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Posted in: 205 Live
WWE 205 Live Results 2/20/18
By Eric Ames
Feb 20, 2018 - 10:20:00 PM

Talking Stick Resort Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
Commentators: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

Open: Last week on 205 Live, the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament continued to unfold as Mark Andrews defeated Akira Tozawa in a shocking win to advance. Later that night, friends squared off as Drew Gulak battled Tony Nese. In the end, it was Gulak who took a step closer to Cruiserweight glory. Tonight, the First Round concludes as Mustafa Ali aims to take flight against Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Also, 'The Best Kept Secret' Buddy Murphy introduces himself to 205 Live in a match with Ariya Daivari.

Match #1 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round: Ariya Daivari vs. Buddy Murphy
We see video of Murphy's final weigh-in last night, officially tipping the scale at 200.9 pounds. Back to the ring and we get underway a lock-up, Daivari quickly goes to a side headlock, but gets pushed off to the ropes and run over by a shoulder block. Murphy brushes him off, Ariya goes back to the side headlock, gets backed into the corner, ref calls for a clean break, but The Persian Lion sneaks in a kick to the midsection. He shoots Buddy to the ropes and gets knocked down by another shoulder, The Best Kept Secret goes back to the ropes, cartwheels over the top of Daivari, taunts him and comes back around with a running hurricanrana.

Ariya rolls outside for a breather, Murphy slides to the floor, clocks him with forearms, then sends him back inside. The Persian Lion quickly heads back to the apron, Buddy jumps up to meet him, blocks a kick and attempts a body slam. Daivari slips out behind with a handful of hair, rips him down spine-first on the apron with a reverse DDT and Buddy falls to the floor. The Persian Lion drops down, drives Murphy shoulder-first into the steps, sends him into the ring and slides in for a cover, but only gets 1. Ariya hauls The Best Kept Secret up and shoots him hard into the corner, drags him up to go back to the well, Murphy reverses, but Daivari puts on the brakes.

Buddy charges in, gets sent into the turnbuckles with a hip toss, The Persian Lion covers and this time gets 2. He looks to wear Murphy down now with a rear chinlock, The Best Kept Secret works to a vertical base, gets free with a jawbreaker, Daivari tries to grab him and eats a kick for his troubles. Murphy staggers to his feet in the corner, catches Ariya rushing in with a boot, hops to the 2nd rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Buddy starts to build momentum with multiple clotheslines, ducks a shot and hits the ropes, takes Daivari down with a leg lariat, then kips back up to his feet.

The Persian Lion stumbles to the corner, Murphy charges in and gets elevated over the top, lands on his feet on the apron and lays The Persian Lion out with a kick. He heads to the top rope, Ariya notices and rolls to the floor, Murphy drops down to the mat, hits the ropes and takes flight to the outside with a somersault plancha. He tosses The Persian Lion back into the squared circle, climbs upstairs and delivers double knees off the top, hooks the leg and Daivari barely kicks out at 2. The Best Kept Secret looks shocked, looks to drag Daivari to his feet and gets pulled to the outside, Buddy slides back in and walks into a big clothesline.

Daivari tries to capitalize and goes to the high rent district, connects with the Persian Lion Splash and covers, but still can't finish it off. Ariya can't believe it, brings Murphy to his feet for the Hammerlock Lariat, The Best Kept Secret ducks it, uses a school boy and almost steals the win. Both guys pop back up quickly, The Persian Lion cracks Murphy with a superkick, connects with the Hammerlock Lariat on the second attempt, but Buddy still won't be denied. Daivari is stunned, pulls The Best Kept Secret to his feet for a back suplex, Murphy backflips out of it, unloads with a series of kicks, plants him with a Modified Pumphandle Slam and that's all she wrote.
Winner: Buddy Murphy (Modified Pumphandle Slam)

Backstage: 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is standing by and presents us with our Quarterfinal Brackets. Buddy Murphy will take the winner of tonight's match, Mustafa Ali vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher. In addition, Mark Andrews will take on Drew Gulak, but next week Kalisto will battle Roderick Strong and TJP will face Cedric Alexander. Cedric and TJP both walk in, The Fil-Am Flash claims this is another time when Cedric will fail. Alexander informs TJ that he will head to WrestleMania and won't hesitate to put him in a back brace to get there.

