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Posted in: PPV
TNA Victory Road PPV Results 3/13/11
By Marc Middleton
Mar 13, 2011 - 7:48:32 PM

- TNA's Victory Road pay-per-view kicks off with a video package showing clips of Sting's past and him appearing to retire. We see clips of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's war with Dixie Carter for control of TNA. More clips of Sting and what led to him winning the TNA World Title from Jeff Hardy in Fayetteville.

- And we're live from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida as the pyro goes off. Mike Tenay welcome us to the show and hype up tonight's matches. We go to the ring for tonight's opener.

No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match: Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

We go to the ring and out comes Brother Ray. He bullies SoCal Val out of the ring and takes the mic. Ray thanks God for men like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who are taking TNA to the top, he says. Ray says they have confidence in him as one of the best. Ray calls Tommy Dreamer his light work and is interrupted by Dreamer's music. Out he comes to the ring.

Ray says he's surprised Dreamer had the balls to show up. Ray says he's tight with Hogan and Bischoff now so tonight's match is now a No DQ match, falls count anywhere. Ray calls Dreamer a fat ass and Dreamer unloads on him with right hands. They go at it and Dreamer goes for a bulldog but gets clotheslined. Dreamer tosses Ray to the floor. They go at it on the floor now. Dreamer throws someone's water at Ray. Someone tosses him a big stuffed animal and he knocks Ray down with it.

Dreamer tosses Ray over the railing and into the crowd. Dreamer beats Ray up some more and poses in the fans. They brawl on the steps before coming back to the ring. Ray takes control and drops Dreamer over the railing, landing on him. Ray uses the steel steps on Dreamer's hand now. Dreamer comes back and throws a trash can full of weapons in the ring. In the ring they come now. Dreamer throws a sawhorse into the ring and comes off the top rope with a Singapore cane shot to the head on Ray. Dreamer brings a blow-up doll in the ring. Dreamer hits Ray in the head with a lid and Ray falls on top of the blow-up doll. Dreamer puts the doll on top of Ray and splashes him for a 2 count.

Dreamer goes up top but Ray hits him with a lid. Ray superplexes Dreamer down to the mat and drops an elbow on the blow-up doll before throwing it out of the ring. Ray goes for the Bubba Bomb but Dreamer counters with a DDT and a 2 count. The crowd wants tables so Dreamer brings one into the ring. Dreamer props one leg of the table up and goes for a piledriver but Ray counters and backdrops him. Ray drops Dreamer with a trash can. More back and forth action and a 2 count for Ray. Ray hits Dreamer with the cane a few times and sets up the table. Another cane shot. Ray gets a mic and asks Dreamer how it feels as he keeps giving him cane shots. Ray starts yelling Devon's name and says this is for him. Ray goes for a powerbomb but the 3D music hits and out comes Devon's sons, one in a neckbrace. Devon sneaks in the ring from behind. Ray turns around and gets hit by a 3D from Dreamer and Devon. Dreamer covers Ray for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

- After the match, Dreamer celebrates in the ring with Devon and his sons.

- We go backstage with Christy Hemme, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Winter. Winter says her actions proved on Thursday that she has always wanted them to be friends. Winter says she has no issue with Velvet but Velvet has issues with her. Winter is glad Angelina has finally realized this. Velvet asks Angelina if this true. Angelina walks off with Winter, leaving Velvet pissed.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Rosita and Sarita vs. Angelina Love and Winter

We go to the ring and out comes the challengers, the team of Rosita and Sarita. Sarita takes the mic and says she and her cousin are walking out as champions tonight. Sarita says she don't know about the problems the champs have but she knows they are not focused. Sarita speaks in Spanish and the crowd starts giving her crap. She gets pissed and says starting tonight with these titles, Mexico is taking back what's rightfully theirs. Out next comes the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Winter and Angelina Love.

Angelina and Rosita start the match off and trade headlocks. Angelina with 3 forearm shots. She misses a clothesline and Rosita takes her down. Angelina comes back with a snap suplex. Sarita is tagged in but Angelina drops her and tags in Winter. Winter with a back elbow and a backbreaker for a 2 count. They go back and forth. Winter with a Northern Lights suplex for another 2 count. Rosita interferes. Angelina is tagged in and continues the assault on Sarita. Sarita counters with a clothesline and tags Rosita back in for a bit of double teaming that fails as Rosita falls on her face. Angelina scoops Rosita up and slams her for a 2 count.

