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205 Live! Results (Apr 18, 2017): Daivari Wins the Lotto, Fox Chooses Her Man, and TJP vs. Aries
By Al.pYro
Apr 19, 2017 - 1:07:33 PM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
April 18, 2017
KFC Yum! Center
Louisville, Kentucky

Yeah, that’s actually what the arena is called. I know. It’s crazy. America is crazy. Kentucky is even crazier than most of America. Coincidentally, the “Yum! Center” is what I call my bedroom. Yeah, baby, yeah. Tonight on 205 Live!
we get the red-hot TJ Perkins facing off against the man who’s taken a backseat in his own Championship feud, Austin Aries. The Neville/Perkins interactions have been much more interesting than the actual feud it’s supposed to be a side-story for so we’ll see tonight if they can’t change that before Payback

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. Tony Nese

... A traditional Cruiserweight handshake to start. Tony Nese bullies akira, facepalming him around the ring before tossing him to the outside. Tozawa, irate, rolls back in and smashes an elbow across Tozawa’s face.

... Tozawa drops Nese, hits him with a Soccer Kick, bangs on him with a standing senton and gets a quick two count. Nese rolls out of the ring, Tozawa goes thinks about going for a Plancha but Nese intercepts him with a Football Tackle.

... Tony rains down kicks on a downed Akira. Nese locks in a neck lock and WELP, here comes Brian Kendrick.

... Tony Nese looks like a youth pastor who wears flip flops and calls you “Brother”.

... Nese on the apron. Tozawa charges and nails him with an elbow, sending the Premier Athlete to the outside. Tozawa charges and SUICIDE DIVE! Akira stares down Kendrick on the outside.

... Back in the ring now, and Nese attempts to slow down Tozawa with another headlock. Akira goes for a Back Body Drop but Nese lands on his feet. A knee to the lower back and Akira falls into the ropes, 619 Position.

... The Official backs off Nese so Akira can get off the ropes. Kendrick jumps up on the apron, but the ref catches him. Nese’s attention is turned towards Brian! Tozawa takes advantage! Roll up! One! Two! AND THREE!

Akira Tozawa def. Tony Nese

... Tozawa is shocked. Nese is inconsolable. And Kendrick attempts to console and apologize to Tony. Kendrick tells Nese it was all about Tozawa, not about hi-BUT IS DECKED BY NESE!

... Tozawa lays out lesson plan #3 - You Have to Have Eyes on the Back of Your Head

... Tom Phillips says that Tozawa might have a Masters if these lessons are anything to be believed… but this program has gone so long by the end of it we all might have Doctorates. Not such a smarty pants now, are you, Chad Matthews?

... Next up we get a recap of the Alicia Fox storyline that also involves Noam Dar and former Champion Rich Swann as B-Characters.

... Swann calls out Alicia Fox, saying she’s had a week to think on his offer.

... Dar interrupts and says last week was the worst moment in his whole short life.

... AND THE STAR OF THE SHOW ARRIVES! In the ring, both men inquire what her choice is going to be. The crowd sits on the edge of their seats. Across the nation, nay, WORLD, eyes and minds and hearts are glued to their television sets, in Time Square the broadcast is carried live, in Piccadilly Square all buses stop, in Hong Kong even the pollution comes to a halt as Alicia FAAAAAAAAWKS decides which man she’ll walk to the ring with.

... Alicia tears into Noam Dar. He can’t cook, his cologne stinks, and she can’t stand how she says his name. She dismisses him. They’re done for. Noam slinks away.

... Rich Swann is VERY sweaty. Like, girlfriend grabbed his phone to look something up while he was texting his side chick whose phone number is under the contact “Pizza Hut” sweaty.

... Rich says all the gifts he got Alicia were from the heart. And now he wants to give her what she deserves.

... “Do you remember Cedric Alexander…?”


... Swann says that she left Cedric for some Eurotrash Pervert. And now the world knows what kind of woman she is. Wow. That’s. Ok.

... tbh, I’m still laughing at “STOP LOOKING AT ME SWANN!”

... Well, glad that’s over. What’s next for Dar? What’s next for Swann? Is that the last we’ll see of Fox on 205 Live? Probably?

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Ariya Daivari

... Daivari has a new Saudi Prince/Oil Money gimmick, so at least that’s something. “Persian Privilege at it’s finest” says Corey Graves.

... Did Daivari win the lottery? Last week he was just a dude. This week he's pulling up in a Yellow Porsche.

... Daivari is disgusted that Ali even touched him. Character work!

... Ali focusing a little more than normal on mat work. The two exchange pinfall attempts, armdrags, and roll throughs. Ali drops Daivari with a dropkick, the latter rolling to the outside. Mustafa bounces off the ropes, takes off! BACKFLIP PLANCHA MY GOD!

... Ali bounces to the second rope for his DDT ‘Rana, but Daivari uses his power to turn it into a Spinebuster. Ariya smartly working that lower back of Ali.

