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Posted in: 205 Live
WWE 205 Live Results 2/27/18
By Eric Ames
Feb 27, 2018 - 10:20:57 PM

Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

Open: Last Tuesday on 205 Live, the First Round of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament came to a close. Making his 205 Live debut, Buddy Murphy secured his spot in the Quarterfinals over Ariya Daivari, while in the main event of the evening Mustafa Ali prevailed in a hard-fought match over Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Tonight, the stage is set for the kickoff of the Quarterfinals when TJP meets Cedric Alexander and Roderick Strong looks to keep momentum rolling when he battles Kalisto.

Match #1 WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Cedric Alexander vs. TJP
Dasha Fuentes speaks with TJP backstage before the match, TJ thinks it's ridiculous he has to go through a tournament to get a title opportunity, but that's fine because he was the first Cruiserweight Champion and will do it again at WrestleMania. The Fil-Am Flash makes his way to the ring and we get underway, a "TJP" chant breaks out briefly before the lock-up, TJ with a go-behind, standing switch from Alexander and rides him to the canvas. They trade-off looking for the upperhand and find a standing position, The Fil-Am Flash hooks on a side headlock, Cedric pushes him off to the ropes, back-and-forth they go, Alexander eventually blocks a hurricanrana and delivers a powerbomb for 2.

He hooks on a side headlock of his own now, TJP finds his footing, counters out with a spinning headscissors and dabs. Alexander kips up to his feet, counters out of a wristlock to one of his own, TJP slips free, but Cedric goes right back to a wristlock. TJ carthweels through, snapmares Alexander over for a rear chinlock, Cedric continues to counter back to the wristlock, taking TJP down this time into an armbar.

The Fil-Am Flash again is unsuccessful at escaping and gets grounded once more, finally works free and slaps on a modified sharpshooter, Alexander reverses into a roll-up and gains a quick 2 count. TJP quickly charges and gets shot into the corner, puts on the brakes, catches Cedric rushing in with a kick, looks to follow with another spinning headscissors, but Alexander front-flips to his feet.

TJ comes running back in and misses a clothesline, Cedric takes him down with a headscissors, connects with a dropkick that sends TJP to the outside, then hits the ropes for an outside dive. The Fil-Am Flash quickly slide in to cut him off, grabs him in a cross armbreaker, switches to a bow & arrow, but Alexander forces a break with the ropes. He staggers to the corner and TJ unloads with forearms, Alexander fires back with stiff chops, snapmares TJP over, The Fil-Am Flash hangs on and delivers a snapmare of his own.

Cedric tries to do the same and it's blocked, he gets cracked by a modified backbreaker, TJ follows up with a knee drop that gets 2, then looks to wear Alexander down with a rear chinlock. Cedric battles to a vertical base and gets sent to the ropes, TJ ducks down for a back body drop, eats a kick of his troubles and then shot to the ropes. The Fil-Am Flash slips through the ropes to the apron, quickly slingshots back inside as Alexander charges in, TJP picks the leg and locks in an Indian deathlock.

The Fil-Am Flash rolls over to turn it into a pin for 2, he tosses Alexander into the corner, sticks the bottom of his boot into Cedric's throat, then snapmares him out. TJ steps to the apron and slingshots in with a somersault senton, hooks the leg for a count of 2, then goes back to the rear chinlock to grind Alexander down some more.

Cedric makes it back to a standing position and fights free, hits the ropes and runs into a jumping back elbow, TJP cover for another 2, then starts toying with Alexander and choking him with his boot. He wraps Alexander up with a modified octopus stretch, Cedric with elbows to get out of it, but gets clocked by a heavy forearm. The Fil-Am Flash plants him with a vertical suplex, hangs on for a back suplex, Cedric shifts his weight and lands on top for a near fall.

Alexander staggers to the corner and TJ comes running in, gets rocked by a big boot, takes an uppercut to the chops and Cedric begins building momentum with heavy shots. He handsprings off the ropes and connects with the Neuralizer for a count of 2, TJ stumbles to his feet in the corner, Cedric removes his elbow pad, lines him up and charges in, but gets elevated over top.

Cedric lands on his feet on the apron, cracks TJP with an enzuigiri, springs in off the bottom rope with a flatliner, but still can't finish it off. Alexander looks to the Cruiserweight Title and grabs TJ for the Lumbar Check, The Fil-Am Flash blocks it, hits a double chicken wing gutbuster and covers, but only finds 2.

TJ calls for the Detonation Kick and Cedric slides out of it, attempts a suplex, The Fil-Am Flash counters out with a knee to the head, takes Alexander out with a dropkick to the legs, then measures for the Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Alexander avoids it, drops TJP off the apron with a roundhouse kick, hits the ropes for a head of steam and flies over the top with a somersault plancha.

He throws TJ back inside and gets in position for the springboard clothesline, The Fil-Am Flash ducks under it, grabs him from behind, but gets decked by a back elbow. Cedric with more big shots, handpsprings into the ropes for another Neuralizer, but this time gets caught in the TJP Clutch. Alexander crawls for the bottom rope, TJ drags him back to the middle, stacks him up with a handful of trunks, but just gets a near fall.

