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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Manchester, England 11/3/12
Nov 4, 2012 - 8:38:10 AM

Thanks to Sam B. for the following:

- Brodus Clay & Santino vs Primo & Epico

Comedy match as you'd expect, Primo starts things off by going to the turnbuckle and taunting the crowd for heat. Santino goes to the turnbuckle for the pop but looks like he legit botches and completely falls over the top rope and out on to the floor. Looks like he hurt his eye but goes to the turnbuckle again and poses.

Fun match for the kids, crowd really into the match with a bit of heat for Primo and Epico. Santino plays the face in peril for most of the match - Epico steals the Cobra and they throw it between themselves over Santino's head.

The end comes when Brodus gets the hot tag, Primo inadvertently lays out Epico and Santino strikes with the Cobra - I think so anyway, I was too busy looking at Rosa at this point. The two of them plus Naomi and Cameron bring in some kids to dance post-match.

Dolph Ziggler appears on the tron to a pop from the men in the crowd and cuts a promo on Cena. Says that he's blatantly in cahoots with AJ, that maybe he used one of his three moves to win her over and that tonight, DZ will prove that not only is he more of a man than Cena but a better sports entertainer. Oh, and wrestling is like the fifth best thing he does.

Tensai vs Michael McGillicutty

Tensai comes out first (no Sakamoto) followed by MM - neither get very much reaction at first.

Tensai dominates for the majority. Loud 'Albert' chants throughout, Tensai just puts his finger to his lips in response. A rather loud "Mr Perfect" chant breaks out for a few moments.

End comes to this one with some back and forth action, McGillicutty goes for tehe McGillicutter but Tensai counters and goes for the back splash. MM rolls out of the way, sends Tensai into the ring post and gets the rollup win. Crowd were right behind McGillicutty come the end of the match.

Tensai worked very stiffly throughout!

- Daniel Bryan appears on the tron to a huge reaction of "YES YES YES". Says he will beat Rhodes Scholars tonight because he is the tag team champions, and at SS he will be the sole survivors. He repeats this point until Kane enters and they have a yes-off.

Eve vs Layla

Layla gets the home-country pop and wears an England flag during her entrance.

Vickie appears on stage and I genuinely couldn't hear what she was saying over the booing of the audience. Apparently she wants to prove that she's fair and has allowed fans to vote on whether to allow AJ into the match.

AJ's in the match for the title and out she comes to a nice reaction. AJ and Layla take out Eve but then fight amongst themselves over who gets the pin.

Match goes on for a while and again the crowd are into it with "Let's go AJ" and "YES" chants for the crazy chick. Eve hits the neck breaker on Layla but AJ hugs the referee to stop the count. She ducks Eve's attack and gets the rollup for the win and the Divas title. Big pop from the crowd for this.

Vickie reappears and says that as AJ touched an official, the match is restarted. Eve hits the neckbreaker for the count.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

Ziggler comes out to a mixed reaction accompanied by Vickie. Cena gets a bigger mixed reaction - a lot of kids are in attendance with the Cena gear on.

The match is excellent, seriously wouldn't be out of place on a PPV. Everyone around me was really impressed as well. I'm not a huge Cena fan but he and Ziggler worked brilliantly together. Ziggler dominated for most. Vickie gets ejected for slapping Cena.

Cena is worn down throughout but finally gets in his four moves of doom. Just as you think it's over, Ziggler lands on his feet from the AA and hits the Fame Asser for a near fall. Cena knocks the ref over and applies the STF to Ziggles, who taps. Match continues with no ref to make the call, and Vickie runs back in with the MITB briefcase ready to hit Cena.

AJ runs in and attacks Vickie for the save. AJ and Cena tease a kiss in the ring before shaking hands. Ziggler interrupts but gets nailed with the briefcase by AJ. Cena hits the follow-up AA for the three count.

(Notes from this match - huge "Lets go Cena, Cena sucks" chants. "Let's go Ziggler" from one side was sustained through the match as well. Lots of Ric Flair woo's for Ziggler, who reacted by coming to the outside and doing the signature strut. Brilliant match about 15/20 mins in length. I look forward to the Cena/DZ feud if it produces anything like this.)

The interval is straight after the Cena match and it maybe takes some energy away from the crowd, a lot of whom were probably content having seen Cena already.

Antonio Cesaro vs Zack Ryder

Cesaro says since the US is better than England, he is now our champion as well and he demands that we learn English as he can't understand us. Ryder cuts him off to a big reaction and Cesaro 'hams it up' saying he will not be interrupted and continues to talk all the way through Ryders entrance as if he's not there.

Solid match but the crowd seem not as into it as previous matches - maybe it's because it was straight after the interval or the fact that Cena had already been on.

Sick spot from the top rope. Cesaro goes for a superplex from the top but Ryder flips over in mid-air and changes it up into a neckbreaker.

Ryder hits the broski boot for the three-count but AC's foot was on the rope. Cesaro hits a sick looking power bomb and the Neutralizer for the win. Very solid match, a few close falls. Ryder hit his old ECW tiger bomb for a two count, Cesaro hit a brilliant European uppercut when Ryder came off the top rope for a springboard dive.

Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars

"You're Welcome" chant for Sandow to start things off. Bryan out to the usual massive reaction and he's doing his YES stuff until he gets to the ring, stops and changes to NO. Kane comes out to a pretty surprisingly big ovation.

Good match with the comedy elements there again. Kane and Bryan steal tags from one another. Numerous times they get in each others face only to be told to hug it out by the crowd. Sandow and Rhodes attack during the distraction.

Bryan gets the hot tag as Kane urges the crowd to get hyped up...Kane hits the chokeslam but Bryan steals the tag and puts the Maybe Lock on Sandow, who taps.

Kane won't give Bryan his tag title after the match. Bryan chases the title, Kane waves it for him like a matador. Bryan goes for the sympathy vote from the crowd and goes to leave without his title but Kane offers to hug it out. They do so, and they both lift their titles to the crowd to celebrate.

Ryback vs CM Punk

Punk out first to a mixed reaction. Kids boo and adults/men cheer. He gets Justin Roberts to announce him as Best in the World, and also to announce that he supports Millwall Football Club (the reference being that their club motto is "nobody likes us, we don't care.")

Ryback out with his pyro and the feed me more chants. Big "Ryback" chant in the same style as the Goldberg chant.

Decent match, a bit longer than their HIAC match with a lot of similar spots.

Match ends when Ryback goes the Shellshock...Rhodes Scholars run in for the DQ ending with a steel chair to attack Ryback. The three heels attack, before Ryback cleans house and hits the finisher on Punk.

Lot of Punk fans in the house. Duelling "FEED..ME..MORE! C..M..PUNK!" chants in the match.

First time I've been to a live show and it was brilliant entertainment. The Ziggler/Cena match was value for money alone. Will definitely be back next year.

Biggest pops:
Hell No

Most heat:
Vickie (nobody even close)

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