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205 Live! Results (Mar. 14, 2017): Who Will Face Neville at the Wrestlemania Pre-Show!?
By Al.pYro
Mar 15, 2017 - 2:00:33 PM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
March 14, 2017
PPG Paints Arena
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

READERS! I knew you’d come! This is Al.pYro and this is the 3-Dot Recap. It’s a monumental episode of 205 Live! with the biggest main event in the history of the brand - a Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match where the last man standing will face Neville at Wrestlemania for the Cruiserweight Championship. Over on the Red Brand we saw the continuing downfall of TJ Perkins. In a match pitting Perkins and Tozawa versus Tony Nese and Brian Kendrick the inaugural CWC got pinned via roll up by Nese (with a handful of tights). In a seperate battle, Aries made quick work of Ariya Daivari to continue his hot-streak since returning. The stage is set and the battle lines are drawn for those five to duke it out tonight… right here… on 205 Live!

... So like I said, HUGE chance for a young talent to step up and prove what he’s worth.

… It’s not often that you get a chance to stand under the spotlight and prove to your bosses, the world, and yourself that you can do the damn thing just as good as anyone else.

… I’m talking, of course, about Tom Phillips, who will be our play by play man tonight due to Mauro Ranallo having travel issues.

… Dirt sheets are reporting that Mauro was thrown into lock-up after shouting “USHIGOROSHI” on a crowded airplane. The man just can’t control himself.

… Neville is out first with a mic in his hand. He spouts off about how one year and one day ago, in this very building, he broke his leg and was robbed of his first Wrestlemania Moment©.

… He says that the worst thing about it was that he looked around and… nobody cared he was gone. That he was forgotten by each and every member of the WWE Universe. The crowd boos him, which seems like a strange and cruel response.

… “In my darkest moment, I felt like my support base abandoned me!”

… Neville is eventually interrupted by the Final Fantasy-esque music of Mustafa Ali, who storms passed the King of the Cruiserweights without a thought and we’re ready for our first match.
Match 1: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

… The two shake hands. Mustafa tries to find an opening but Gulak keeps a defense base. Ali goes for leg but Gulak sends a forearm to his back, followed by a stiff kick.

… Gulak is sent to the outside of the ring by a sweet armdrag. Ali follows suit, jumping to the outside apron, hopping to the second turnbuckle, and nailing Gulak with a majestic AF springboard crossbody.

… Ali doesn’t stay in charge for long, as Gulak takes over after transitioning a Ali Tornado DDT into a Guillotine Spike. The brash Catch Point Leader then begins to bounce off the bottom rope to stomp the hands and arm for Ali.

… A lovely Gory Special slows the pace of the match to a halt. A smattering of applause from the audience at the technical brilliance of Gulak, and, maybe, the incredible flexibility of Mustafa.

… A backslide brings Ali’s shoulders to the mat. Two count and kickout. Mustafa up quickly with a couple backhanded chest slaps to Drew. Ali quickens the pace, which favors the smaller man.

… Ali nails one of those patented Slide Through Neckbreakers. A 2 count.

… Ali finally does nail that Tornado DDT! The impact sends him fully across the ring and, unfortunately for him, in position for Ali’s finisher.

… Mustafa climbs to the top rope and nails that gorgeous Inverted 450 Splash for the one, the two, and the three.

Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak

… Oh, no. Oh, no, oh, no, oh no. Gulak demands a mic. He says he’s tired of coming out, giving it his all, and not getting appreciated. AND HE’S TIRED OF IT.

… He says he’s not the problem. That 205 Live! is the problem. That “this place needs to change”.

… I mean, it’s interesting. I don’t know what it means. It probably doesn’t mean anything. But Gulak has been one of my favorite Indy Stars for the last two years, and to see him floundering on 205 Live! is unfortunate. These “i’m fed up and demand a change” semi-shoots rarely work, though.

… Backstage Noam Dar reveals to Daivari that he’s asked that they get a rematch against Gallagher and Swann. The Young Wan says that “Dar and Daivari” just sounds like a perfect tag team. I actually agree.


