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Posted in: PPV
TNA No Surrender Results 9/5/10
By lop
Sep 5, 2010 - 10:13:24 PM

Report by Buck Woodward & PWinsider.com

They opened the PPV with footage of Mr. Anderson, D’Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle arriving earlier in the day, while Taz and Mike Tenay talked about their semifinal matches in the TNA World Title tournament. We then had a video package on the four contenders and their quest for the title.

TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me

It was explained that London Brawling was unable to appear at the show due to a “personal issue” and Generation Me was getting the title shot due to their showing against the champions on Impact.

Shelley started out with Jeremy, exchanging armlocks and holds, with both men going for early covers. Max tagged in, with the crowd chanting for Shelley. Shelley took Max down with a drop toe hold and tagged in Sabin. Sabin hit a shoulderblock for two, then the two rolled out of armbar attempts before stalemating on dropkick attempts. Shelley and Jeremy tagged back in, and the back and forth continued until Jeremy hit a back elbow and a springboard armdrag. Max tagged in and moonsaulted on Shelley’s outstretched arm. Jeremy tagged in and hit a double stomp on the arm off the top rope. Jeremy gave Shelley a jawbreaker, but Shelley dropkicked him to the ring apron. Sabin tagged in, and the MCMG hit a series of double team moves on Jeremy. Sabin elbowdropped Jeremy for a two count. Shelley tagged back in and hit a spinebuster and applied a reverse Boston Crab, turning it into a Rocking Horse. Max broke up the hold, to boos.

Sabin tagged in and but Jeremy rallied and tagged in Max, who hit some dropkicks. Max bulldogged Sabin, then kicked Shelley on the floor. Max gave Sabin a somersault stunner off the middle rope for a two count. Shelley made a blind tag as Generation Me was setting up a move. Sabin kicked Jeremy to the floor and Shelley kicked Max from the top rope for a two count. Shelley kicked Maz in the back and went for a springboard, but Jeremy stopped him and hit a neckbreaker on the apron. Max tried for some covers, but was unsuccessful. Jeremy tagged in, but Shelley blocked his suplex attempt. Generation Me hit a sandwich dropkick and Max got a two count on Shelley. Max hit a dropkick and tagged in Jeremy, who stomped Shelley and got a two count. Jeremy put Shelley in a full nelson. Shelley elbowed out of it, then avoided a dropkick and tagged in Sabin.

Sabin cleaned house, knocking Jeremy from the ring and blasting Max with elbows. Sabin hit a springboard DDT on Max, but Jeremy broke it up. Jeremy hit Sabin with a dropkick, but Shelley knocked him to the floor and hit him with a tope. In the ring, Sabin and Max punched it out, with Sabin going for a DDT, only for Max to ran him in a corner. Jeremy tagged in and Max fed him into a reverse DDT on Sabin. Shelley broke up the cover. Generation Me hit a headscissor/dropkick combo on Sabin. They went into a series of superkicks, including Sabin blocking one by Jeremy and throwing it into Max. The MCMG won the battle of superkicks, then hit Skull & Bones (neckbreaker/elbow combo) on Jeremy for the pin at the fourteen minute mark.

Winners: The Motor City Machineguns

Post-match, Generation Me attacked the Guns from behind, giving Shelley a double elevated DDT to the floor as Shelley was hanging off the apron. They had EMTs come out and act like Shelley was seriously injured. Generation Me were laughing over the injury as they exited. Shelley eventually got to his feet with the aid of the EMTs and walked out.

TNA X-Division Champion Douglas Williams vs. Sabu.

Sabu dove at Williams’ legs at the start, but Williams kept scrambling away. Douglas took him to the mat with a side mare, but Sabu turned it into a headscissors. Williams turned it into a leglock, but Sabu made the ropes. Sabu took Williams down with a headlock, but Williams broke out and grabbed a Cobra. Sabu made the ropes again. Williams applied an armlock, but Sabu backed him in a corner, and we had a clean break. Sabu kicked Williams in the gut, but Williams responded with punches and forearms. Sabu reversed a whip in a corner and hit a lariat, then delivered a slingshot somersault legdrop. Sabu applied a Camel Clutch, but Williams made the ropes.

