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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Hampton, Virginia 7/22/17
By LordsofPain
Jul 23, 2017 - 8:08:34 AM

Thanks to James H. for sending in the following report!

WWE Summer HeatWave Tour
Hampton, VA.
July 22, 2017

Quick Results:

* Cesaro and Sheamus retain RAW Tag Titles over The Hardy Boyz and Gallows and Anderson via pinfall
* Goldust defeats R-Truth via pinfall
* Gentleman Jack Gallagher defeats TJ Perkins via pinfall
* Bray Wyatt defeats Apollo Crews via pinfall
* Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeat The Miz and Curtis Axel via pinfall
* Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks defeat Alexa Bliss, Emma, and Nia Jax via pinfall (Mickie James as special guest referee)
* Finn Balor defeats Alias Sampson via pinfall
* Roman Reigns defeats Braun Strowman via DQ

Detailed Results:

Incredible energy inside the Hampton Coliseum as the WWE HeatWave Tour arrived to Virginia with a RAW based house show. The attendance was not announced, but my estimate would put the crowd between 8,000 to 10,000 people and while there was seating still available inside the arena, this event had a feel of near capacity. The crowd did themselves proud, passionately cheering their favorites while simultaneously booing the most hated of heels throughout the contests. Here are the breakdown of matches and how they unfolded.

The action began shortly after the National Anthem had concluded with a RAW Tag Team Championship match that pitted Cesaro and Sheamus defending against both The Hardy Boyz and Anderson and Gallows. The Hardy Boyz entered the match and was greeted with a thunderous pop to begin the show. The bout began with Matt Hardy taking early control of Cesaro with a combination of hip tosses and drop kicks. Gallows enters the match after a blind tag on Cesaro shortly after Jeff Hardy entered the contest. Gallows quickly used the power game to gain control of Jeff and dictate the tempo of the match. The bout ran smooth and deliberate as Gallows and Anderson wore on Jeff Hardy. After landing a flying forearm on Anderson and evading Gallows interference, Jeff Hardy made his way to Matt for the tag. Matt came in hitting a multitude of strikes and sent Gallows crashing into Anderson after an exchange on the ropes. Sheamus would capitalize when Gallows reversed Matt Hardy into the ropes nearest the champions. Matt ducks a clothesline and hits a Twist of Fate on Gallows, but was tagged on the exchange and then thrown our of the ring by the entering Sheamus. Sheamus pins Gallows for the 1,2, and 3. Post match, The Hardy Boyz stand inside the ring and soak up the cheers of the audience. Easily one of the louder pops of the night for the tag team legends.

Next up R-Truth versus Goldust. This was an awfully quick contest. Truth attacks Goldust after introductions only to take a knee to the face when attempting to charge Goldie in the corner. Goldust promptly rolls up Truth and gets his feet on the ropes for extra assistance with the pinfall. Truth yells at Goldust that his time is coming and that he's about to get got. Truth leaves to nice ovation.

Following a quick Battleground plug from Jojo in the ring, the action continued with Gentleman Jack Gallagher taking on TJ Perkins. TJP fakes a knee injury early after coming down from a drop kick thus luring Gallagher to sleep. TJP then attacks Gentleman Jack from behind, beating and pounding on the Englishman. Perkins puts Gallagher up in the old bow and arrow as he works on his opponent. After a series of counters, Gallagher sends Perkins outside the ring, with a head butt. A suicide dive follows to injure TJP. The end comes moments later and Gallagher butts heads with Perkins and falls on top of him for the win.

Bray Wyatt versus Apollo Crews is next. Bray's entrance lit up the whole building and was quite the experience. Wyatt was heavily cheered and besides one spot where Crews hit the standing back flip, the Eater of Worlds dominated the matchup. After a series of vicious cross body shots delivered by Bray to Crews, it was Sister Abigail for the win. Bray played to the crowd post match basking in the applause. Great match really, but the match of the night was next.

