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205 Live! Results (Mar. 5, 2017): Austin Aries Debuts! Tozawa Doesn't Fight Brian Kendrick! AND MORE!
By Al.pYro
Mar 8, 2017 - 3:23:34 AM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
March 7, 2017
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, Indiana

Gather around, ya’ll! It’s time for 205 Live! recappin’! This is Al. It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for another 3-Dot Recap here on LordsofPain. In recent comments, all of which I’m mad grateful for, both on here and in tweets and emails, some have said that the eponymous 3-Dots that begin every bullet point here make for a confusing reading. A little serving suggestion - ignore the damn dots like you would an aforementioned bullet point. It’s just a little bit of stylization from a dude who thinks he’s a way better writer than he actually is. My hesitation about changing the “...’s” is that if I do… I’ll need a new name. And then I’d have to register that name with the IWC Writers Guild, they’d need to re-issue my press pass, I’d have to go down to HQ and ugh. It’ll be a whole ordeal.

WITH THAT SAID - I continued my tradition of not watching the Red or Blue brands. I peeped Fastlane on Sunday because I was off of work and some buddies wanted to catch the action. The show was a bit of a trainwreck, but by far the best match of the night came at the hands of the Cruiserweights. Neville and Gallagher, as you and I expected, took their opportunity and ran with it like crazy.

Neville went on to have another very good match with Rich Swann on Monday Night Raw. After defeating his new rival in Gentleman Jack, and the last Champ in Rich Swann? Is there anyone at Neville’s level?

Enter Austin MFing Aries.

205 Live! begins with that particular revelation - that A Double has entered the battlefield. Will we miss him in the commentary booth? Of course. But he’s truly the only viable threat to the King of the Cruiserweights at the moment. It’ll be a hell of a match at ‘Mania, that much is for sure.

... Austin Aries’ music hits and 205 Live! kicks off proper with the man himself. He has his biggest interview get to date - himself!

... Austin explains a lesson he remembers from grade school - that if you want to make a statement, you find the toughest guy in the room and you punch him in the face.

... And that’s exactly why on my first day on the LOP Main Page I found Tito and smashed his nose in.

... Austin announces, officially, that he’s done with commentary and is now an in-ring competitor. The Champions music hits and out comes Neville.

... Neville says Aries isn’t on his level. That’s he’s not A level. Aries says he’s not on Neville’s level, he’s on the A Double Level. Then Neville says here comes treble as the crowd rebels and several devils revil.

... Neville makes a solid point about Aries skipping to the front of the line. The Champ says that Austin hasn’t exactly made friends while on commentary. Austin shoots back with a promise that his mouth never makes checks his ass can’t cash. Good banter, mates.

... We’re backstage now and Swann is teaching Gallagher to dance. Noam Dar appears and now it’s a club of dudes Neville’s beatdown recently. Although, I guess that can be said about the whole 205 Live! roster.

... Dar does his Alicia FAAAAAWX thing. Gallagher and Swann ask him to leave. They return to Swann showing Gallagher about “This Hip Hop thing” as the Gentleman says.

... No wonder these dudes can’t beat Neville. You think that ornery bastard is backstage asking Mustafa Ali how to Electric Slide? No! He’s watching tape, he’s doing sit-ups with Tony Nese, he’s practicing his snarl.

Match 1: Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann

... Noam Dar has been on a bit of a win streak lately. Gallagher and Swann are both coming off losses to Neville. Both side need the win, so this is a fairly unpredictable match-up.

... Daivari is… how do I put this… god-freaking-awful at thigh slaps.

... Within moments, Daivari hits a big boot and hoists himself to the top rope in the seated position. Swann attacks with a jumping kick of his own. A groggy Daivari sits atop the turnbuckle. Swann jumps up! Leaping Frankensteiner! But no! Dar had grabbed the leg of Ariya and stopped him from flipping. Swann crashes to the mat and the heels take over.

... Dar’s trunks so “No Role Models”. Dar, also, counts Finn Balor as a personal hero.

... The heels are in control for so long that the crowd, tired of seeing Swann beat on, starts chanting “We Want Jack”. That pasty ginger is OVER, man.

... Dar and Daivari double team Jack. A blind tag by Swann to a running Jack, who ducks under a double clothesline. Jack headbutts Ariya! Follows it up with a unning dropkick! Swann is the legal man and he goes to the top rope! Phoenix Splash!

... The pin.. One.. two… three!

Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher def. Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari

... So not all that unpredictable in the end. Not only does Dar not pick up the win, but he doesn’t even get protected either. He actually got pinned. So.

