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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Bowling Green, Kentucky 3/24/12
By PainLord
Mar 25, 2012 - 10:51:09 PM

Thanks to Travis B. for emailing this report!

There was a much bigger crowd than the last fews times at Diddle Arena. This was a Smackdown house show. I was very impressed w/the entrance! It was very similar to tv! A few years back, I remember they just came out of a curtain for their entrance. They had video screens & Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry cut promos for the night, that actually mentioned Bowling Green.

The Great Khali beat Jindar Mahal (Khali got a good response) The match went a little longer than I expected, & wasn't bad.

Tyson Kidd beat Hunico (not much response for either, but Tyson won the crowd over) Camacho came out w/Hunico on their bike. The ref, eventually made him leave ringside, during the match. Tyson Kidd looked great in the ring! He did several high flying spots. I think he deserves more air time! After the match Cody Rhodes came oput & attacked Tyson!

Drew McIntyre beat Ezekiel Jackson. Drew cut a promo on the mic, but it was a little hard to understand. After the match Cody Rhodes showed back up & attacked Ezekiel! Cody then did a promo on the mic.

Street Fight: Sheamus (very good response) beat Mark Henry (mixed response). Mark came out first & got on the mic & said that 2 sections were cheering for him, but he was the bad guy. He then put down WKU Basketball & that did the trick! Daniel Bryan ran out & hit Sheamus w/the title, which busted him open! They used chairs & kendo sticks in the match & at one point Mark broke a kendo stick in half! Match started slow, but turned out really good.


Diva Tag
Taminia Snuka & Alicia Fox beat Beth Phoenix & Natalya. Good tag, but to me an awkward finish, when it looked like Tamina gave a running chop to Beth & pinned her. I thought it was only 2, but it was 3. No superfly leap from the top, sadly. No trouble between Beth & Natalya either.

Intercontinental Title Match
Cody Rhodes beat Justin Gabriel (Cody had built up some good heat already) Good match, but predictable.

Main Event
Triple Threat for The WWE World Title
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Randy Orton (good heat for Bryan, great response for Show, & Orton was the most over all night) Great match, w/Cody Rhodes interfering. Predictable ending w/Bryan stealing the pin. Orton RKO'd Show, but Bryan got the pinfall. After the match Show ended up chokeslamming Rhodes & Orton RKO'd Bryan. Show & Orton showed mutual respect for each other & went around ringside meeting fans & signing autographs!

Biggest Pops:
Randy Orton
Big Show
The Great Khali

Biggest Heat:
Daniel Bryan
Cody Rhodes
Mark Henry

I went to the back area after it was over & saw most of them leave. Khali looked to be really sore or having trouble walking. Ezekiel may have been solo, Huinco & Camacho were together. Road Dogg & I believe Jamie Noble came out together too. Tyson & Natalya left together, Beth & Mark left solo. Justin & Jindar were together. Cody & Bryan may have been solo. Most just waved or posed, but didn't sign. However, Sheamus & Drew McIntyre came out together & Drew went on to the car, but Sheamus signed & stayed out there for a long time! He was super nice & even after they left & started to drive off, he had the car stop & he got out to meet a disabled fan! Awesome fella! Also, Alicia Fox & Tamina came out together. Tamina got in the car on the phone, but Alicia signed & took pics w/fans. She was super nice too! She even took the pic I got w/her! I have a new found respect for Sheamus & Alicia! I never saw Show or Orton leave.

Note to readers - We want your house show reports! TNA & WWE. If you would like to send a future report for posting please email it to webmaster@lordsofpain.net. Thanks!

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