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205 Live! Results (Apr. 4, 2017): Oney Lorcan Debuts, Fatal 4-Way for #1 Contendership
By Al.pYro
Apr 5, 2017 - 2:46:34 AM

205 Live! 3-Dot Recap with Al.pYro
April 4, 2017
Amway Center
Orlando, Florida

We’re looking for crumbs from Wrestlemania Weekend, turning the bag inside out and rubbing our fingertips trying to get that last bit of ULTIMATE THRILLRIDE residue. Our Cruiser-King still sits atop his throne, knocking off A-Double as the Pre-Show opener. The two men, the best the division has to offer, did the dang thing in front of at least 45,000 rabid fans, with thousands more entering the building. Neville proved one thing - there’s nobody, and I mean nobody, at the Neville Level.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Cruiserweight Pre-Show match. Did these two deliver like you thought they would? Should either of them feel slighted for going on right at the onset? Personally, I thought they had a beautiful rollercoaster of a match that showed what’s so thrilling about this division - that anyone at any moment can pull a maneuver out of their pocket that makes your eyes bulge.

Also didn’t hurt that the next night on the #RawAfterMania Neville and Mustafa Ali had the best in-ring match of the night and, to my eyes, the best representation of 205 Live! there’s been on Raw yet.

With that said… let’s get this recap on the road!

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. THE Bryan Kendrick

... We start with a recap of the Wrestlemania match followed by Phillips and Corey welcoming us to the show and letting us know that tonight’s Main Event is a Fatal 4-Way to crown a new #1 Contender.

... Tozawa out first, followed by a microphone holding Bryan Kendrick, ready to give his reluctant protege a new lesson.

... Lesson #10: It’s not about athleticism. It’s about psychological supremacy.

... Kendrick baits Tozawa to start, rolling out of the ring every time the eager young fighter attacks. Finally, Kendrick thinks he has a chasing Tozawa but when the former goes to attack, the latter’s aggression puts him in control. He goes pump kick to running punt to screaming standing senton.

... Kendrick locks in a Camel Clutch and I’m realized how the bright pastel coloring of both of their trunks makes them look like tag team partners.

... Kendrick tries to dump Tozawa with a back body drop but Akira lands on his feet. A couple of Pump Kick’s into the corner as Kendrick goes pillar to post. Bryan finds himself on the outside and RUNNING SUICIDE DIVE BY TOZAWA MY GOD THE VELOCITY!

... Tozawa finds himself on the top rope, but is caught by Bryan. The Student tries to fight back and the Master stumbles backwards, complaining he was poked in the eye. The ref isn’t buying it, so Kendrick attacks. Tozawa jumps off and over his foe, landing on his two feet and immediately clutching at his left leg. Oh, no.

... Tozawa yelps in pain, falling off to one side and clutching his left knee. The Official checks on him, pushing back Kendrick who is dying to attack him. Pushed away, Kendrick turns his back to Tozawa who suddenly breaks for his opponent and rolls him up for a pin! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Tozawa def. The Bryan Kendrick!

... “Psychological supremacy?” Tozawa says into a microphone, “I just taught you Lesson #1!” Graves goes on and on about how he doesn’t trust Tozawa anymore.

... Are you as done with this feud as I am? It just seems very stagnated. Are we going to get a payoff at Payback?

Match 2: Rich Swann vs. Oney Lorcan

... Oney Lorcan looks like a Grand Theft Auto side character.

... Right at the ring of the bell Oney sprints towards Swann and nails a European Uppercut. He runs towards the opposite corner and nails another. He goes for a third and BOOM! The fourth is attempted and Swann evades!

... The two jump and flip over each other a few times with backflips and frog flips and the whole shebang. Finally, Lorcan nails Swann with a clothesline and turns Rich inside out.

... Oney Lorcan looks like the big brother who offers you and your friends mushrooms because he’d “rather you get messed up in the house rather than anywhere else.”

... After a sustained rest hold, Swann goes to the top rope. Lorcan catches him, knocking the former Cruiserweight Champion’s legs out from under him. Oney locks in a half nelson grip and GOES FOR A HALF AND HALF SUPLEX BUT SWANN LANDS ON HIS FEET! Lorcan turns around and KICK TO THE MIDSECTION!

... Oney Lorcan looks like the "after" in a "This is what Meth will do to you" advertisement.

... But within seconds Oney takes back over, lifting Swann and delivering a dope running Alabama Slam into the corner turnbuckle.

... Lorcan in a seated position on the top rope! Swann catches him with a leaping kick! Standing ‘Rana! Swann to the top rope and TOP ROPE PHOENIX SPLASH!!!! ONE, TWO, THREE!!

Rich Swann def. Oney Lorcan

... So, no. Not a good sign for Lorcan’s 205 Live!
Prospects but a fine match and a good showing from Lorcan who made himself a believable challenger for Swann but found himself on the losing side tonight.

... Swann grabs a microphone and OH MY GOOOOOOD! Reveals that it was him behind all of Alicia Fox’s gifts. One of the biggest revelations in the history of not only Sports Entertainment, but television as a whole.

... The Oceana Passengers were in Purgatory, Tony Soprano gets whacked, and Rich Swann was buying Alicia Fox gifts.

