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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Glasgow, Scotland 11/6/12
By PainLord
Nov 7, 2012 - 2:19:48 AM

Thanks to Tony Cottam for emailing this report!

Show kicked off at 7.30pm, following video promos and ads on the big screen. Our seats were so far to the side that we couldn't see the screen; great view of the ring though so no complaints. Arena looked to be totally full, and about 60% kids.

Match 1:
Santino Marella & Brodus Clay vs. Epico & Primo
Sadly for me, no Rosa. Santino did his topple over the top rope spot as per the other UK house shows, and played off it all through the match by being scared of the ropes beyond the first one. Solid enough comedy match, Santino works the crowd like a master though. Everyone in the Arena was watching what he would do next. Vastly under reated performer, in my humble opinion. Santino and Brodus take the win after some Cobra/Splash shenanigans, and then we get the kids in the ring to dance.

Match 2:
Tensai vs. Michael McGillicutty
Strange kind of nothing match, although a "Let's Go Mikey!" chant seemed to amuse McGillicutty. He looked sharp, and played the face quite well. Tensai looks like a man going through the motions for a paycheque, nothing more. McGillicutty wins after a rollup.

Match 3:
Divas Championship
Eve (c) vs. Layla vs. AJ Lee
AJ was by far the most over woman in this match. Pretty solid action, with more time allowed than on TV. They pulled the AJ win and Vickie Guerrero reversal spot here too. The Arena went absolutely INSANE when it looked like AJ had won. Eve takes the win in the end and leaves with her title intact.

Match 4:
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena
A video promo aired earlier in the night with Dolph talking about how he was going to beat Cena all over Europe, and built the match nicely. As has been mentioned before, these two have great chemistry together. Dolph looked every inch the main eventer, and Cena? If your voice hasn't broken yet, then you loved him. Otherwise, you were against him. I might not like Cena, but damn, he can connect with the crowd and truly looks like he enjoys what he does. He even broke out a Gangnam Style dance at one point...

Vickie was sent to the back during the match for interference, and after a ref bump, she returned to attack Cena, but was stopped by AJ. Cena threw AJ over his knee and teased a kiss, to a massive reaction from the crowd, but AJ popped up and smacked Ziggler with his briefcase to help Cena take the win. Great 15 minute or so match.


Match 5:
US Title
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Zack Ryder
This match surprised me - Cesaro looked as smooth and as controlled as anyone on the card tonight; and Zack Ryder, for all he's king of Social Media - he just didn't connect well with the fans tonight. Maybe it's an off night, but he just didn't click. Cesaro dominated, working over Ryder's knee impressively, and took the win after the Neutraliser. Good performance from Cesaro, and good heel work too.

Match 6:
Tag Team Championships
Kane & Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Rhodes Scholars
Absolutely huge reaction for Daniel Bryan, by far the most over man of the night. Kane got a big pop too, and Rhodes and Sandow had huge heat, especially Sandow with the most girly screams in existence when he was running away from Kane.

Usual solid match in the ring from Bryan, and everything clicked, the crowd was all over this one. We had the tease of the fight between Kane & Bryan, the aborted hug segment, and Bryan took the eventual win with the Yes/No/LaBell Lock. After the match, Kane & Bryan just ate up the crowd reaction with a "I am the Tag Team Champion" showdown that ended in a hug and Bryan running off with the belts. Fantastic stuff.

Match 7:
WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback
Punk was over as a face with a smattering of boos, but changed that by addressing the crowd as "Thank You Dublin!" and throwing his shirt to Paul Heyman, who celebrated like he'd won the superbowl. Ryback was hugely over, perhaps behind only Cena and Bryan. I really enjoyed this match, Punk was your typical cowardly heel, and Ryback worked really well with him.

The end came as a DQ when Heyman summoned every heel from the back to attack Ryback, who fought most of them off until Kane and Cena arrived to lend a hand. Ryback Shellshocked Punk after the match, and Cena and Ryback faced off, teasing a showdown (Cena tried to hug it out at one point, Ryback looked horrified) between the two, but ended with a handshake.

Justin Roberts, and John Cena thanked the crowd and promised to come back, and that was that. Solid 2 and a half hour show, great entertainment and highly recommended. Oh, and on a side note, a kid fell over the barrier trying to get one of John Cena's wristbands and landed badly on his head. WWE staff were quikcly to him, and Cena came over and sat with him, hugged him and posed for photos for a bit until he was sure he was OK. Classy stuff from all involved.

Tony Cottam
Carstairs Junction, Scotland for http://www.wrestling101.com

Thanks to Naomi A. for emailing this report!

