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Posted in: PPV
TNA Victory Road Results 7/11/10
By lop
Jul 11, 2010 - 10:15:55 PM

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship (with submission stipulation): Douglas Williams(c) vs. Brian Kendrick:

Before the bell even rings, Williams leaps atop the turnbuckle, but is afraid of the height and doesn’t move. Kendrick pulls him down and they start exchanging holds.  Kendrick gets 9 shots in the corner but is cut off  by a quick kick.  AWESOME suplex into a bridging submission from Wiliams, and Kendrick nearly panicks.  Williams tries to proceed with a tornado DDT, but is kicked in mid air!  But he’s right back with a flying uppercut.  Kendrick is becoming dazed, and Douglas is relentless with a grounded head submission.  Kendrick tries to mount some offense with a cobra clutch, but is dropped from an PAINFUL looking hangman style submission from Williams, and Kendrick is just barely evading tapouts left and right!  He manages to send Williams out to the floor out of desperation.  Kendrick hangs Douglas up to dry and climbs over him, but Williams grabs him and easily pulls off a back suplex!  Douglas grounds him yet again and they exchange reversals and submissions at lightning speed!  Kendrick gets a rear choke, but Williams manages to rollout and he loses his grip.  While Williams is recovering, he begins to climb, but surprisingly Williams follows!  He knocks down Kendrick and he takes a tumblr froma good 15 feet!  Kendrick is laid out, and Williams grabs a pair of gloves to better grip the rope, as he takes a deep breath and just starts booking it across the steel cable!   Kendrick has to scramble to catch up with him, but eventually does.  He scissors Williams and pulls him down, but Kendrick ends up gettingthe worst of it, and it appeared as though his chin landed on Douglas’ shoulder awkwardly.  Williams immediately capitalizes and locks in a rear naked choke for the win.

Winner: Douglas Williams

Brother Ray is backstage with Hemme, and he grabs the mic before she can ask anything and insults her saying both she and Jesse are failures.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon:

Brother Ray runs out behind Jesse during his entrance and blindsides him, as Brother Devon’s music hits.  But Devon doesn’t make it out, and a camera is shown backstage with a board nailed over his dressing room door.    Meanwhile, Brother Ray is laughing as he tighens his grip on a camel clutch, as the crowd urges on Jesse.  Jesse eats a chestful of chops and crawls weakly around the mat.  Neal avoids an elbow drop and finally gets a few shots in, but he’s cut short by a back body drop.

The ECW crew waltzes in thre Impact Zone!   Big ECW chant!

Brother Ray looks pissed and says something in their direction, which gives Jesse time for a spear.  Two count only!  Shannon Moore comes comes out when Ray grabs a chair, but his distraction only gets his own tag partner creamed with a chair!  Shannon Moore is kicked out of ringside area, but Devon’s music finally hits and he goes nose to nose with his brother.  The Team 3D duo go crazy brawling, and Jesse tries to help with a spear to Brother Ray, but he misses and hits Devon!  Bubba Bomb as Jesse is still recovering from shock.

Winner: Brother Ray

TNA Knockouts Championship Match (Title vs. Career): Madison Rayne(c) vs. Angelina Love

Both women come out strong with hard punches, but Love gets the best of it and Madison retreats outside.  Big spear on Rayne!  Another spear inside for a 2 count!  Rayne is now enraged and she hurls angelina into the turnbuckle.  Angelina is down, which sets up the scissor leg stomp, and the crowd gives a huge pop in response!   Angelina hits the ropes and lands a few flying kivks, but one from Madison and she brings a chair into the ring.  The ref tries to stop, her and Angelina lands a HUGE superkick with the chairt onto her face.

Suddenly, a helmeted woman on a motorcylce pulls up and distracts Angelina.  Madison knocks her outside the ring and the mystery woman rams Love’s head into the ring post.  The ref rules that the interference is from the Beautiful People and strips Madison of the title!

Winner, and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

Madison rides off with the masked woman in retreat.

