG
Sandow cut a short promo, JTG got in a good amount of offense

7 - Antonio Cesaro def Sin Cara
Title Match, Cara with a huge pop.
Definite match of the night. Cara had plenty of huge offensive moves, crowd was really into it. Great ring chemistry. Cesaro eventually retained with the neutralizer.

8- CM Punk w/Heyman vs Ryback
Lumberjack Match for WWE Title
Punk comes out to mixed reaction, big pop for Ryback. Heyman then banned from ringside. Back and forth match. Not great. Ryback did a modified Jackhammer.Punk did some marching when attempting a GTS. Lumberjacks start brawl, Punk hits Ryback with title for DQ. Ryback ends show by shell shock and feed me more chant.

Biggest Pop
Santino, Ryback, Kane

Biggest Heat
Sandow, Daniel Bryan

CM Punk

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