The Miz entered the arena along side Curtis Axel and Maryse to chants of "you suck". In brilliant Miz form, the A lister takes the mic and announces he cannot suck, because he's not from Hampton, VA. Classic. He then continued to berate the audience and was matching, often exceeding, the venom being directed at him. The Miz explained that he would not be defending the Intercontinental title tonight as advertised, because it sucked enough having to be in Hampton, but would tag with Axel to destroy Ambrose and Rollins. Dean and Seth certainly benefitted from the hate towards Miz as both superstars received the pop of the night (although The Hardy Boyz and Balor's receptions were comparable)/ Seth began the match against Axel, but quickly was beaten down by quick tags between Axel and Miz. Maryse baited Ambrose several times to distract Dean and Miz went to work on the Architect. About 12 minutes into wrist locks, Miz kicks, and Axel clubbing Seth while down, Rollins gets to Dean for the hot tag. After dumping Axel over the top rope, Dean goes after the legal man in the match, Miz. After hitting back to back short clotheslines, Dean readies for Dirty Deeds. Maryse attempts to enter the ring, thus causing the referee to eject her from ringside. As the Miz is watching Maryse walk away, Dean rolls up Miz, but rolls through into a standing position and connects with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose with the clean non-title win over Miz. Great match with solid efforts from all competitors.

After a quick intermission, Mickie James is announced as the special guest referee for tonight's six woman tag team match. Bayley and Banks received a lot of love from the Hampton crowd with Nia Jax, Dana Broole, and Emma feeling a lot like afterthoughts. Then out came Alexa Bliss. The reception for Bliss was greater than those for Banks or Bayley. While short in stature, Bliss has come up huge in the RAW women's pecking order. After Jax began the match taking forearm shots from Sasha, Emma was tagged in and took control of Dana Brooke. Bliss would be tagged in to grind on Brooke and the team of Bliss, Jax, and Emma beat up on Dana most of the match. After interference led to all six women being in the ring, Emma and Mickie James began to have words and engage in some light pushing. The end occurs when Bayley enters the ring for Belly to Bayley on Emma from behind. Good match overall with Banks and Bayley being way over, but Bliss still being the class of the division and match itself.

Next up, Balor comes out to interrupt Alias Sampson"s song about wanting to tell everyone in the crowd tonight to shut up. Sampson attacks Balor after his entrance music subsides. The attack is focused on Balor's injured shoulder and continues throughout the match. Balor actually mounts very little offense in this encounter as Sampson was steady with his attack and ground game. Balor's arm and shoulder were rammed into the turnbuckles repeatedly and then settled into a series of wrist locks and arm bars. After throwing Balor into the corner, Sampson goes shoulder first into the ring post after Balor avoids the charging star. A guick drop kick hard into the corner and Balor goes up to deliver the Coup de Grace for the win. Balor seemed to be favoring the shoulder post match, but very well could've just been selling the work that Alias Sampson did during their encounter. Crowd LOVED Balor.

Next up was the main event, Braun Strowman versus Roman Reigns. Braun was cheered loudly as he entered the ring, while Roman received Miz like booing. Strowman uses the power game to get control early. A big bear hug applied to Reigns put Braun out early. It wasn't until mid match that Reings really got going with kicks to the leg of Strowman and back to back Superman punches. The rocked giant fell to the floor, but Reigns followed with a drive by. Reigns circled again attempting another punch when Braun uses the steps to take out Roman. Roman gets the DQ victory, but Braun lays Reigns out with the steps repeatedly. After leaving Roman laying in the ring, Strowman teases an exit, but comes back and gets a table from under the ring. The table is set up in the corner as Braun signals for the running power slam, but Reigns slides out again and hits a Superman punch followed by a spear through the table to send everyone home.

Overall, great vibe and night of wrestling at the Hampton venue. I would strongly encourage wrestling fans to make the voyage to a live show if at all possible. It was just a great night of wrestling by all performers. Also, come check out myself and the rest of 10FacesOfFate on WWE Super Card. It's a fun WWE app and for wrestling fans to game together when not on Lords Of Pain. Thank you and I'll see you at the shows!

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