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TNA Hardcore Justice PPV Results 8/8/10
By lop
Aug 8, 2010 - 10:14:27 PM

- TNA’s Hardcore Justice pay-per-view kicks off with a video package featuring some of the ECW Originals talking about their extreme history and tonight’s show.

- We go to the ring where one of the former ECW announcers welcomes us. He brings out Taz. Taz welcomes us to Hardcore Justice and the crowd chants his name. Taz says he’s been talking to some of the guys in the back and tonight is going to get extreme. The crowd chants ECW now.

The FBI vs. Kid Kash, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

We go back to ring announcer Stephen DeAngeles. Out for the first match comes The Full Blooded Italians – Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Tracy Smothers with Big Sal E. Graziano at ringside. Out next come their opponents Kid Kash, Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond.

Kid Kash and Guido start things out for their respective teams. For some reason the house lighting is kind of a blue hue. Guido takes Kash right down to the mat where he and Kash roll around for a bit before getting right back up. Kash and Guido chain wrestle for a bit, trading roll ups and starting to argue. Kash shoves Guido and then Guido extends his hand. Kash shakes hands with Guido, but brings him in nose to nose. Tony Luke tags in, and so does Swinger. Luke hits a drop toe hold and tries for a roll up but Swinger kicks out. Luke locks in an arm bar, but Swinger picks him up off the mat and slams him down to break the hold. Smother and Diamond are the next men to tag in.

Diamond and Smothers come to blows, with Smothers looking like a million bucks, taking it right to Diamond, taking him down to the mat, hitting a big knee drop, and taking Diamond to the outside. Diamond grabs a mic while on the outside, and he comes back into the ring, telling the Impact Zone that he has a problem. This crowd is pretty awesome, very reminiscent of an old ECW machine. Diamond says they’re not a fine oiled machine because of Kash. So while the FBI can probably out-wrestle them, their team can out-dance them. Diamond asks for the DJ to hit the music and initiates a dance contest. Swinger and Diamond dance, horribly, while Kash looks on ashamedly. Smothers grabs the mic and says Michael Jackson rolled over in his grave. He asks the DJ to hit the music again because if they can’t do better everyone dies. The FBI then begins to dance.

This is pretty goofy as Guido does the can opener, Smothers tries to do the worm. Sal E. dances a bit, but the distraction allows Swinger and Diamond to attack from behind. They try to tag Sal E., but they’re taken down by a double clothesline instead. Everyone brawls to the outside except Kash. The referee gets down on his hands and knees, and Kash takes off, jumping off the ref’s back and diving to the outside on top of everyone. Things move quickly back into the ring where Kash and Luke are legal. Kash takes Luke over his knee with a backbreaker that’s good for a near fall.

Kash and Luke trade huge chops with Luke gaining the advantage with a clothesline. When Luke charges Kash though, Kash responds with a powerslam into the corner. Luke tags out to Guido who takes out Diamond and Swinger before hitting a cross body and Russian leg sweep to Kash before a low drop kick that’s good for a near fall. Things before to break down and there’s a crazy tower of doom spot with everyone in the match except Diamond. Diamond comes in and hits a series of suplexes on Guido, but then Smothers is right there with an eye poke and clothesline. Smothers is takes out by Swinger, who’s taken out by Luke. Kash hits a double underhook suplex on Luke. Guido hits a leg drop on Kash. Guido hits the unprettier on Simon Diamond and goes for the pin, scoring the three count.

Winners: The FBI

- We go to Taz and Mike Tenay. They talk about how special tonight is. Tenay talks about how he’s never called ECW matches and talks about Joey Styles. Tenay says he’s a fan tonight. Taz talks about Styles now and says he thinks Joey would give Tenay a stamp of approval. They talk about Jerry Lynn being injured now. They announce that Sabu will be Rob Van Dam’s opponent for tonight.

- We go to a “Where Are They Now?” video and it’s of Tod Gordon. Next we go to Pitbull #1 Gary Wolfe. The Blue Meanie is also shown. It goes back to Gordon and he’s in his office, the same one that ECW began in. Gordon, Meanie and Wolfe put over their ECW originals and TNA.

- We go to a “I Remember” video and it’s AJ Styles talking about Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. Styles recalls when Sandman hit Dreamer over and over with a cane and Dreamer kept asking for more. Angelina Love also talks. She talks about how ECW’s crowd was.

