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Posted in: PPV
TNA Genesis PPV Results 1/13/13
Jan 13, 2013 - 11:37:22 PM

Full Report by PWInsider.com

The PPV opened with a good video feature on the three way main event. The announcers welcomed us to the show and previewed the main event.

TNA Tag Team champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

Big chant for Chavo as he and Ryan locked up. Ryan backed Guerrero up into a corner and backed off, mocking Guerrero, who unloaded on him. Hernandez grabbed him in a bear hug and nailed and overhead release suplex. He slammed Ryan and Guerrero nailed a slingshot back splash into the ring. The champs hit a nice sequence of moves for a two count.

Guerrero drilled Ryan with a hard dropkick but missed a second one when Ryan held onto the ropes. He nailed a slingshot into his own corner, allowing Morgan to drill Guerrero as he was sent in. Morgan and Ryan tagged in and out, working over Guerrero.

Hernandez made the tag in and nailed Ryan with a slingshot shoulderblock. Morgan tagged in and he and Hernandez went back and forth. Morgan got the better of the exchange and tagged in Ryan, who spent too much time playing to the crowd for Morgan's liking. Hernandez nearly fought back enough to tag out but was pulled back to the challengers' corner.

Ryan and Morgan tagged in and out working over Hernandez. Hernandez tried to fight his way out but was killed with a discus clothesline. Hernandez tried to fight himself out but Morgan tagged himself in and continued the assault, whipping him hard into the corner. Morgan demanded Ryan follow suit and tagged him back in.

Guerrero tried to help his partner but the referee held him back. Morgan and Ryan worked over Guerrero but the referee realized Morgan, who was not the legal man in the ring, had switched with his partner. Hernandez was held by Morgan for Ryan to beat with a series of right hands. He covered Hernandez for a two count and cinched in a chinlock. The crowd rallied Hernandez, who fought to his feet and nailed a twirling backbreaker on Ryan.

Hernandez made the hot tag to Guerrero, who nailed a sunset flip into the ring, then a dropkick and a forward fiip on Ryan. Guerrero then nailed a twisting head scissors out of the corner. He nailed the Three Amigos. He went to the top for a frog splash but Morgan stepped into the way.

Hernandez hit the scene but Morgan went for a double chokeslam on them. They escaped and nailed a double dropkick, sending him out of the ring. Hernandez nailed a NASTY looking powerbomb on Ryan and Guerrero hit the top rope frog splash for the win.

Your winners, TNA Tag Team champions Hernandez and Guerrero!

After the match, Morgan just looked down in disgust at Ryan.

OK opener.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Mr. Anderson. Borash asked him his stance on Aces & Eights. Anderson mocked him and said, "you guys are so kliq-y around here" and told Borash to grow up. He said that as far as Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle were concerned, Angle called him out to fight and he was ready to fight. He said that Angle decided to roll around with Aces & Eights. He said if Joe wants to blame Anderson for Kurt Angle's demise, thanks. He warned Joe that the same thing was going to happen to Angle will just happen to him.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

They faced off in the center of the ring. Joe smacked Anderson's hat off his head. Joe shoved him after they jawjacked back and forth. Anderson took his shirt off, threw it at Joe and nailed him. Joe fought him back and stomped the hell out of him.

Joe whipped Anderson into the corner and then nailed him with an enziguiri to the head. Joe smashed Anderson into the corner. Joe snapmared Anderson, then drilled him with kicks and chops. He covered Anderson for a two count.

Anderson tried to slug it out with Joe and found out that wasn't the best idea. He was run off to the floor, where Joe chopped him hard on the floor. They battled around the ringside area, with Joe maintaining control. Anderson nailed Joe after Joe rolled in and out of the ring to break the referee's count, allowing Anderson to gain control ever so briefly.