Williams rolled to the floor, and Sabu hit a baseball slide kick. Sabu hit a slingshot senton onto Williams on the floor, then set up a table at ringside. Williams rammed Sabu headfirst into the table, then tossed him back into the ring. Williams got on the apron and kicked Sabu in the head. Williams hit a middle rope uppercut for a two count. Williams whipped Sabu into a corner and hit a jumping knee. Williams went to the top rope, but Sabu crotched him. Sabu went for a top rope rana, but Williams began to fall off the ropes, taking Sabu with him. Sabu still flipped, and Williams still went over to the mat. Sabu grabbed a chair, but the referee warned him not to use it.

Sabu stomped Williams, then used the chair for a triple jump moonsault, using the middle rope for the move. Sabu went for another chair launch, but Williams tripped Sabu face first into the chair. Williams hit a kneedrop for a two count. Williams hit Sabu with a low kick, but claimed it was to the inside of the thigh. Williams hit a clothesline, then put Sabu in an armbar. Williams drove his knee into Sabu’s back, then hit a kneedrop for a two count. Sabu kicked Williams on a charge, then hit a springboard DDT for a two count. Sabu hit a springboard back elbow, and got a two count. Sabu used a chair launch to hit a leg lariat in the corner on Williams. Sabu went for another, but Williams kicked the chair into Sabu’s midsection, then hit a gutwrench suplex for a two count.

Williams sent Sabu into the ropes, but Sabu clotheslined him to the floor. Sabu went for a chair launch, but referee Earl Hebner blocked him. Sabu got Hebner out of the way and jumped off the chair to the top rope, but Williams moved, so Sabu dropped back to the mat, then hit a slingshot senton on Williams on the floor. Sabu put Williams on the table on the floor, then went for a slingshot senton, but Williams moved out of the way and Sabu went through the table. Sabu crawled back into the ring, as Williams got ready to hit him with a chair. The referee took the chair from Williams, but with the ref’s back turned, Williams hit Sabu with the championship belt. Williams pinned Sabu at the eleven minute mark.

Winner: Douglas Williams.

Christy Hemme interviewed Mr. Anderson, who said he doesn’t care if the Pope doesn’t like him or trust him. Anderson said he is there to win the World Title, then noted how the fans would be chanting “We Are A**holes” tonight.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne.

Madison entered on the back of Tara’s motorcycle. Velvet was accompanied by Angelina Love. Madison choked Velvet in the corner with her boot, then punched her down and choked her on the mat. Madison put Velvet in a cravate and tossed her down to the mat. Madison put her in a camel clutch and jumped on her back, then reapplied the hold. Velvet kicked Rayne low, then slapped her in the face. Tara and Angelina argued on the floor, distracting the referee and as a result missing Velvet’s cradle on Madison. Madison gave Velvet a clothesline, then pulled on her hair. Madison used a headscissors to ram Velvet face first into the mat, then got a two count. Madison went for a leapfrog in the corner, but Velvet caught it and slammed Madison to the mat. Velvet hit some clotheslines and a back elbow. Velvet kicked away a backdrop and hit a spear, then rammed Madison headfirst into the mat. Velvet hit a bulldog, put Tara pulled her out of the ring to stop the pinfall. Tara grabbed her helmet to use on Velvet, but Angelina kicked Tara from behind. Velvet crawled back into the ring, and Madison set her up for a neckbreaker, but Velvet reversed it into a DDT for the pin at the five minute mark.

Winner: Velvet Sky.

Christy Hemme interviewed Jeff Hardy. Hardy said that Kurt Angle was the best wrestler in the world, but he wasn’t bad himself. Hardy said he was going to win the title tonight for Rob Van Dam.

Abyss vs. Rhino – Falls Count Anywhere.