- We go backstage to Al Snow and he’s talking to Head. He’s making fun of TNA not being able to use the ECW letters. Stevie Richards walks in. Nova walks in and he’s dressed ad Hollywood Nova in his bWo attire. They can’t even use the bWo shirts apparently. In walks The Blue Meanie. No it’s not, it’s a guy dressed up as Meanie. Al Snow walks off and Stevie is left to talk to Nova and the fake Meanie. Stevie says tonight he is going to prove what he can really do. Another guy walks in picking his nose. The segment ends with he and the fake Meanie picking each other’s noses. Wow.

CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

We go to the ring finally for the next match. Out comes CW Anderson. His opponent is 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio gets a big pop from the crowd and they chant his name.

Both men lock up and Scorpio is quick to go behind. Anderson turns things into a wrist lock, but Scorpio is able to use the ropes to flip and turn the wrist lock around. A leg sweep and attempted pin from Anderson yields a two count. Anderson tags Scorpio with a couple of forearms, and Scorpio returns a couple of his own. Anderson locks in a side head lock, and Scorpio sends him into the ropes, hitting a beautiful dropkick that sends Anderson to the outside. A dropkick through the ropes and corkscrew plancha from Scorpio are beautiful.

Back in the ring, Scorpio hits a top rope cross body to Anderson for a two count. Anderson and Scorpio trade blows with Anderson scoring a superkick, good for a near fall. Anderson stomps at Scorpio’s arms and legs before picking him up and tossing him shoulder first into the ring post. This blue light thing is really annoying. Anderson wrenches Scorpio’s arm, but Scorpio responds with a back kick out of nowhere. A series of jabs startles Anderson, but Anderson ducks a kick and knocks Scorpio down with a big blow of his own. Anderson gets a two count when he goes for the pin.

Anderson and Scorpio trade roll ups. Anderson avoids a kick and hits Scorpio with a big forearm shiver. Scorpio sends Anderson into the corner and hits a cannonball like maneuver before going up top to hit the front flip leg drop. Scorpio pins Anderson but still only gets two. Scorpio goes back up top and goes for a moonsault but Anderson gets his knees up. Anderson hits a big spinebuster and goes for the pin but Scorpio kicks out at two. Anderson hits Scorpio with a couple of forearms, but when he charges in from the ropes Scorpio connects with a big kick. Scorpio goes up top and hits a moonsault leg drop. Scorpio pins Anderson and gets the three count.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

- We go to another segment with Madison Rayne. She talks about ECW made hardcore wrestling. She talks about how ECW and TNA are similar. Matt Morgan talks next. He talks about ECW running a show at a bar he worked at in New Jersey. Mr. Anderson talks next. He says ECW brought something new to wrestling, something edgier. He says ECW went places others were afraid to go.

- We go backstage with Rob Van Dam and Bill Alphonso. RVD talks about his match with Jerry Lynn. RVD says Lynn must have been training too hard because he hurt himself. RVD and Fonzie talk about the match with Sabu tonight. Fonzie says RVD couldn’t have picked a better opponent than Sabu. Fonzie says he is going to manage both RVD and Sabu, and call it right down the middle. Fonzie blows his whistle and that’s it.

PJ Polaco vs. Stevie Richards

We go to the ring and out comes PJ Polaco, formerly known as Justin Credible. His opponent, Stevie Richards, is out next. Stevie has Hollywood Nova and the fake Blue Meanie with him. We get ring introductions and the crowd starts chanting “Justin Credible” and then some “Stevie” chants. The bell rings and here we go.

Both men lock up, Polaco locks in a head lock, but Richards is quick to fight it off, only to eat a big shoulder block. Another lock up and a head lock from Richards. Polaco fights it off, and Richards comes back with a shoulder block. Yet another lock up, and Polaco grabs Richards’ hair and pulls him back to the corner where he hits a couple of knees to the stomach. Stevie turns it around and sends Polaco into one corner, and then the other. Polaco rolls to the outisde, and Richards follows, but Polaco pushes him back first into the ring apron. Polaco hits a suplex on the floor before rolling back inside and hitting a slingshot splash right back to the outside on top of Richards.

Back in the ring Polaco stomps on Richards in the corner before yanking him out by the legs and bringing him down in a powerbomb. Polaco sends Richards into the ropes and catches him with a boot to the stomach before following it up with a big DDT and a jawbreaker. Stevie responds with a kick to the face, but it’s short lives as Polaco continues the assault in the corner with kicks and chops. Polaco catches Stevie around the neck with his feet, and Richards throws Polaco to the outside where fake Meanie and Nova taunt him. Polaco rolls back into the ring where he eats a series of right hands and forearms from Richards before Richards hits a nice delayed side slam. Stevie picks up Polaco and drills him with a powerbomb, but it’s only good for two.

