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Posted in: House Shows
WWE House Show Results from São Paulo, Brazil 5/24/12
By PainLord
May 25, 2012 - 10:31:20 AM

Thanks to Luis G. for emailing this report!

I was there and it was an amazing event to finally see live some of the WWE superstars!

After a long time and some bumps in the process, finally the WWE set foot in Brazil for
it's very first house show here.

The Ibirapuera Gimnasium wasn't full, but I would assume easily 5,000-6,000 people attended
(the venue can have up to 12,000). Many reports here at Brazil are saying that the postponed
date made a lot of people from other cities not being able to attend the event.

There were lots of kids, which translated in a sea of Cena's green shirts everywhere. The
merch booth was so crowded with fans buying shirts before the show that at intermission most of the
shirts were already sold out (and at the end of show there were no merchandise left).

Before the show started, a good number of chants were shouted, from the now famous "YES!" chants
to a lenghty chant of "Undertaker".

The show started at 20:30 with a Portuguese version of the "Don't Try This at Home" warning.
Then the Raw's theme started and Justin Roberts, who did all the announcing, came to salute us.

Before the first match, Justin introduced John Laurinaitis who came to the ring in a
wheelchair pushed by David Otunga. Mr. Laurinaitis introduced himself and said everyone in the
arena should thank him for bringing WWE to Brazil. But was hard to hear with the amount of booing.

After Laurinaitis left the ring, FUNK IS ON A ROLL!

1st match - Brodus Clay vs JTG
Brodus came first with her dancers Naomi and Cameron and the crowd was already wild for them.
They did the usual dance routine, with the "Dinofingers" and all, minus the pyro. Then JTG came
and drew a little heat.

The match itself was very quickly, as JTG got little to no offense. Brodus finished him with
the running splash and celebrated afterwards calling some kids to dance in the ring with him
and the girls.

2nd match - Alex Riley vs David Otunga
Otunga came first, to a good heat as he posed in the ring. The Riley was introduced and the
crowd erupted! The "Let's Go Riley" chants were heard before the match, which started
with Otunga dominating Riley and showboating a lot. Riley reversed the tide with a nice dropkick
and gave Otunga the "10 punches in the corner" routine. Otunga retreated to outside at one time
and was greeted with the "You Suck" chants.

After some near falls by Riley, Otunga reversed a charge in the corner for the Spinebuster and
the 1-2-3. Otunga left first, then Riley received a good ovation from the crowd.

3rd match - Michael McGillicutty vs Curt Hawkins
Surprised to see this match this far, when I saw the card I thought that was going to be the
first match. Hawkins played the heel very well, while McGillicutty was agressive. The crowd was
not into the match until near the end (despite a section of the arena chanting "Let's Go Hawkins")
where McGillicutty got the momentum with a great German Suplex and finished Hawkins with a

4th match - The Miz vs Zack Ryder
The Miz came to a great pop (mainly because he was here promoting the tour a few days ago).
After coming to the ring he got the mic and started saying that he would "speak s-low-ly" so we could
understand him and the crowd quickly turned against him.

Miz was great in his heel role, even using some insults in Portuguese like "trouxa" (something like
"dumbass") and "otário" (similar to "asshole") and adapting his "I'm Awesome" catchphrase to a
Portuguese version ("Eu sou foda").

Ryder was introduced next and the crowd received him with a great pop too. The match started very
stalled, with as Miz used some tricks to avoid fighting, and attacking Ryder when the ref was between
them. Miz stayed in offense and threw Ryder outside, but missed a baseball slide and Ryder did a
Pescado to make the crowd roar.

Miz got the momentum back (and at that point the crowd was chanting "Otário" at him), and got some near
falls, but Ryder took control of the match and hit a Broski Boot. Ryder missed the Rough Ryder, but
as Miz tried the Skull Crushing Finale, Ryder reversed it and hit the Rough Ryder this time for the

5th match - WWE Tag Team Championship match - Primo/Epico vs R-Truth/Kofi Kingston (c)
Primo/Epico came right after the Ryder/Miz match and attacked Ryder as he was at the ramp. Then they cut
a promo saying that Puerto Rico is way better than Brazil.

Then "What's Up?" played and down came R-Truth (and Lil' Jimmy), rapping all way to the ring. Then Kofi
was introduced and was easily the most cheered of the four.

R-Truth started the match talking to Lil' Jimmy and doing a little dance with him. Primo then did the same,
but after the dance he "kicked" Lil' Jimmy, which made R-Truth drop him with a bunch of rights.

The crowd was very into this match, but got better when Kofi was tagged. His jumping ability was amazing to
see in person and the kids were rooting heavily for him. Kofi did a fantastic hurricanrana from outside
before tagging r-truth, who then played the "face in peril" role as Primo and Epico double teamed him
(and got a "Maricón" chant specially for them).

The end came as all four got involed in a brawl, Primo throwed R-Truth to outside, then got thrown out by Kifo
who got Backstabbed by Epico. The ref counted 1-2-3 but didn't noticed that Kofi put a foot on the ropes.

