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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from Anaheim, California 10/6/12
By PainLord
Oct 7, 2012 - 11:12:46 PM

Thanks to By J.M. L. for emailing this report!

The attendance in the audience was in the 2500-3000 range. The upper bowl was closed off so most sat on the floor on in the lower bowl. The audience mostly consisted a solid mix of families (with a very sizable Latino presence; the wrestlers played off this throughout the night) and young adults wearing Bryan and Punk t-shirts (Bryan was probably the most rep’d Superstar amongst the men, Cena was amongst the women).

Before the show beings, the announcer requests that the audience send their texts to WWE to indicate if they’d like to see Ryback and Jinder Mahal square off in either a 2 our of 3 falls match or in a Lumberjack match.

The show begins with announcer Tony Chimel and referee Mike Chioda making their way to the ring. Chimel attempts to greet the audience but has technical troubles with the wireless mic. A technician runs out a second wireless mic, which also fails. The crowd starts chanting “You suck!” as Chioda eggs them on before the National Anthem begins playing without being announced. Finally, a wired mic is provided to Chimel, who then greets the audience and starts the show.

Match 1: Justin Gabriel and The Usos Vs Yoshi Tatsu and The Prime-Time Players in a six-man tag team match.
Gabriel received a warm ovation from the crowd while The Usos received a great ovation. Tatsu’s reception was mixed until the PTP came out; all three were relentlessly booed afterwards.

Young and Jey Uso start the match off with Young mocking Jey until Jay smacks him, leaving Young to run back into the corner to hide behind O’Neil and Tatsu (the crowd starts chanting “Get A Room!” as the men hold each other.) Young gets back into the match and takes Jey down before they start to run the ropes. Jey scores a tag on Jimmy, who takes Young down and nearly scores a fall. Jimmy soon tags in Gabriel as Young tags Tatsu into the match. Both run the ropes for a few until Gabriel hits Tatsu with a dropkick followed by an armbar. Jey gets tagged in, but Tatsu recovers and starts to take over the match. Tatsu hits Jey with some moves before tagging in O’Neil, who continues to assault Jey while mocking the audience. O’Neil tags Young in to continue the attack on Jey and nearly scores a fall. Young goes to tag Tatsu when Jey gets a burst of energy and hits Jimmy with the hot tag. Tatsu tags O’Neil in as the hot Jimmy runs into the ring, knocking Tatsu and Young down while whipping O’Neil into the ropes and hitting him with a running stinkface. Young jumps on the apron to distract Jimmy and O’Neil takes over the match once Jimmy became focused on Young. The action spills out of the ring before O’Neil throwns Jimmy back into the ring. Jimmy tries to fight back but O’Neil scores the tag to Tatsu, who then takes Jimmy down. Jimmy tries to rally back, but Tatsu proves to be too strong and nearly scores a pinfall. O’Neil becomes the legal man once more and resumes the attack on Jimmy and applies an abdominal stretch. Jimmy powers out and scores a tag on Gabriel as O’Neil tags back in young. Bedlam breaks out as the non-legal men battle outside of the ring while Gabriel and Young battle in the ring. Gabriel then hits Young with a powerbomb, followed by a 450 splash from the top rope, to score the victory. The audience went nuts when Gabriel landed the 450 Splash.

Winners by Pinfall: Justin Gabriel and The Uso Brothers

Match 2: Health Slater Vs. Tyson Kidd
Slater was the first man to the ring and grabs the mic before Kidd can be introduced. Slater asks the audience if there’s anyone from the music industry in attendance since Anaheim is in close proximity to Los Angeles. He says that if there is, they should listen to him sing his new single. He begins singing poorly as the fans begin to boo. He continues to sing until Kidd’s entrance music cuts him off; Kidd greets the crowd with high-fives as he makes his way to the end of the ring