Stevie dives from the second rope, but he’s met with a big kick from Polaco. Polaco hits a big piledriver and goes for the pin, but pulls Richards up at the count of two. Polaco taunt Stevie, beginning his Justin Credible phrase, but catching a big Stevie kick instead. Richards pins Polaco and gets the two count.

Winner: Stevie Richards

- After the match, Polaco hits Stevie from behind with a Singapore cane. The lights go out in the iMPACT Zone. They come back on and The Sandman is in the ring with a cane of his own. Sandman lays out Credible and poses over him.

- Another “Where are they now” video and it’s the former Queen of Extreme, Francine. Francine says she wanted to come but can’t. She’s now a mother and they show her feeding her daughter. Francine says she’s done with wrestling but everyone will always be in her heart.

- We go back to Tenay and Taz. They talk about Francine and other stuff about ECW. They take a moment to thank all of the ECW originals who are no longer with us, those who have passed on. A graphic shows on the screen, thanking them.

Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino

We go to the ring for a three-way dance and out comes Brother Runt, the former Spike Dudley. His first opponent, Al Snow, is out next with Head. Rhino is out finally and gets the biggest pop. They do ring introductions and here we go.

This match will apparently be elimination rules. The circling begins and Brother Runt puts Snow in a head lock, only to be put in a head lock by Rhino. Snow is sent to the outside and Runt tries for a pin on Rhino only to eat a shoulder block. Rhino teases the Gore, but Snow grabs his feet out from under him. Snow hits a backbreaker on Runt, but Rhino is there, sending him to the outside. Rhino charges Runt, and he’s tossed over the ropes by Runt. Runt dives to the outside, but he’s caught by Snow and Rhino, and they simply toss him over their heads to the entrance ramp. Snow rolls Rhino into the ring and tries for a slingshot leg drop but he misses. Snow catches Rhino with a double underhook and a series of head butts. Snow hits a big moonsault that’s good for two.

Snow tries to use head, but Rhino prevents it, putting him down with a dvd. Runt hits Snow with a double stomp from the top. He tries for the Dudley Dawg, but Rhino simply tosses him off. Runt responds with a hurricarana to take Rhino off his feet and everyone is down. Snow and Runt are up first, and Rhino soon after. Runt hits both men with left and rights but when he tries for a double Dudley Dawg, he’s tossed to the outside. Snow and Rhino fight and the ref goes down. Snow grabs head and smashes it into Rhino’s face. Runt throws a chair at Snow and takes a dive, Snow slams the chair down and falls down himself and everyone is down.

Everyone makes it up and Runt connects with the Dudley Dog on Snow. Runt gets the three count, eliminating Snow. Runt turns right around into a gore, and a three count eliminates him as well.

Winner: Rhino

- Mick Foley cuts a promo on the Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer match later tonight. Foley says it’s the final showdown between them and he has been friends & enemies of them both. Foley says he will be there to make the three count.

- Brutus Magnus talks about how impressive it is that ECW was able to sustain itself for so long on passion alone. Chris Sabin talks about how his first taste of hardcore wrestling was Terry Funk vs. Sabu and it was simply captivating. Sabin says people like that, like RVD, inspired him to become who he is today.

Kahoneys and Axl Rotten vs. Team 3D

We go to the ring and out come Balls Mahoney, now being called Kahoneys, and Axl Rotten. Balls takes the mic after they’re introduced and says they are the most extreme tag team in the history of this business. Balls says they don’t have a match so this is an open challenge. Joel Gertner appears on the ramp with Team 3D and does his “Well, well, well…” Team 3D are dressed in their old gear. Gertner cuts an awesome introductions for Team 3D. Bubba speaks next and says let’s make this a South Philly Street Fight. Here we go.

This is basically just a brawl with Axl and Devon and Ray and Balls squaring off. Things quickly spill to the outside, and TNA employs their dumb split screen that makes everything so much harder to follow. Balls tags Ray with a couple of big right hands, but he eats a big boot and a second rope shoulder block for his troubles. Devon begins looking under the ring apron but he gives up pretty easily. Ray grabs a styrofoam head from the audience and whacks Balls over the top of the head. Balls replies in kind. Things spill to the crowd, where the fans are absolutely loving it. Everyone is basically just beating on everyone else up the staircase.

