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Posted in: 205 Live
205 Live! Results (Mar. 21, 2017) - Nese vs. TJP, Tozawa vs. A Person, Neville vs. Mustafa Ali
By Al.pYro
Mar 22, 2017 - 3:35:20 AM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
March 21, 2017
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, Connecticut

Ok, ok, ok! Hold the applause, hold the applause! We have a packed show to recap! This is Al.pYro back once again giving you the 411 on 205 Live! Before we start I wanted to say this - there’s been great support in the comment section of these recaps and beyond. Lots of great words of encouragement, lots of great feedback making these recaps better for ya’ll, and just enough of the baseless internet hate you expect to find in any comment section. Thanks for everyone who’s left a comment or dropped me a line otherwise. You can be anywhere in the world right now, and you’re here with me. I appreciate that.

And thanks to everyone who clicks, reads, and laughs along as undersized men pretend to fight.

With that said…. IT’S RECAPPIN’ TIME!

... The A-Show kicks off this week with a recap of last weeks 5-way; showing Aries winning a shot at Neville and the Cruiserweight title at Wrestlemania.

... So after, naturally, we get a pre-intro promo of Neville backstage asked why he’s requested a match tonight with Mustafa Ali. Neville says the locker room needs a reminder of how things work… that Neville annihilates everyone who dares defy the King of the Cruiserweights.

... Venom, spite, hate, focus, ego, id, hostility, fury, rancor. It’s all there when Neville speaks. WWE should feel silly for EVER trying to pass him off as a face. This dude is an incredible promo, a great heel, and has proven to be the anchor of the division they needed to hold the belt.

... Tom Phillips makes another appearance in the big boy chair, as Mauro is out again “sick”.

... Shoutout to Mauro Ranallo, man. I poke fun at him here from time to time but he’s a great dude, a talented commentator, and a fellow sufferer of a serious mental illness. I hope he can get himself back to basics and re-enter the world of the living. It’s hard to dig yourself out when you’re in that place, but I trust Mauro has the support system and health he needs to do it.

... TJ Perkins is out to face Tony nese. TJP has been getting trampled over lately, and suffered a swift and convincing defeat against Kendrick.

Match 1: TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese

... Tony Nese looks like the manager of a going-out-of-business GNC.

... Nese offers a shake of the hand, TJP goes to oblige, and Nese pulls back. Nice psychology, there, as the gesture acts as a metaphor for what WWE did when giving TJP the Cruiserweight title.

... Nese steady trying to overpower Perkins, with TJ using his quickness and submission skills to ground the Premier Athlete.

... Nese throws TJP in the corner, Nese charges, TJ loops over him, goes off the ropes, knocks Nese to the outside, Perkins flips over the ropes and the crowd pops.

... A really well done chain-wrestling sequence between the two ends with Nese dropping Perkins with a gut buster.

... Nese slows the pace with a spine-bending rest hold. The crowd stays silent, even as TJP rallies. Nese unloads with some Daniel Bryan-esque strikes.

... The crowd is just apathetic towards these two. Nese is a fine heel, and Perkins has always been a face moveset with a heelish character. Throw that in the blender and you get a sugar-free soylent milkshake. Yucko.

... Nese in full control, TJP in dire straits. Tony has Perkins in position for that German into the bottom turnbuckle. Perkins clinches. Grounds his weight. Elbow to Tony. Another! Nese goes to lift, but flips over, landing on his feet. Spinning heel kick to the jaw of Nese!

... Perkins gets up to the top rope… Nese is still down, no he’s not! Nese catches a leg and Perkins crashes to the canvas in position for the Nasty Nese but Perkins had it scouted! Perkins gets up, lifts Nese for the Detonation Kick, grabs the second turnbuckle which flies off! Nese grabs the ropes! He groggily stumbles towards TJ and Cross Armbreaker!

... Nese lifts Perkins straight up, an impressive feat of power! Perkins rolls out, a close two count. Nese gets for an elbow, TJP evades, grabs Nese, INVERTED GUTBUSTER! One.. Two.. kickout!