Match #2: Evan Daniels & ??? vs. Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado w/Kalisto
Lince & Daniels will kickoff the action, The Golden Lynx picks the leg to begin, works to a side headlock, Daniels pushes him off to the corner and follows in, Dorado springs up and over him, then hits the ropes. He slides through Daniels' legs and catches him with an arm drag, follows it up with a dropkick, then looks to shoot him to the ropes. Daniels reverses, gets surprised by a running hurricanrana, The Golden Lynx follows with a standing moonsault, then looks to make a tag. Daniels rocks him with a forearm and tags out himself, his partner charges in, gets elevated into the corner with a back body drop and Lince makes the tag. Double whip to the ropes, Dorado & Metalik with a double hip toss, then follow it up with double kicks.

Metalik looks to whip his opponent to the ropes and it's reversed, The King of the Ropes back handsprings into a backflip to his feet, ducks under a clothesline, then counters a headscissors into a facebuster. He hops to the 2nd rope and twirls around for a missile dropkick, goes to hit the ropes and Daniels creates a distraction, his partner takes the opening and ambushes Metalik from behind before tagging out. Daniels steps in and hammers The King of the Ropes with clubbing shots, mocks Kalisto's "Lucha!" chant, Metalik tries to battle back, but gets cracked by a forearm.

Daniels hits the ropes ad runs into a dropkick, both guys crawl to tags, Lince steps in and avoids a clothesline, knocks Daniels off the apron, turns to deliver a kick to the jaw, then fires out with a stiff chop. He lays his opponent out with a spinning wheel kick, delivers a modified facebuster, lines him up in the corner, but gets elevated over the top rope. He lands on his feet on the apron, connects with a kick, climbs to the top turnbuckle for a crossbody and makes the cover, but Daniels is there to break it up at 2.

Daniels and his partner with a double whip to the ropes on Dorado, The Golden Lynx back handsprings into a Double Golden Rewind, Daniels and his partner both spilling to the outside.Metalik slides in, hits the ropes with Lince for double outside dives, Dorado rolls the opponent back inside, heads up top for the Shooting Star Press and gets the 1-2-3.
Winners: Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado (Lince/Shooting Star Press)

Video: Drew Gulak speaks to the camera about people saying he went too far last week against Tony Nese. He thinks that's something losers say to feel better. Gulak thinks Mark Andrews is good, but he's all pinache and none of that will help when he's on the ground tapping out. Mark Andrews gets his say now and speaks about moving onto the 2nd Round of the tournament, stating that he will fly his way to WrestleMania and become the next WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Match #3 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round: Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Mustafa Ali
Gentleman Jack has taken Drake Maverick's advice and is sporting some new gear. Collar & elbow tie-up to get us started, Gallagher backs Ali to the ropes and the ref calls for a break, Jack with some words for Mustafa before backing away. Another tie-up and Ali gains a wristlock, Gentleman Jack counters to one of his own, rips Mustafa down to the canvas, then begins manipulating the wrist and elbow.

Ali finds his footing, brings Gallagher down with a snapmare, The Extraordinary Gentleman quickly slips back to the wristlock, Mustafa again tries to break free, but Jack maintains his grip. Mustafa rolls free and once again gets arm-whipped back to the mat, Gentleman Jack pulls him up for a side headlock, Ali sends him away to the ropes, but gets dropped by a shoulder. Gallagher hits the ropes again and Ali looks to leapfrog over, gets caught in mid-air, Jack drives him down to the canvas and locks in a Fujiwara armbar.

Mustafa frantically squirms to the ropes to force a break, The Extraordinary Gentleman taunts him with a bow, they come back in for a lock-up and Ali grabs a side headlock, bringing him to the mat. Gentleman Jack uses a headscissors to escape, both guys are up quick and Gallagher gets caught again in the side headlock, attempts a back suplex to break free, but Mustafa backflips to his feet and reapplies the hold. Gallagher picks the leg and works himself free, Ali gets loose and ducks under a clothesline, hits the ropes to quicken the pace, picks Jack's leg and slaps on a single-leg crab.

The Extraordinary Gentleman kicks to get free, uses his legs to launch Ali away to the corner, charges in and Mustafa tries to elevate him over the top rope. Gentleman Jack goes into a headstand on the top turnbuckle, hops to his feet over the top of Ali, drives him into the ropes with a waistlock and goes for a roll-up, but Mustafa hangs on to block it. Gallagher pops back up looking for a clothesline, Mustafa avoids it, back handsprings into a backflip over the top of Jack, then taunts him with a wave.