Rey hits Balls with yet another Head, and Axl and Devon fight up and down another staircase. This is just an absolute mess. It’s fun, but there’s nothing going on but guys punching each other. They fight back to the ringside area where Ray sends Balls into the ring and begins throwing weapons into the ring left and right.

In the ring Ray eats a trash can lid shot from Balls. Balls tries for a second rope leg drop, but Ray moves, and whack Balls over the head with a frying pan that sends him to the outside. Axl comes in the ring and hits Ray with a series of punches and an elbow of his own before whacking him with a cookie sheet. Devon tries to hit Axl with the clothesline, but Axl ducks it and hits him with a couple of right hands for good measure. Axl comes up with a plastic lightsaber from out of nowhere, and Devon tosses in another for Ray. Axl and Ray have a lightsaber duel in the middle of the ring, with Balls coming out on top. Balls hits Ray with a couple of right hands, but Ray comes back with a lightsaber low blow. Ray hits a couple of right hands of his own, dances and hits a bionic elbow.

Axl hits Ray with an inverted DDT that’s good for a near fall. Devon comes in an hits a neckbreaker on Rotten. Balls hits a big sit out powerbomb, that’s good for a two count. Everyone gets to their feet and everyone has a chair. Balls and Axl are the ones who comes out on top, hitting 3D with chairs and going for a simultaneous near fall. Axl and Balls try to clothesline the ref, but the ref ducks. 3D hit Rotten and Balls with chair shots of their own, but it’s not enough to keep either man down. 3D hit the What’s up head butt on Balls and Ray tells Devon to get the tables.

3D bring a table into the ring and set it up and Gertner hands Ray a bottle of lighter fluid. This is not a good idea. Ray absolutely douses the table with lighter fluid. Devon sets the table on fire and Ray powerbombs Balls through it. Devon pins Balls and 3D gets the win.

Winners: Team 3D

- After the match, Bubba gets on the mic but is interrupted by New Jack and Mustafa – The Gangstas. They come down with a guitar, a kitchen sink and other weapons. Their music plays the entire time they’re out. The Gangstas beat up 3D all over the ring. Gertner gets in the ring but New Jack drops him with a guitar shot. All of a sudden the attack stops. Gangstas and 3D hug each other. Balls and Axl get up and all six of them pose together. Wow.

- We go backstage with Raven. He talks about his past with Tommy Dreamer. Raven says Dreamer stole his girl, stole his heart and he’s taking him out tonight. Quote the Raven, nevermore…

- More videos from TNA stars talking about ECW. Kaz and Jesse Neal share their memories of ECW. Kaz talks about training with some ECW guys when he started his career.

- Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray, Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, Rhino, Stevie, Dreamer and talk about Joey Styles. They put him over as an announcer and wish he was there with him tonight.

Final Showdown Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven

We go to the ring and out comes Mick Foley, the special referee for the match. Raven comes out next. We see Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer’s wife, the former Beulah, sitting at ringside with her daughters. Tommy Dreamer is out next and he kisses his daughters. We get formal introductions. Foley goes over the match with them and Raven strikes Dreamer to start the match.

Raven tosses Dreamer to the outside. He follows and buries his boot in Tommy’s midsection before slamming him into the guardrail back first with a Russian leg sweep. Raven tosses a chair into the ring before stomping at Dreamer and sending him back into the ring. Back in the ring Raven wedges the chair in between the second and third rope, but when he tries to whip Dreamer into it, it backfires and Dreamer counters, sending Raven into his own trap. Raven rolls to the outside, and Dreamer follows, hitting him with left and rights. Raven smiles, so Dreamer grabs a fans beer, spits some in Raven’s eyes, and slams the can into his head repeatedly.

Dreamer sends Raven back into the ring where he sets two chairs up side by side. Dreamer tries to suplex Raven into the chairs, but Raven turns it around, hitting a drop toe hold to send Dreamer head first into both chairs. Dreamer rolls to the outside and Raven follows with a chair. Raven uses the chair to slam into Dreamer’s head and Tommy is split open. Raven stares at Dreamer’s wife and kids and Tommy’s family is leaving the ringside area. Raven is pounding away on Dreamer and he’s a bloody mess. Raven tries to hit Dreamer with a chair but Dreamer ducks and Raven connects with the ring post. Raven sends Dreamer into the rings steps instead, slamming him headfirst into the top step. Raven brings things back into the ring.