A sold out Glasgow show again this year. It’s nice to see the new stage set-up as was only introduced just after last year’s show. Through the Trons we get highlights from Wrestlemania XXVIII and a promo for Wrestlemania XXVIIII in New York, the WWE App and WWE ’13. The show starts with Justin Roberts welcoming us to RAW. He asks us all how we are which we cheer to. He then introduces the first match.

Match 1

Brodus Clay and Santino Marella VS Primo and Epico

Out comes Brodus with The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi. He’s got a shirt on with a giant Tiger’s face on it. The usual entrance dance. Santino follows in the same get up and then Primo and Epico come out. Santino, as usual, is the comic relief – falling over the top rope to the outside while trying to do his pose on the second. Brodus just shakes his head. Santino starts off against Epico. Santino tries to mount some serious offence but fails. Epico thwarts him several times while shaking his head. Tags are eventually made. Brodus traps Primo in the babyface corner. Santino goes up to the top rope and attempts a double-axe handle on Primo’s locked arm but has taken too long and misses. Primo runs to the adjacent corner. Brodus follows him and executes a cross body. Tags are made again and Santino tries to go for The Cobra but Epico steals it off him and hands it to Primo – trapping it in their corner. Again, tags are made and Brodus reverses Primo and Epico’s attempt at a double-team suplex. Brodus double suplex’s them. More back and forward offence until both teams just jump in the ring and go at it. Santino tries to get The Cobra back. Epico and Primo play Piggy-In-The-Middle with it until Santino catches it. He Cobra’s Epico and runs back onto the apron. Back to the legal men, Brodus Splash’s Epico for the pin.

Winners: Brodus Clay and Santino Marella

Brodus, Cameron, Naomi, and Santino dance with some kids in the ring.

Match 2

Tensai VS Michael McGillicutty

Basic squash match. McGillicutty as a face, which was nice to see, and wearing his ‘Ruthless’ gear. Tensai dominated most of the match while “Albert!” chants ensued. Mike got the surprise win after a scoop slam, a top rope cross body, and a roll up in the corner.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

Mike leaves the ring, ecstatic, and Tensai leaves angry.

Match 3

Layla VS Eve VS AJ Lee (Triple Threat Diva’s Championship)

Layla comes out first to a good reaction. Then Eve to the boo’s. Then there was a pause and AJ’s music hits. The crowd goes crazy! Very surprising as I was expecting Kaitlyn. AJ enters the ring to a continuous pop and “AJ!” chants. Pro AJ crowd throughout the match. The match starts off with Eve trying to create an alliance with Layla. She refuses. Eve then turns to AJ but AJ just stands there like AJ does. She eventually shakes Eve’s hand but not seriously. Layla starts off on Eve and double-teams with AJ. They kick Eve out of the ring. We then see some one-on-one action with Layla and AJ which was pretty good. Eve jumps back in breaking Layla off a pin and sending her out. Eve against AJ now which Eve dominated. Somebody in the crowd near me shouted “Hoeski!” at Eve which she replied “Shut up!” to which was funny. Layla comes back in and now AJ is knocked out to the floor. Eve and Layla went back and forward until AJ comes back in. After taking advantage of Layla’s offence (while Layla is down) AJ pins Eve and GETS THE THREE COUNT! The whole crowd stands and goes NUTS!

Winner: AJ Lee (New Diva’s Champion)

Then the buzzkill of all buzzkills arrives. Vickie comes out and revokes the decision as AJ physically stopped the ref’s hand counting 3 when Layla had Eve pinned earlier. The match is restarted and Eve takes a cheapshot to AJ’s back then gets the pin and retains. Eve leaves Layla and AJ in the ring. As Layla leaves she shakes AJ’s hand and leaves. AJ then goes to the back followed by our chants.

Winner: Eve (still Diva’s Champion)

Match 4

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) VS John Cena (Special Attraction Match)