... Backbody drop but Ali lands on his feet. Ariya turns around and Spinning Heel Kick! Daivari whips Ali and Hurricanrana! Ali kips up, favoring his lower back. Daivari whips Ali the turnbuckle, Mustafa slides out to the apron, rolls through the ropes and Rolling Neckbreaker for a two count!

... Both men find themselves on the top rope. Ali backflips off, Daivari hops off and is met with a dropkick! Mustafa Ali up his patended Inverted 450 but---

... Sirens? Sirens are going of-OH MY GOD! Drew Gulak is out with a bullhorn and picket sign that reads NO FLY ZONE. “NO HIGH FLYING, I’M NOT LYING, NO HIGH FLYING, I’M NOT LYING!”

... Daivari drags Ali off the middle turnbuckle. Hammerlock Lariat! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Ariya Daivari def. Mustafa Ali

... And Senator Gulak aids a member of the 1%. TYPICAL POLITICIAN!

... Backstage, Gulak says he represents the WWE Universe, and he’ll stop at nothing in representing their views for a better 205 Live!. He really might as well say Make the Cruiserweights Great Again. Honestly. Just do it, man.

Match 3: Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins

... TJP begins by playing the tentative heel. But when the actions starts, TJ gets the upperhand first. He locks in a leg scissor neck lock, which Aries is able to headstand out of. The two exchange positions a few times, catch as catch can in a beautiful sequence.

... TJ getting all his work in. A leg scissors dab. The Spider-Man stuck between the ropes thing. TJ rolls out on the hard cam side and SUICIDE DIVE by Aries!

... I should be careful about screaming SUICIDE considering the news of a certain former Patriots player this morning, but let’s not get hung up on that.

... Austin sends one of the most impactful, loudest open-palmed slaps to the chest of TJP. It reverberates so loud distant first, that grew into castrophany so immense that it could be heard far away in space.

... TJP gets Aries into a Butterfly lock. Aries gets to a vertical base. BIG uppercut from TJP. Off the ropes goes Aries. Mule kick sends Austin to the ground. TJ holsters the finger guns. Standing Tumbleweed! But Aries moves and TJP crashes to the mat!

... Both men up. Austin ducks a clothesline. Aries missiles himself to drop TJ. ANOTHER HARD SLAP MY GOD! Gutbuster. STO. Pendulum elbow! Sideslam, one, two, kickout!

... The poor, poor chest of TJP is BLOOD red.

... Austin goes to the top rope. Firing up this listless crowd. He goes for a moonsault but lands on his feet. He curses, loudly, and they cut out the audio. That looked like some painful impact from Austin’s feet. TJP locks in the kneebar to give Austin a rest.

... AA gets to the rope. The crowd comes alive. Chanting “You Suck” at TJP. A testament to the new “massive douche” persona for TJ, which he’s playing very well because he actually is a massive douche.

... TJP going for a Detonation Kick. Elbows to TJP from Aries who turns it into a BELLY TO BACK OVERHEAD SUPLEX! He charges a cornered TJP and BIG FOREARM! A-Double to the top rope! 450!!!!! ONE! TWO! TJP gets his foot on the rope!!

... Aries, hastily, drags TJ to the center of the ring. Pinfall! 2 Count! LAST CHANCERY! But Austin can’t put any pressure on his left leg, so he can’t bridge into it! TJ is able to, somewhat easily, get a foot on the rope, breaking the hold. Fantastic selling there.

... TJP rolls to the outside. The ref gets closer and closer to ten. Austin doesn’t want to win that way. He goes to retrieve TJ, rolling him to the inside. As Austin is getting in the ring himself, TJ pops up and nails a kick to the injured Orbital Bone of Aries!

... TJ goes for the Detonation Kick! Austin wiggles out! Ear Clap! He whips TJ off the ropes… DISCUS FIVEARM!!!!! ONE! TWO! AND THREE!

Austin Aries def. TJ Perkins

... A GREAT match between these two. Every week, WWE’s best Televised Match is on
205 Live!

... I have half a stiffy form Austin leg selling. Yowza.

... The King’s music hits and he charges down the ring. Within moments he’s dropped A-Double and stands over him menacingly. He goes for a Soccer Kick but Aries ducks under! LAST CHANCERY LOCKED IN!!! AUSTIN IS GIVING NEVILLE HIS COMEUPP-NO! TJP INTERFERES!

... The King of the Cruiserweights and the Prince of the Punkass’ take their turns on Austin. Detonation Kick leading to the Rings of Saturn. TJ dabs above the fallen Aries. Neville leads them out of the ring and up the ramp, happy with the work they’ve done. Austin will certainly go into Sunday’s match less than 100%.

... A mixed bag this week on 205 Live!. I like the new Daivari gimmick. The LOVED what Gulak did. The Fox segment was one of the worst in the history of the brand, I’m really tired of Tozawa/Kendrick, and a very well-wrestled Main Event involving a program that’s been hijacked by someone not even in the Title Match. So, yeah. Strange.

... That’s all for this week, ya’ll. See you next time! Peace out to the fans, haters, and losers alike!

tl;dr results:
Tozawa def. Nese
Daivari def. Mustafa Ali
Aries def. TJP
Neville and TJP beatdown Aries

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