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Posted in: 205 Live
205 Live! Results (Apr. 11, 2017): Dar Returns, Ali vs. Kendrick, Gallagher vs. TJP Dark
By Al.pYro
Apr 12, 2017 - 3:47:51 AM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
April 11, 2017
TD Garden
Boston, Massachusetts

3-Dot Army! What is up, people?! Once again back is the incredible recap animal, the unscannable Al - Lord of Pain #1. We’re coming off a stellar week of WWE programming. Everything got thrown into a blender and now, as promised, we are [i]shaken up[/i]. The legion of overweights have been mixed and moved but our lean and mean Cruisers of 205 Live! stayed loyal to the Purple Brand. It got me thinking, though… Why is the Cruiserweight division still a “Raw Exclusive” entity? All the talent is backstage for Smackdown? Why not throw out a match every week just to give them a little more time and keep the #brand relevant for the Tuesday night audience? Also - why doesnt our favorite weekly episodic WWE Network exclusive brand, 205 Live!, have a GM yet? Imagine someone like Jamie Noble at the helm. Or Dean Malenko? Or, I don’t know, Funaki?

Anyway… LET’S RECAP.

... Our Main Event tonight is TJP vs. Jack Gallagher after TJP somewhat hinted towards a heel turn and new found sour attitude on Raw last night. Interesting to see if that continues tonight for a flounder and lost-in-the-shuffle TJ Perkins. *dab*

... But before that, The Brian Kendrick is out and we get a recap of his opponent last week, Akira Tozawa, faking an injury to pick up a win over his “mentor”.

... Kendrick is mic-less, so, unfortunately, no Kendrick promo this week. Mustafa Ali is out and we have a match-up between two of the most consistent competitors on the roster.

Match 1: Mustafa Ali vs. THE Brian Kendrick

... Graves reminds us that Ali has been going back and forth against Drew Gulak, who is trying to convince the man to stop his “high-flying ways”. As he says that, Ali flips out of an armbar and Graves says “kind of like that”.

... Early on that Ali is getting all his usual spots in. His backhand spring evasion, the cartwheel, and the springboard crossbody from the inside to the outside.

... Backstage, Drew Gulak is shown watching on a monitor. He’s on the phone, presumably with his very own SUPER PAC.

... Kendrick hides beneath the ring apron, leaning against the stairs. On the opposite side of the corner, Mustafa searches under the ring to pull out the cowardly heel. But with his attention under the mat, Brian grabs Ali’s arm and pulls his whole body so that it slams against the steel stairs. Weird.

... A big back body drops leads to a two count from Kendrick. He goes for the Captain’s Hook, but Kendrick adjusts into a modified one-arm Camel Clutch. Graves points out that the best method for fighting someone like Ali is to ground him.

... Call me sensitive, but in a matter of seconds WWE had a man named Mustafa Ali in a camel clutch and being told that as long as he’s not in the air, he’s less dangerous. YIKES.

... Kendrick charges but Ali flips over him! A few quick kicks hit Brian and Ali drops him with a dropkick. Ali slides through the ropes and rolling neckbreaker! Man alive, is that a smooth move or what?

... Ali jumps on the second rope for his spinning DDT but Kendrick had it scouted. Ali crashes to the mat and a stocking Kendrick lands a HUGE spinning heel kick. Brian now in full control.

... Torture Rack applied but Ali finds himself free. A knee sends Kendrick to the mat and Ali immediately goes to the top rope for his 450 Splash. Kendrick catches him, they show Gulak backstage, yelling into the phone as if he just found out he dropped four points in the polls, and Ali crashes to the turnbuckle crushing the Lil’ Mustafa’s in the process.

... Kendrick applies the Captain’s Hook! Mustafa reaches for the ropes! He’s close but can’t reach! He stretches, and nothing! Will he tap! His arm is elastic, trying desperately to--- the bell rings?!?!

... Lil’ Naitch gets up and screams, completely irate, that he didn’t call for the bell. Who rang the bell?! Ali didn’t tap! Kendrick and the ref turn their attention towards the timekeepers corner where… AKIRA TOZAWA HAS COMMANDEERED THE RING BELL!

... He smiles wide as Kendrick turns and… ALI TAKES CONTROL! He drops Brian and gets to the top rope… INVERTED 450! One… two… three!

Mustafa Ali def. The Brian Kendrick

... A solid match and nice booking to move further into Act 2 of this feud. With the tables turned, and Tozawa dishing out lessons, this duo are re-telling an old story and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Admittedly, I thought they were out of fuel… but here we are.

... Tozawa is given a mic and reminds Kendrick of lesson #2 -- appearances can be deceiving.

... We get a recap of TJP beating Austin Aries last night and it’s followed by a Perkins interview backstage. TJ calls himself the victim in all this. That he was the hero of the Cruiserweight Tournament and all Austin did was come in and steal his shine. Gallagher interrupts and asks that Perkins acts like a Gentleman tonight in their match.

... Jack certainly has his jimmies ruffled, good sir. TJP says some stuff back and whatever. He’s a bad guy now. He does a bad english accent. He probably says how much he’s gonna win. Whatever.

Match 2: Rich Swann vs. Some Jamoke

... Graves says Swann’s opponent isn’t just some Jamoke.

... Sources close to the 3-Dot can confirm, however, that yes, he is, indeed, a Jamoke.

... The guy is aggressive in the onset, sending Swanna crashing into the turnbuckle with an irish whip. He locks in a rear naked choke and Swann starts his inevitable comeback with a series of elbows into the Jamokes gut. Swann gets some of his moves in.

