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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Peoria, IL 8/25/12
By Marc Middleton
Aug 26, 2012 - 9:20:39 AM

Full Report by Ben Brodbeck and PWInsider.com

Tyson Kidd d. Tensai

Big E Langston d. Jack Swagger
Wade Barrett jumps Big E after the match and cuts a promo about how he's going back to his bare-knuckle background. He lets the crowd choose his match tonight.

Divas Title: Layla d. Aksana

Alex Riley d. David Otunga

Prime Time Players cut a pre-recorded backstage interview set promo about how the saving grace of being in this miserable city is winning the tag team championship tonight.

Tag Titles: Prime Time Players d Kofi & R Truth when Titus throws Kofi's foot off the bottom rope. New tag champs.

AJ comes out and says that the match will be restarted and then Kofi & R Truth d. Prime Time Players to retain the titles.

Peoria Street Fight:
Wade Barrett d. Curt Hawkins
*Hawkins got the loudest reactions of the night to that point when using chairs and tables.

US Title:
Antonio Cesaro d. Zack Ryder

WWE Title (Triple Threat, Extreme Rules)
CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show
CM Punk wins after stealing the pin after Cena hit the AA.

Full Report by Ben Brodbeck and PWInsider.com

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