Mr. Anderson is talking about the main event tonight and gives an example of a possible headline saying RVD’s title reign could go “up in smoke”, and says he had an epiphany at 4:20 today about this, ha ha…

AJ Styles and Jay Lethal vs. (formerly unannounced opponents) Rob Terry and Samoa Joe

AJ goes to kick things off, but immediately tags in  Kazarian to face Rob Terry.  Rob Terry effortlesly sends him outside, and Joe finishes up with him on the outside.  Thirty seconds in and we’re already getting “Joe’s gonna kill you” chants.  AJ steps in to face Terry, who blocks an attempted hip toss.  Rob sends Joe outside and Joe suicide dives to the floor and takes out both men!  Kazarian snaps the ropes on Joe coming back inside, and after wearing him down, tags in AJ.    AJ grounds Joe with a rear chin lock, but Joe is climbing up slowly!  He stands up now in a guillotine submission and actually begins walking to his cortner for a tag – what an effort!!  Paylee!  Choke slam reversal from a splash attempt on AJ!  But Terry comes in for reoinforcements and just military presses AJ big time!  Kaz tries to help, but Joe zips in to intercept and lands some NASTY chops!  Desmond Wolfe comes out to try to take out Rob and Joe, but fails miserably.  This does, however, give AJ time for a surprise flying forearm and 450 splash on Terry for the win.

Winners: AJ and Kazarian!

Abyss is in back saying “they” gave him the blueprint for this nail-studded board, and his opponents tonight are going to find out just what a bitch his girl can be?  Uh…

Steel Cage Match: Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan goes immediatly for the door, and Hernandez sends him face first into the steel mutiple times!  But the fourth time Morgan charges full speed ahead, and misses, slamming his own head into the cage!  Things begin to turn around, and Hernaqndez has now taken several cage shots.  Rolling elbow from Morgan!   Morgan arrogantly blows a goodbye kiss, but Herbandez grabs his foot to keep him from escaping,.  Morgan opens the door and is aboiut to win despite Hernandez’s best efforts, but he decides togo back to inflict more pain.  He does just that as he rakes Hernandez’ face across ther surface of the steel.  But Hernandez, bloody and battered, now get s a serries of clotheslines.  He tries to set up Morgan for a border toss, buty can’t quite do it.  Another attempt a minute later is more successful, and he climbs to the top of the cage.  But instead of climbing to the floor, he goes for a splash, and misses!

Morgan quickly handcuffs him to the side of the cage and begins climbing out, but Supamex hulks up and breaks the handcuffs off!  Morgan is alarmed and tries to climb down more quicky, but Hernandez suicide dives through  the cage door and touches the floor.

Winner: Hernandez

Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal

No handshake here!  The crowd is in a ferenzy as they lock up, and Flair eats a shoulder block!  The two stare down again and Lethal once again gets the advantage with a clothesline and big back body drop!  He finishes off round 1 by sending Flair outside.  Back on the apron, Flair nearly suplexes Lethal outside, but it is reversed!  Flair is getting upset and sends Lethal into the corner for some big, bad chops!  Flair eats chops himself and does his signature nose dive to the canvas!  Lethal attempts a moonsault, but Flair dodges!  Flair begins stomping and the crowd is INCREDIBLY loud voicing support for both men.  Lethal is finally getting to his feet, but Flair lands a HUGE chop block and continues stomping,  He gets restless and just goes for it, figure four leg lock time!  Flair gets caught using the ropes for leverage and he has to break te hold, but the damage is done.   Another series of chops!  But Lethal comes back with a flying forearm.  Lethal goes for a slingshot sunset flip and pulls down Falir’s trunks and the crowd shrieks in terror!  Once the Impact Zone recovers from shock, Lethal goes to work on the leg and Flair is in extreme pain.  Lethal quickly locks in the figure four and Flair tirws his best to hold out, but the pain is just too extreme and he is forced to tap!

Winner: Jay Lethal?!

Post-match, Jay Lethal gets emotional, and gives a shout out to his mom, saying he finally did it.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money Inc vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Storm plows Shelly into the corner, but Shelly swaps spaces and lands a chop, then hits the ropes and pulls off an inverted DDT.  Roode tags in and gets a wrist lock, but it is countered with a rolling elbow!  Sabin gives Roode a try and they double team both BM members sending them to the floor.  Droop toe hold/bulldog double team from the guns!   Leapfrog double ax handle double team as well, and Guns are dominating!  Double senton!  Roode is livid that he can’t get a tag, but finally manages after a distraction.  Strangely, he tags Storm back in almost immediately, but they deliver a double team move of their own with a double suplex.  Alex Shelly is still in the ring taking a beating from a gut buster and a nonstop wear down.  BM cuts off the ring and goes to work on Shelly.  He finally gets a tag, but things break down and all 4 men are going ballistic!   Sliced bread from Shelly for a 2 count!  Sabin goes for a hurricanrana, but gets caught and reversed into Eye of the storm!  Another 2 count!  The Guns are back up with their double team kicks, and Saban does a double jump down to Storm on the floor!  Roode with a suicide dive outside!  The ref walks right into a mist of spit beer, so they get no response when the guns get yet another 2 count!   Cross body from Roode and another 2 count! HOLY SHIT, this is the tag team match of the year!  Double team on Roode for a trio of kicks to the face, and Sabin goes to pin just as Roode rollls up Alex Shelly.  Herl Hebner, who came in after the other ref got beer faced, counts the same time as his other referee brother and we have a dual pin from both tag teams.