Anderson was chopped down to the floor, but sent Joe into the ring steps. Joe was slammed into the ring steps and then slammed back-first into the apron. Anderson covered him for a two count. Anderson locked in a chinlock, trying to wear Joe down even more. Joe nailed a series of elbows but was caught with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Anderson nailed a series of right hands but Anderson went right after Joe's knee, which showed signs of damage from hitting the stairs earlier. Anderson nailed Joe with a series of rights and chops in the corner. He went back to working over the knee, trying to tie it up in the ropes. Joe shoved Anderson off, but was still caught with a dropkick to the knee for a near fall.

Anderson placed Joe's leg on the rope and leapt down on it, softening the knee up. He went to do it again but Joe used his other foot to shove Anderson over the top to the floor as Anderson leapt up. Joe hit a tope into a forearm smash to the floor on Anderson.

Back in the ring, Joe scored a near fall. Anderson fought back but was caught in a snap powerslam. Joe placed Anderson on the top for the muscle buster when the artist formerly known as Mike Knox. Joe saw Knox and shoved Anderson to the mat. Joe turned to Anderson and was caught with the Mic Check. Anderson scored the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Anderson!

Another OK match. The match really was just a backdrop to continue the mystery of whether Anderson is in cahoots with Aces and Eights.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kenny King about the X-Division tournament final. King said that he was a freight train and the only thing that can stop it is Superman. He said Christian York isn't Superman and tonight isn't about York, it's about RVD. He said that when he tagged in RVD, he wanted to see if it was true. He left RVD in the ring for Morgan to kick him in the face on purpose. He said RVD has gotten soft. He said that RVD isn't the same man who used to battle Sabu and kick Jerry Lynn's head off ten years ago. King said he was going to perform "natural selection" and take out RVD to become the new emperor of the X-Division.

Kenny King vs. Christian York

They announced the X-Division title bout will take place immediately, so there will be no rest period for the challenger. They had a feeling out process early and traded Japanese style armdrags before both going for a dropkick at the same time and facing off.

King and York went back and forth shoving and slapping each other. York got the better of it, then chopped away at King. York drilled King with a knee to the mid-section as he came off the ropes. King nailed an inverted atomic drop, a leg lariat and a slam for another near fall.

King went outside to the apron. York went after him but was nailed with a shoulderblock. King tossed York to the outside and went for a dive but missed. York whipped King towards the apron but King caught himself. York charged and King sent him into the ropes. York bounced down and used a rana on King.

They battled back and forth until York was nailed and sent to the floor. King drilled him into the railing and rolled York back in for a series of near falls. King kicked away at York in the corner. York fired back with chops.

King regained control but was caught going for a leg lariat and folded backwards with a nasty suplex. King avoided a charge but was nailed with a series of clotheslines. York used a Russian legsweep variation and clotheslined King in the corner.

They battled onto the apron, where King failed at a cartwheel kick and York nailed one instead. York went to the top and nailed a double stomp off the ropes for a two count.

They went into a sequence of near falls and reversals with some hot moves. York went for a cannonball in the corner but King rolled out of the way. King drilled him with a pair of knees in the corner but York kicked out. King went for a La Magistral but York reversed it and scored the win.

Your winner, Christian York!

Good match. York is a star. King came off well here as well.

After the match, King laid out York, upset over having lost. King then tried to call out Rob Van Dam.

TNA X-Division champ Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

York was out on his feet. Both the referee and RVD told him he didn't have to continue and they could do it another time. York slugged RVD, so they rang the bell. RVD quickly wiped him out with a kick and nailed Rolling Thunder for a two count.

RVD cinched in a bow and arrow. He turned that into a pinfall combination and then used his legs to scissor York, trying to choke the air out of him. RVD nailed a guillotine legdrop while York was draped over the apron for a two count.

RVD missed a spinkick in the corner. RVD was kicked as he charged York. York nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. They battled back and forth but York was caught with a springboard kick off the ropes. RVD preened but was rolled up for a two count. RVD nailed him with a reverse windmill kick and went to the top for the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD leapt but York moved out of the way and nailed a side roll for a two count as RVD grabbed the ropes.

RVD nailed another kick. He and York battled. RVD escaped a half nelson suplex attempt. RVD drilled him and tried to crotch him on the ropes. York battled him off but eventually failed. RVD came off the top with a Ryder Kick to the face and nailed the Five Star Frog Splash.

