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Posted in: 205 Live
205 Live! Results (Mar. 28, 2017): Tozawa v Kendrick, Senator Gulak's Manifesto, and a Face Off Between Aries and Neville
By Al.pYro
Mar 28, 2017 - 11:28:39 PM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
March 28, 2017
Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, Virginia

Gather around Peckerheads! It’s Wrestlemania Week! Finally, the time has come. Wrestling dorks are flooding the streets of the American cesspool known as Orlando, Florida for Graps, Brews, and good times. This is the first year I haven’t been at ‘Mania in a little while, so I’m feeling like the Smackdown Tag Team Division - left out.

Sunday is ya’ boys Birthday, so I’ll be turning up Saturday night in preparation for the big day. If any of you are in Oakland, California this weekend, let me know and you can buy me a beer. And then Sunday the 2nd will be for BBQ’ing, sitting a brewski, and watching some of wrestling with the pals.

I got a number of messages over the week after it was announced that, as I predicted, the 205 Live! Cruiserweight Title match will be defended on the pre-show. All I can say is this… I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed. While, yes, Austin Aries has been on the main roster all of 15 minutes, that doesn't mean that the division doesn’t deserve to be treated with legitimacy. Austin and Neville could, and more than likely will, steal the damn show with a fast-paced, psychologically sound match. And the fact that they’ll be doing so to a half-empty arena is a bummer. That’s all I’ll say.

But today is Tuesday, and we still have some business to settle before the big day. It’s some for some 205 Live!, which also means, it’s RECAPPIN’ TIME!!!

... 205 Live! drinking game… take a shot every time somebody says “THE ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE!”

... and be dead by the main event of this 45 minute long show.

... 205 Live! begins with a recap of Neville’s victory over Jack Gallagher on Raw. Neville is interviewed backstage and question what the show would be like without him. So tonight, the 205 Live! Kingdom is without a King.

... Phillips and Saxton introduce the show, annoucning that tonight Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick will finally be going one on one. That’s another match that could have taken place at Wrestlemania, if time permitted.

Match 1: Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari

... The two shake hands and go in for a collar and elbow tie up. Daivari gets the upper hand, dropping Swann. The two break, tie up again, and once more Daivari gets the upper hand with an arm lock.

... A little chain wrestling back and forth leads to Swann running the ropes. The two process through a few swift counters until Swann nails a neck-high dropkick. Ariya rolls to the outside, Swann with a baseball slide out of the ring, Daivari evades and sends Swann face first into the announce table. He eventually rolls the former champ back into the ring with full control.

... This match feels like a bit of a waste of time. Swann and Daivari are only connected via Rich’s interactions with Noam Dar. This show, the final before THE ULTIMATE THRILLRIDE, should feel like the culmination of feuds, even if they really aren’t. Would have liked to see Swann v Dar here in combination with the following Tozawa v Kendrick.

... Ariya in full control, hammer locks Swann and follows with a connected lariat. Daivari continues the attack to a downed Swann, locking in a choke hold and sending elbows to the collarbone of Swann.

... A HUGE Irish Whip sends Swann sternum first into the turnbuckle. He follows that up with a brutal hip toss that sends a crashing Swann into the opposite turnbuckle in brutal fashion. The evil foreigner from Michigan goes to the top rope and completely whiffs on a Frog Splash.

... Swann takes over as Graves does a great bit of color work, noting that when Ariya fails to put away an opponent, he lets his frustration get the better of him. Swann sends a couple of kicks to his opponent, counters a counter from Daivari and MODIFIED MICHINOKU DRIVER! ONE… TWO… KICK OUT!

... Playing possum, Daivari pushes Swann into the Official. Rich stops his momentum, but his defenseless with his back turned to the crafty heel. Daivari locks in a Cobra Clutch, ravaging Swann, who breaks the hold, goes for a clothesline, Daivari ducks under… LEAPING NECKBREAKER!

... Daivari to the top rope… NAILS THE FROG SPLASH! One! Two! No! Kick out! I really thought that was it.

... Daivari trying to bring Swann to the top turnbuckle. But Rich is able to wiggle free, sends a leaping kick followed by a standing ‘Rana to Daivari, who crashes to the mat. The Swann of Charm City gets to the top rope… PHOENIX SPLASH!!! ONE, TWO, THREEEE!

Rich Swann def. Ariya Daivari

... A solid match with a slow start. Some good heel work from Daivari, who continues to grow in the ring. Swann has really stagnated since his title victory.

... Backstage, Alicia Fox is interviewed. She reveals that Noam Dar was scheduled to face Swann tonight, but was injured on Raw the night previous. Well, I take back what I said about the booking.