Slater and Kidd start off the match by working the crowd. The men lock up and Slater then throws Kidd to the ground and mocks him afterwards. Kidd gets up and do a test of strength after working the crowd some more. Slater gets the upper hand initially, but Kidd rallies back, throws Slater across the ring, and starts mocking Slater’s air-guitar as the crowd cheers on. Kidd mounts an attack as Slater gets caught in the ropes but Slater manages to throw Kidd out of the ring. Kidd responds by kicking Slater twice while the crowd breaks out a “Tyson!” chant. Both men get back into the ring when Slater takes over and starts hitting Tyson with a series of stomps. Kidd regains momentum from a Slater-applied chinlock, but Slater responds by kicking Kidd in the face; nearly scoring twice. Kidd hits Slater with a surprise roll-up for two, which infuriates Slater as he takes over the match again. Kidd recovers from another chinlock but is hit with a fallaway slam as he rebounded from the ropes. Slater goes to the second turnbuckle to hit an aerial move, but Kidd counters with a laying boot to the face. The momentum shifts after Kidd’s the first one back to his feet and nearly scores, but not for long as Slater nearly scores following a swinging neckbreaker. The fighting in the ring goes back and forth until they get into the corner, when Kidd takes over for the last time and hits the Code Blue for the win.
Winner by Pinfall: Tyson Kidd

After the match, Cody Rhodes and The Miz run out to the ring and begin assaulting Tyson Kidd. Kidd tries to fight back but is overpowered and is thrown out of the ring. Rhodes grabs the mic and addresses the crowd, saying that they beat Tyson Kidd to show the audience what they’re going to do to the crowd’s Mexican heroes Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (the heat after this was one of the worst of the night.) The Miz takes the mic over and says that they will win because “They’re Awe-Some.” The crowd boos loudly as a “You Suck” chant starts throughout the audience.

A Del Rio promo airs on the Jumbotron, with Del Rio proclaiming that he will defeat Sheamus for the WWE title later in the evening.

Match 3: Aksana Vs. Natalya
Natalya plays the babyface before the match begins, greeting everyone at ringside before she entered the ring. They tie up early before Aksana takes control and they go to the mat. Aksana gets heat early as she continues to dominate Natalya with a series of moves. Natalya reverses a takedown and nearly scores a pinfall. The women grapple back and forth before Natalya nearly applies the sharpshooter, when Aksana grabs the bottom ring-rope and forces Natalya to break the hold. Aksana pleads for a time-out and offers her hand out to Natalya as a truce. While the crowd boos as Natalya ponders whether or not to shake her hand, she decides to take Aksana’s hand to the mat and stomp it, before rolling her up for a near fall. Aksana hits a move off the ropes and nearly scores with a pin herself. Aksana held control over the match as she locked Natalya in with a chin-lock/arm-clock combination. Aksana continued her dominance until Natalya powered through to regain her strength. The two women went back and forth until Natalya threw Aksana over the ropes to give herself a breather. Aksana, however, landed on the apron safely and blew a kiss while striking a seductive pose to tease the audience (though the women and children booed, the men certainly enjoyed it.) The crowd rallies behind Natalya, who nearly scores with a rollup. Natalya nearly scores again following a spinning clothesline. Aksana then hits Natalya with a neckbreaker for her own near fall. Natalya gets Aksana on the mat after she gets up and applies the sharpshooter. With nowhere to go in the middle of the ring, Aksana is forced to tap out.
Winner by Submission: Natalya

Natalya gives everyone at ringside a high-five after the match as the refs escort Aksana to the back of the house.

A promotional message for Rise Above Cancer plays on the Jumbotron.

Match 4: Cody Rhodes and The Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
Though the crowd cheers Sin Cara when he enters the ring, Mysterio comes out to a huge reception from the local audience. Rhodes and The Miz are booed heavily for their actions earlier in the night.

As the men get in the ring, Rhodes and The Miz begin to work the audience. The men begin mocking Lucha Libre style wrestling, with Miz doing a mock cheer as Rhodes does a flip over the top rope. Needless to say, this draws incessant heat from the audience. Miz goes to take his shirt off, but stops whenever the men and children in the crowd begin booing him in the process (the ladies cheered when Miz tried to take his shirt off.) Miz finally takes his shirt off and acts like he’s going to throw it into the audience, but opts to spike the shirt on mat outside the ring instead. Rhodes then mocked the audience with a pose to keep them worked up.