Your winner and still X-Division champ, RVD!

Real good match. The story here was that York could hang with the champ and man, could he. It's nice to see a really hard working guy finally get his just due. He came back from a real underdog situation and nearly won the belt. This was a little faster paced and hard hitting than most of the usual RVD bouts have been of late as well. Best thing thus far on the show.

RVD helped up York and showed him respect after the match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Joseph Park. He said tonight reminds him of his first case, Jarrett v. Bates. He said that he had to "kay-fab" Jeremy and was going to use what he learned from Danny Davis in OVW. He said tonight was his first chance to get revenge on Aces & Eights for what they did to him. He said he stands before them tonight, not as an attorney, but as a trained professional wrestler, ready to do battle. Park didn't seem to be as truly confident as he was trying to claim he was.

TNA TV champ Devon vs. Joseph Park

Devon told him he was a bitch when they kidnapped him and is one now. The crowd was big-time into chanting for Park. They locked up but Devon easily broke free and shoved Park away. Devon told him he was an amateur and a nobody.

They locked up again and Devon mocked him and messed up his hair. Devon continued to outclass Park. Devon made Park go down on all fours like an amateur competition but Park overpowered Devon, outwrestled him and slammed him to the mat. The place went nuts for that. Taz even tossed out a Don Leo Jonathan reference!

Joseph raised his dukes to fight but Devon nailed him in the mid-section. He worked over Park but was caught with a hiptoss, an armdrag and a slam. The place went nuts.

Park went for a splash but Devon rolled out of the way and sent him to the floor. Devon slammed his face into the apron and nailed him with a right hand. He tossed Park into the stairs. He continued working over Park on the floor and then back in the ring.

Devon worked over Park and tried to smash him into the turnbuckles. Park held on but was caught with a back elbow. Park made a comeback but seemed nervous about going to the top rope. He finally tried but seemed like he wasn't sure what to do. Park finally came off the second rope with a splash for a two count.

Devon caught him with a thumb to the eye, then slammed Park into an exposed turnbuckle pad. The shot busted open Park and when he saw the blood, he began acting like Abyss, killed Devon and nailed the Black Hole Slam. He went for a chokeslam but turned back into Park and seemed confused.

Devon sent Park into the corner and rolled him up for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA TV champion, Devon!

Good match. Park does a great job with facial reactions and with acting as if he's nervous. Devon is a hell of a hand and Park was great here too. The bit where he turned briefly into Abyss and the sequences where he out-wrestled Devon got the crowd going. Good stuff.

Devon laid him out after the match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bobby Roode. Austin Aries said Park was unsuccessful in his first wrestling match and Hardy will be unsuccessful in Jeff Hardy's last wrestling match. Aries said that he and Bobby Roode have agreed to take out Hardy and then find out who is the dominant and greatest champion, because they both deserve to be champion more than Hardy. Aries promised he was going to win.

Knockouts Gauntlet - Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. ODB vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

Kim and Tessmacher started. They went back and forth with a hot opening. Tessmacher used a forward roll for a two count and a series of forearms in the corner. She missed a back splash and was caught with a kick to the head for a two count.

Kim jumped down onto Tessmacher's back, then went to the top. Tessmacher nailed her and exploded with offense. She dropkicked Kim hard back into the buckles and nailed a Facebuster for a two count. Kim came back with "Eat Defeat."

Tessmacher has been eliminated.

ODB came out. Kim charged her on the ramp but was knocked down. ODB spanked her and muscled her around. ODB drilled her with a series of shoulderblocks. ODB nailed a running splash in the corner, then nailed the Bronco Buster for a two count.

ODB nailed a Fall Aways Slam for a two count. Kim sent her into the ropes but was nailed with a back kick. ODB went to the ropes but Kim yanked her leg and she came down hard. Kim rolled her up and hooked the tights for the pin.

ODB has been eliminated.

Mickie James came out but was kicked down as she entered the ring. James nailed a series of kicks to come back and covered Gail for a two count. James went for her finisher but Kim rammed her backwards into the buckles. Kim hit a running splash into the buckles. James and Kim battled on the apron. Kim was sent back into the ring.

James nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. They went back and forth until James was caught with an enziguiri. James nailed a flapjack and went to the top for the Thesz Press but Kim rolled out of the ring. James went after her but Kim was waiting for her. James still caught her with head scissors on the floor.

James tossed Kim back in the ring but Kim grabbed referee Taryn Terrell. James came back down and went after Kim with a rollup but Kim reversed it and hooked the tights for the win.

James has been eliminated.

Velvet Sky came out but Kim hid on the outside. Sky, puzzled, was attacked from behind on the floor. Kim controlled her and scored several near falls. They exchanged a series of near falls.

Sky sent her into the corner but Kim kicked her off. Kim rolled her up and hooked the tights but the referee saw it. Kim argued with her but was kicked by Sky and nailed by "In Yo Face." Kim's leg was under the ropes but the referee missed it.

Your winner and now number one contender, Velvet Sky!

Good match with Kim working as the nucleus. She worked her ass off here. I thought this was one of the better Knockouts bouts of late.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Christopher Daniels, who was with Kazarian. It was just awesome, a total smarmy heel throwback interview. These guys have really exceled in 2012.

Daniels vs. James Storm

The winner gets a TNA title shot on Impact on 1/24.

Kazarian had a one night manager's license so he could stay in Daniels' corner.

They went back and forth early with Storm controlling him with a headlock. Daniels came back but was clotheslined over the top to the outside.

Storm maintained control when they returned to the ring, nailing a series of rights and a backdrop. He peppered Daniels with a series of right hands in the corner. Kazarian distracted Storm, allowing Daniels to blast his arm and send Storm to the floor.

Kazarian worked over Storm and tossed him back into the ring. Daniels continued working over Storm's arm, sending him shoulder-first into the corner. Daniels continued to focus on the arm, trying to force a submission.

Storm tried to mount a comeback but kept getting cut off. He finally blocked a clothesline and nailed a Side Russian Legsweep. Daniels drilled him with a right hand but Storm fired back and nailed a leaping forearm for a two count. Storm nailed a knee to the face and a neckbreaker.

Storm went to the top. Kazarian tried to distract him but failed. Storm nailed a top rope elbowsmash for a two count. Storm sent Daniels into the buckles but missed a clothesline. Storm went for Closing Time but Daniels avoided it and snapped his bad arm, then drilled him with a flying clothesline for a two count.

Storm nailed the Eye of the Storm but Daniels kicked out at the last second. Storm drilled Daniels with a kick to the back of the head and used a sidewalk slam on Daniels. Storm set up for the Last Call superkick but Daniels blocked and nailed Angel's Wings for a two count.

Daniels called for the BME but Storm put his boot up. Storm worked over Daniels and set up for the Last Call. Kazarian got on the apron but was nailed with it. Daniels caught him with a Uranage and scored the pin.

Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

Good back and forth match.

They showed Bully Ray's proposal to Brooke Hogan. The happy couple then came to the ring. Ray began talking about who they should invite to the wedding and Brooke said they should invite everyone there in the Impact Zone. So, Ray filmed footage of them and said he was going to put it on Twitter. Ray said he wasn't much for "this feelings stuff" but thanked Brooke for saying yes and making him happy. He thanked the fans for having their back over "this whole situation."

Sting vs. D.O.C.

They began brawling on the floor. Sting sent Doc into the stairs and then into the guard rail. They battled into the crowd and towards the Aces & Eights entrance. Sting began choking Doc with his own shirt as another member of Aces & Eights hit the scene and attacked him.

That allowed Doc to grab control of the battle. He tossed Sting into the ring, where the referee rang the bell. Doc stepped on Sting's chest to pin him but Sting kicked out. Doc kept working over him and Sting rolled out back to the floor.

Doc drilled Sting with a right hand and whipped him hard into the ring steps. Doc tossed Sting back in and kicked away at Sting, keeping him on the defensive. Sting pulled himself up but was drilled with a haymaker and sent back to the mat.

