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205 Live! Results (May 3, 2017): Gulak Ground and Pound, TJ v Lince, and Alicia Fox is the 205 Live Mid-Card Championship
By Al.pYro
May 3, 2017 - 1:33:58 PM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
May 2, 2017
Save Mart Center
Fresno, California

What is the deal, ya’ll? It’s ya’ boy, the recap extraordinaire, master of the 3-dots. And yes, I did take last week off, missing the go-home show of 205 Live!. I had some wedding cake to taste last Tuesday night, and my attendance for these might be spotty over the next month as I get ready to tie the knot with my special lady. BUT - in more important news - I was in attendance at Payback, lucky enough to be sitting within earshot of the ring where I voiced my approval of all Cruiserweights as everyone else rushed to the concession stands. The Aries/Neville match certainly ended on awkward terms, and I was disappointed I didn’t get to be in the building as the feud culminated, but I understand the booking and totally get why they want to keep that steamship rolling.

On to the show!

Scroll to the bottom for the tl;dr results, as always.

... The show starts with Chri Jericho woozy and disoriented on the outside of the ring. He’s helped to the back, and Tom Phillips lets us know that 205 Live! will be starting any moment after the Officials collect to the back the Corpse of Jericho. Drag it back, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.


... We get a recap of the Neville + TJP segment on Raw, where the Champion let's Neville know that Aries is a *we* problem.

Match 1: TJ Perkins vs. Lince Dorado

... WELP. For a second, I thought this was the grand return of Gran Metallik but nope - just pure racism from my part.

... Within seconds it becomes clear that these two match up well. They perform a wicked combination of arm drags, roll throughs, near pins, ending with handspring kip-ups. TJ dabs one time and Corey disapproves.

... TJ rolls to the outside. Lince measures him on the side apron. TJ turns around and SUPERKICK! Dorado measures once again and outside springboard moonsault nails TJP. Lince collects his opponents and rolls him back in the ring where he drops TJ with a big back body drop.

... Lince mounts a cornered TJP, dropping right hands down on Perkins. But TJ grabs the legs and drops Dorado, taking over momentum. The Heel drops Dorado with a scoop slam, rolls out to the apron, and backflips into the ring onto Lince.

... TJ gets Dorado set in a backwards seated position on the top rope and gets to work trying to take off his mask. Classic, albeit a bit stale, heelwork. Lince, however, is able to send a back elbow to TJ, dropping him to the canvas. TJ rises, in a hunched over position, and Dorado MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP ONTO THE BACK OF PERKINS. Incredibly awkward, certainly not what either wanted to happen there.

... Dorado goes back to the top rope after nailed TJ with an elbow. He hits a crossbody. A pin! One! Two! Kick out!

... Dorado goes for Lince’s amazing handspring stunner, but TJ has an elbow waiting for the Luchador on the receiving end. TJ gets a two count. Both men rise. TJ bounces off the ropes but Dorado nails a superkick! One, two, no!

... Dorado goes to the top rope. TJ counters by running up, grabbing Lince in Superplex position, but Lince sends some body shots into the abs of TJ, Sunset Flip! TJ is pinned! One, Two, no! The pin is broken when TJ grabs Lince’s mask. Perkins rolls through on Dorado and KNEE BAR! Dorado yelps in pain and tabs within seconds!

TJ Perkins def. Lince Dorado

... They go to the back where Corey interviews Brian Kendrick about his personal feud with Tozawa. Here’s the video if you just want to watch it. You can assume what Kendrick has to say if you’ve paid attention to the feud at all.

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

... I’m a huge fan of Drew Gulak’s in-ring work. He was one of my favorite indy workers, and his Catch Point faction did, and continues to do, really good work in EVOLVE and beyond. So I’m hoping this new character gets him some well-deserved attention.

... It’s clear what the psychology of this match should be. Drew should try to keep Ali grounded, and Mustafa should be doing his damndest to get in the air and prove his style effective. Let’s see how they play it.

... Within seconds of the bell ringing, Drew has Mustafa Ali in a headlock, taking him to the mat and using his power to keep Ali there.

... Gulak continues to use his power, whipping Ali hard into the ringposts. Mustafa counters with his speed, armdraging Gulak a few times before jumping to the top rope for an aerial maneuver. Drew, to his credit, rolls out to the mat in order to avoid the attack. Smart.

... The two trade shots in the middle of the ring. Gulak whips Mustafa towards the corner post. Drew charges and Ali flips over his opponent! Drew turns, Ali charges, LARIETOOOOOO! MUSTAFA IS TURNED INSIDE OUT! Drew locks in a submission.

