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Posted in: WWE
WWE NXT Results 5/8/14
May 9, 2014 - 2:34:28 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

The opening video played… In the arena, Emma made her entrance as the commentators hyped the following match as a first round match in the NXT Women's Title tournament. Charlotte was out next accompanied by Sasha Banks.

1. Charlotte (w/ Sasha Banks) vs. Emma in the first round of the NXT Women's Title tournament. On commentary, Renee Young discussed the recent dissention between the BFFs as the crowd chanted "Emma Emma Emma – Oi Oi Oi!" Around the minute mark, Charlotte hung Emma up on the top rope to take control. Charlotte wasted some time in a figure-four necklock before the crowd rallied behind Emma and she made a comeback. Emma pulled the lady cobra out of her boot and struck Sasha who had jumped up onto the apron, but Charlotte tangled Emma up in Charlotte's Web for the surprise pinfall…

Charlotte beat Emma in about 3:45 to advance in the NXT Women's Title tournament.

Scott Stanford hyped the 20-man Battle Royal as the main event… [C]

Back in the arena, a reformed Legionnaires made their entrance. Out next was the team of El Local and Kalisto (f/k/a/ Samuray Del Sol). Renee said they were big in Mexico. C'mon Renee, you're better than that.

2. Kalisto and El Local vs. The Legionnaires (Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis). Local started things off with some basic offense before Louis hit a headbutt to the gut and began to work Local over. The Legionnaires had the upper hand until about the three-minute mark when Local slid into the turnbuckle and hut a kick to the head of Louis. Kalisto got the hot tag.and hit a high springboard crossbody and a standing shiranui on Lefort, but Lewie broke up the pinfall. Local took out Louis with a twisting plancha and Kalisto hit a no-hand handspring enzugiri in the ring for the win.

Kalisto and El Local over Lefort and Louis in about 4:15.

A replay showed Kalisto and Local's high spots… A video piece showed Adam Rose giving a pep talk to Captain Comic (who Camacho attacked last week)… [C]

Back in the arena, Camacho made his entrance followed by Captain Comic.

3. Camacho vs. Captain Comic. Camacho dropped Captain with a kick right out of the gate as the crowd let loose a sarcastic "match of the year" chant. Camacho beat Captain down and hit a stalling back suplex. Camacho hit a high jumping leg drop before Captain tried to fight back. Moments later, Camacho hit a running Samoan drop followed by a running powerslam for the win.

Camacho squashed Captain Comic in about 2:30.

Camacho looked like he was going to keep attacking Captain before Adam Rose hit the ring and Camacho tucked his tail and left… The camera settled onto the commentators Rich Brennan, Jason Albert, and Renee Young. They announced that Renee was now a permanent member.

The commentators hyped the next match in the NXT Women's Title tournament… Alicia fox cut a promo and said she could see the future and she saw gold… Alexa Bliss said she was making her debut and would make a big splash. She said she'd like nothing more than to follow in Paige's footsteps as NXT Women's Champion. She said when she's around, life is bliss…

Back in the arena, Alicia Fox made her entrance. Alexa Bliss was out next in a ridiculous skirt and blew glitter all over the stage. Thankfully she took off the skirt before wrestling.

4. Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox in the first round of the NXT Women's title tournament. Bliss showed surprising athleticism with an attempted 450 splash that she landed on her feet and a standing backflip knee drop that connected seconds later. Fox caught Bliss with a backbreaker around the minute mark and took control. Fox got a two-count with a Northern Lights suplex and stayed in control from there. At the three-minute mark, Bliss caught Fox with a tilt-a-whirl small package for the upset win.

Alexa Bliss pinned Alicia Fox in about 3:00.

The commentators called it an upset but their tone made it apparent they didn’t seem to care. The updated graphic showed the second rounf matchups… Backstage, Adrian Neville said that the Funkasaurus was finally extinct. He said that he commends whoever wins tonight's battle royal. He said the winner would have to dig deep and out last everybody. He referenced Cesaro winning the 'Dre at Wrestlemania and said whoever wins tonight, he looks forward to the competition…

Back in the arena, a bunch of guys were standing in the ring for the main event. Mojo Rawley made his entrance. Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas were the only other guys to get separate entrances.

5. 20-man Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 Contender to the NXT Championship. The crowd kicked off the match with a "Yoshi Tatsu" chant. Funny. Oliver Grey was out first. Curt Hawkins was eliminated next. Both were by Brodus Clay. Everyone ganged up to eliminate Brodus next. Danny Burch was out next followed by Aiden English. [C]

Xavier Woods had pulled a Kofi Kingston to avoid elimination during the break. Again and again, the crowd let their voices be heard in support of Yoshi Tatsu who was still hanging around. Sylvester Lefort and Kalisto were the next two eliminated. Xavier Woods eliminated himself in the process of eliminating Camacho. Jason Jordan eliminated Mojo Rawley before Baron Corbin eliminated Jason Jordan. Corbin was out next. Bo Dallas eliminated Yoshi Tatsu and got mega heat for it. Hilarious.

Bo eliminated Mason Ryan and Colin Cassady back to back, but when he attempted to eliminate Tyson Kidd, Kidd reversed and eliminated Bo. The crowd exploded with "Thank you, Tyson" chants. The final three were Kidd, Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze. Breeze dropped Kidd with the Beauty Shot but couldn’t lift the limp Kidd over the top rope.

The crowd fired up with loud "Ole" chants and Sami hit an Arabian moonsault to avoid elimination. Sami went for the Helluva kick but Breeze ducked and Zayn barely managed to hang on. Kidd went after Breeze and ended up in the same position as Zayn hanging precariously from the ropes. Breeze attacked them both and in one giant mess, all three guys hit the ground.

The match ended in a draw between Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn, and Corey Graves in about 11:00.

The officials discussed as the crowd chanted "Triple Threat!" Triple H's music hit as things began to get heated at ringside between the competitors. He said we need a number-one contender for Takeover and asked the crowd what should be done. They exploded with another "Triple Threat" chant and Triple H said they know what's best for business. He said next week there would be a triple threat with the winner earning the title shot on May 29 at Takeover. There was more bickering at ringside to close the show…

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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