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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Poughkeepsie, New York 5/23/12
By PainLord
May 24, 2012 - 11:08:03 PM

Thanks to Joshua H. for emailing this report!

1.) Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd defeated Hunico and Camacho

- Sin Cara was the first wrestler the crowd was introduced to, and at almost all live shows the first guy out of the gate gets a decent reaction no matter who he is. However, the fans were particularly excited to see Sin Cara back in action, especially the kids. Tyson carried most of the match for his team, with Sin Cara hitting some big spots early on and then coming back in at the end to finish off Hunico with the Tilt A Whirl Headscissors. Obviously, they were concerned with getting Sin Cara back in action but also protecting him as he is just returning from several months off. He continued to get great reactions from the fans throughout the match, as did Tyson who had a "Let's Go, Tyson" chant going for him at least twice during the match while the heels dominated him. Hunico, in particular, did a decent job playing the bad guy and getting the fans to interact with him. Good opening match for a hot, sold-out crowd. There's a lot of WWF/WWE history in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center (myself, I was in the house the night Paul Orndorff turned on Hulk Hogan in 1986!), and the locals always appreciate it when wrestling comes to town.

2.) Jinder Mahal defeated Yoshi Tatsu

- Mahal got on the mic before the match and yelled at the fans with such a tone that it didn't matter that he wasn't speaking English. Yoshi got a nice pop from the crowd upon his entrance and the little kids were behind him, but Mahal got the win with the Camel Clutch which brought out a very angry reaction from the crowd, who were obviously having fun getting into the action of the night, booing the heels and cheering the faces.

3.) U.S. Champion Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger

- No doubt in my mind that Santino was one of the most over babyfaces of the night. The crowd, both adults and children, cheered every single move he made in the match and there were many 'Santino" and "Cobra" chants throughout. Swagger continued the trend of the night of the heels doing a good job riling up the fans. Both guys did great, mixing action with comedy in this match, definitely one of the more (surprisingly) memorable matches of the night, with Santino eventually hitting the Cobra for the victory.

4.) Ezekiel Jackson defeated Drew McIntyre

- Unfortunately this was the weakest match of the show, eliciting the least reaction from the hyped crowd. Drew did his best to put on a good match, but Zeke just seemed off. Not sure if it's how he normally comes off live or if he was just having a bad night, but any move he made just didn't seem to have much energy to it. Either way, Big Zeke got the win with a Rock Bottom type move, catching Drew as he came off the top rope.

5.) Big Show defeated The Great Khali

- Show came out in full heel mode, taunting the crowd before the match, complaining about the "sell-out" accusations and then claiming the fans never really cared about him. Eventually he was interrupted by Khali's music, but this one wasn't going to last long as Show jumped Khali as the bell rang, quickly hit the WMD and got the pin. Big Show got a loud reaction upon his entrance, it was mixed between a face/heel vibe, but by the time he left he had the crowd against him. Good for what it was, to sell Big Show in his new storyline.

6.) Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No Holds Barred match

- Earlier in the evening, they did the video screen bit they've been doing at other house shows with Kane setting up this match, so once Orton's music hit the fans knew what was coming and the excitement was pretty high. Plus, Randy was obviously one of the most popular babyfaces of the night. Still, during the match, there was a noticeable amount of fans cheering for Kane, as well. In particular, I had two little kids in my section dueling it out with "Let's Go, Randy!' and "Let's Go, Kane!" chants. Pretty funny. Anyways, a good match with a kendo stick and some chairs coming into play, a few near falls that got big reactions from the crowd, but eventually Orton hit the RKO on Kane. No doubt, Orton is still one of the biggest stars in WWE, but Kane's longevity and cool gimmick gets him some love from the fans, too.

7.) Divas Champion Layla defeated Natalya

- After an intermission, we went right into this Divas match-up that unfortunately didn't draw as much attention from the crowd as any of the other matches, but noticeably not everyone was back in their seats yet until half way into it. Not quite sure if the crowd was digging Layla as the babyface champ, but she did get a good pop upon her victory when she turned Natalya's Davey Boy Smith-style suplex attempt into a neckbreaker. I was the one person who was trying to get some support for Natalya from everyone else in the crowd, but to no avail...

8.) Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Cody Rhodes

- Both guys did a great job playing their roles here, Cody getting on the mic before the match and taunting the fans, followed by Christian picking up the mic upon his entrance and getting a "Cody Sucks" chant going that carried off-and-on throughout the entire time they were in the ring. Christian is like a chameleon, he does so well no matter whether he plays a face or a heel. I haven't always been his biggest fan, but there's no doubt he's a true star. Again, he's a guy like Kane that's been there for awhile now and the fans love him because of that longevity.

9.) Triple Threat Main Event: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio, w/Mick Foley as the Special Enforcer.

- Mega hot main event, each guy drew a huge reaction upon entrance, Del Rio getting the right kind of heel heat, Daniel Bryan getting cheered more than booed (and of course, lots of "yes!" chanting from the fans), and a HUGE pop for Sheamus. All three guys did a great job telling their story here, a standard Triple Threat match as far as the order of events but the execution of it was nearly flawless. There were several instances of Del Rio and Bryan joining forces to kick and stomp on Sheamus together, and as each one hit him, the crowd would shout "Yes!" for Bryan and "Si!" for Del Rio. Both heels looked great in there, and Sheamus did what he does best, playing the monster babyface champ. At one point in the match, Sheamus hooked on a Cloverleaf-type submission hold on Del Rio (it was hard to see exactly how he was doing, as his back was towards me) which got a great reaction. Not sure I remember seeing him use this before, but I hope Sheamus adds this to his regular move set. Eventually, Sheamus gets the win after hitting Brogue Kicks on both Del Rio and Bryan, after Foley got involved and took out an interfering Ricardo with Mr. Socko. After the match, Mick got on the mic and acknowledged that even though he had been with WWE for many years, this was only the second time he'd been here in Poughkeepsie, and he thanked the fans for coming out and showing their support. I was a bit disappointed that the champ, Sheamus, didn't also say a few words. Seems like it would be customary for him to do so, but hey, it was a great night of wrestling so I'm not going to waste time complaining.

Overall, this was an excellent WWE house show. As I said earlier, the Poughkeepsie crowd is always hot when wrestling comes to the Civic Center, but this time it was exceptional thanks to the hard work put in by the wrestlers on the card. I think it helped that a lot of these were guys who had never been here before, so it added an extra level of interest.

Just because I know there are lots of readers who are always curious about this, it all comes down to Sheamus, Orton, and Santino being the most over babyfaces, and Del Rio, Show, and believe it or not, Jinder Mahal, as the most over heels. Daniel Bryan is tough to gauge, the fans loved him and chanted along with the Yes but there were also a lot of No's from the younger fans. He's in that in-between stage right now, but I would say by the end of the year WWE is going to be forced to turn him face because it's obvious his popularity is only growing. I saw more "Yes! Yes! Yes!" T-shirts there than any other Superstar's shirts, so there's no doubt things are evolving for Daniel Bryan.

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