... She says that he’ll be cleared soon enough and.. An incredibly sweaty post-match Rich Swann steps into view and says that he doesn’t know what Noam’s problem is with him, but for Alicia to tell Dar to heal up quick.

... Aaaaand another package! Alicia opens the box to reveal a bottle of urine-yellow perfume. “Wow, someone must really care about you…” says Swann as he walks away. Alicia sprays herself, one, two, four, six, eight times. She then opens her mouth and sends three spritzes onto her tongue. Ok….

... In the locker room, Gulak waxes poetic to Mustafa Ali about how together they could revolutionize 205 Live!, stepping away from the reckless flippy-doo showmanship to GRAPS, BABY! Ground and pound “safe” wrestling that may not please the audience but gets the job done. Essentially, Gulak is trying to MAKE 205 LIVE! GREAT AGAIN!

... Senator Drew Gulak looks like the Libertarian politician who gets caught using campaign funds for “dirty massages”.

... As Gulak drones on and on, Ali’s music hits. Gulak realizes Mustafa has left for his match, and adjusts his tie while wearing the sourest of faces.

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Somebody Named Brandon Scott

... No relation to Michael, I think.

... So a jobber match for Ali. We’ll see how long this one lasts. Ali goes for the handshake, Scott accepts, but forcefully releases the handshake in DEVESTATING fashion. The disrespect! So edgy.

... Ali starts the match out-pacing Brandon Scott with handsprings and flipping kicks and cartwheels.

... Scott actually takes over after lying in wait and sending Mustafa face-first into the second rope. In control, he lifts a dazed Ali and hits a MASSIVE Lariet.

... Scott goes to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and goes to drop a hammer on Ali, who evades. Scott charges a cornered Ali, Mustafa flips over his opponent, runs towards the other turnbuckle and CROSSBODY! Ali gets up, bounces off the ropes, dropkick into a charging Scott!

... Another sequence and Ali’s signature roll-through neckbreaker connects. Mustafa, in full control, gets the jobber to the corner turnbuckle and climbs to the top. INVERTED 450! One… Two… Three!

Mustafa Ali def. A Human Male Named Mic-I mean Brandon Scott

... So not a bad way to get Ali his momentum back after a tough match, but great showing, against Neville. Ali celebrates in the ring, and the announcers talk about how frustrated Drew Gulak must be watching Mustafa win in his own style. So it looks like these two are heading towards feuds-ville.

... A recap of Neville v Austin Aries is shown. I don’t know about you, but pre-show or not, I am FIRED UP for their match at THE ULTIMATE THRILLRIDE!

Match 3: Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick

... Will this be the blow-off? Will this be yet another chapter? Will Kendrick teach Tozawa that final lesson? Let’s see!

... Face off in the middle of the ring, forehead to forehead! The two break apart and RUNNING BOOT TO KENDRICK! Brian rolls to the outside and SUICIDE DIVE! Tozawa rolls Kendrick back to the inside of the ring, Tozawa to the top rope and OH MY GOD THE HIGHEST SENTON I HAVE EVER SEEN! ELEVATION DEVASTATION! MOMMA MIA!

... Tozawa in full control, sends a straight right to the heel and gets a two count. Kendrick rolls to the apron, Tozawa grabs ahold of Brian’s wrist, Brian drops to the outside, breaking the hold and sending Akira’s head painfully into the rope. Smart heel move there. Kendrick quickly back into the ring and CAPTAIN’S HOOK! What a quick pace.

... Tozawa is able to get to a standing position… SNAP GER-NO! Kendrick too is able to ground himself. The hold is broken and Kendrick rolls out of the ring near the ramp. Tozawa doesn’t think twice and SUICIDE DIVE! Tozawa’s skull planting right into the chest of Kendrick!

... And within moments, Kendrick turns it around by dropping a charging Tozawa with a drop toe hold onto the steel steps. The ref is up to 6, Tozawa is still loopy. 7, and he’s at the apron, but falls! 8, trying to pull himself up with the apron. 9… he’s back in! A near count out.

... Kendrick grabs ahold of Tozawa, who’s outside the ropes, a while standing on the bottom rope Suplexes Akira back into the ring. Brian goes for the Captain’s Hook, desperate to end the match, but Tozawa has it scouted. However, Brian counters with what looks like a modified Underhook Chickenwing.

... Tozawa breaks the hold, grabbing the ropes. Kendrick mounts a backside up Tozawa, sending a few elbow and forearms to the mush of his opponent before locking in seated Cobra Clutch. Tozawa doing a great job looking to be in great peril as Kendrick screams at him to give up.