We’re told by JB that this match is officially being restrated due to an unclear winner!  The crowd is going BALLISTIC at this announcement!  The Guns just soar through the air the moment the bell rings to restart the match.  They land about 200 kicks and Shelly gets a backbreaker on Storm, while Saban gets the pin!

Winners, and new TNA Tag Team Champions: Motor City Machine Guns!

Ranking Match: Kurt Angle vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

The two start off slow, as Pope actually manages to switch a few of Angle’s holds, but Angle does eventually end up on top.  Blocked hip toss from Pope, Angle blocked, but Pope gets it the second time, sending Angle outside.  Pope respectfully invites Kurt back inside, yes very classy move indeed.  Kurt answers by powerbombing Pope into the corner!  Snap suplex!  Angle mounts Pope’s back and locks in another submission, but Pope elbows his gut repeatedly to escape.  Shoulder block on Pope and it’s right back to the rear chin lock.   Pope surprisingly tosses him to the ropes, but instead of a dropkick, tries a sleeper!  Kurt easily escapes, but runs into an inverted DDT and a couple elbows.  Pope is starting to get confiedent again, but it is short lived as he is belly to belly suplexed moments later.  Pope tries a series of Germans, but Angle will only allow one.  Angle hits the trio himself with no trouble!  Angle Slam avoided, Pope billion dollar bitch slaps Angle and sends him slumping into the ropes .  Pope gets a front DDE, 2 1/2 count!  Kurt finally gets the Angle slam, but it’s not enoigh!  Straps come down, and Angle is ready for the Ankle Lock!  Pope finally rolls out, and Angle goes for a sunset flip.  He can’t quite pull Pope down, so Pope drops down to pin Angle.  As Angle kicks out, he grabs the Ankle and simulataneously turns him over for leverage!  Pope taps quickly with no escape route in sight!’

Winner: Kurt Angle

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD(c) vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Abyss retreats outside while the other three men are outside and they look over to him.  The three smaller men join forces to take out Abyss early.  They all gets some corner shots in, and Hardy gets a splash.  RVD MONKEY FLIPS Abyss!  RVD sends him outside and ANderson immediately tries for a rollup.  RVD can’t believe it for some reason and he spin kicks Anderson, but Abyss grabs RVD from outside before he can follow up with rolling thunder.  Anderson and Hardy take it to Abyss momentarily, avoid a double chokeslam.  Hardy gets knocked down and once again Anderson is there to snatch up the pin.  It’s broken up, and RVD dives over the top rope to take out Abyss, still outside for whatever reason.  Hardy does the same and everyone’s laid out on the concrete!  Anderson is the first to roll back in, and RVD is there with a split leg moonsault on him instantaneously.  RVD sees Hardy coming and gives him a MASSIVE heel kick and Hardy is down for a good 2 or 3 minutes after this without moving.  The three men all think alike and go for superplexes, making it easy for Abyss to turn it around into a tower of doom!  Abyss starts splashing the dazed men in each corner, but RVD moves and hits 3 huge roundhouse kicks.  Hardy is back up, knocking RVD off the top and his head hits the ramp with a sick thud!  Meanwhile Anderson just pulls off a Mic Check on Abyss (barely).  It’s been several minutes and RVD is still not moving outside.  Anderson and Hardy finally get some 1-on-1 time and they’re just killing each other.  Hardy is out, and Anderson walks right into a black hole slam!  Abyss goes for a pin to end it, and out of nowhere RVD hits a  frog splash and Abyss rolls off the out cold Anderson, as he writhes in pain.  RVD gets the pin and retains the championship!

Winner, and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: RVD

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