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Posted in: WWE
WWE NXT Results 6/12/14
Jun 13, 2014 - 3:26:22 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

A good video package recapped the edge shown by Tyson Kidd in the main event of Takeover. It continued on to show Kidd's apology last week and his request for a rematch with Adrian Neville. A graphic hyped the Takeover title rematch as the main event for tonight's show… The opening video played…

In the arena, Bayley made her entrance and flailed like the inflatable arm-flailing tubemen that line the stage. A recap from last week showed Summer Rae's return and Bayley's subsequent loss to Charlotte. The BFFs attacked Bayley until Paige and Emma made the save; thus tonight's match. Emma was out next bubbles and all. Divas Champion Paige was out next to a big pop. The BFFs were out next and they argued over who would walk down the center of the aisle.

1. Paige, Emma, and Bayley vs. Charlotte, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks. Emma used some of her trademark offense and slapped the hell out of Charlotte, but Charlotte took control and the BFFs isolated Emma. Sasha yanked Emma off the ring apron down to ringside as the show went to its first break. [C]

Back from break, Summer was in control of Emma before Charlotte tagged in and did the Figure-Four necklock spot for a bit. Meanwhile, Summer hopped off the apron to take selfies with fans in the front row. Summer choked Emma in the corner and Charlotte became frustrated that Summer wouldn't tag her in. Emma finally reversed in the corner and applied the DilEmma before making the hot tag to Bayley.

Bayley came in with clotheslines and elbows before hitting a suplex. Sasha broke up the pinfall and things broke down with several ladies getting knocked to ringside. Charlotte got a nearfall with Charlotte's Web, but Bayley scored the pinfall with a roll-up amid the chaos.

Bayley pinned Charlotte in about 7:45.

The replay showed Charlotte kicking Summer out of the ring leading to the roll-up and tensions continued to rise between Charlotte and Sasha… Backstage, a masked man shook GM JBL's hand and thanked him for the opportunity. The masked man said he "Bo… er… believes" that he'll be successful in NXT… [C]

Backstage, the Charlotte and Sasha were blaming Summer for the loss. Alexa Bliss walked into the locker room and Sasha told her to get lost. Bliss took that as a challenge and was thoroughly pleased at the idea… Back in the arena, CJ Parker was walking around the crowd with another sign. Colin Cassady made his entrance.

2. Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester Lefort (w/ Marcus Louis). Lefort had the better of Cassady until Cassady fought back with right hands and hit a big boot. Cassady hit a sitout swinging side slam for the win.

Colin Cassady over Sylvester Lefort in about 2:20.

Backstage, Natalya was so excited about being at ringside to support Tyson Kidd in his title match. Kidd said his focus was on one thing tonight, not her…. Scott Stanford hyped Sami Zayn vs. "Mr. NXT" coming up next… [C]

Backstage, Aiden English was singing when Simon Gotch approached him. Gotch didn't speak, but left the set and hoisted a piece of the set onto his shoulders. English was baffled but intrigued. (They'll be appearing in recent weeks as the Vaudevillains)… Back in the arena, Sami Zayn made his entrance. Mr. NXT was out next to the NXT theme song wearing white boots, white trunks, a white mask, and a red cape. He was doing his best Blue Blazer impression while still making it hilariously obvious who he really was. The crowd chanted "Bo, leave" loudly.

3. Sami Zayn vs. "Mr. NXT." NXT hit a shoulder tackle and celebrated just like Bo would as the crowd chanted "you can't fool us." Zayn hit his armdrag series and mocked Bo which led to a loud, lengthy "Ole" chant. NXT hit several short-arm elbows and a hard clothesline before the crowd chanted "Captain Underpants" at him. Zayn managed to unmask Mr. NXT from a victory roll position and he was revealed to be none other than Bo Dallas! Zayn hit the Helluva Kick on a shocked Bo and scored the pinfall.

Sami Zayn beat "Mr. NXT" in about 4:00.

A replay aired before Zayn scurried up the ramp and asked Bo to wait in the ring. Zayn re-emerged with security and sent them after Bo. The crowd sang "Na Na Na Goodbye," but Bo refused to leave. He evaded security Keystone Cops-style and managed to get his hands on a mic where he accused the officers of kidnapping him and touching his bum. They carried him out to the back and forced him into a security cart. Bo agreed to go quietly, but broke free and ran around some freaked out people outside of Full Sail... [C]

Back from break, security had finally managed to wrangle up Bo and they carted him away… In the arena, NXT Champion Adrian Neville made his entrance. Tyson Kidd was out next accompanied by Natalya. Both guys got formal in-ring introductions. The crowd chanted "Nattie's husband" at Kidd before the bell.

4. Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) vs. Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship. The crowd broke out in a loud "Yoshi Tatsu" chant as the two squared off. Armlocks and reversals were traded early before Neville did his up-and-over handspring spot into a crossbody. Neville followed up with a no-hands backflip to ringside to wipe out Kidd. Mother Hen looked concerned at ringside as Neville kept the upper hand. [C]

Kidd took control and hit a stiff kick to the back. Kidd hit a sliding dropkick for a two-count and continued to work over Neville with a deep back suplex. Kidd went for the second rope Zig Zag that he hit at Takeover, but Neville reversed and connected with a missile dropkick. Neville got a two-count with a Northern Lights suplex. Neville got another near-fall off a standing Shooting Star.

Kidd rocked Neville with a kick to the head and hit the diving summersault guillotine off the top rope. Kidd made the pin, but Neville's foot was on the rope before three. Nattie was at ringside and argued in favor of Neville. Kidd hung Neville up in the tree of woe and ran across the ring with a dropkick before applying the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Neville managed to make it to the ropes before getting a near-fall with a small package.

Neville rocked Kidd with a kick to the head and went to the top rope, but Kidd jumped up and kicked Neville's legs out from under him. Kidd went to the top and connected with a diving Blockbuster for a great false-finish. Kidd looked desperate and rolled to ringside where he grabbed a chair. As he tried to bring it in the ring, Nattie grabbed it from him. Kidd turned into a superkick from Neville which was followed by the Red Arrow and the pinfall.

Adrian Neville defeated Tyson Kidd to retain the NXT Championship in about 13:30.

Neville celebrated with his championship as Natalya consoled a distraught Kidd in the ring. A series of replays showed the three big spots where Kidd almost won and the Red Arrow finish. The commentators questioned where Kidd would go from here and closed out the show…

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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