He hauls Alexander to his feet for a series of kicks, hits the ropes and runs into an uppercut, TJ tries to come back with a roundhouse that misses, both guys score with a clothesline and they double down. Cedric up first and charges in for a clothesline, The Fil-Am Flash avoids it, goes for the Detonation Kick, Cedric counters for the Lumbar Check, but it's reversed again into the TJP Clutch.

Alexander again scratches and claws his way to the ropes, this time he gets it to force the break, TJP goes right back to the knee with kicks, Cedric blocks one and scores with a spinning back elbow. The Fil-Am Flash comes right back with a roundhouse kick, they continue trading blows, TJ tries a Detonation Kick again, Alexander slips out into the Lumbar Check and that's all she wrote.
Winner: Cedric Alexander (Lumbar Check)

Video: 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick recently sat down with WWE.com to speak about his vision for the show, stating that 205 Live has some of the best athletes in the world and that's what it should be about. Drake says that the last few weeks is exactly what he wants for the show, the best Cruiserweight competition possible.

Backstage: Mustafa Ali sits down in front of a camera and talks about last week against Gentleman Jack Gallagher being the fight of his life. He says there was pain, but he looked up to the WrestleMania sign to give him the strength to continue and he won. Next week he faces Buddy Murphy, who showed he was a bad dude last week, but not bad enough to break Mustafa Ali.

Video: Cameras caught up with Buddy Murphy as he was leaving a recent event, Murphy stating that if Mustafa Ali thinks that he came to 205 Live not to make it to WrestleMania, he'll find out next week how wrong that is.

Match #2 WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Kalisto vs. Roderick Strong
Some "Roddy" chants from the crowd as we begin, they go into a collar & elbow, Strong takes Kalisto down with an arm drag, quickly grabs a top wristlock, then switches to a hammerlock. The King Of Flight gets to his feet and flips out, hooks on a wristlock, but Roderick counters right back with one of his own.

Kalisto again finds his footing, springs to the top rope and backflips into an arm drag to break free, hits the ropes and jumps over a kick, goes into a walking handstand and back handsprings into a headscissors takedown. He hits the ropes and delivers another headscissors, follows with a dropkick that gets a 1 count, shoots Roddy into the corner and rushes in. The Messiah of the Backbreaker elevates him over the top, Kalisto lands on his feet on the apron, goes to the midsection with a shoulder and looks to sunset flip back in.

Strong side-steps it, sticks his knee out to turn it into a backbreaker and covers for a count of 2. He whips The King Of Flight into the corner and follows in, Kalisto gets the boot up, comes off the 2nd rope with a hurricanrana and Strong spills to the floor. Kalisto with a head of steam now, takes to the air with a suicide dive, Roddy staggers towards the barricade, The King Of Flight measures and leaps through the corner under the bottom rope with a baseball slide.

He leaps on top of the barricade and comes off for a hurricanrana, Roddy blocks it, looks to powerbomb Kalisto into the barricade, but The King Of Flight counters and hurricanranas him into the barricade instead. He rolls back in-and-out to break the count, Strong takes the opening and shoves Kalisto spine-first into the apron, then plants him on top of the announce table with a release suplex.

Some fans start chanting "205", Roderick deposits Kalisto into the squared circle, rolls in and begins to put the boots to him. He corners The King Of Flight, drives shoulders to the midsection and covers for 1, cracks him with a pumphandle backbreaker, hooks the leg and this time gets 2. Strong ties Kalisto up in the ropes, batters him with heavy shots to the spine, connects with a gutbuster, but again only gets a count of 2.

The Messiah of the Backbreaker mocking Kalisto now while continuing the punishment, Kalisto begins to battle back, hits the ropes for a head of steam, but runs square into a dropkick for a near fall. Roddy muscles The King Of Flight up into a Gory Special, Kalisto wiggles out with an arm drag, but can't capitalize. Roderick back to the lumbar with stiff forearms, shoots him to the ropes, elevates Kalisto into the air, but gets surprised by a hurricanrana.

The King Of Flight rolls out to the apron, catches Strong reaching out with kicks, springboards in with a seated senton, then springs off the 2nd rope with a corkscrew headbutt. He goes to the breadbasket with a kick, hits the ropes for the basement hurricanrana, lateral press and a 2 count. Kalisto gets the "Lucha" chant going and attempts the Salida Del Sol, Roderick drops him gut-first over the top rope to avoid it, hits the ropes for a big right hand, then delivers an Olympic slam that gets 2.

He lifts Kalisto for the End Of Heartache, The King Of Flight fights out of it, connects with the Listo Kick, Strong comes back with a boot of his own and tries for the Gory Special again. Kalisto rolls through and stacks Roddy up for a count of 2, Strong crawls to the corner, Kalisto reaches out for him and gets rocked by a back elbow.

Roddy props Kalisto on the top turnbuckle, climbs up and muscles him across his shoulders, The King Of Flight squirms his way down to the mat, cracks Strong with a kick to the jaw, then climbs back up top. The Messiah of the Backbreaker with shots to the abdomen, lifts Kalisto up for a Super Michinoku Driver, but it's countered and both guys fall to the canvas.

Kalisto quickly goes for a cover and still can't finish it off, both guys struggle back to their feet, they exchange strikes, Roddy with another pumphandle backbreaker, delivers End Of Heartache and picks up the win.
Winner: Roderick Strong (End Of Heartache)

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