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205 Live! Results (Feb. 28, 2017): CW 6-Man Tag, Dar vs. Dorado, Neville and Jack Gallagher Face Off
By Al.pYro
Mar 1, 2017 - 1:34:26 PM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
February 28, 2017
XCEL Energy Arena
St. Paul, Minnesota

Hey! You there! Come over here! It’s the final day of February and I’m here for you to recap the hottest hour of Cruiserweight action anywhere on WWE Network. We’re five days away from the Raw Exclusive Event “Fastlane” where, among other things, Neville will defend his Cruiserweight title against the red headed stepson of the CW Division Jack Gallagher.

As always, scroll to the bottom for tl;dr results if you don’t want to read the in-depth recap and review.

I did an experiment this week and didn’t watch either Raw or Smackdown. This was in an effort to see whether or not it’d have any impact on my mot

... After a video package recapping the feud of Neville and Gentleman Jack up until this point we’re treated to the newly-controversial face of Tom Phillips.

... The #1 Contender is backstage...

... On the Fastlane Pre-Show: Tozawa and Rich Swann vs. THE Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar

Match 1: Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs. Lince Dorado

... The two square off in the middle of the ring, measuring their opponents. A man in head-to-toe beige khaki walks down the ramp with a bouquet of flowers and delivers them to Alicia FAAAAAAAAAWKS.

... Dorado rolls up a distracted Dar for a close two-count.

... “Distracted Dar” was actually the name of my band in high school.

... Dorado hops around the ring like a Spider Monkey, doing his usual shtick.

... Meanwhile, on the outside, Alicia is literally eating one of the flowers, tossing some out to the crowd. Everyone in the front row, literally every single person, has their eyes on Fox and not the match.

... Dar locks in a rest hold just in time for it to really seep in for the crowd that they don’t have to pay attention to this match.

... A “We Want Flowers” chant breaks out and the match has now been officially hi-jacked.

... Austin Aries surmises that Lince Dorado has bad allergies and maybe this is all part of Dar’s plan.

... A overhead belly to belly leads to a Dar kip-up. Noam whips Lince into the ropes but Dorado controls his momentum, bounces off the ropes chest first, Springboard Stunner! One… Two… no! Dar kicks out.

... Dorado goes to the top rope, measuring Dar, he hops off, misses a charging Dar, rolls through, and Noam sends one of those VICIOUS charging soccer kicks to the shin of Lince.

... Dar, measuring a groggy Lince, signalling for the end. He charges and Standing Enzuguri! One… Two… Three!

Noam Dar def. Lince Dorado

... Wow! A shocking result, honestly. Dar picks up his second victory in as many weeks. Fox rolls in the ring and the two hug and celebrate Noam’s win.

... Dar grabs a mic, says “My gift of these beautiful sweet flowers can’t compare to the beauty of Alicia FAAAAAAWKS.”

... Very curious what this means for Dar. Lince, I thought, was someone they wanted to slow-build as a secondary luchadore options after Metalik. Instead, it seems, he’s going to be low-card fodder to even the likes of Noam Dar. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

... A few packages are shown for NXT and Raw, and when 205 Live! returns Austin Aries is in the ring welcoming out Akira Tozawa for another EXCLUSIVE interview.

... Aries says Tozawa he’s had a rocky start in NXT. A package recap is played showing the backstage interactions of Kendrick and the new Japanese star.

... Austin says he knows Kendrick is a shady character, even by his own standards, but asks for Tozawa’s reasoning for turning down such a generous offer.

... Tozawa says he respects Kendrick, but he wants to make it on his own. The crowd actually somewhat popped for this line.

... Austin says he respects the fact that Akira wants to do it on his own. But that Kendrick seems to disagree, and has felt disrespected by being turned down. Because of this, Austin mentions, the veteran has been teaching Akira a series of lessons.

... It’s shown that last night, after a victory over Noam Dar, Tozawa was ambushed by Kendrick. Aries asks Tozawa what he plans to do about his revenge and Akira yells I WANNA FIGHT… RIGHT NOW AHH! AHH! AHH!

... Kendrick’s music hits. Brian says he’d never fight Tozawa on Akira’s terms. That Kendrick only ever fights on his own terms. Kendrick teases the crowd, asking over and over “What makes you think….” The crowd gets hot, frustrated.

... Great mic work by the vet. He’s annoying, conniving, and elitist.

... Whoa. Kendrick makes fun of Tozawa’s accent. Saying that if he wants to fight him, Tozawa needs to learn english first. Ooook?

Match 1: Cedric Alexander, TJ Perkins, and Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Ariya Daivari

... Ariya Daivari got a pretty big face reaction from his hometown crowd.

... This 6-man is the type of match I’ve been proclaiming the 205 Live! bookers need to be putting on. Let’s hope it’s good or I’m going to look mighty stupid.

... The Face team isolate Tony Nese in their corner to start. TJP blocks a kick from Nese and turns it into a cross armbar.

... Daivari in to break the hold and the crowd pops LOUD just to see him enter the ring. TJP sees him coming, though, a evades his knee-drop. TJP up and he dumps Ariya out of the ring. The crowd boos at seeing their local boy shit on like that.