Match 2: Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann

… Dar and Daivari separate Gallagher from his partner to start. Gallagher gets in some offense from time to time, but from the most part is dominated in the early goings of this slow-paced match.

… Gallagher gets in his turnbuckle headstand spot, halting Dar’s charge with a foot and evading both men charging at once by hopping off over Noam. Daivari and Dar bonk heads like they’re two of the Three Stooges. Comedy!

… Jack finally gets the hot-tag and in comes Swann. He goes spinning heel kick to a leaping back stomp to a rolling thunder. A pin gets a two count.

… Daivari takes over after sneaking an elbow past Swann’s guard. He takes out Gallagher after, leaving Swann alone. Swann battles back, hitting a running knee on a top-turnbuckle seated Daivari.

… Sneaky tag by Dar! Swann didn’t see!

… Rich nails a ‘Rana on Daivari. The Former Champion’s full attention of on Ariya, who isn’t the legal man. Noam stalks Swann who turns and STANDING SHINING WIZARD! Dar pins Swann! One… Two….. THREE!

Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari def. Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher

… An impressive win where Dar just outsmarted his competition. A smart booking decision that gives more fuel to this feud, which would have maybe fizzled out if Swann beat Dar once more.

… Noam Dar grabs a mic and says that material gifts are great… but actions taken to prove affections are better. That chocolates or flowers can’t amount to the victory Noam Dar just earned in the name of his Special Girl.

… Just then, a Teddy Bear almost as big as Dar himself arrives in the ring, delivered by that same damn delivery man as the past four weeks. What delivery service is this?

… It’s becoming clear that Dar isn’t the one sending these gifts Alicia’s way. And that Dar is doing some quick thinking to assign himself responsibility. It’ll be interesting to see how they reveal the true gift-giver.

Match 3: Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Tony Nese vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins

… Tony Nese looks like a guy who sits in his boat wearing an open Hawaiian shirt and shades sipping Natty Ice even though the boat is still in his driveway.

… All five men are out and a very loud, very clear “Austin Aries” chant showers over the post-bell faceoff. Aries drapes himself in a lying position over the top turnbuckle. Kendrick slinks out of the ring.

… Tozawa turns his attention to Kendrick, screaming “HEY, COME ON, I WANNA FIGHT YOU”. Nese blindsides Tozawa, sending him out of the ring. Kendrick grabs the fallen Akira and slams him into the guardrail. In the ring, TJP is also sent to the outside of the ring by Nese. Once alone, Aries charges Nese with a running dropkick! He pins Tony and it’s a two count!

… Aries and TJP square off. They exchange moves, a deep arm drag leads to a headstand escape from Aries. TJP in a sitting position. Aries gets to the second rope and sends a flying elbow into the small of Perkins’ back. Aries tries to dab but looks more like he’s trying to hold back a sneeze.

… The wily Kendrick sees Aries alone in the ring and sneak-attacks the odds on favorite. Aries rolls to the corner. Tozawa charges Kendrick, but Brian covers up in a way that makes Akira halt. Once Kendrick stands Tozawa sends a devastating close-palmed punch to the mush of Kendrick.

… YAH YAH YAH YAH is interrupted by a charging forearm from Nese. Tozawa looks to take flight against Nese but gets his leg caught by Kendrick who drags him to the outside.

… On the other side of the ring Aries Suicide Dive’s to Tony Nese on the outside. Kendrick offers Austin an alliance. The two dump Nese and Tozawa to the outside and Kendrick immediately attacks Austin.

… Tozawa has Tony Nese dead to rights after a snap german but Kendrick breaks up the pin! The Vet goes for the pin but Nese kicks out. Tozawa back in and hits a Shining Wizard. He follows that up with a Soccer Kick to seated Kendrick and a standing Senton.

… Amazing bit of character work by Kendrick. Graves points out that Kendrick is obsessed with making Tozawa’s life miserable, but I think it’s even more than that. Any success Tozawa has while not being Brian’s protege is bad for Brian’s argument. The less he succeeds, the more it seems he needs Kendrick’s guidance. That twisted logic is on clear view here.

