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Posted in: WWE
205 Live Results (January 31, 2017): Dar and Neville vs. Alexander and Gallagher, Tozawa Debuts
By Al.pYro
Feb 2, 2017 - 12:32:26 PM

205 Live! 2/1/2017 Three Dot Review with Al.pYro

Hey everyone! There seemingly hasn’t been anyone to pick up the mantle of 205 Live! reviewer here on LordsofPain. So here I am, former main pager and current Columns Forum irregular to give you to low-down on what’s happening in the Cruiserweight Division. 205 Live is hands down the best hour of pure wrestling that WWE has to offer, jam-packed with fast-paced matches in which each competitor is attempting to establish themselves as a contender.

That urgency makes 205 Live! A worthwhile hour of wrestling each week. But it’s also the 6th hour of WWE programming in two days, and this week was the 542nd hour of programming after Takeover, Royal Rumble, Raw, and Smackdown.

So maybe you missed it. If so, I got your back, new friend. Here’s the my Three Dot Review of the show.

...There was a devastating injury this week in WWE. One that made the Writer’s Room in the New York office pull out the whiteboard and start reconstructing narratives. You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather.

...The injury I’m referencing, of course, is that of Rich Swann, who on Sunday at the Royal Rumble lost his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in damn fine match that took place in front of dozens, and I mean dozens, of the 50,000 fans that had crammed into the Alamodome.

… I was there live at the Royal Rumble and it was awful to see and hear the WWE Universe's lack of interest in anything regarding the Cruiserweight division. My section thinned out fairly heavily when it became clear that they were purple-fying the ring. Towards the end, Swann and Neville were able to convert some of the disinterested but nowhere near what they deserved for one of the better matches on a stacked card.

...As for tonight’s 205 Live, Jack Gallagher will take the place of the former Champ as he teams with Cedric Alexander to go against Noam Dar and “The King of the Cruiserweights”, and new Cruiserweight Champion, Neville.

... Mauro says he’s a big fan of puroresu while name-dropping DragonGate.

... Graves quips that he might have ordered that last night.

... Last week TJ Perkins defeated Tony Nese with a Crucifix Pin, but was attacked after by a defiant Nese with a German Suplex into the lower turnbuckle and a “Running Nese”.

... What Tony lacks in charisma he makes up for in Dad Puns.

...Out to take on Nese is Lince Dorado.

... Lince shows off his agility, quickly applying the Crucifix pin that beat Nese last week. This time, Nese is able to kick out. Progress.

... Mauro name drops former NXT Debutant Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Remember when he beat Tyler Breeze at that Takeover? I wonder what happened to the guy.

... Lince does a sick handspring Stunner after being whipped into the ropes. The crowd pops with a mild “oooooh”, followed up by a single, isolated fan chanting “DI-RA-DO”. But I dont know, maybe the guy is ordering a bag of chips.

... Mauro name drops Kazuchika Okada after Lince performs a dropkick to Nese, who’s in a seated position on the top rope. Aries and Corey Graves say “Bless you” is if Ranallo had sneezed.

... Nese grabs hold of Dirado’s mask, causing a momentary distraction which allows the Premier Athlete to kick out the legs of the luchador, sending him crashing to the mat.

...The end comes after Tony lowers his knee-pad and hits that running knee on Lince.

...Mauro screams “The Nese-ty Knee” while Aries corrects him “The Running Nese!”

...This is almost the exact same ending as we saw in Nese vs. Ali from Raw.

...Post-match we’re treated to the Nese attacking a helpless Dirado. He sets up the luchadore for another Nese-ty Knee but a new Challenger Appears and TJ Perkins makes the save.

... Literally nobody cheers.

... We go to a recap of Neville’s Coronation from the Monday Night Raw.

...I don’t know how many of ya’ll watch Game of Thrones, but Neville gives me a little bit of a Joffrey vibe.

... Rich Swann is backstage with Tom, who asks if Rich can give the fans an update on his health.

... Rich says people are surprised to see him injured, considering he came out on top of his encounter with Neville. He says he had so much adrenaline pumping he had no idea he was hurt, either, until he got back to the locker room to take his boot off.

... And then, he says, he had to get another boot. The camera pans down to reveal a clunky foot brace.

... He says once the boot is off he’ll get his revenge during his Cruiserweight Championship rematch. As for tonight, he’s excited to see his substitute Jack Gallagher teach Neville some mann-

... Neville interrupts. Tom ducks away like a coward. The Champion calls Rich a peasant. Swann says Neville will never keep him down. Neville begs to differ and pushes Swann to the ground. Swann, apparently a liar, stays down as the camera cuts away.