Primo & Epico were announced as your NEW Tag Team champions... until another referee came down and
warned the first official of what happened and the match was restarted. One Trouble in Paradise after and Truth
and Kofi retained, with Truth leaving the ring making his dance moves for the crowd.

Then Justin Roberts informed us of the 15 minutes intermission break, plugging that autographed John Cena's
pictures were available at the merch booth, which drove some kids (and their parents) to outside.

6th match - Kelly Kelly vs...?
Justin came back and announced the divas match, introducing K2. We had no idea who was going to be Kelly's
opponent (Rosa Mendes was the announced opponent) until...


The crowd chanted a lot to Beth before the match started. Beth started stalling a lot, avoiding the
confrontation, until Kelly got her outside and started slamming her head in the apron. Kelly then did the
Handspring Elbow and the Stinkyface, but Beth overpowered her and put her on a torture rack manuever
before dropping her.

As Kelly was recovering, Beth raised the skirt and told everyone to kiss her ass. That got some laughs from
the crowd.

Kelly was able to overcome the odds and hit a Lou Thesz' Press from off tope at a certain point.

The end came as Beth tried to hit a Glam Slam, but Kelly reversed into a "Diva's Roll-up of Doom", only
to get a two count and get Glam Slammed to give Beth the win. The crowd gave her a good ovation, as well as
one for Kelly when she was being escorted to the backstage with the ref's help.

7th match - Dolph Ziggler (w/ Mason Ryan) vs John Cena
Ziggler was introduced first and got the mic to inform that he got a bodygard to protect him: Mason Ryan
(and Ryan got a "OMG This guy is huge" mention from the lady behind me and a sarcastic "Batista" chant from a
section). Then Cena came and the crowd erupted in cheers for the first minutes (altough some guys already were
chanting "Cena Sucks") during the presentation and the pop raised as Cena got a Brazilian flag a fan throwed
to the ring and raised it to the crowd. During the whole match the dueling "Let's Go cena/Cena Sucks" chants
were heard.

Ziggler started the match avoiding contact and hiding behind Ryan outside. when Cena tried to catch him, Ryan was
able to attack Cena outside and put him down. The ref counted to 9 before Cena returned. The match then turned to
a "Slobberknocker Fist Party" (tm Jim Ross), until Ziggler tried to distract the ref and Ryan his Cena with a punch,
but got ejected.

Cena then took control of the match and hit the 5 moves of doom, but Ziggler escaped the AA and got Cena in the
Sleeper. Cena was able to fought, but got hit by a Zig Zag for a 2 count.

Cena then got Ziggler for another AA, but Ziggler landed on his feet, rebounded the ropes and landed a Fameasser for
another 2 count.

Cena then tried ANOTHER AA but bumped into the ref. Cena applied the STF and Ziggler tapped, but no ref. Then Otunga
and Laurinaitis came down, with Otunga trying to hit Cena with Laurinaitis' crutches, but got an AA. Ziggler was
able to use the crutches (and even bending it with a shot at the back), but Cena dodged a Superkick (that hit
Laurinaitis) and finally hit Ziggler with the AA for the win.

After the match Cena celebrated with the fans, slapping hands all around.

8th match - WWE Championship match - Chris Jericho vs CM Punk
Jericho came first, minus the sparkling jacket. The CM Punk came for the biggest ovation of the night (which
continued through the entire match), playing a lot with the crowd. Justin did the "championship style' introduction,
but then Jericho got the mic and started insulting Brazil and saying he is the best in the world. Punk then raised a
Brazilian flag a fan gave him before the match started and then Jericho got the same flag and kicked it away (uh-oh).

Y2J started going to outside every time he could, even kicking a steel chair in frustation, before he was able to
get some offense, quickly turned by Punk who hit a couple of Atomic drops.

The match then turned into a high gear as the two traded some moves, but with Punk down a ref came down and
interrupted the macth. As disrespecting the flag is a serious felony here at Brazil, Jericho had to take the mic
and make a public apology before the match could continue (which killed a LOT of momentum)

The match restarted and Punk was able to get Jericho in the GTS position, but Jericho avoided it. Punk then hit him
with a Scoop Slam (a la Randy Orton). Punk then went to the top rope but Jericho attacked him and tried to superplex
him. Punk blocked and then hit Jericho with the Elbow Drop.

Punk tried for a 2nd GTS, but Jericho landed grabbing Punk's leg and reversing it into the Walls! Amazing. Punk fought
to the ropes and Y2J pulled him to the center, but then Punk escaped, only to be hit by a Codebreaker for a 2 count.

Jericho then went outside to get the steel chair he kicked earlier and brought it to the ring, but Punk ducked the
chairshot and hit the GTS to retain.

Punk then celebrated with the fans with the WWE belt and a Brazilian flag. Some police officers were backstage waiting
to arrest Jericho, but it seems nothing really happened.

Biggest pops
1. CM Punk (hands down)
2. John Cena
3. the Miz (until he spoke)

Biggest heat
1. Jericho after kicking the flag
2. The Miz after the promo
3. John Laurinaitis' initial promo

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