Miz and Mysterio finally get the match started as Sin Cara gets the audience clapping and cheering from the apron. Miz gets caught in the ropes and is exposed for the 619 early, but he escapes the ring and continues to work the audience some more. The audience comes back with a “619!” chant as The Miz returns to the ring. Miz pretends to offer Mysterio a test of strength, but cheats with a kick instead and mounts an attack; nearly scoring a pin after a rope-assisted kick. Sin Cara gets tagged in he and Mysterio hit Miz with an alternating kick to the body as Miz was seated on the mat. Miz manages to make the tag to Rhodes, who goes back and forth until Sin Cara makes the tag to Mysterio. Mysterio gets Rhodes stuck in the ropes and goes for the 619, but Miz tags himself in and starts beating up Mysterio. Miz tags Rhodes back in and Rhodes resumes beating Mysterio. The crowd begins chanting for Rey, who ultimately recovers and hits a hot tag to Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits a Frankensteiner on Rhodes and a drop kick from the ropes. Miz sneaks a tag on Rhodes and begins hitting Sin Cara with a series of stomps. Miz wears Sin Cara down with a chinlock until Rhodes is healthy once more. Rhodes gets tagged in and hits Sin Cara with a suplex facebuster. The ref becomes distracted when Sin Cara ends up in the wrong corner, so Miz starts beating up on Sin Cara even though he’s not the legal man. Rhodes tags Miz in and the assault on Sin Cara continues until Miz misses with a splash into the turnbuckles. However, Miz is able to get to Rhodes before Sin Cara can get to Mysterio, so the momentum continued to shift in the favor of Rhodes/Miz. Rhodes tries to pin but Rey runs into the ring to break it up. Rhodes continues controlling the match as the crowd began a “Sin Cara” chant. Rhodes tries to take Sin Cara’s mask off, but Sin Cara reverses and hits Rhodes with a tornado DDT from the corner. Sin Cara hot tags Mysterio as Rhodes tags in Miz. Rey attempts to pin Miz after attacking him, but Rhodes runs in to make the save. Rhodes tries to intervene once more when Miz gets stuck in the ropes for the 619, but Mysterio controls the attack; leaving Rhodes to end up stuck in the ropes along-side The Miz after his interference. Mysterio hits both with the double 619. Both Sin Cara and Mysterio climb to the top turnbuckles afterwards, with Sin Cara landing a senton bomb on Rhodes while Mysterio landed a diving splash on Miz. Both men pinned their respective opponents as the ref counted to three.
Winners by Pinfall: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

The winners pose for the crowd as the theme music over the PA alternates between Mysterio’s and Sin Cara’s. They give high-fives to the people at ringside as they leave the ring.


Match 5: Wade Barrett Vs Ted DiBiase Jr.
Wade Barrett comes out before the match and is the first performer of the night to use a wireless microphone (they apparently cleared the issue up over the intermission.) Wade addresses the crowd and starts talking about his recent win streak, which he says proves that he’s the only legitimate fighter currently in the WWE. He then challenges the audience to a fight to prove he’s the toughest man in the building, which draws heat from the audience. The says that though he wants to give everyone in the building a good slap, he doesn’t care much to get arrested, so he’s going to stick to the program and beat whoever comes out to face him. Ted DiBiase obliges and takes a picture with a serviceman at ringside before getting into the ring. The crowd starts to chant “USA!” at this point.

The men square off and do the usual back and forth grappling until DiBiase lands a drop kick and clotheslines Barrett over the ropes to the outside of the ring. The “USA” chant picks up more steam as DiBiase continues to beat Barrett outside of the ring. After the men get back in the ring, DiBiase tries to give Barrett the 10-count punch from the corner, Barrett counters and eventually kicks Ted out of the ring. Barrett follows him outside of the ring and throws DiBiase into the ring apron before throwing him back into the ring. Barrett controls DiBiase with a modified abdominal stretch before DiBiase powers out. Barrett counters with a shoulder throw over the top ring rope to the mat outside the ring. Barrett stays in the ring this time to let the ref count DiBiase out, but DiBiase rolls back into the ring at the count of 9. Barrett attempts the pin afterwards but DiBiase kicks out. The grappling resumes until Barrett throws DiBiase with a pumphandle slam, nearly scoring a pinfall in the process. Barrett continues attacking DiBiase until DiBiase lands a clothesline, at which point both men go down. DiBiase makes it back to his feet first and tries to pin Barrett after hitting him with a slam. DiBiase tries to go for the Dream Street, but Barrett reverses with a spinning slam and nearly scores the pin. Barrett attempts the Wasteland, but DiBiase counters and nearly scores the pin with a rollup. As both men got back to their feet, Barrett landed the Souvenir and subsequently scored the pinfall.
Winner by Pinfall: Wade Barrett

Barrett leaves ringside after winning the match. As the ref goes to help DiBiase out, he gets up under his own strength to walk away. The crowd starts cheering for DiBiase.

