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205 Live! Results (Feb. 14, 2017): Gran Metalik Debuts, Swann Returns, Neville v. Perkins
By Al.pYro
Feb 15, 2017 - 1:03:15 AM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
February 14, 2017
Honda Center
Anaheim, CA

The King of the Recappers is back again for a third week in a row and no, that sound you hear is certainly not my Fiance yelling at me from the other room as I tell her I cancelled our dinner reservations to watch 205 Live!. My commitment to you all is undying. I want you to know that you, you reading this, you are my only Valentine. It’s time for you and I to 205 Live! and chill.

Cruiserweight action comes to us from Anaheim after nine hours of WWE content over the past three days. This episode is running live after an incredible Smackdown Main Event. The crowd will almost certainly be dead for the beginning of the show as they recover from that barnburner. So whoever opens the show will certainly be challenged with an uninterested audience. But before we get into that, let’s look back on developments within the Cruiserweight Division that occurred on Raw:

… Early in the show Gallagher defeated Noam Dar with series of running dropkick and that big headbutt that has become a staple of his matches.

… After the match, Neville stared down the redhead from the ramp in a similar scene to how 205 Live! went off the air last week.

… Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari in a fairly quick match with that immaculate Snap Suplex.

… Kendrick was on commentary and continued the storyline of being Tozawa’s mentor.

With that in our mind, let’s get to recappin’ a 205 Live! full of romance!

Match 1:
Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

… The broadcast team welcomes in the viewer, touting the two big selling points for the show - TJP vs. Neville and the Tuesday night debut of Gran Metalik.

… RIch Swann is back, Daddy! And he’s got a mic. He announces his return and also announces that it’s Valentine's Day. He dedicates this match, in honor of V-Day, to Alicia FAAAAAAAAWKS.

… Swann: “Alicia, baby girl, you can’t handle this.”

… Could this be a new, more edgy babyface run for Swann? You can see anxiety these Cruisers have to not be forgotten. These subtle character tweaks are performers trying to perfect characters and get in where they fit in. Even Alicia Fox found a way to get herself some consistent TV time.

… Incredible sequence where Dar breaks up a Swann headlock by pushing him into the ropes, Noam drops to the mat as Swann steps over, Swann leaps over a ducking Dar, and as the young Scot rolls back Rich does a front flip right over him. The two turn towards one another and Swann drops Noam with a high dropkick. The crowd kips up.

… Mauro literally references Ini Kamoze with “Here Comes the Hotstepper”. Peak Ranallo.

… Dar takes control of the match, working the lower back and arm of Rich while continually tossing Fox attention. Take notes, boys.

… Noam Dar, of course, not doing he and Swann any favors with a wrist-lock based moveset.

… There’s literally a dude on hard-cam napping. Nose pointed directly towards the rafters.

… Incredibly awkward moment where Noam has an ankle lock on Swann, who rolls through, however, Dar missed his mark and lost grip of the ankle before being tossed out. Thus, a stumbling Dar comically falls through the ropes to outside and all kids realize wrestling isn’t real.

… Dar goes to the top rope in a seated position, Swann runs up and goes for a hurricanrana but totally whiffs. Dar, of course, goes flying off the second rope anyway… yeeeeesh

... Rich hits a Phoenix Splash from the second rope to pick up the one, two, three. Incredibly awkward finish but a beautiful Phoenix Splash.

RESULT: Rich Swann def. Noam Dar

… Really sloppy matches caused by a mixture of ring rust from Swann and Noam Dar’s general greenness. Swann seemed to work at a speed Dar was uncomfortable with. I’m sure we’ll see them match up again soon, and I look forward to seeing if they can improve upon that performance.

… At ringside, Graves introduces TJP. The camera cuts to a backstage Perkins. Neville is then introduced and we get them both in a strange split screen pre-match face-off.

… Perkins says Neville wasn’t in the CWC because his ankles are made out of glass. Oook. TJ then refers to the CWC as the “TJ Perkins Scorched Earth Tour.”
… Neville says TJP isn’t on his level and then announces that his mixtape is dropping mid-March.

… TJ says Neville sounds like a broken record with a bad accent. I mean, that’s his accent, TJ. That’s the only way he can talk. Kinda rude, bro.

… If he really is supposed to be a babyface, TJ Perkins should refuse any mic time they give him. Everything that comes out of his mouth screams arrogant heel and the reception he gets on the #205Live hashtag only confirms that.

… Gimmick idea: TJP doesn’t talk, but during his promo a text box appears and the letters type out one by one like an early final fantasy. Something “all your bases are belong to us” style.

Match 2:
Gran Metalik vs. Drew Gulak

… The commentators set these two up as opposites. Metalik the high-flying showman and Gulak the ground and pound torturer. Pretty accurate, but Gulak is rarely given a chance look good while using that skillset.

… A fast start, with Gulak hitting a running dropkick as soon as the bell rings. Drew throws Metalik towards the ropes but the Luchador counters with a handspring backflip. Metalik runs towards the rope for a springboard and loses his footing! Gulak supports and saves his ass.

… A bad start for Metalik, whose nerves get the better of him and a nice moment for Gulak who proves why he’s in this position as a safe dancing partner.

… Graves mentions that Drew feels like slighted for not being included in last weeks #1 Contender's Fatal 5-Way. Smart commentating and good character work from Corey.