Rhino attacked Abyss on the ramp during his entrance. Rhino pounded him in the floor, then tossed Abyss into the ring. Rhino pulled some weapons out from under the ring. Rhino wedged a trash can in the corner, but Abyss rolled to the floor. Rhino gave Abyss a pescado, and they brawled into the crowd. A camera man got knocked down, and they brawled into the backstage area. They brawled outside of the studio, and were fighting under one of the roller coasters at Universal Studios. Abyss rammed Rhino into steel fencing as they made their way back towards the building. They fought inside, past the interview set, and back through the crowd.

They made their way back to the ring, and Abyss tried a hiptoss, but Rhino blocked it and hit a clothesline. Rhino hit some punches in a corner, but Abyss reversed a whip and sent Rhino into the trash can. Rhino fell to the floor. They brawled up the aisle, past the ramp and near the stage. Abyss whipped Rhino into the guard rail and went for a cover, but Rhino kicked out. Rhino stopped a whip and threw Abyss threw the wooden front of the stage. Rhino went into the hole after Abyss, and as the camera man went after them, he got knocked back out of the hole. Abyss and Rhino apparently brawled under the stage to the other side, and busted back out of it (which looked really pre-cut), with Abyss now in control.

They made their way back to the ring, and Abyss slid a section of guard rail into the ring. Abyss put the rail in the corner, and went to whip Rhino in, but Rhino put the brakes on. Rhino hit Abyss with a clothesline, then blasted him several times with a cookie sheet. Abyss hit a shoulderblock in the corner, then a belly to belly suplex. Rhino set up for the Gore, but Abyss grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him on the trash can for a two count. Abyss went up the ramp and grabbed Janice. Abyss warned the referee to get out of his way, and Rhino hit Abyss with a Gore. Abyss kicked out at two. Rhino ran into a kick by Abyss, and Abyss then hit the Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Abyss went for a powerbomb, but Rhino broke out and hit a clothesline. Rhino set up for a Gore, Abyss moved out of the way and Rhino ran head first into the guard rail that had been set up in the corner earlier. Abyss then hit the Black Hole Slam for the win at the thirteen minute mark.

Winner: Abyss.

Abyss told the camera that “They are coming on 10-10-10.”

They did a video package on the Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash & Sting match.

Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash & Sting.

During the entrances, it was noted that Hulk Hogan was not at the show, as he is recuperating from more back work. Sting started out the match with Joe. Sting attacked Jarrett on the apron, and as Joe pulled him off, Nash came in and attacked Joe. Joe took Nash down with a jumping kick, then hit Sting with a back elbow and a Pele kick. Jarrett tagged in and pounded Sting in a corner. Nash hit Jarrett from the apron, allowing Sting to clothesline him. Nash punched Jarrett to the mat as he tagged in. Jarrett battled back with punched, but Nash kneed him in the gut. Nash gave Jarrett Snake Eyes, then hit a side slam for a two count.

Nash kneed Jarrett in the corner, then tagged in Sting, who went to work on Jarrett’s arm. Sting hit a Stinger Splash, which got a pop. Sting went for a reverse splash off the middle rope, but Jarrett got his knees up. Jarrett tagged Joe, but Nash distracted the referee, who missed the tag. Jarrett and Sting clotheslined each other, and both men were laid out on the mat. Joe tagged in and went to work on Sting, hitting a kick and a back splash. Joe kicked Nash off the apron. Joe ducked a Sting clothesline and dove onto Nash on the floor with a tope. In the ring, Sting gave Jarrett a Hot Shot, but it was in the corner where Sting had left his bat. The referee was watching Nash and Joe on the floor. Sting went to give Jarrett a Stinger Splash, but Jarrett hit him with the bat. Jarrett hit Sting with the bat again, then went to the floor and told Joe, the legal man, to get in the ring. Samoa Joe put Sting in a Kokina Clutch. Sting was out cold, and the referee called for the bell at the six minute mark.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe.

As Joe left, he picked up Sting’s bat and said “They used to call me Joe, now you can call me Batman.”

The events leading to Styles-Dreamer was shown.