Match 6: Jinder Mahal Vs. Ryback in a Lumber Jack Match

The face lumberjacks were Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, and The Usos. The heel lumberjacks were The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Heath Slater, Yoshi Tatsu, and The Prime Time Players.

Ryback came out to a huge ovation (though a few teens in the audience heckled him with RVD and “Ry-Back” chants ala Goldberg) while Mahal was largely booed. The men squared off and Ryback had the advantage early, leaving Mahal to run toward the heel lumberjacks for aide. Mahal gets back up, only to get with another slam from Ryback. Mahal retreats outside to the ring to get aide from the heel lumberjacks when the face lumberjacks begin to take exception with this and run over to enforce the rules. Mahal ends up back in the ring after the Usos almost force him back into the ring. Ryback hits Mahal with another series of slams until Mahal reverses and nearly scores a pin. Mahal mounts an attack until Ryback hits Mahal with a boot to the midsection and throws Mahal out of the ring towards the heels. The lumberjacks go back and forth outside of the ring as Ryback gets a “Feed Me More” chant started. Mahal returns to the ring and manages to throw Ryback out of the ring down to where all of the heel lumberjacks are standing. All of the heel lumberjacks then pile up on Ryback to attack him as the face lumberjacks rush to defend him. Much to the heels’ chagrin, Ryback throws all six of them off of him and behinds mounting a counterattack. Ryback climbs back into the ring, but Mahal was waiting for him and takes control of the match. After grappling on the group, Ryback attempts to come back but is hit with a Russian leg sweep. Mahal then hits Ryback with a running knee strike and follows that up by applying the camel clutch. Ryback powers out, but Mahal maintains the upper hand in the attack as the heel lumberjacks mock Ryback. Ryback gets back to his feet and looks dazed, but Mahal slaps Ryback in face, which infuriates Ryback enough to mount a comeback. Ryback hits Mahal with a chokeslam before yelling “FINISH – IT!” to the audience. Ryback applies the Shell Shocked to Mahal and scores the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Ryback

After the match, the lumberjacks erupt into a donnybrook outside of the ring. Darren Young runs into the ring to attack Ryback, but is hit with the Shell Shocked. Cody Rhodes then runs into the ring to attack Ryback, but is also hit with the Shell Shocked. As the other wrestlers make their way to the locker rooms, The Miz gets into the ring and begins attacking Ryback with a series of kicks. Ryback reverses one of the kicks and (surprise) hits The Miz with the Shell Shocked. Ryback gives everyone at ringside high-fives as he makes his way back to the ring.

Before the main event, the announcer thanks the fans for coming and invites them to send suggestions after the event so they can improve the fan experience.

Main Event: Alberto Del Rio Vs. Sheamus in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Ricardo Rodriguez makes his way ringside to announce Del Rio’s entrance to the ring. Del Rio attempts to rip up fan signs of Sheamus while he makes his way to the ring. Sheamus comes out to a huge ovation that was the biggest of the night.

Sheamus goes after Del Rio to stop him from ripping up fans’ signs but Del Rio manages to get away. Del Rio cannot easily rip one of the signs (even with Ricardo’s help), so the fans start a “Wimp!” chant directed to Del Rio. Sheamus eventually runs Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio runs back out of the ring and grabs the mic to begin working the audience. Del Rio asks “Where are all my Mexicans?” to which the Latinos in the audience cheer loudly. The then says “You’re gonna cheer for Sheamus?” Del Rio then calls the Latinos in the audience “peasants” and tells them that they’re only in America because Mexico doesn’t want them; so Sheamus can have “those people” since America doesn’t want them either. The audience was very livid after these comments and was booing heavily in response. Sheamus then gets on the microphone and calls out Del Rio, saying that no amount of money or material goods can make up for the fact that the wrestling fans in Anaheim have more class than Del Rio ever will. Sheamus went on to call Del Rio a coward for ripping up fan signs and that he would be glad to kick his arse one more time. The crowd cheered loudly in response.

