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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Eugene, Oregon 2/26/12
By PainLord
Feb 27, 2012 - 9:59:41 AM

Thanks to John-Albert for emailing me this report!

Matthew Knight Arena was plenty full for its first WWE event.

Match 1: Broadus Clay defeated David Otunga with a big splash after Otunga dominated most of the match. Clay still working on some stuff...

Match 2: Ryback defeated JTG with a suplex/torture rack slam. Some "GOLDBERG" chants in the audience for Ryback. Big pop for JTG

Match 3: Beth Phoenix defeated Brie Bella to retain the Divas Title. Good match, Brie showed some good submissions. The twins did some good taunting on Beth. Crowd loved Beth Phoenix.

Match 4: Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes defeated Alex Riley and Mason Ryan to retain the Tag Titles. Lots of work done on Mason Ryan by the Tag Champs.

Segment with Eve admitting she used Zak Ryder and was going to use John Cena.

Match 5: R-Truth defeated The Miz. Miz came out and supported Eve. R-Truth came out with Puddles The Duck (The Oregon Ducks Mascot) and did some dancing and getting the crowd amped up. Johnny Ace came out and had the Duck removed from ringside, but Puddles came back after the match.

Match 6: Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella via submission with the Ankle Lock to retain the United States Title. Swagger taunted the crowd by supporting the Oregon State Beavers.

Match 7: Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingstong. Jericho did his best to get heat from the crowd, but everyone kept cheering for him. Jericho worked the fans sitting around the ring, including a man wearing an old Stone Cold Shirt and he ripped a kid's Kofi Kingston sign, but the kid retaliated and threw the sign back in Jericho's face and did the Boom Boom hand clap in his face.

Match 8: CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler and Kane to retain the WWE Championship. Before the match Johnny Ace came out with Otunga to assign Jericho to be the special enforcer for the match. Ziggler came out first and go nothing from the crowd. He looked really disappointed when he went up to the turnbuckle to do his hair thing, but no one reacted so he didn't finish the taunt. Everyone loved Kane and CM Punk took his time getting to the ring. Good match but not all three men were in the ring at the same time. After Ziggler and Punk clotheslined Kane out of the ring and essentially the rest of the match, the ref got pushed out of the ring and CM Punk made Ziggler tap with the Anaconda Vice but Jericho just watched. Jericho came in and did the Codebreaker to Punk and pulled Ziggler over Punk to count the three but Punk kicked out. Jericho went out to get a chair but ended up getting kicked in the face. Punk then delivered a GTS to Ziggler for the win. Punk cheered with the crowd for a good 5 minutes and even tried to climb some stands to high five some people in the 100 level row. Punk is a great champion and it is good to see him as the number one guy.

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