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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Lodz, Poland 4/27/13
By PainLord
Apr 28, 2013 - 3:44:26 PM

Thanks to Wiktor D. for emailing this report!

R-Truth def. Heath Slater.

Kaitlyn def. AJ and Tamina for Divas Championship.

Michael McGilicutty def. Brad Maddox.

Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ for World Heabyweight Championship.

Tons of Funk def. Rhodes Scholars.

Zack Ryder def. Antonio Cesaro.

John Cena and Team Hell No def. Ryback, Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler.


We kicked off the show with R-Truth’s entrance. After the last “What’s Up?!” of R-Truth some guy shouted out loud “You Suck!” which Truth acknowledged and said something to him.

After Heath Slater made his way to the ring there was little showing off before the proper part of the match. Match itself however was not so exciting. We had some “Slaters Gonna Slate” and “What’s Up” chants.

Divas match didn’t receive such a big reaction as probably expected. AJ was in the middle of fans’ interest through the whole match. Nothing special.

Michael McGilicutty came out to mixed and unsure reaction. We didn’t actually know whether he was face or heel. Just after we heard Brad Maddox impersonating Vickie Guerrero with “Excuse Me” we realized on which side Michael was. Maddox came with microphone in his hand and talked some random things. The most important part of his “promo” was long “Maddooooox” introduction which was made by himself. I mentioned that because during silence between segments of moves some guy shouted “Maddooooox” which made people laugh loud. Before action went fluent there were a lot of “You Suck” chants for Maddox. As for McGilicutty we had “Mr. Perfect” chants. First match where crowd actually took a part in match up.

And finally, perhaps the best match of the night (if that actually mattered on a house shows) between our World Champion and Flying Goat. A lot of “YES”, “Let’s go Ziggler – Daniel Bryan” etc. Fans finally were given Dolph Ziggler after they have been chanting “We Want Ziggler” since the beginning of the show. During the fight there was a surprise for me when on backstage area I had opportunity to see… John Laurinaitis! He was casually sitting on a chair, eating some popcorn, and enjoying a match. He didn’t want to interact with me. Eventually, I shouted “People Power” which he acknowledged but I couldn’t reach him to take a photo.

Nothing special either in tag team match. We simply had fun.

Cesaro was granted with mixed reaction. Not only smarts cheered for him, the fact that he’s European created some supporters of his work. He didn’t know how to act either. He noticed my sign about him and he pointed at me to show other (ones that were booing) how they should support him.

Split up crowd during this one. Some “Ryder Sucks” and “Castagnioli” or “Kings of Wrestling” chants.

During our main event crowd was loud, but nothing special happened. Usual Cena, Ryback and Team Hell No stuff. However, Ryback walked off the ramp and turned on his partners.

Other things worth mentioning were “Super Dragon”, “Mike Chioda” chants. Justin Roberts received a huge pop just like last year (I think’s it’s some kind of meme already that we admire his work. We started those chants last year and it happened again) which he mentioned on twitter. 

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