... Post-match, the flower delivery man is back. He has a heart shaped box of chocolates. Dar grabs a mic, screams at old boy that he’s late, and snatches the chocolates away and gives them to Alicia FAAAAAAAWKS.

... Customers like Dar are the worst, man.

... Backstage Mr. “I’m gonna facefrick you” Tom Phillips has a mic in Kendrick’s face. Brian trash talks Tozawa, says that if Akira wants to fight Bryan Kendrick, Akira is going to get a fight with Brian Kendrick.

... It’s kind of amazing that with only an hour of programming, 205 Live! is able to have multiple feuds, all of which develop week by week, all of which are accomplishing different narratives on separate tiers. Pretty great.

Match 2: Akira Tozawa vs. Bryan Kendrick

... The Brian Kendrick is out to teach Akira another lesson. “Always read the fine print”.

... The Brian Kendrick explains that Tozawa asked for a match with “Bryan Kendrick” but not “The Brian Kendrick”. Out comes some portly pink-pantsed hipster dude who looks more like a Brewmaster than a wrestler.

... Bryan gets some offense in, but not much. Tozawa is quickly able to hit the Cicerone with a Snap German for the one, two, three.

Akira Tozawa beats Bryan Kendrick

... That was funny and interesting. A nice, simple advancement of their feud.

... Neville is backstage getting interviewed. He says Austin Aries is going to regret this career decision. Neville harps on Austin’s perceived as disrespectful commentary. Seems like Neville was really hurt by Austin’s words. Poor Neville.

Match 3: Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese

... And so begins Aries rise to a title shop. His first test is Tony Nese and his abs.

... Collar and elbow tie up starts the match. Two dudes in the crowd carry on a dedicated, quick clap “Aust-in Aries” chant. Good job, fellas.

... Austin goes for a ground game offense, whirlwinding around a prone Tony Nese before locking in a side headlock. Nese gets free but gets taken down with a pair of deep arm drags. Nese gets some leverage and locks in a leg lock. Austin breaks the hold with a headstand, escapes, and nails a dropkick right to the face of Tony Nese.

... Tony says Aries he doesn’t belong here and I tend to agree. Aries still feels like in WWE. He’s so synonymous with the ROH/TNA scene. He really doesn’t seem like he belongs in WWE.

... Of course, Tony Nese doesn’t seem like belongs either. Nese seems like the kind of younger dude who’s dating your 45 year old recently divorced Aunt who’s really into Pilates.

... Tony tosses Aries out of the ring. Nese taunts the crowd and studies his bicep. He cartwheels on the side ring apron, drops to the outside, and super kicks Aries.

... “You want to drop ahead of us?” says Nese, speaking for him AND his abs.

... Aries is getting worked up at this trash talk. Tony tosses his opponent around. A cartwheel by Aries leads to a clothesline. A dude in the crowd who came to the show alone, surely, chants DELETE DELETE DELETE.

... Schoolboy rollup by Aries leads to an impressive feat of strength when Nese lifts Austin with one arm and powerbombs Double A. Tony is playing a terrific foil for Austin’s first match.

... Nese sent to the outside. Aries takes off and takes off like a missle to the outside, crashing awkwardly against Nese and the barricade.

... Aries measures Nese, bounces off the ropes, and ROARING ELBOW! He decapitates Tony, goes for the pin, one and two and three.

Austin Aries def. Tony Nese

... Really good 205 Live! debut for old A Double.

... I’ve never been a big fan of Aries, but his time in the booth will prove to be invaluable in getting him over as an in-ring talent. WWE should take note of this and make the “Injured Superstar Gets Behind the Mic” bit a usual thing.

... All in all, a solid 205 Live! with a really good main event and three matches that advanced three separate storylines. Can’t ask for much more out of a 52 minute show.

... What did you think of Austin Aries’ debut? Would you rather him in the ring or in the booth?

... Where do you want to see Jack Gallagher do after losing his feud with Neville?

... Do you think the Cruiserweights will only have ONE match on an already jam-packed Wrestlemania card? If so, how many Cruisers do you see being in the Andre Memorial?

... As always, ya’ll, thank you for reading. I enjoy the hell out of writing these, so I hope you enjoy the hell out of reading them. Please drop a comment or a line at any of my usual channels. I have to do better about responding, so give me that chance this week. Tldr below.

tl;dr results
Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher def. Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari
Akira Tozawa beats Bryan Kendrick
(Not The Brian Kendrick)

Austin Aries def. Tony Nese

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