The men square off and grapple until Del Rio runs out of the ring. He rolls back into the ring as they continue to grapple until Del Rio runs out of the ring again. The fans boo at this point and want the action to start. Del Rio returns to the ring and they resume fighting. Sheamus gets thrown into the ring ropes, but he ends up kneeing Del Rio and throws Del Rio out of the ring. The referee begins the 10-count but Del Rio gets back up. Sheamus gets out of the ring and runs Del Rio into the rails surrounding the ring side as well as the steel steps. The referee begins the 10-count once more but Del Rio makes it on his feet. Sheamus grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and begins to attack Del Rio with it as they’re outside the ring. Del Rio runs over the guard rails to go into the audience, where he is then able to reverse the attack on Sheamus. Del Rio hops the rails and the attack goes back and forth until Del Rio slams Sheamus down for the ref to start a count on Sheamus; Sheamus makes it back to his feet before 10. Rio then begins assaulting Sheamus with the kendo stick as he’s down on the mat. The attack continues until Sheamus reverses to neutralize the momentum. The fighting continues up to the top of the ramp when Shamus hits Del Rio with a body slam on the ramp. The ref begins to count Del Rio out but Del Rio makes it back to his feet by 9. The fighting continues as the men make it back to the ring. While Del Rio makes it back into the ring, Ricardo distracts Sheamus as he stands on the ring apron. Del Rio hits Sheamus with an enzeguri as he’s distracted, which causes him to land on the floor. Sheamus manages to get to his feet by the time the ref counts to 8, but only for Del Rio to throw Sheamus into the steps outside the ring to knock him down once more. .Del Rio then gets Sheamus into the ring and resumes the attack with the kendo stick when Ricardo hands Del Rio a chair to wedge between the turnbuckles so he can knock out Sheamus. Though Del Rio has initial control when he gets to his feet, it’s Sheamus to starts to regain momentum as he begins to battle back. Sheamus goes to whip Del Rio into the corner with the wedged chair, but Del Rio manages to counter with a slam Sheamus manages to regain momentum and throw Del Rio out of the ring. Ricardo picks Del Rio up so he doesn’t get counted out, but Sheamus resumes attacking Del Rio with the kendo stick. Del Rio gets back up after being counted to 9 and gets back into the ring. Del Rio begins to change the momentum until Sheamus hit him with elbows and a running bodyslam. Sheamus then throws Del Rio over the ropes with a shoulder throw, but Del Rio lands safely on his feet upon the ring apron. Instead of attacking Sheamus back, however, Del Rio decides to taunt the audience with how smart he was to land on his feet. As Del Rio taunts the audience from the ring apron, Sheamus grabs Del Rio from behind and hits him with the clubs to the chest as the crowd counts to 10. Del Rio returns to the ring and hits Sheamus with a backbreaker, followed by a knee backbreaker off the ropes. Rio consults with Ricardo as Sheamus makes it back to his feet. Ricardo reminds Del Rio of the task at hand, so Del Rio begins mounting an assault on Sheamus as the fans boo. Sheamus manages to throw Del Rio into the ropes but Del Rio counters with a fallaway slam. Ricardo hands Del Rio the kendo stick but drops it when Sheamus attempts the Brouge Kick. Del Rio lands the cross armbreaker on Sheamus but Sheamus reverses to with a Cloverleaf. Del Rio manages to fight out of the Cloverleaf and whips Sheamus into the corner with the chair wedged in it. Ricardo then instructs Del Rio to hit Sheamus with the chair as Ricardo holds Sheamus in the corner. Del Rio goes to swing the chair at Sheamus, but ends up hitting Ricardo instead. While Del Rio is stunned in disbelief, Sheamus manages to hit him with a kick to the head and both men go down for the count. By the time the referee makes the count to 10, Sheamus has made it back to his feet while Del Rio fell outside the ring through the bottom ring ropes while he was trying to get up.
Winner by Knockout and still World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Dolph Ziggler runs out to the ring in an effort to cash in his Money In The Bank contract. Before he can get the match started, however, Sheamus hits Ziggler with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus gives everyone at ringside a high-five while the refs tend to Ziggler.

The announcer thanks everyone for coming and says good night. The lights turn on and everyone goes home.

Biggest Pops: Sheamus, Mysterio, Ryback, and the Usos.
Biggest Heat: Rhodes, Rio, Slater, and Barrett

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