Raven stomps away at Dreamer, before setting up a chair in the middle of the ring. Raven tries to whip Tommy into the ropes, but Dreamer turns it around and hits a drop toe hold, sending Raven face first into the seat of the chair. Dreamer goes to the outside and grabs a ‘fans’ sign, that has a street sign concealed in it, and he whacks Raven with it, sending Raven to the outside. When Raven comes back into the ring he’s split open and Dreamer suplexes his on top of the sign. Dreamer goes to the outside where he grabs a ladder. Dreamer brings it in and puts it in the corner in between the bottom and middle rope. Dreamer turns his attention back to Raven and he bites away at Raven’s forehead. Dreamer drags Raven by his legs and places his head under the ladder, slingshotting him up, face first into the ladder.

Dreamer sets Raven on the top turnbuckle, and puts the ladder in between the second and third ropes. Dreamer stands on the ladder, but Raven fights back and Dreamer falls through in a nasty spot. Raven hits I believe a clothesline and Tommy crashes to the mat. Dreamer kicks out of a pin attempt, and when Raven brings him up to his feet, Dreamer is able to connect with the Dreamer driver out of nowhere, but Dreamer doesn’t even try for a pin. Dreamer sets Raven up in the tree of woe and stomps down on Raven’s groin before setting the street sign in front of Raven’s face and hitting him with a giant dropkick.

Dreamer goes to the outside where he grabs a tiny bit of barbed wire. Dreamer uses the wire to scrape across Ravens forehead. The barbed wire is in Raven’s mouth and Dreamer is yanking back. Nova and fake Meanie run in and take out Foley while Raven taps. They then attack Dreamer. Fake Meanie goes to the top rope where he tries for a frog splash, but he misses. Dreamer connects with a DDT on fake Meanie, and a neckbreaker on Nova, but Raven is there to catch Dreamer with a DDT. Dreamer kicks out of a cover and Raven argues with Foley, shoving him. Foley responds with a series of right hands before reaching in his trunks and grabbing the sock, using it to apply the mandible claw. Someone, who’s apparently Raven’s lackey comes in with a top rope leg drop, but he’s quickly taken out by Foley who hits him with a barbed wire mandible claw.

The blood is gushing out of this kids mouth as Foley takes him to the back. In the ring, Raven has handcuffs which he uses to trap Dreamer’s arms behind his back. Raven grabs a chair and uses it to hit Dreamer across the back. Foley screams at Raven that Dreamer is helpless. Dreamer’s wife runs out to the ring, and she begs Raven to stop. Raven looks conflicted, and Dreamer’s wife gives him a hug. Raven pushes her off and hits Dreamer in the head with the chair. He goes for Dreamer’s wife and Foley tries to stop him, so he eats a couple of chair shots for his trouble. Dreamer’s wife hits a low blow, and Dreamer is kind of able to connect with a DDT, but it’s still only good for a two count. Raven has the chair and he uses it to hit Dreamer over the head before dropping him on top of it with a DDT. Raven pins Dreamer and he gets the three count.

Winner: Raven

- After the match, Dreamer and his wife head up the ramp. Dreamer is smiling it looks like. The fans chant “thank you Tommy” and “ECW” as they leave to the back. We go to a promo for TNA’s special iMPACT this Thursday and the Reaction premiere.

- We go backstage with Jeremy Borash and SoCal Val. They’re talking when New Jack and Mustafa walk up. Jack says JB has grown up. He calls SoCal Val a white girl and tells her that once you go black, you get bad credit. Val goes to leave but Jack pulls her by her hair. Mustafa takes Val away. Jack says starting right now, JB is his bitch. Jack makes JB walk off.

- We go to a promo video for Paul Heyman. Mick Foley, Raven, Stevie, Diamond, Snow, RVD, Sandman and several others talk about how great Heyman was at what he did with ECW.

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes the TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam, with Bill Alfonso right by his side. Fonzie will be managing Sabu and RVD in this one, as he has done before. Out next is RVD’s opponent, Sabu, to a nice pop as well. We get formal introductions for RVD, Sabu and Fonzie. Sabu takes off his ring gear and he has a bald head now. The bell rings and Fonzie whistles.

Sabu tries right off the bat to dive into Van Dam’s legs. Another attempt and RVD avoids it again. Both men have a bit of a pose off before locking up. Sabu goes behind and locks up RVD until Van Dam is able to get into the ropes. RVD bails to the outside and poses for the crowd. Fonzie advises Sabu to pose for the fans. Another leg dive and Sabu gets it this time, but he’s kicked right off by RVD.

