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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Guayaquil, Ecuador 5/25/12
By PainLord
May 28, 2012 - 12:01:58 PM

Thanks to Roberto C. for emailing this report!

Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum of Guayaquil, semi full for WWE Raw Show, third time for a WWE show in our city. Unfortunately we are on holiday (Battle of Pichincha on May 24 passed to May 25 for a long weekend) and the beginning of school season in the Coast, so there was some empty spaces (people traveling and not much money in the pockets). I think there were more than 4000 people (80%), but on 2011 it was full. Show started at 8:30 pm local (21:30 ET), 30 minutes before, Zack Ryder came to salute the people, who cheered him. Referees: Mike Chioda and Charles Robinson.

Justin Roberts introduced John Laurinaitis, who came in a wheel chair pushed by David Otunga, then climbed the ring with one crutch. He presented himself as always and told to our little country to enjoy the show. People insulted him so loudly that it was almost impossible to hear his raspy voice.

Brodus Clay squashed JTG
First Brodus Dancers came, and then the Funkasaurus to a decent pop. JTG came to a slight boo from the public. He then tried to get a kiss from Brodus Dancers, but to no avail. A match no longer than 5 minutes, JTG tried some shots at Brodus legs, but all ended as usual with the head butt and the splash from the Funkasaurus. Some kids danced with Brodus and the dancers, most of them with Cena garments.

Mason Ryan def. Alex Riley
A-Ry came to a decent pop from the people and then Mason Ryan, known by his role last year as part of the Nexus. Fast match, unfortunately for most of the people, Ryan won with characteristic slam. Some smarky fans shouted Batista at Ryan, but very few. A-Ry went up to his feet and returned to the back a bit dizzy, while the people tried to console him with cheers.

Michael McGillicutty def. Curt Hawkins
A 10 minute match. Hawkins came to no public reaction, a little boo while he was posing. Gilicutty came to a small reaction, at least the people recognized him from last year’s Nexus. He was the fan favorite. People was not into the match, although this was not a bad one. Gillicutty had a few more moves and agility than Hawkins. Smarky ones shouted at him “Mr. Perfect”.

David Otunga def. Zack Ryder
Otunga came to nobody’s applause, until he started to make his bodybuilder moves and the boos started. Zack Ryder came and was received with a big pop (I still don’t understand why he is not receiving TV time on Raw). At first Otunga started to dominate the match, but Ryder recuperated, almost hitting the Rough Ryder, but Otunga reversed it into a spine buster and the pin for the victory. It was a deception for the people expecting a victory from Ryder, but when people started to cheer him, Primo and Epico came with their reggaeton music and their ridiculous short ponchos (I don’t think in the Caribbean people use ponchos… and Guayaquil is hot) to assault Ryder and complain to the people why we were cheering a “filthy gringo” while not going with authentic latinos like them, even saying they are better being Puertorriquenos.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth def. Primo and Epico
The tag team champions came to a huge pop from the people saving Ryder from the Puertorricans. Truth firstly came with his typical “what’s up (I’d rather like the crazy one, but kids really enjoy him, and he seems to enjoy them too). Then Kofi came to a greater reaction (he is skinnier in comparison to the rest of the roster, but very agile). Match started between Truth and Primo, who tried to escape. Then it was come and go between the 4 of them. When Truth seemed to hit his finisher, Primo countered and covered him for the pin, but Truth’s leg was on the rope. Epico moved Truth’s leg and the referee (Little Naitch) didn’t notice it, and gave the victory to the Puertorricans. Mike Chioda came to tell what happened to Robinson who restarted the match. Epico tried to help Primo, but was thrown out by Kofi, and Truth applied his finisher and cover Primo for the victory. Good match, people enjoyed a lot. The champions celebrated, Truth stayed more time in the ringside greeting the fans.


Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly
First Kelly came to a decent pop. She is skinny but not clumsy. She saluted the public, specially the children. Then the impressive Glamazon came to a decent villain reaction, although many people wanted from her more sympathy. Not so much to comment, 5 minute match ended with the Glam Slam. The right one won, but as I have stated, Kelly is not that bad. Phoenix made a good job taunting the people.

John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler (with Mason Ryan)
Ziggler came to a decent villain reaction, having as bodyguard the big Ryan. Then, Cena came and the Coliseum exploded. A decent 15 minute match. Ryan interfered a lot and got expelled. After an awkward push, referee was thrown out of the ring, and then Cena applied the STF on Ziggler who tapped out, but with no referee the match continued. Then John Laurinaitis and Otunga came to help Ziggler, Otunga trying to hit Cena with Johnny Ace’s crutch, but got an Attitude Adjustment by Cena. After the AA, Ziggler hit Cena with the crutch and covered him for the pin, but Cena got up at 2. Then Ziggler tried a superkick but instead hit Laurinaitis and the Cena applied the AA for the win and the celebration of everybody. Cena did not stay long to celebrate, but I think he was moved by the people who never stopped cheering for him. Few chanted “Cena sucks”, as Ecuador seems to love the good ones, like the Marine.

CM Punk def. The Miz
Miz came to a decent villain reaction, and taunted the people speaking slowly and then with a god-awful Mexican Spanish. Then the Best of the World came to a huge pop (almost like Cena’s), and the match started. Hits came, and Miz threatened to leave the scenario, but then Punk took the mic and imitated Miz’s Spanish promo to everybody’s laugh. After many moves, the skull crushing finale almost put Punk out of combat. Then Punk recovered, hit Randy Savage’s elbow, GTS and the pin to retain the WWE title and as always, an almost perfect performance from the Chicago Star to conquer Guayaquil, who exploded after his triumph. Huge celebration, Punk stayed even when his music ended, he seemed to be amazed of how the people had lots of signs of him.

It was around 11:15 pm when the show ended. It was a decent show, maybe 2011’s was better having more star power (RKO, Sheamus, Bryan, Morrison, Di Biase) but the best ones as always, were Cena and Punk, again. Divas match was better also, and as I expected CM Punk has taken the second spot in the company. He really impressed me in the 2011 House Show, after I saw for the first time, this really funny guy. I have to admit that Punk recovered my attention on wrestling (or “sports entertainment” or whatever they want to call it).

Guayaquil’s crowd was decent as expected, although is not quite accustomed to this kind of shows. The roster had a decent work, showing a bit of tiredness. I know there is no direct connection between Brazil and Ecuador, so I think they should have arrived like dead meat at Guayaquil. We were also sorry for Chris Jericho’s absence.

Biggest pops:
1. CM Punk (especially at the end of his match)
2. John Cena (all time)
3. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston / Zack Ryder

Biggest heat:
1. John Laurinaitis
2. Epico and Primo (for their promo in Spanish)
3. The Miz / Dolph Ziggler / Otunga (after defeating Ryder)

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