... Wrecking Ball Dropkick grounds Perkins. TJ leaps off the top rope, but Nese evades. TJ gets Nese up for the Detonation Kick but Nese slides off and GERMAN INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! Tony is up, and calling for it! NASTY RUNNING NEEEEESE ONE! TWO! THREE!

Tony Nese def. TJ Perkins

... And TJ’s descent in the ranks of Cruiserweights continues. As Nese gains some legitimacy points at this hard earned win coupled by a near victory over Austin Aries on Raw. We’ll see where both go from here.

... Backstage, Drew Gulak is backstage and has a mic in his face. Drew is dressed in a suit, white shirt, red tie. He’s speaking prim, proper, dignified. He says his actions last week were born out of frustration. He says there IS a problem with 205 Live!, but the problem lies with the fans and not the wrestlers. He says the performers are egged on by an audience that applauds high-spots and reckless abandonment. And that Gulak has the solution.

... Ok. So, Gulak isn’t a great actor, but that was a well written promo that he didn’t get in the way of. I am HERE for Gulak being the powerman of 205 Live!, the anti-fun police who carries out his message of pure wrestling through shoot matches where he stretches his opponent limb by limb. HERE. FOR. THIS.

Match 2: Akira Tozawa vs. A Human Male

... The Human Male charges, Tozawa evades, Snap German. One, two, three.

Tozawa def. A Human Male

... Akira is given a microphone. He says he demands THE Brian Kendrick. The crowd “YAH YAH YAH’s”, which is a great sign, and Tozawa says if Kendrick won’t come out, then Akira will come to him.

... Tozawa exits the ring and gets BLASTED by a… security guard?!

... Seriously, he got BLASTED. Remember Monty Brown and his “Pounce”? I think Monty was at home watching and thought to himself… “Damn! My man got blasted!”

... lol who am I kidding no one watches 205 Live!

... Of course, the security guard is The Brian Kendrick. Who drops Lesson #whatever on Akira - Appearances aren’t everything. “I’M THE MANWITTHEPLAN” hits and Brian walks out, having won another battle.

... Backstage, Gentleman Jack and Rich Swann are dressed in the same off-grey linen three-piece suit. I think Jack put Swann in the Sunken Place.

... Noam Dar and Daivari come into the shot. Daivari is wearing a Orlando/Wrestlemania t-shirt which is quite optimistic.

... Noam reveals some red lingerie, asking who’s ordered the thing. Noam says he and Alicia’s relationship is stronger than silly gifts, and anything more would be overkill. Noam officially challenges Swann to a match, next week, on 205 Live!.

... Darvairi walk away and Jack continues Swann’s Sunken Place training.

... Austin Aries is out in street clothes and the crowd is PUMPED to see him. It’s a thing of beauty how this dude was able to get himself over. All credit to him, man. Really.

... Aries says his exclusive interview with Neville was ruined by, well, Neville. So he took out the bad part… which was Neville… and will now continue with the interview solo.

... Austin says Neville’s attitude is born from overcompensation for… something. He says that he’s not on Neville’s level. That he’s on the A-Double level, totally above the Neville level.

... Uh oh! Here’s come trouble in the form of Neville, whose pyro is incredible and beard is disheveled.

... Neville has had a hard time finding a good dance partner because the rest of the 205 Live! division seem like little boys, where Neville is clearly a grown man. In Aries he’s found a fellow veteran who has equal mic ability and a character that juxtaposes against his “holier-than-thou” character perfectly.

Match 3: Mustafa Ali vs. Neville

... Pensive to start. Neville eventually establishes his power advantage with a headlock takeover. Ali is able to get to his feet, the headlock still in place. Ali force's Neville off the rest, and Neville responds with a body block. Ali kips up! Screams “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE”. Springboard handstand out of nowhere, and Ali showcases his backup career as a male gymnast if wrestling doesn’t work out.

... Neville takes over, throwing Ali to a corner and sending kicks to his opponent's mid-section. Aries admits he might not help much on commentary, as he’ll be focused on scouting the King of the Cruiserweights.

... Mustafa Ali is FIRED UP! He takes advantage of a distracted Neville. Standing ‘rana gets Ali a one count. Collar and elbow tie up, Neville uses his power to corner Ali. The ref makes a count, and Neville releases the hold, sending a forearm to Ali.