... Mustafa is able to get to a vertical base. He escapes the hold, slivers to a corner, Gulak charges with a big boot but Mustafa rolls to the outside apron, nailing Drew with a corner kick of his own! Gulak stumbles backwards, Mustafa in position for his roll-through Neck Breaker and NAILS IT!

... Drew down right under a corner turnbuckle! Mustafa Ali signals for the end! He goes up, looking for his Inverted 450 but Gulak grabs a hold of an ankle as Ali is on his way up. Mustafa is able to kick off his hand, goes to the top rope and FROG SPLA-NO! GULAK GOT THE KNEES UP! The Heel grabs ahold of Ali and cradles him into a pin! One! Two! THREE!

Drew Gulak def. Mustafa Ali

... WOOOOOOO! I love that booking, man. And Drew is getting REAL heat from an exhausted crowd. Gulak does the smart thing, directly blaming the loss on fans, saying they demanded Mustafa go to the top ropes, he did, and he lost because of it. Good work.

... They promote Talking Smack and then throw to a recap of this Quixotic Noam Dar/Alicia Fox/Rich Swann thing. And apparently our Main Event is a battle between the two.

Match 3: Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

... Oh my! Corey makes some suggestive comments about Tom Phillips, *ahem* social media history. Phillips and Graves shoot laugh, and can actually be seen on camera doing so.

... In the onset, Swann attempts to drag down Dar, locking in multiple headlocks, taking him down to the mat and slowing the pace. Dar gets a bit of separation, but within moments Swann nails a Okada-esque drop kick and locks in another headlock.

... It’s a smart move, here, knowing how emotional Noam is coming into the match, for Rich to try to physically dominate the younger opponent to crush his hopes and use the anger against him.

... Noam lifts Swann up while in headlock position and deposits him to the top rope. Dar hops to the second rope and a LARIAT crushes Swann, sending him bumping to the apron and outside.

... Dar gets Swann down and goes for that standing Shining Wizard. Swann has it scouted and evades, Noam crashes to the mat. Swann is irate, clotheslines Noam a few times, does an unnecessary backflip, and sends some rights and lefts to the face and body of the Special Wan.

... The two men battle on the outside. Dar tries to get Rich counted out, but Swann is able to answer the ten-count. On the opposite side, Rich has a chance to get Dar counted out but decides to not win that way. He goes to the outside, drapes Dar agianst the guardrail and drops of Hulk Hogan leg drop across the back of Dar’s neck.

... Swann rolls Noam into the ring, goes to the top rope and PHOENIX SPLASH! But he lands on the injured forearm! He hesitates, goes for the pin, One, Two, No! Dar kicks out. The hesitation enough to let Noam recover.

... Dar rolls to the side apron. Rich tries to collect him but Dar grabs the injured arm and hyperextends the arm at the elbow! Swann SCREAMS in agony. Noam breaks the hold before he’s DQ’d. In the ring, Dar charges, and A KICK FROM SWANN! Rich pins, one, two, no! Swann goes for a flying shoulder block but Noam counters into a Fujiwara Armbar!!!

... Swann’s crazy eyes search for the rope. Noam torques the arm viciously. Swann finally does get the rope, and Noam prepares himself to go back to work on the arm. He drapes the arm across the bottom rope, goes for a stomp, but as he jumps Rich rolls out of the way, rises, and SUPERKICKS Dar.

... Swann prepares himself to go to the top rope, but Dar attacks Swann, kicking his legs out from under him. The Scottish Supernova sends a fury of kicks to Swann, stomping a mudhole into the Former Cruiserweight Champion.

... A Groggy Swann rises, turns, and RUNNING SHINING WIZARD! Dar goes for the pin! One, two, three! DAR PICKS UP THE PAYOFF!

Noam Dar def. Rich Swann

... WOW! A HUGE victory for Noam Dar. As he beats a former Cruiserweight Champion in a long, developed, and good match. The Young Scotsman was faced with adversity and he responded in kind.

... Alicia FAAAAAAAUXXXXXX’s music hits and the 205 Live! mid-card Championship walks down the aisle. Alicia takes Noam back, or, rather, Noam takes Alicia back. 205 Live!
Goes off the air with Noam Dar reunited with his Championship.

Good show! That’s all I have. I gotta run! Thanks for reading, especially the haters and losers.

tl;dr results
TJP def. Lince
Gulak def. Mustafa Ali
Noam Dar def. Rich Swann

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