... The crowd begins their own “YAH YAH YAH YAH” chant, showing just how much Akira has been able to connect with this audience. Akira gets his knees under him, breaks the hold. A few elbows to Kendrick’s gut breaks the hold. Tozawa with a dropkick, then a Shining Wizard! One, two, kickout!

... Tozawa back in the saddle, he cues the crowd for a YAH scream, and sends a huge Pump Kick to a cornered Kendrick. Tozawa sends Kendrick off the ropes, Akira goes for a spinning heel kick, but Brian ducks under! The Heel grabs ahold of Tozawa and SLICED BREAD #2!!!! The pin! ONE… TWO…… KICKOUTTTTT!

... A Captain’s Hook follows the near fall, and Tozawa is in dire straights. He spits out the mouth piece and the fighting spirit of Akira Tozawa manifests itself in grunts and groans as he uses every muscle in his body to carry himself and the mounted Kendrick to a bottom rope.

... Kendrick breaks the hold before the count of 5. Kendrick sends forearms to kill off the aggression of Tozawa then puts the DragonGate Graduate in a seated position on the top rope, looking for a Super Sliced Bread #2.

... However, Tozawa battles back, sending rights and lefts to the body of Kendrick. Tozawa thinking Top Rope German! He locks his grip around the midsection of Kendrick but Brian sends elbows to the head of Tozawa. Somehow, in the middle of all this, the Veteran was able to untie the top turnbuckle pad, leaving the exposed steel out as a kind of Chekhov’s Gun.

... Tozawa fires himself up! Charges the cornered Kendrick who EVADES! TOZAWA’S HEAD PLANTS OFF THE STEEL TURNBUCKLE! ROLL UP FROM KENDRICK! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

The Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa

... A really great match, with an ending that fits the Kendrick character but still feels flat. The crowd, who was into the match for a majority of the proceedings, deflate as the heel picks up a “cheap” win. But hey, I guess that’s the point.

... Kendrick has a microphone, and says that that’s Lesson #9: Everything and anything can be used as a weapon.

... So maybe not the blow-off. Tozawa says “Ok, ok…” in the ring, ready for their next encounter where he’ll be wiser, faster, stronger. So they beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

... Main Event Time! And it’s a Neville promo!

... IMAGINE saying that a year ago, two years ago! My God. How far we’ve come.

... Neville talks about how much he’s been belittled and disrespected throughout his career. But how he’s picked himself up time after time. He talks about how a year ago, three weeks out from his first Wrestlemania, he broke a bone and missed the show. And nobody seemed to care.

... Neville says let’s see what 205 Live!
would be without Neville… Nothing comes on the screen though. The silence throughout the stadium causes people to think it’s a mistake but… “NOTHING,” Neville screams, “With me 205 Live! would be NOTHING.”

... Neville screams at the audience for a few more beats until the music of Austin Aries hits. A Double walks out with a microphone, greeted by an “AUSTIN.ARIES” chant.

... Aries says this is the difference between them, that Neville comes out week after week and points a finger at the WWE Universe, runs everyone down, discredits everyone simply to feed his ego. Not A Double. He’d never say there’d be no 205 Live! without Austin Aries, but with him it’s two times better.

... Important note here: Austin mentions how the two of them aren’t that different. How that he knows in both of their minds, no matter where they are on the card, they’re going to want to go out there this Sunday, at THE ULTIMATE THRILLRIDE, and tear the dang house down. Steal the show. He says that is what they’re gonna do. The audience gives a heartfelt and honest applause, knowing full well that Austin is nothing but truth telling.

... Austin: “You know as well as I do that I can, and I will, take your Cru-” AND A BRUTAL ATTACK BY NEVILLE DROPS A DOUBLE! Neville stands above his opponent, writhing on the ground in pain, Neville goes to leave but thinks twice. The red devil on his shoulder gets the better of him and he goes back. He goes to pick Aries up an-MICROPHONE TO THE TEMPLE! Neville is dropped by a lying in wait Aries! LAST CHANCERY IS LOCKED IN! But Neville escapes quickly and rolls out of the ring, retreating up the ramp as Austin stands in the ring arms out wide posing in front of the Wrestlemania signage.

... A great ending, two promos worthy of the Main Event, and a heck of a match we have waiting for us Sunday. I’ve said it once, said it twice, and I’m gonna say it again. I am FIRED UP for this match, boys.

... It’s been a pleasure recappin’ for you this Wrestlemania Season. I’ll see you on the other side of the ULTIMATE THRILLRIDE!

tl:dr Results
Rich Swann def. Ariya Daivari
Mustafa Ali def. Brandon Scott
The Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa


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