… Ok, let me try this. Metalik grips Gulak’s hand, jumps to standing position on the top rope, drops to a seated position, rolls into a wheelbarrow, pops up, and finishes the combination with an armed drag. Austin Aries correctly states “that seemed like a lot of work for an armdrag!”

… The crowd responds with a “Si! Si! Si!” chant, so, hey, who am I to judge?

… Ooooof. Metalik runs towards the corner turnbuckle, hops off for a springboard crossbody and misjudges the distance, crashing to the mat in a heap. Super sloppy, and Gulak can do nothing but awkwardly stumble back after the Luchador’s mistake.

… Nice tribute! Gulak locks in the Gory Special, paying homage to the recently passed Chavo Sr. Descansa en Paz.

… Gulak finds hims on the outside, Gran Metalik gets the crowd on their feet and delivers a springboard tope con hilo, splatting to the outside after coming up a bit short.

… Metalik rolls Gulak into the ring and unceremoniously hits a Metalik Driver. The pin goes one, two, three, and the newcomer wins his debut.

Gran Metalik def. Drew Gulak

… Backstage, Tozawa gets his rolling suitcase ready. He’s interrupted by Brian Kendrick, who says it must be intimidating being offered the “opportunity of a lifetime to be mentored by a living legend…” Kendrick asks what Tozawa thinks about being Kendrick’s protege.

… “You would my student, I would be your teacher.”

… “You do what I say, follow my lead and maybe, if you do it right…”

… “NOOOOPE” screams Tozawa! HAAAAAAAA

… Kendrick asks if Tozawa even understands what he’s asking.

… “I understand. I don’t like you.” says Tozawa in English that is pre-tyyyy pre-tyyyy good. That settles that.

Match 3:
TJ Perkins vs. Neville

… The announcers make mention of TJ’s perceived arrogance during the earlier segment. Perhaps a little bit of a heel turn is in the future???

… Neville is out and in Perkins’ face as the commentators hype Neville vs. Gallagher at Fastlane. The crowd is moderately interested and jeer Neville as the bell rings.

… Some great chain wrestling to start, snapmare to hammerlock and the such. TJP trying to slow the pace, for some reason, and using his speed to stay one step ahead of Neville.

… A flapjack sends TJ to the outside as Neville takes over. Aries calls Perkins “Teddy Joystick”. That’s a good name.

… A really slow paced match to this point. Neville stalks Perkins, hitting a missile dropkick from the corner dropkick for a two count. The Champion fully in charge, looking at his challenger with nothing but scorn.

… Mauro claims that he’s impressed by Perkins’ dabbings skills. There are no limits Ranallo won’t stoop to.

… A VICIOUS SPRINGBOARD DDT FROM PERKINS TO NEVILLE! A close two count and the audience can’t muster much excitement.

… An Austin Aries chant breaks out as this match begins to pick up. The signs of wrestling-exhausted crowd begins to show. An hour ago they were watching Cena v. Styles v. Wyatt for the WWE Championship.

… I get it. I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed.

… Perkins gets to the top rope but Neville follows him up! The Champion has Perkins in Superplex position but he’s able to drive Neville face first into the canvas.

... Perkins hops towards a standing Neville who catches him in powerbomb position. Perkins drops to a Styles Clash position and Neville simply lets TJ slide down the mat for a submission Again. Disappointed.

… Neville with a huge step up enziguri! The Champ follows that up with some kind of double arm neck lock. Both Mauro and Aries are at a loss for what to call the maneuver, but it does get Perkins to top within seconds.

Neville def. TJ Perkins via Submission

… Post match, Jack Gallagher’s music hits and the Gentlemen runs down the ramp! He slides into the ring and instantly is met by kicks raining down from the Champ.

… Neville turns his attention to William the Third, the umbrella, and IMPRESSIVELY throws the damn thing all the way to the top of the ramp.

… Gallagher ceases on the distraction and hits the Champ with a combo of punches, leading to a big head butt that sends Neville rolling out of the ring and up the ramp.

205 Live! goes off the air with Gallagher in the middle of the ring holding the Cruiserweight Championship, perhaps an image we’ll see again after Fastlane.

So that’s it!

TL;DR recap:

Rich Swann def. Noam Dar
Gran Metalik def. Drew Gulak
Neville def. TJ Perkins

… Not the best episode of 205 Live!, with Gallagher being missed and some dangerously sloppy moments in the first two matches.

… Although it was a short segment, the Tozawa and THE Brian Kendrick feud took a turn as the former straight up rejected the latter's Apprenticeship offer.

… That’s all I got. I can’t really polish this turd too much. This was a dud, with all of the performers maybe thinking of their sweetheart back home. Speaking of which, I better get back to mine before I get in even more trouble.

… I will say before I go, that airing this show after Smackdown REALLY does the division no favors. The live crowd is tired, the home crowd is tired, and the performers clearly feel second fiddle.

… Not to mention it bumps Talking Smack into hour-later irrelevance. Imagine an NFL Post-Game Show that took place after the new season of 24. Just makes no sense.

… What, or who, was missing from this week’s 205 Live!?

… No matter how they build between here and Fastlane, does Gallagher have a shot?

… After his debut, how are you feeling about the man of a thousand fancy armbars Gran Metalik?

Comment below, send me a tweet or email, and as always… thanks for reading, my friends. See ya’ next week! Happy Valentines and have a great week.

Twitter: @MartyOropeza
Email: Martinioropeza@gmail.com

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