A video promo, featuring Dolph Ziggler, hyping this match was shown earlier in the night. In it Dolph talks about how he should be and will be the face of the WWE. How he’s Mr. Money In The Bank, the next World Heavyweight Champion, “the guy who brings it every night”, and the Show-Off. Ziggler comes out first with Vickie to a good reaction. Until Cena runs down with the pop. However, when he gets into the ring I hear more boo’s than cheers. A very mixed crowd. The match doesn’t start for at least a few minutes because the crowd was SO split with chants of “Let’s go Ziggler!” and “Let’s go Cena!”. Both John and Dolph were very surprised themselves but loved it. Even displaying their surprise by saying and making the hand gesture of “so-so”. We all eventually calm down and the match starts. A slow start with Cena having Ziggler in a headlock. Lots of back and forward mat wrestling and very equally matched for the most part. Somewhere among this Cena does the Gangnam Style dance. Ziggler then gets Cena down and shows off with The Nature Boy Walk. This is met with a lot of “Woo’s!” Cena then comes back at him catching Ziggler off guard. Dolph jumps outside to catch his breath and is reassured and embraced by Vickie. Dolph then gets back on the apron (on the entrance side of the ring) while Vickie flanks Cena from the opposite side. As part of their plan, obviously, Dolph tells the ref to get Vickie down from the apron this way he can jump back in the ring when Cena is hopefully not looking. It works because Cena turns his back to Dolph to deal with Vickie. Ziggler jumps back in but it met with Cena’s fist. John steps back and leans on the ropes where Vickie just was. Vickie now back on the apron slaps Cena in the face which the ref sees. Vickie is ejected from ringside much to her and Dolph’s disappointment. Back to match and it’s still equally matched. Ziggler gets Cena down again and does sit-ups next to him. He gets us to count his reps with him. John comes to and tries for an STF but is countered. Back and forth punches until Ziggler locks in The Sleeper Hold. Then he tries for a Superkick. Cena ducks it and goes for an AA. Ziggler counters and hits a Superkick. Tries for a pin but Cena kicks out. While both men are down, Vickie runs back in and tries to give Dolph his MITB Briefcase to use as a weapon. AJ then runs down to stop this. The match eventually finishes with Cena getting the pin of the AA.

Winner: John Cena

After the match only John and AJ are left in the ring. They stand and look at each other. Then a “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” chant starts! John grabs AJ and gets her in that Hollywood movie ‘Get ready to kiss me.’ pose but the kiss doesn’t happen. AJ leaves for the back while Cena poses for the fans and throws his wristbands into the crowd.

Justin Roberts gets back in the ring and thanks us on behalf of the WWE for our attendance so far. He informs us that they look forward to returning on the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour next year. He plugs the Tour T-Shirts and signed photos of CM Punk and John Cena then we take a 15 minute intermission… Back from the break Justin introduces us to the remaining matches on the card. The Tag Team Championship match later, the main event, and the next match…

Match 5

Antonio Cesaro VS Zack Ryder (United States Championship)

Not a lot of people were into this match surprisingly. There were no Cesaro fans, obviously, but there wasn’t an over-abundance of Ryder support either. I tried to get some hype going for Zack myself but nobody really joined in. Cesaro dominated the match, after Zack hurt his leg while going over the top rope to the outside. Antonio attacked Zack’s leg and knee the whole match. The only offence ‘The Woo! Woo! Woo! Kid’ got in was a Broski Boot with us joining in with the “Woo! Woo! Woo!” chant. Cesaro eventually won with the Neutralizer.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro (still United States Champion)

Match 6

Rhode Scholars VS Team Hell No!

A funny match more than anything. Damien Sandow screaming [literally] like a girl at Kane and the interactions between Kane and Daniel Bryan were, as always, hilarious. Decent match. Both teams and the crowd mimicking Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” and “NO!” chants throughout the match. It mostly ended up as a back and forward thing between the Tag Champs. Bryan missed a move which caused Kane to ask “What was that?!” We all chanted “Hug it out!” The match ended with Damien Sandow tapping to the No! Lock.

Winners: Team Hell No! (still Tag Team Champions)

After the match Kane and Daniel Bryan shouted into the crowd “I’m the Tag Team Champions!” Kane then got both titles in his hands. Daniel shouted at him to give him one of the belts back which Kane refused. Then after a “Goat Face!” chant, Bryan tried charging at Kane like a Bull/Goat to get his Title back. After they had both calmed down they raised each others hands to the crowd but Daniel sneakily took both Titles and left with them. Kane followed him to the back – confused. Funny segment.

Main Event

CM Punk (w/ Paul Heyman) VS Ryback

Punk out first to a good reaction as there was a fair share of his fans in the crowd - including myself. There was some interaction between himself, Paul Heyman and the fans while Ryback made his way down to the ring. As soon as Ryback was in the ring it was a pro-Ryback crowd for the rest of the night. After Justin introduced both competitors, Punk took the mic and thanked the crowd for the reaction he got when he came out. However, he then mistakes us for Dublin which is met with boo’s. This was obviously to put himself over as the heel for the match. Paul shouted at him saying “This is Glasgow!” which Punk replied “What’s the difference?”