... Backstage, Gulak asks Mustafa Ali if maybe his match on Raw would be different he wasn’t so reckless. Considering Ali lost after going for a 450 Splash… he has a point.

... Drew Gulak looks like the District Manager of your local gym.

... Ali, of course, turns him down. Gulak assures him that whether 205 Live! likes it… A CHANGE A COMIN’.

... Hey! It’s those English Lads. The Chaps of the European Tournament come out. Trent Seven’s pants are LuLuLemon tight and well look at that, Tyler Bate has a new hair style. I swear these English Rasslers are some fashionable blokes.

... Neville is out and he has a microphone. The crowd seems fairly amped by his appearance. He opens by saying there is NO ONE on the Neville Level. He ain’t lying.

... The Champion addresses the nasty rumors that he eye-gouged Aries out of desperation. He shuts that down quickly, saying he didn’t do that because he was desperate… he did it because Austin deserved it.

... Neville HIP HIP HOORAYS with a more than willing crowd. He then thanks the WWE Universe for not believing in him. Without them, he wouldn’t have reached these heights.

... Yo, can I ask a question? Why in thee hell doesn’t Neville have a t-shirt yet? He’s like the man that WWE Shop forgot.

Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs. TJ Perkins vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Austin Aries

...So we’ve reached the end here. The last bit of Live Wrestling for Wrestlemania weekend. Let’s see how the Cruisers send the week home strong.

... The four competitors pair off. TJP and Aries are left in the ring. Aries goes for a quick cover. TJP ends up sending both to the mat. He’s dumped to the outside by Jack. Aries and Jack square off but Gallagher, sensing he’s losing control, escapes the ring smartly and Aries lets him go.

... TJP comes into the ring and takes over with a Clothesline/Bulldog combo on a dazed Aries and a charging Jack. Mustafa Ali in the ring and he hits TJP with a Hurricanrana followed by a stiff spinning heel kick. Gallagher does his corner ringpost headstand and turns beat red.

... KNEEBAR LOCKED IN! TJP gets the vaunted submission locked onto Gallagher but Aries come over and LAST CHANCERY TO TJP! Mustafa sees and double drop kick to both Aries and TJP! Aries clutches his Orbital Socket, selling like a true vet.

... Leaping Crossbody from Ali to Gallagher gets him a two count. He charges a cornered Perkins and is dumped onto the apron by a ready Perkins. Gallagher locks in a reverse necklock on TJP and Austin locks in a reverse necklock on Gallagher and Mustafa rolls through the second rope and nails a neckbreaker on Aries who makes Gallagher and TJP crash to the mat. A Human Centipede of light impact maneuvers. Mustafa scrambles from body to body but each provide only a two count..

... Aries suicide dives to take out Ali and TJP. Gallagher, standing alone, takes out William the Third and MARY POPPINS CANNONBALL!!!! THE HUMANITY!!!!!

... Mustafa Ali up to the second rope and SPINNING DDT AND A BEAUT! Dude, Ali is so, so, so good right now.

... A double takes over, sending Ali into the buckle hard. Aries charges, but Ali evades. Mustafa goes to the top rope, but Aries goes to attack. Gallagher charges, trying to hit Aries, but Austin moves and a vicious kick sends Mustafa to the outside. Jack looks shocked and guilty for hitting Ali.

... Perkins and Gallagher square off after the latter hits Aries with a headbutt. Forearms and European Uppercuts are traded, with Jack getting the upperhand before TJP uses his speed to daze Jack with a series of quick kicks.

... TJP lifts Jack and DETONATION KICK! Jack stumbles back but HEADBUTT! PURE MUSCLE MEMORY!

... Jack crashes to the mat, but TJP stands groggy. Austin rolls in the ring, bounces off the ropes and DISCUS FIVE ARM! ONE… TWO… THREE! AUSTIN REGAINS HIS STATURE AS #1 CONTENDER!

... FUN, FUN, FUN MATCH! These guys have A+ Main Events week in and week out, man. I’m really impressed with the top of 205 Live!’s card.

... Aries and Neville had a very good match and still have more ground to cover within each characters. I’m glad this feud is continuing and can’t wait to cheer them on live in the audience at WWE Payback in San Jose, CA.

... Alright! That’s it. Sad for Mustafa Ali, who’s hot streak didn’t get rewarded with a title shot. But I’m sure if he keeps it up he has a bright and Golden future.

... Let me know what you thought of the Wrestlemania Neville v Aries match, the Neville v Ali match from Raw, and this Fatal 4-Way Main Event.

... Are you stoked that Aries is getting another chance? If not, who would you rather see?

... And NOW do you see Neville dropping the belt? Personally? It’s a no for me, Dog.

... Final question: Where does the Fatal 4-Way rank in Wrestlemania Weekend in-ring action? Top 5? Top 6? What was it better than? What wasn't it better than?

Thanks, as always, for reading. And remember, it ain’t about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

tl;dr Recap:
Tozawa def. Kendrick
Swann def. Lorcan
Aries def. Perkins, Ali, and Gallagher

Twitter: @martyoropeza
Email: martinioropeza@gmail.com

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