Gentleman Jack rushes at Ali in frustration, gets caught with a roll-up for 2, they exchange a series of pinning combinations with both men gaining multiple near falls, then come to a stalemate. They go back into a collar & elbow, Mustafa forces Jack to the corner, they jockey for position and Ali finally shoves Gallagher away. The Extraordinary Gentleman comes back with a slap, they trade-off strikes, Mustafa blocks a kick and comes back around with a spinning wheel kick that sends Gallagher to the outside. Ali hits the ropes and looks for a baseball slide, Gentleman Jack grabs the ring apron and catches Mustafa, unloads with a barrage of heavy blows, then rolls inside.

Ali pulls himself into the ring at a count of 8, Gallagher meets him with a running forearm for a 2 count, then looks to grind him down with a rear chinlock. Mustafa battles back to a standing position, Gentleman Jack delivers a snap suplex, hammers him with an elbow drop for another 2, then sends him to the corner for headbutts to the abdomen. Gallagher goes to the well one too many times and Ali flips over the top of a headbutt, hits the ropes for a clothesline, looks to send Jack to the ropes, The Extraordinary Gentleman reverses, elevates Mustafa into the air and gets caught by a dropkick.

Ali hauls Gallagher up for a side headlock, gets pushed away to the ropes, Gentleman Jack ducks down for a back body drop, but eats a kick for his troubles. Mustafa follows with a running hurricanrana, goes to whip Jack to the corner, Gallagher reverses it and charges in, Ali hops to the apron to avoid him, then delivers a stiff kick to the jaw. He rolls back into the ring with a facebuster, looks to go to the top rope, The Extraordinary Gentleman rolls out to the apron, rocks Mustafa with a stiff forearm, grabs the left arm and drops it down across the top rope.

Gentleman Jack slides back into the squared circle, deposits Ali shoulder-first into the ring post, Mustafa spills to the outside and Gallagher quickly goes out in pursuit. He dumps Ali into the ring and covers for a count of 2, hooks the bad arm with a Kimura Lock, Mustafa counters and stacks him up for a cover, almost stealing the win. Gentleman Jack quickly goes back to work on the left arm, plants Mustafa with a hammerlock slam, then keeps the pressure on with a hammerlock.

Ali finds his footing, is able to toss Gallagher to the outside, keeps him off the apron with a dropkick, then hits the ropes for an outside dive. Mustafa slings over the top for a corkscrew crossbody, catches the apron on the way down and appears to be legitimately hurt while clutching at his left leg. The referee comes out to check on him, slides back in and starts to count, Mustafa barely making it back in at 9. Gentleman Jack quickly props him on the top turnbuckle and climbs up, Ali knocks him to the mat with forearms, flies off with a 2nd rope crossbody, but Gallagher rolls through into a Fujiwara armbar.

Ali quickly breaks free, Gentleman Jack tries to send him to the corner, Mustafa hops to the 2nd rope and springs off for another crossbody. The Extraordinary Gentleman catches him again in the Fujiwara armbar, this time Ali is able to reach the ropes to force the break, rolls to the apron and Gallagher tries to stay on him. Mustafa fights him off and climbs towards the top turnbuckle, Gentleman Jack goes up to meet him with another armbar, Ali drops him back to the mat, but Gallagher comes charging back in with a dropkick.

Mustafa falls off the top all the way to the floor, crashes into the barricade with the bad arm, the official goes out to check on him and Jack comes out to drive him into the barricade once more. He rolls Ali into the ring, tosses him into the turnbuckles with a hammerlock body slam, drags him out to the center of the ring and covers, but Ali somehow kicks out at 2. Gentleman Jack begins to get aggravated, goes for a cross armbreaker, Mustafa is able to hold it off, but gets bludgeoned with a flurry of elbows to the chest for another near fall.

The Extraordinary Gentleman hauls Ali up, props him on the top turnbuckle for a super back suplex, Mustafa backflips to his feet and connects with a superkick to the back. He hops to the 2nd rope and spikes Gallagher with a tornado DDT, climbs to the top rope, delivers the 054 and gets the pinfall to advance.
Winner: Mustafa Ali (054)

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