Doc snapmared Sting down and cinched in a side chinlock. Doc continued the assault. Sting fought back and went for the Scorpion Death Drop. Doc fought him off but Sting nailed a series of kicks and drilled the Death Drop.

Sting unloaded with a series of rights and strikes. He hit the Stinger Splash on Doc and nailed another Scorpion Death Drop for the pin.

Your winner, Sting!

Match was what you would expect from Sting in 2013. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Aces and Eights hit the ringside area and were going to attack Sting but Bully Ray charged out and they ran off.

TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries.

Jeremy Borash did the big time ring introductions.

Roode and Aries both tried to give the other orders on what to do. They then attacked Hardy and worked him over in the corner. They sent Hardy into the opposite corner. Aries was whipped into Hardy but was caught with an elbow. Hardy nailed Roode as well, then bulldogged Aries as he clotheslined Roode.

Hardy nailed an inverted atomic drop on Roode and followed up with a backdrop. Hardy turned to Aries and worked him over but was caught with by Roode and slammed backward to the mat head-first. Hardy kicked off Aries and tossed Roode to the floor. He then picked up and spun Aries into the air and down to the mat.

Hardy nailed a dive to the floor on Roode but only nailed him glancingly. Hardy brought him back into the ring and went for the Twist of Fate. Roode turned it into a spinebuster. Roode drilled Hardy with a series of right hands. He grabbed Hardy and dropped him with a back suplex for a two count.

Roode was sent to the outside but Aries then took over on Hardy, controlling him and scoring several near falls. Hardy made a comeback as Roode returned and sent them into each other, then used Roode as a springboard for Air Hardy.

Hardy went to the top but was caught up on the ropes by his opponents., Roode began smothering Hardy with his boot in the corner. Hardy was worked over and placed on the top rope. Aries and Roode took turns working him over but had dissension over who was going to follow up.

Roode nailed a big superplex and covered Hardy for a two count. They placed Hardy on the top and argued again. Roode finally agreed to put Aries on his shoulders and then attempted to do a double decker back superplex. Hardy fought off Aries and nailed a Whisper in the Wind on Aries, sending both crashing down.

Aries and Roode tried to grab Hardy but he wiped them both out. Hardy went for a dive on Roode outside but Aries attacked him from behind and Hardy crashed to the floor. Aries went for the big dive through the ropes on Hardy, who Roode was holding, but Hardy escaped and Roode was wiped out.

Hardy nailed a running leg lariat off the stairs onto Aries against the ringpost. Hardy followed up with a dive over the ropes to the floor on Roode. He returned Roode to the ring and went to the top for the Swanton.

Aries cut off Hardy and tried to suplex him out of the ring to the floor but Hardy turned it into a front suplex on Roode. He went for the Twist of Fate but was shoved off. Hardy sent his challengers into each other but was caught with a spear for a two count by Roode.

Aries caught Hardy with the brainbuster but Hardy kicked out. Roode told Aries to nail the 450 splash. He held Hardy wide open for it. Hardy rolled out of the way and then out of the ring. Roode tried to use the Perfectplex to pin Aries and eliminate him.

Ares kicked up and that was the end of their alliance. They shoved each other and Aries nailed a big running elbow for a two count. Roode went for a spear but Aries caught him and turned it into the Last Chancery. Roode teased tapping, then ripped Aries' eyes to force a break.

Roode went right for his Crossface. Aries turned it into a cradle for a two count. Aries went for a move but was caught with an attempted tiltowhirl. Aries was able to pull himself to the top rope but Roode cut him off before Aries could do anything. They battled on the ropes but Aries got the better of him. Aries drilled him with a big dropkick and went for the brainbuster but Roode turned into a rollup for a two count.

Aries came back with a backslide and as Roode went down, Hardy returned and nailed the Cruncher legdrop and both men pinned Roode.

Roode is eliminated.

Aries argued with the referee and went to grab Hardy. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate. Hardy was fought off but nailed the Twist of Fate through the ropes and drilled him with a Swanton for the win.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Jeff Hardy!

Full Report by PWInsider.com

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