... Mustafa Ali with a springboard crossbody to the outside! TJP measures for a plancha but gets his ankle grabbed as he bounces off the ropes. On the outside, Perkins gets his lower back smashes into the commentary table. Nese rolls TJP into the ring and gets a 2 count.

... Daivari is tagged in and the crowd responds with joy. The commentators assure the Minnesotans that the feeling isn’t mutual, that Ariya hates it here. His face tells a different story, the dude can’t contain his excitement.

... Gulak locks in that incredibly painful-looking modified Gory Special.

... Mustafa Ali in the ring and he proves to be too fast for Gulak. Ali goes to the top rope, but is temporarily halted by an attacking Daivari, who’s dispatched with quickly but provided enough of a moment of pause for Gulak to attack.

... Gulak grabs Ali into a torture rack position and tosses him off his shoulders. Almost like an F-5 with no spin. Unorthodox but impactful. And I want to confess that I spelled torture “tochur” on first attempt. Not my best moment.

... Triangle dropkick from TJP to Daivari on the outside. Nese on the apron, cartwheel! He drops to the outside and HUGE SUPERKICK! Nese helps Daivari up but TOPE CON HILO by Alexander!

... Inside the ring, Gulak thinks about going to the top rope. He doesn’t, however, deciding instead to charge a cornered Ali. Mustafa evades, though, and plants Drew with that HUGE DDT that I love oh, so much.

... Ali brings the near-dead Gulak to the corner and goes to the top rope! Inverted 450! One… two… th-NO!!!! Daivari puts Gulak foot on the rope!

... Ali yells at the ref, the ref yells at Daivari and while all this is happening Tony Nese grabs the waist of Mustafa and sends him flying into the corner turnbuckle with a German Suplex.

... Nese dying for the tag in the corner. Gulak slowly goes to the corner. Nobody in the face corner and Mustafa Ali is position for the Nasty Nese.

... Gulak gets the tag! Nese in the ring but from out of nowhere TJP appears at his corner! Ali dives for the tag! TJP in, evades an attack by Nese and DETONATION KICK!

... Daivari breaks the close pin. That surely wouldve been it, otherwise.

... TJP to the top rope but Gulak kicks his legs out from under him. TJP in a seated position, leaning against the corner turnbuckle. Tony Nese sees him and…


... Whatever you want to call it, it connects! Lights out! One… two… three!

Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali

... So, I was right. More. Matches. Like. This. Please.

... The crowd was amped by the end, even though the heels were victorious. This kind of non-stop, no-brakes action is VITAL to the wellness of the Cruiserweight division and 205 Live!.

... Honestly, I feel like I need a cigarette after that match. As a matter of fact…


... Ok, we’re back and an Austin Aries video package is finishing up. I almost don’t want him back in the ring, he’s been so good in the booth.

... Neville is out to address the audience. This crowd has seen over 3 hours of wrestling at this point and their main event here at 205 Live! is a promo. Maybe they’ll be into it…

... Neville says that the Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live! was created to showcase the best of the Cruisers. But upon it’s creation, everyone seemed to forget about the best Cruiser of them all… NEVILLLLLLEEEE *Lillian Garcia voice*.

... The Champion says that at Fastlane, he won’t just be beating Jack Gallagher, he’ll be publicly executing the Gentleman.

... Just then, the challengers music hits and out comes the red head, umbrella and all. Jack says this is less a history lesson and more a meltdown. Suggests maybe he should get the Champ some tea and biscuits.

... The crowd then chants “Tea and Biscuits”. Good job, Jack.

... Neville says this is HIS ring.

... Jack corrects him. Says this ring will never belong to Neville. This ring belongs to allllll of them and points to the audience.

... Jack starts disrobing, saying maybe it’s time Neville leaves.

... Jack charges the Champion unexpectedly. It only takes a moment for Neville to get the upper hand. Neville stomps the Challenger, rams his head into the mat.

... Neville bounces off the ropes and DROPKICK BY JACK! Neville drops, gets back up, and ANOTHER! Gallagher winds up and HEADBUTT! Neville recedes to the corner turnbuckle and RUNNING DROPKICK-NO! Neville rolls out of the ring and leans against the side railing. Jack rolls out, too, and RUNNING DROPKICK sending Neville into the WWE Universe.

... Every time Jack and Neville were in the ring together, Jack came out on top. That… wow. Does it mean anything if Neville dominates on Sunday?

... I was wondering what a Jack Gallagher victory would look like. I think it’s just that. The WWE Universe fueling a barrage of kicks and headbutts. If they want to tell that story, they can while making sure both men come out looking strong. But I have to say, Neville losing here would put an end to his dominant reign before it becomes truly dominant.

... And that’s it! 205 Live! goes off the air with Neville looking surly and pissed off in the crowd after being bested once again.

... On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being minutes-before-the-Royal Rumble excited, one being minutes-before-Jack Swagger vs a Jobber excited, how amped are you for Gallagher vs Neville.

... Are there any matches on the Fastlane card you’re MORE excited for than Neville vs. Gallagher?

... Answer below! Your comments, nice, mean, thankful, hateful fuel me.

Thanks for reading. See ya’ next week!

Tl;dr recap:

Noam Dar def. Lince Dorado

Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali
Jack Gallagher stands tall in encounter with Neville

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