TNA TV Champion AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer – I Quit (non-title)

Styles came out, then hid in the side of the entrance structure. When Dreamer came out, Styles tried to ambush him with the title belt, but Dreamer dodged it and punched Styles to the ring. Inside, Dreamer went for a Texas Cloverleaf early, but Styles kicked it away. Dreamer backdropped Styles to the floor, then pulled him back first against the ringpost. They asked Styles if he quit, and he just said Dreamer sucked. Styles broke out of the hold, and they traded chops on the floor. Styles missed an elbowdrop, and Dreamer put Styles in a full nelson camel clutch. Styles responded “Screw you Dreamer” and slid out, then kicked Dreamer from the mat. Styles fishhooked Dreamer, but Dreamer wouldn’t quit. Dreamer rammed Styles back first into a corner. Styles reversed a whip, missed a shoulderblock in the corner, and Dreamer applied a crossface, but Styles rolled to the floor. Dreamer hit a clothesline from the ring apron, then went for a suplex on the ramp, but Styles reversed it.

Styles stomped Dreamer, and went for a figure four, but Dreamer picked up one of the lights on the entrance ramp and hit Styles with it. Dreamer then used the cord from the light to put Styles in a crossface variation. Styles elbowed out. Styles whipped Dreamer into the ring apron and splashed him. Styles pulled back the protective mats on the floor, and went for a Styles Clash. Dreamer backdropped out of it, Styles landed on his feet, but Dreamer shoved him shoulder first into the ringpost. Dreamer gave Styles a shoulderbreaker. Dreamer tossed a chair in the ring. Dreamer took Styles in the ring and put him in an armbar. Styles said Dreamer sucked again. Dreamer put Styles’ arm in the steel chair and legdropped it. Dreamer used the chair to apply a keylock, but Styles raked Dreamer’s eyes to break the hold. Styles pulled out a fork, but before he could use it, Dreamer hit a cross armbreaker.

Dreamer went for a crossface, but Styles pulled himself out of the ring. On the floor, Dreamer wrapped Styles’ arm in the guard rail, but Styles still wouldn’t quit. Styles lifted Dreamer and crotched him on the guard rail, then kicked at Dreamer’s knees. Styles slammed the guard rail on Dreamer’s groin. Styles pulled Dreamer’s ankle against the bars of the rail, but Dreamer wouldn’t quit. Back in the ring, Styles went for a figure four, but Dreamer kicked it away. Styles kicked Dreamer’s knee out, then pulled him towards the ringpost and crotched him on it. Styles then applied a ringpost figure four for a brief time. Styles dropped Dreamer shin first on a chair, then kicked his leg out again.

Styles put Dreamer in a figure four leglock. Dreamer escaped, but Styles slammed him on a chair. Styles put Dreamer’s head on the chair and went for a dropkick, but Dreamer moved, and Styles leg went in the fold of the chair. Dreamer put Styles in an ankle lock with the chair, then picked up the fork Styles had earlier. Before Dreamer could use it, Styles hit him with a Pele kick. Dreamer fell to the floor. Styles went for a dive, but Dreamer blasted Styles with a Kendo Stick. Dreamer hit Styles again with the stick, then have him a pumphandle slam with it. Dreamer took off his T-shirt (he had a tank top underneath) and put Styles in a crossface with the stick. Styles didn’t quit, even as the stick broke across his forehead. Styles picked up the fork and hit Dreamer in the eye with it as he went to pick Styles up. Styles dropkicked Dreamer, who was bleeding from the forehead. Styles put the fork against Dreamer’s eye and pressed it in, until Dreamer quit at the 17 minute mark.

Winner: AJ Styles.

Kurt Angle gave a brief interview about his match, which shockingly is next.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy – TNA title tournament semi-final.

Dixie Carter was shown at ringside, surrounded by security. Angle and Hardy traded headlocks at the start, then Angle hit some punches in a corner and went for a vertical suplex. Hardy blocked it and hit a gourdbuster, then Hardy legdropped Angle in the groin. Hardy went for a clothesline, but Angle took over and hit a wicked powerbomb. Angle applied a chinlock, switching to a side headlock. Hardy punched out of it, but Angle hit a shoulderblock for a two count. Hardy hit some forearms, then went for his elevated kick in the corner, messed it up, then hit it. Jeff kicked Angle out of a corner, but Angle grabbed a charging referee and gave him a belly to belly suplex. Angle applied a chinlock, but Jeff got out of it with a jawbreaker.