Another lock up and RVD gets a side head lock. Things change quickly as we get some nice chain wrestling from both men. It’s pretty obvious that both of these guys know each other well. Fonzie throws a chair in the middle of the ring and Sabu comes up with it, throwing it with force into RVD’s head before setting it up, and jumping off of it, splashing RVD in the corner. Sabu gets a near fall and RVD rolls to the outside. Sabu hits a baseball slide that sends RVD into the crowd. Sabu sets up a chair in the ring and uses it to jump to the top rope, and then the outside on top of RVD.

Sabu makes it back into the ring and RVD is there shortly after. Sabu goes right for the cover but RVD kicks out. Sabu locks in the reverse chin lock and stomps on RVD before picking up the chair and slamming it down into RVD’s back. Sabu applies a modified camel clutch with a chair across Van Dam’s back for a bit before setting up another chair and trying for another splash in the corner. This time though, RVD dropkicks the chair into Sabu’s legs. RVD sets up the chair and tries to monkey flip Sabu on top of it, but it looks like Sabu pretty much misses it. RVD throws the chair into Sabu’s head and tries for a pin but he only gets two. Sabu sends Van Dam into the corner and follows it up with a big clothesline that’s good for a two count.

Sabu and RVD both go for springboard moves in the corner and collide, crashing down to the mat. Fonzie comes into the ring and backs the referee off. He tosses both RVD and Sabu water, telling them both to drink up. They then both go to the outside where they both grab tables. They then run around to the hard camera side of the ring where RVD jumps up to the apron and right off with a single leg drop kick to Sabu’s face. RVD picks Sabu up and hits a front suplex, placing him on the barricade. RVD goes to the apron and hits the corkscrew leg drop on Sabu, who’s still hung up on the barricade.

Van Dam rolls Sabu into the ring on top of an unfolded table, and places a chair on Sabu’s chest, slingshotting himself out to the apron with a big leg drop across Sabu’s chest. Van Dam tries for a quick cover, but he only gets two. Sabu charges RVD in the corner, but he eats a shoulder. Van Dam climbs the ropes, and Fonzie throws a chair to Sabu who throws it at RVD’s face. Sabu puts the chair in the middle of the ring and hits a top rope hurricarana that sends RVD back first on top of the chair. Sabu then hits a chair assisted Arabian facebuster, but it’s not enough to keep RVD down. RVD hits a drop toe hold and Sabu’s face is smashed into a chair. RVD crotches Sabu on the top rope and he calls Fonzie into the ring and asks him to hold the chair in front of Sabu, Fonzie obliges and RVD connects with the Van Daminator.

RVD rolls Sabu back in the ring and hits a split legged moonsault that’s good for a two, and Sabu keeps grabbing his nost. RVD goes for a table and begins setting it up, and Sabu has a chair that he uses to toss at Van Dam’s back, then his face. Sabu hits a leg drop, but RVD is in the ropes and the ref doesn’t count it. Sabu is whipped into the corner and RVD connects with a big kick to the face. Van Dam sets a chair on Sabu’s chest and connects with rolling thunder.

RVD grabs a chair, and uses it to assist a corner dropkick, slamming the chair into Sabu’s head. Sabu starts to fight back, hitting a big boot and a springboard twisting DDT that sends Van Dam head first into one of the chairs in the ring. Sabu goes for the cover but Van Dam kicks out at two. Sabu drills Van Dam with a chair assisted leg drop but it’s still only good enough for a near fall. Sabu brings RVD to his feet and drapes him across the table, but when he dives off the top with a chair assisted leg drop, Van Dam is able to avoid it and Sabu crashes through the table. RVD goes up top to hit the five star frog splash and he connects. RVD pins Sabu, and this one is over.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

- After the match, Fonzie gets in the ring to celebrate with Rob Van Dam. Sabu, who looks to be injured, is helped to his feet as RVD poses for the fans. RVD tries to get Sabu to shake hands and pose with he and Fonzie. Finally he does and they hug. We go to replays.

We come back for replays and out comes Sandman, New Jack, Stevie, Team 3D, Brother Runt, Al Snow, The FBI, CW Anderson and several other ECW originals. They all bring beer to the ring. Dixie Carter is sitting at ringside and even she has a beer. The crowd starts chanting “**** you Vince” and Dixie shakes her head no. Dreamer takes the mic and thanks Taz and Mike Tenay. He also thanks Atlas security and all the fans at home watching. Dixie thanks Dreamer and raises her beer to him. Hardcore Justice goes off the air with the iMPACT Zone celebrating.

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