…. A forearm sends Kendrick to the outside, followed by a Suicide Dive! Tozawa celebrates but is caught by TJP with a corkscrew plancha! Both men get to their feet and NESE WITH A SPINNING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! And now Aries is to the top rope! He takes his time, playing to the crowd but he’s pushed off by Kendrick! Aries crashes to the outside, landing between the commentary booth and timekeeper area. MY GOD.

… Nese is up on the outside and he’s got bad intentions. The Man with the Abs lowers his knee pad and signals for his finisher. And… oh no… Aries is wobbling around, on all fours against the timekeeper area guardrail… Nese charges… RUNNING NESE sends them both crashing through the padding! Unbelievable impact.

… A well deserved “Holy Sh*t” chant breaks out. Tony Nese is up quicker than expected, and Austin Aries is DONE. There have been no eliminations as of yet but Phillips makes the point that Aries might as well be out.

… Back in the ring, Nese goes for another Running Nese on TJP, who evades the attack. The two exchange maneuvers but Nese gets caught in the Cross Armbreaker. Nese taps within seconds.

TJ Perkins eliminates Tony Nese

… Nese is up and clotheslines Perkins while screaming “YOU RUINED MY MOMENT”. Tozawa throws Nese from the ring and while distracted Kendrick nails him with a Sliced Bread #2! One… Two… Three!

The Brian Kendrick eliminates Akira Tozawa

… The crowd boos a bit at Tozawa’s elimination. Kendrick goes right back to work on TJP, trying to lock in a Captain’s Hook. Perkins is able to escape. They find themselves on the top turnbuckle after TJP evades a Slice Bread #2.

… Aries is back up! He grabs a hold of both men and sends them crashing to the mat. All three down. Perkins and Aries use the ropes to hoist themselves, both stand absolutely exhausted. A beautiful bit of camera work as both of them turn their attention towards Kendrick. They get him out of the ring and go to work on one another. Which makes less sense than just eliminating him.

… Perkins gets Aries up for the Detonation Kick! Kendrick rolls back in the ring and grabs the a leg of TJP! Perkins goes through the motion of the move but can’t lift his leg! Austin falls flat on TJP in a pin position and Kendrick hops on top of both men! One… two... three!

Brian Kendrick eliminates TJ Perkins

...Kendrick then immediately locks in a Captain’s Hook. TJP can’t help himself and dropkicks his former rival. TJP and TBK are locked up in battle, Aries goes for a rolling elbow but Kendrick evades, leaving Aries to nail Perkins. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2! Hits it! One… Two… NO!

… Captain’s Hook gets locked in! This has to be it! Aries is in the middle of the ring. The crowd begins an “Austin Aries” chant. Kendrick screams “I’M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!” Aries gets to the rope but there’s no DQ/no rope break!

… He gets to vertical base. Kendrick tries to flip Austin over into another Captain’s Hook but Austin lands on his feet. He nails an elbow, sends Kendrick into the ropes, he bounces off the other corner and ROLLING ELBOW!!!!


Austin Aries defeats The Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins, Tony Nese, and Tozawa

… And Austin Aries earns the chance to battle on the Wrestlemania Pre-Show!

… An unreal match. The best there’s been on 205 Live!. I broke down almost every move in the match because every moment felt that important. High stakes, desperation, and character work throughout. Unreal.

… I have to say that Kendrick was the MVP of the match. The dude picks his spots so, so well. Tony Nese came out of this looking great as well, even though he was the first one eliminated.

… A VERY, VERY good episode of 205 Live! that showcased every important Cruiser the company has to offer outside of the injured Cedric Alexander. A jam-packed hour of television that offered two solid and one great match. And a crowd that stayed electric throughout.

… Feeling FIRED UP about the Purple Brand right now, boys. Hope you are too.

… What do you think of Austin vs. Neville at Mania? Did WWE make the right call? Did you want any of the other four men to win instead?

… Will the Cruiserweight Match be on the Pre-Show? Or is that my cynicism showing through?

… How would you book these next two weeks of Neville/Aries? Would you change anything of their characters?

… That’s it for this week. See ya’ll next time when I’ll more than likely be covering a main event contract signing! Woohoo!!

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