... The funny thing about this segment is that Tom Phillips is very tall. People have chronicled his mysterious height and how, in Superstars Social Media posts, Tom is always forced to keep a wide base with his legs in order to match height with wrestlers.(https://i.imgur.com/lW19aKc.jpg) Phillips had to stretch out extreme to stand next to Swann, who’s listed at 5’8’’ but is certainly a couple inches shorter.

... Brian Kendrick out on commentary to scout the new talent. *Craft*Vet*Gimmick*

... Akira Tozawa’s music hits

... Aaron Solow is in the ring. I don’t know who Aaron Solo is. But the 3 Dot Review Information Team tells me he was an alternate in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

... Tozawa hits Solow with a running kick/Senton combo for a 2-count.

... They call Tozawa the “Stamina Monster”, a moniker any man wouldn’t mind having.

... Back and forth action, but Tozawa is too fast, too strong, and possesses too much stamina for the young Solow to keep up.

... Akira goes to the top, leaps right over a running Solow, and hits the kid with a snap-German Suplex with a beautiful bridge for the one, two, three.

... A fine and fast debut for Tozawa.

... I saw Tozawa wrestle Zach Sabre Jr. in PWG last year and it’s amazing to see him translate to the big show. The Snap Suplex, the perfect bridge, the random “HAAAP” he yelps out from time to time. I really think he can be a BIG thing in the Cruiserweight division.

... Austin Aries is in the ring to interview the victor, who hasn’t even broken a sweat.

... “Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?” Aries asks in his best Chris Tucker impression.

... That’s little racist, of course Tozawa speaks a little eng-

... WRONG. A smiling Akira responds in Japanese to a baffled Texas crowd. I guess… he doesn’t speak much English.

... Brian Kendrick stays quiet, stoic at ringside. He offers a pensive “Congratulations, Kid. You beat Aaron Solow” as Tozawa stands atop the ramp barking “HAAAP” at the crowd.

... Backstage, Noam Dar approaches Neville about their match. Neville tells Dar he can leave his baggage backstage while nodding his head towards Alicia Fox.

... The order of entrance in the Main Events: Neville, Dar, Cedric Alexander, Jack Gallagher.

... The number of 205 Live! Talent in the Royal Rumble: 1

... That talent: Jack Gallagher.

... Neville is the Champion, Tozawa is the new toy, but Gentleman Jack is clearly the guy WWE think highest of.

... The crowd has thinned out a bunch at this point. Lots of empty seats in the arena.

... But to their credit, the dedicated fans still sticking around are fairly hot as Neville and focuses on the arm of Gallagher.

... Jack and Neville go back and forth with wrist and headlocks.

... Gallagher is coming off a feud where he beat and embarrassed Daivari. Neville’s supposed feud-partner, Rich Swann, is out injured. We could see Gentleman Jack fighting for the Cruiserweight Championship sooner rather than later.

... Dar and Neville isolate Gallagher, cutting off his airflow and focusing on his limbs.

... Dar hits a blind tag on Neville, to which the King snarls towards the young Scot.

... Having successfully cut the ring in half, Neville and Dar have made it so that Cedric has seem extremely limited action in this match.

... A roll-up gets Gallagher a close 2-count. Both men up and a MASSIVE headbutt drops Dar, Jack, totally limp, falls on top of his opponent for what looks like it’ll be three! But Neville breaks up the pin with a kick.

... Neville delivers a standing Shining Wizard to Cedric, who stands innocently in his corner. A small “Jack” chant gets going.

... Neville is demanding a tag. But instead a woozy Dar sets up Jack in powerbomb position. Jack counters into a back body drop.

... Dar finally goes to make the tag, but before he can, Neville drops off to the outside and shouts at him “YOU LOST YOUR CHANCE” in his perfect, surly accent.

... Dar pleads for Neville to come back to no avail. Jack tags Cedric who immediately hits Noam with a springboard lariat, followed by a handspring roundhouse kick.

... Dar looks to escape but is thrown back in by Gallagher.

... A huge Lumbar Check, the best finisher in the WWE, is delivered by Cedric to Dar, and the Face Team picks up the win over a helpless and alone Noam Dar.

... Strange to put Noam Dar, one of the most naturally smarmy and heelish performances in the Cruiserweight division in a sympathetic position.

... A solid episode of 205 Live! That again sees multiple feuds being planted, advanced, and hinted towards. I’m anticipating who will emerge to face Neville, and how they’ll handle Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick.

...Who do you want to see face Neville?

...If Swann’s spot open, who will emerge as the top babyface cruiserweight? Jack Gallagher? Cedric Alexander? Or Mustafa Ali, who was absent tonight but has been getting shine on Raw.

... you care about any of this?

...Comment below!

Thanks for reading.

email: martinioropeza@gmail.com
twitter: @martyoropeza

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