Jeff went to the top rope, but Angle raced up and gave Hardy a belly to belly suplex off the ropes. Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Hardy armdragged out of it. Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate for a two count. Hardy went for a Swanton, but missed it. Angle hit the Angle Slam, but Jeff kicked out at two. Angle went for an ankle lock, but Hardy kicked it away. Angle hit a series of German suplexes, but Hardy still kicked out. Angle went for a moonsault, but Hardy moved out of the way. Hardy hit a Whisper In The Wind for a two count.

Angle went to the floor, and Hardy laid him out on the outside. Jeff Hardy then hit a Swanton off the top rope onto Angle on the floor. Both men were slow to get up, with Angle actually crawling into the ring first. Hardy and Angle slugged it out in the center of the ring. Hardy went for another Twist Of Fate, but Angle blocked it and hit a German suplex. Angle went to the top rope and hit a frog splash for a two count. Angle went for a powerbomb, but Hardy backdropped out of it. Hardy hit another Twist Of Fate for a two count, then hit a legdrop. Hardy went to the top rope and hit a Swanton, with Angle barely kicking out of it. Hardy hit another Swanton, but Angle kicked out again. Hardy went for yet another, but Angle got his knees up this time.

Angle gave Hardy an Angle Slam, but Hardy kicked out. Angle applied an ankle lock, but Hardy rolled through and sent Angle to the floor. Hardy went to the apron and dove into Angle with a clothesline. They went back in the ring, but as Hardy went to pick him up, Angle grabbed an ankle lock again. Hardy tried to kick it off, but could not. Hardy made the ropes, but Angle dragged Hardy back into the center of the ring and reapplied the hold. Hardy managed to kick it off. Angle hit a clothesline for a two count, then went back to the ankle lock. Hardy tried to roll over, but Angle stepped around him and kept the hold on. Hardy went for the ropes again, but Angle pulled him back to the center of the ring and added a leglace to the hold. Hardy continued to struggle in the hold, and the bell rang.

They announced that the 20-minute time limit had expired. The fans chanted for five more minutes. Eric Bischoff came out and conferred with Dixie Carter. Bischoff announced that they would add five more minutes to the match.

Angle kicked out Hardy’s leg and stomped on his ankle. Angle dropped a knee on the ankle, then applied the ankle lock. Jeff kicked the hold off, and sent Angle to the floor. Jeff kicked Angle between the ropes, and on the floor, rammed Angle head first into the ringsteps. They got back in the ring, and Hardy limped to the top rope. Angle crotched Hardy, then delivered a top rope Angle Slam. Angle crawled onto Hardy, but only got a two count. They got to their feet, and Angle charged, but Hardy backdropped him to the floor. They put a clock up to countdown the final minute. Angle got back in the ring and rolled up Hardy for a two count. Angle and Hardy clotheslined each other, as the final seconds ticked down. Angle draped an arm over Hardy, but he kicked out. The buzzer (yes, a buzzer) sounded that the time had expired.

Bischoff ordered five more minutes on the clock.

Angle choked Hardy in the corner with his boot. Angle pounded Hardy with elbows, then rammed him in a corner and hit some shoulderblocks. Angle charged for another shoulderblock, Jeff moved, and Angle went shoulder first into the ringpost, then fell to the floor. Jeff rammed Angle into the ringsteps, then did it a second time. Angle was busted open. They got back into the ring, and Hardy applied a Boston Crab. Angle’s face was in a pool of blood. Angle fought out of the hold and countered into an ankle lock. Hardy went for the ropes, but Angle pulled him back into the center of the ring and added a leglace to the move. Hardy struggled with 30 seconds left on the clock. Time ran out, and we had a buzzer again.