... In short order, Swann finds the jobber with his shoulders on the mat. Swann goes to the top rope and nails a Phoenix Splash. One! Two! Three!

Rich Swann def. Some Jamoke

... I think dude’s name was Billy Ocean.

... “Why did I give Alicia Fox those gifts?” Swann asks. “Why did I let Noam Dar take the credit?” he asks… buuuuuut…

... NOAM DAR BACK!!!!! His music hits and the Special Wan comes out saying that Swann is nothing but a liar. That everyone knows Noam bought those gifts, obviously.

... Alicia Fox is out and saying that she knows who bought the gifts. And that it was her man Dar. But that she has OBVIOUSLY noticed “the way you were looking at me, SWANN”!

... SHE REFERENCED BILLY MADISON! I am OFFICIALLY an Alicia Fox mark. Where all my Foxxies at?

... Another Khaki-clad deliveryman comes down the ramp and it’s ANOTHER gift. Dar takes the credit, grabbing the box and kicking Swann out of the ring. Noam hypes up the gift. Alicia asks “what is it?” Noam says “Well, I…. uh… it’s a surprise!”


... Fox freaks out, looking like the WCW Locker Room in the 90’s with the white powder all over her face and clothes. We transition to backstage where Austin Aries stands by for an interview.

... Austin Aries is eating a banana. This man is the human embodiment of Reddit.

... Austin essentially says that Perkins isn’t getting in the way of him winning the Cruiserweight Championship at Fastlane. A PPV that I found out this week I will be attending! Woohoo!

... It looks like that’s all we’ll get from both Neville and Austin tonight on 205 Live! and that’s really too bad. The show really lacks a certain something without the two of them on the card.

Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs. TJ Perkins

... Instead of shaking Jack’s hand, TJ fixes his hair. HEEL WORK, BAYBAY! *dab*

... Really nice back and forth pace here to start. With TJ trying to use his speed and Gallagher countering with wit and agility of his own.

... Gallagher goes for the Umbrella Bomb got TJP *dabs* his way up the ramp, saying “peace out” to that situation.

... Back in the ring, Gallagher does his corner turnbuckle headstand spot. He twists out and leaps over TJP, sends Perkins in the rope, and TJ does his spider-man stuck between the ropes spot. Both guys playing all the hits tonight.

... TJ works the leg with a submission neither me nor Graves knows what to call. But it does strong damage to Gallagher's leg. You can see where they’re taking this match, and I’m loving it. Everytime Gallagher tries to pick up a head of steam, that leg gives out and TJ takes back over.

... TJ puts Jack’s legs calf over kneecap and pushes down. The new Heel then locks in a Butterfly lock. Jack frees his own leg. Perkins goes for a suplex but Jack lands on his feet, BUT HIS LEG GIVES OUT! Perkins goes to take over but GUTWRENCH SLAM! One! Two! NO! Kickout!

... Jack in charge with an elbow lock. He brings TJ to a seated position on the top rope! SUPERPLEX!!!!! PERKINS BUMPED LIKE A MADMAN MY GOD! ONE! TWO! NO!!!!

... Please, find video of this Superplex. TJ’s toes and the back of his neck hit the mat at the same time. The dude’s life must have flashed before his damn eyes.

... TJ smartly rolls out of the ring. Gallagher rolls him in, lifts TJ up but PERKINS DROPS JACK! KNEEBAR! GALLAGHER IS GOING TO TAP! HE SCREAMS! ROLLS OVER ONCE! TWICE! ROPE BREAK!

... My God the drama! The audience is HEAVY into this match and really all thought that was it. TJ goes for the Detonation Kick but Jack counters with a headlock. Spinning Backbreaker! But Jack can’t capitalize because of the left leg injury.

... Jack on the outside of the ring. TJ jumps over the turnbuckle, leaps out for a dropkick but Jack stretches the apron to block the kick! He drapes the apron over TJP like’s tucking him nighty night and HEADBUTT!!! MAMMA MIA!!!

... (We miss you, Mauro. Get better. Stay healthy. Keep out of crappy situations.)

... The two stand in the middle of the ring, exchanging blows. TJ takes out the knee, sends Jack stumbling off the ropes and HEADBUTT AGAIN! TJ in the corner, Jack goes for the Gentleman’s Dropkick but the leg gives out! TJ drives Jack’s head into the corner, gets him up and DETONATION KICK!

... One, two, TJ-Three.

TJ Perkins def. Jack Gallagher

... A VERY good main event to, as stated before, a lackluster 205 Live!. This new angle certainly breathes life into the Perkins characters, and the division certainly did need a new heel.

... Neville’s music hits and he raises the arm of Perkins! Looks like our buddy Neville got a friend! #BendTheKnee

... From the ring, Jack looks on disheveled and jimmies successfully ruffled. 205 Live! ends with the commentators wondering how TJ’s new alignment affects the Aries/Neville match. (it doesnt).

... What did you think of the Purple Brand this week? Was it on par with the two flagships? Was it worse? Was it better?

... I’m curious - were you able to cheer for TJP at all as a face? Did you emote anything positive when he won the CWC? Follow up - do you have children? If so, what do they think of the Dab Prince? *dab*

... Thanks for reading, ya’ll. I love interacting with each and every one of you in the comments so drop me a line and let me know what you’re thinking.

... And once again, where’ my dude Gran Metallik? One more week and I’m putting up milk cartons.


tl;dr Results
Mustafa def. The Brian Kendrick in 9:25
Rich Swan def. Johnny Ocean in 2:15
TJ Perkins def. Jack Gallagher in 15:45

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