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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Charlottesville, Virginia 3/22/13
By PainLord
Mar 23, 2013 - 3:28:23 AM

Thanks to Chris B. for emailing this report!

1) Tensai/Brodus Clay d. 3MB (McIntyre & Slater).  Clay got the hot tag and hit the big splash on Slater for the win.

2) Zach Ryder d. Titus O'Neil.  O'Neil was in control for most of the match.  Ryder went for the Broski Boot, Titus moved out of the way and went for the football tackle, but Ryder countered with a Rough Ryder for the pin.  Afterwards The Shield hit the ring and triple powerbombed Ryder.

3) Kaitlyn d. Tamina Snuka to retain the Divas Championship. Pretty decent match for a divas bout and Kaitlyn had a surprisingly loud following tonight.  Snuka went for the Superfly Splash, but Kaitlyn rolled out of the way and connected with the Spear for the victory.

4) Koft Kingston d. Dolph Ziggler.  Easily the best match of the night as it went for about 20-25 minutes or so.  Big E Langston was voted to leave ringside before the match started.  Ziggler did his patented headlock handstand for a solid minute at one point. Several near falls and back and forth action that had the crowd really into the bout.  Eventually Kofi hit the Boom Drop causing AJ to jump on the apron and slap Kofi.  The ref threw AJ out and sent her to the back.  Ziggler was yelling for her to come back and then turned around right into Trouble in Paradise.  Kofi's win got a genuinely surprised and positive reaction from the crowd.

5) Ted DiBiase d. Jinder Mahal.  I was at the concession stand for this, but it was dead quiet and my son said the match got zero reaction from the crowd.

6) Antonio Cesaro d. Santino Marella in a US Title bout.  Definitely a comedy bout, but very entertaining.  Cesaro had Marella in a headlock for nearly 5 minutes as Santino simply could not find a way out of it.  Finally Santino got some offense and went for the Cobra. Cesaro ran outside the ring and Marella followed him.  When they got back in, Santino ran right into a Neutralizer to give Cesaro the win.

7) John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus d. The Shield via DQ.  Pretty much the same as most house show results, with Ryback getting hit with a steel chair for the DQ.  Cena spent most of the match as the face in peril and Sheamus did for a short while too.  Ryback got the hot tag went for Shellshocked before getting smacked with the chair.  The Shield went for the triple powerbomb on Ryback, but Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick and Cena an AA to even things out.  Ryback with a Shellshocked on Ambrose to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops
1) Ryback (louder than Cena, I was surprised)
2) Cena
3) Sheamus
4) Kaitlyn
5) Kofi

Biggest Heat
1) Ziggler
2) Shield
3) Cesaro
4) 3MB
5) Tamina

While no mention of CM Punk being pulled from the show was made by Tony Chimel, it was definitely a hot topic amongst the crowd tonight.  It seemed to hurt the show in so far as there was no "Mega Heel" for people to boo.  While Ziggler and The Shield did get booed, it wasn't nearly as loud as some other shows I've been to. The card just seemed to lack serious heat, especially with every face on the card (save Cesaro) winning their matches.

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