Eric Bischoff got in the ring, and called for trainers to come look at Angle’s cut head. Angle was demanding more time. Bischoff put on a headset and was talking with someone, then was talking with the referee. Bischoff got on the mic and said that the trainers were telling them Angle could not continue due to the cut on his head. Bischoff said they were declaring the match a no-contest. Shannon Moore came out and checked on Hardy. Angle and Bischoff walked back to the locker room, arguing. Angle’s cut didn’t even seem to be bleeding anymore, as the trainers had wiped off his face.

Result: No Contest.

D’Angelo Dinero was interviewed by Christy Hemme, who noted we don’t know if Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy will be advancing in the tournament. Dinero cut a promo on taking care of Mr. Anderson, noting he was “pulling the wool” over everyone’s eyes, and heading on to Bound For Glory.

Ken Anderson vs. Pope D’Angelo Dinero – TNA title tournament semi-final.

They locked up and jockeyed for position at the start, at one point rolling across the mat as both attempted to get control of a small package. They traded holds on the mat, with neither man maintaining an advantage, until Pope kicked Anderson in the gut after escaping a hammerlock. They started throwing punches, and Anderson stomped Pope down in a corner. Anderson kept up his attack in the corner, until he ran into a boot by the Pope. Pope hit an armbreaker, then kicked Anderson in the ribs. Pope dropped Anderson with a hammerlock back suplex. Pope hit a kneedrop, then slammed Anderson’s arm into the mat. It was noted Pope was getting revenge for when Anderson injured his shoulder. Pope kicked his shoulder and delivered a hammerlock slam, but Anderson came back with a pair of clotheslines and an enzugiri.

Anderson went for a backdrop, but Pope kicked it away. Pope missed a flying tackle and landed hard on his own shoulder. Anderson kicked Pope in the gut, then went for a hammerlock and threw Pope shoulder first into the corner. Anderson scored a two count. Pope reversed a whip, but Anderson kicked him as he charged in, then delivered a clothesline. Anderson applied a keylock on Pope’s injured arm, and Pope battled out, but Anderson hit a knee to the gut, sending Pope back to the mat. Anderson hit a pair of short-arm shoulderblocks, then hit a back suplex for a two count. Anderson went for a whip, Pope reversed, and they clotheslined each other.

They slugged it out as they got up, with Pope getting the better of it. Pope hit a shoulderblock, then hit a backhand slap. Pope straddled Anderson on the ropes, and got a two count. Pope stomped Anderson, then went to the top rope. Anderson crotched him, then went for a superplex. Pope blocked it, and they jockeyed for position. Pope hit a headbutt and Anderson got crotched on the top rope, then fell to the floor. Pope then dove off the top rope and hit Anderson with a flying bodypress on the floor, catching Anderson on his shoulder. Pope rolled Anderson into the ring for a two count.

Pope went for a Codebreaker, but Anderson blocked it and went for a Mic Check. Dinero blocked that, but Anderson grabbed a rolling Fireman’s Carry slam for a two count. Pope kicked Anderson and hit a punch, then landed the Codebreaker for a two count. Pope went for a Mic Check of his own on Anderson, but Anderson blocked it. Anderson went for a Mic Check, but Pope armdragged out of it. Pope charged Anderson, but Anderson grabbed him and hit the Mic Check for a two count. Pope hit a flurry of punches and kicks on Anderson in a corner. Pope went for the DDE (double jumping knee), but Anderson dodged it and sloppily applied a Mic Check to get the pin at the 18-minute mark.

Winner: Mr. Anderson.

Anderson picked up one of the fake dollars that Pope uses for his entrance and made it into a paper airplane, then threw it at Dinero on the floor. Dinero flipped him off as he left. Anderson acted mockingly hurt over the gesture. Anderson called for his microphone. He asked if the crowd had a good time tonight, then announced himself as being one match away from being the TNA World Champion. Anderson vamped it up before finally announcing his own name to end the show.

We were reminded that we still don’t know who Anderson will face at Bound For Glory.

Report by Buck Woodward & PWinsider.com

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