... HUGE FLAPJACK FROM NEVILLE TO ALI! The Champ stares down Aries at commentary. He’s just picking apart Ali. A hard-toss irish whip leads to a huge corner bump for Ali, as Neville openly mocks Ali and the crowd responds with jeers.

... We’ve yet to see THIS kind of cockiness from Neville, who in the early stages of his heel-dom his been a driven, focused, and relentless type. This Neville is cocky, confident, and knows the script he needs to follow to win.

... Neville locks in a chokehold, facing the direction of the commentary booth so Austin can see everything. Ali fights back, trying to create separation. He gets some breaking room and nails a kick to Neville who stands on the apron! Neville falls to the outside and SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY FROM ALI! A curious landing, and Neville actually ends up being the first to get back in the ring.

... Neville goes for another flapjack and Ali counters with a high dropkick! Neckbreaker form Ali! One.. two.. Kickout! Nice mid-match counter development there.

... Ali goes for a Tornado DDT but Neville straight up catches Mustafa, stopping his momentum and depositing him unceremoniously on the top rope, dashing all hopes of any little Mustafa’s in the future.

... Neville gets to the top rope. Trying to set up for what looks like a top-rope Bulldog. But Ali sends a punch into the Champs gut. Neville keeps his balance, both feet standing on the top rope. Mustafa gets to a standing position, hops from one top rope, across to the other… and STANDING SPANISH FLY MY GOD!!!!!!!


... Mustafa is getting to the top rope for the inverted 450. Neville gets away. Mustafa hops off the top rope, behind Neville. Ali charges, Hurrican-no! Neville flips Ali, rotations, rotations… SPIKE DDT!!!!! NEVILLE IS PLANTED ON THE MAT! ONE.. TWO… SO CLOSE!

... Mustafa Ali is SHINING, boy. He drags Neville to the corner. Gets to the top rope. Inverted 450… btu Neville slides under the ropes. Great ring awareness and Ali responds by grabbing the hair of the Champion. Neville responds with a leaping kick. Ali slumps over the top rope, leaning against the big damn corner post.

... Neville climbs up, gets Ali in position for… oh, no… no no no… TOP ROPE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! ALI FLIPS OFF AND BOUNCES CLEAR ACROSS THE RING.

... *THIS IS AWESOME* chant.

... Ali is OUT. Neville gets to his feet, staring down at his opponent. The Champion looks around. He grabs the leg of Mustafa and drags him to a corner. He swings Ali’s whole body into the steel ringpost and stares down Austin.

... Neville drags the lifeless body of Ali to the commentary booth, toying with his food in the face of his future opponent. A beautiful and vile moment. The crowd is uncomfortable, bothered by his viciousness, and totally unsure how to react. And I love every moment.

... Neville, moving with the agility of a snake, locks in the Rings of Saturn and Ali taps within seconds.

Neville def. Mustafa Ali

...A GREAT match that makes Ali look like a real contender and Neville look like a freakin’ monster. Aries played it perfectly, respecting the ability of Neville while clearly saying he knows he’s better than Mustafa.

... I am FIRED UP for this match, you guys. Are you?

... The show ends with Neville proudly holding his title over his shoulder, Aries below him from commentary.

... A super good episode of 205 Live!, who are putting on one of the best programs in WWE right now. This match is going to absolutely steal the show, and will have both the best work rate of the night.

... And while the match will feel like a blow-off, I really think these two could continue this thing through the summer. The level they’re both on, the promos they’re both delivering… why stop it now? Let the young guys have their auxiliary feuds in the mid and lower card while A-Double and Nevs kill the Main.

... What do you want to see next week on 205 Live!? A contract signing? An A-Double beatdown? TJP getting beat by a broomstick?

... Where’s my Gran Metalik commentator? We go another week without the Luchador. Was there a report that he was hurt? Did I miss that? Or are they holding him off the show for another reason?

... As always, thanks for reading! I’ll see ya’ll next week with the go-home show before ‘Mania! Peace and love!

tl:dr Recap:
Nese def. TJP
Tozawa def. Jobber
Neville def. Ali

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