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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Dublin, Ireland 11/8/12
By PainLord
Nov 9, 2012 - 5:10:23 PM

Thanks to Gary R. for emailing this report!

Below are quick results from Thursday’s WWE Raw live event in Dublin, Ireland:

Brodus Clay w/Naomi b. Primo w/Rosa Mendes

Vickie Guerrero came out and said that there would be a twitter vote to decide whether AJ Lee would be involved in the Divas title match

Zack Ryder b. Epico w/Rosa Mendes via disqualification when Primo got involved. Brodus Clay came out and made the save which set up a tag match between the 4.

Zack Ryder & Brodus Clay b. Epico & Primo w/Rosa Mendes

A Dolph Ziggler promo on the screened aired were he said tonight he would claim what is rightfully his....... A victory!

AJ Lee won the vote by 91% - 9% to be added to the Divas title match

WWE Divas Champion Eve b. Layla & AJ Lee in a triple threat match. A very good match mainly contested by Eve and AJ. They did the restart gimmick where AJ won but Vickie Guerrero ordered the match restarted because AJ touched the referee.

John Cena b. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero (Match of the night) Easy to see why this has been getting great reviews on the tour. Ziggler also used the Ric Flair strut on a few occasions leading to ''WOOOOOOOO'' chants from the crowd.

A Daniel Bryan & Kane promo aired on the screen hyping their title match later tonight against Team Rhodes Scholars

Michael McGillicutty b. Tensai. Loads of 'Albert' chants throughout this match.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No b. Team Rhodes Scholars

Ryback b. WWE Champion CM Punk via disqualification when Epico and Primo interfered. Other heels got involved until finally the babyfaces from the show made the save. Ryback ended the live event in the ring by himself and getting the crowd going with ''Feed me more'' chants.

A good event overall with some good matches and entertaining spots. John Cena received a mixed reaction from the crowd with cheers from the younger children in the crowd and boo's from the older people

Biggest pops:
1. Dolph Ziggler
2. CM Punk & Paul Heyman
3. Team Hell No
4. John Cena
5. AJ Lee

Biggest heat:
1. Vickie Guerrero
2. John Cena
3. Team Rhodes Scholars
4. Eve Torres
5. Epico & Primo

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