Punk and Ryback lock up and Ryback throws Punk off into the corner in a heap. He then takes Punk’s head and slams it into 3 of the 4 corner turnbuckles 10 times each. Paul screams “No!” in concern for the champion and does so throughout the match. Punk rolls out of the ring and grabs the mic. He says that he now has a headache and threatens to leave if the crowd don’t stop chanting “Feed me more!” The crowd cheers and chants so Punk goes to leave with Paul. As Ryback turns his back to Punk, Punk runs back into the ring but is met with a clothesline. Paul screams again. Punk eventually gets some offence in with some Randy Savage Tribute-style double-axe handles from 3 of the 4 top corners. These knock Ryback off-balance but on Punk’s third attempt to get Ryback down, Ryback catches him and powers him into the turnbuckle. Again, met with screams from Paul. Punk gets out of the corner and hits Ryback which only seems to wake Ryback up. He comes to and stares right at Punk. Punk then tries a chest slap (which evokes a Ric Flair “Woo!” from the crowd) but it has ZERO effect on Ryback. The sweat evaporates off Ryback’s chest from the slap in the sound went right through you. Punk tries a Mongolian Chop which, again, doesn’t phase Ryback. Punk then turns and bounces of the ropes hoping for a clothesline but Ryback thwarts him with one of his own. Punk then rolls out of the ring and Heyman says “That’s it!” Paul goes to take Punk to the back which causes the crowd to boo. Ryback goes after him and by using a Military Press, carries Punk back to the ring and throws him through the second rope. Punk then gets Ryback outside the ring and throws him into the steel steps. Punk jumps back in and tells the ref to start the count. The ref counts to 9 before Ryback moves and jumps back in JUST making the 10 count. Punk then meets him with a Running High Knee in the corner, pulls Ryback out, and clotheslines him in the center. He then goes up for a Randy Savage elbow drop which connects. Ryback kicks out at two. Ryback eventually gets back up and sets Punk up for the Shell-Shock but Primo and Epico run down for the save. The match ends in a DQ.

Winner: Ryback (by Disqualification)

The locker room pours out into the ring. Primo and Epico and Rhode Scholars attack Ryback while Punk is outside. Ziggler then runs down with his briefcase and hits Ryback with it while he’s down. Kane and Cena run out for the saves. Kane goes for a Chokeslam on Cody but he screams and struggles out of it. Cena and Ryback are left in the ring. Punk jumps back in with a chair and tries to hit Cena first. Cena ducks and the chair bounces off the ropes so Punk uses that momentum and launches at Ryback with the chair. Ryback ducks it and gets Punk on his shoulders. He hits the Shell-Shock and Punk rolls out. Heyman takes Punk to the back leaving Ryback and Cena in the ring again. They stand and stare at each other then Ryback shouts at Cena “Feed me more!” which the crowd joins in with. Cena then throws up the ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.” fingers to my side of the crowd. Ryback follows with the “Feed me more!” They do a signature pose-off to the remaining sides of the ring which is meet which equally matched cheers. They’re left staring at each other again in the centre of the ring. Cena slowly extends his hand for Ryback to shake it but Ryback doesn’t move. A “Hug it out!” chant starts. John extents his arms but Ryback, again, doesn’t move. So Cena extents his hand again which Ryback shakes. John raises Ryback’s hand in victory. Ryback leaves Cena in the ring. John takes the mic from Justin and pretty steals his bit. Cena asks us to make some noise one last time (which we do), says on behalf of the locker-room that they can’t wait to come back next year and sends us home - tossing his wristbands into the crowd again and leaving himself.

Personal Review

As always, it was a great experience! This was my second year in a row attending RAW sitting in the exact same place and seat. Great seeing the wrestlers up close. Even more so seeing some that we haven’t seen in action for a while eg. Michael McGillicutty and AJ.

The most disappointing thing I’d say is not getting to see Drew McIntyre like last year. Although, with his current gimmick and where he is in the company right now I’m not surprised that we didn’t get him.

Much like this whole tour (from what I’ve seen on this site) the Dolph Ziggler VS John Cena match was the best of the night. I even heard a kid behind me say “This is like Wrestlemania.” during the match. The match was very much on a ‘Mania level in terms of the action and the crowd involvement! The cheers during this said match were the loudest of the night!

A lot of love for AJ as well! Loud AJ chants during the Diva’s match and huge pop when she won but loud boo’s were made to Vickie after she reversed the decision.

Overall, an amazing night! I look forward to next year!

PS. I didn’t get to touch Punk this year but I might just have my own picture on WWE.com. The photographer had his camera pointed right in front of my face but he took several shots of my corner so I’ll have to wait and see. ;)

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