Winter comes in and misses a big boot. Rosita sweeps her and tags in Sarita. They try to double team again but it backfires on them and Winter takes back control. Angelina comes in and works on Sarita's arm. Angelina is thrown into the ropes and Rosita hits her in the back of the head. Rosita comes in but Angelina drops her on her back for a 2 count. Winter is tagged back in and they double team Rosita for a 2 count. The referee is distracted, allowing Sarita to grab one of the title belts and run in the ring. Earl Hebner sees her and stops her. Angelina and Sarita end up on the floor brawling, distracting Hebner again. Rosita is behind Winter with the belt, ready to attack. Velvet Sky runs in and takes the belt from her. Winter rolls Rosita up but the referee isn't there for the count. Rosita comes back and rolls Winter up for the pin, the win and the titles.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Rosita and Sarita

- After the match, Angelina and Winter look at Velvet Sky like it's her fault they loss. Velvet tries to defend her actions. Angelina and Winter head off to the back with Velvet saying she tried to help them.

- Mike Tenay leads us into video of Karen and Jeff Jarrett's honeymoon. They have the kids at a theme park and everyone's having fun. Karen is a bit frustrated but the kids say it's the best honeymoon ever.

- Christy Hemme is backstage with Matt Morgan. Morgan says the Mexican people may have picked Hernandez up on a pedestal but tonight, Morgan will knock him right back down. Morgan says he is taking out Hernandez tonight and then coming for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. We go to clips of the feud between Morgan and Hernandez.

First Blood Match: Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

We go to the ring and out first comes Hernandez followed by Matt Morgan for the First Blood Match. Morgan rushes the ring and they go at it immediately. Morgan gets the upperhand first and chokes Hernandez with his boot. Morgan comes back with headbutts and right hands in the corner. Morgan throws Hernandez to the floor and follows him. Morgan goes to slam Hernandez into the steps but it's countered and Morgan hits them. Morgan comes back and tosses Hernandez into them this time. The referee checks on Hernandez for blood.

Hernandez comes back in and takes Morgan down with a shoulder. Hernandez brings a long wooden handle into the ring and hits Morgan with it. Hernandez tries to poke Morgan's eye out with it but can't. The crowd chants for blood as Hernandez continues the assault. Morgan comes back with a big sideslam. His comeback doesn't last long as Hernandez hits another shoulder. Morgan comes back again but Hernandez beats him to the mat and takes him to the corner. Hernandez with a big spear in the corner. Hernandez poses now and taunts Morgan, wasting time.

They both get up and Morgan drops Hernandez multiple times with clotheslines. Morgan with a big splash in the corner and an overhead suplex. Morgan grabs the wooden stick from earlier and goes to use it but it's blocked. Hernandez goes up top but Morgan tosses him across the ring. A fan rushes the ring but the referee tackles him. Morgan helps kick the fan out of the ring. This allows Hernandez to put a chain on his fist. Morgan turns around and blocks the chain shot. Morgan takes the chain and drops Hernandez with it. Morgan calls for another referee because somehow the other one got knocked down when the fan ran in. Morgan goes back to Hernandez. Hernandez squirts a bunch of fake blood on Morgan. Another referee runs down and calls for the bell, seeing the fake blood on Morgan's body.

Winner: Hernandez

- Hernandez runs to the ramp and we see that he was already cut open from the chain shot. Morgan argues in the ring with the referee. Morgan flips him off and leaves.

- Christy Hemme is backstage with Max and Jeremy Buck. Max says it's his birthday and Jeremy had this great idea of no matter what, he would get the X Division title tonight. Max walks off and Hemme asks Jeremy if this is true and he doesn't seem so sure about it. We go to Jeremy Borash and Kazarian. Kazarian talks about his experience in the Ultimate X match and says just like Charlie Sheen, tonight he is winning.

- We see Cookie and Robbie E. in a clip from earlier. Cookie is worried about him getting the X Division title back tonight. Robbie tells her not to worry and walks off. Cookie wants some vodka.

Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title: Robbie E. vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Kazarian

We go to the ring and out first comes Robbie E. with Cookie. Out next comes Generation Me - Max and Jeremy Buck. Last out is the TNA X Division Champion Kazarian, representing Fortune. The bell rings and Cookie grabs Kazarian's leg to start the match while Generation Me takes out Robbie, throwing him to the floor. The Bucks double team Kazarian now with some high flying moves. Traci Brooks comes out to look after Kazarian from Cookie. Kazarian leaps up to the rope in the air but can't get to the belt. Kazarian finally gets the upperhand on the Bucks but i comes Robbie E. Robbie works Kazarian over in the corner.

Max gets on the cable again but Robbie pulls him down before he gets to the belt. Robbie climbs to the top and grabs the cable. Kazarian comes up on the cable right behind him and they go at it hanging in the air. Kazarian kicks Robbie down and falls on top of him with a leg drop. Jeremy Buck comes in and kicks Kazarian down and plants him on his face. Max comes in and goes up to the cable. Jeremy helps him navigate it but Robbie and Kazarian stop them before he gets the belt. Robbie and Kaz go at it now with right hands.

Kazarian goes for Fade to Black but it's countered. Kaz dumps Robbie over the ropes and onto the steel steps. Kaz leaps over the ropes and onto the floor where Robbie is. Max runs through the ropes and dropkicks Kaz back. Max wants Jeremy to help him get on the cable again it looks like. Jeremy ends up being moonsaulted by Max onto Robbie and Kaz on the floor. Max calls for Jeremy to hurry and get back in the ring. Kaz makes it back first and goes at it with Max. Max with a dropkick. Max goes up to the cable again as Jeremy keeps Kaz down. Max slides across the cable but Kaz stops him as he gets to the belt. Generation Me double team Kaz some more. Jeremy keeps Kaz down again as Max goes for the cable. He goes back down. Kaz goes for the cable but Jeremy leaps up and blocks him from moving. Kaz dropkicks Jeremy from the cable. Kaz yanks Max off the cable again and hits him with a cutter as he drops down. Robbie comes back in and goes up top as Cookie screams. Robbie jumps out onto the cable but Max grabs his leg and pulls him down. Max with a nice blockbuster off the top.

Max climbs up top but Kaz shoves him and his head goes into the bars on the steel structure. Robbie and Jeremy go at it. Jeremy runs over to Kaz who is still up top. Robbie powerbombs Jeremy as Jeremy suplexes Kaz off the top in a big tower move. Kaz hits Fade to Black on Robbie. Jeremy with a big elbow and spin kick on Kaz takes him down. Jeremy goes for the title now but Kaz kicks him on the turnbuckle. Kaz hits an insane corkscrew exploder move from the top on Jeremy. Kaz goes back up top as Robbie does on the opposite of the ring. They both go out on the cable. Generation Me grabs Robbie's legs and pull him down. They grab Kaz's legs now and swing him, pulling him down hard. Jeremy goes for the title now and Max doesn't like it. Max pulls Jeremy off the turnbuckle and they argue.

Max and Jeremy race for the belt and meet in the middle of the X. They trade slaps and punches while hanging on the cable. Jeremy goes down. Kaz climbs above the cables and comes out on top as Robbie sets up a ladder and climbs it. Kaz walks across the top of the cables and reaches down for the belt. They struggle for it but Kaz grabs it. Kaz kicks Robbie off the ladder and drops down to the mat for the win.

Winner: Kazarian

- We go to more footage of Karen and Jeff's honeymoon. Karen is frustrated with the kids and wants them to hurry and eat so they can go home. Jeff wants a kiss but Karen isn't having it. One of the kids asks Karen if she's happy and she's not. Jarrett says he has one more stop that will make Karen happy. Jeff tells Karen she's going to get wet but she's still not thrilled.

- We go backstage with Christy Hemme and the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money. They talk about entertaining the fans and get Christy to do the Beer Money dance but Robert Roode pokes her from behind. They get serious now. Roode says they are the best tag team in the planet. They got here by showing respect to everyone they have faced. Roode says Shannon Moore knows nothing about respect. James Storm says Moore must have grown a set of balls. Storm says Moore will learn what respect is all about tonight. Storm is sorry about Moore's damn luck. We go to clips of the Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. feud.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Ink Inc. vs. Beer Money

We go to the ring and out comes the challengers, Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal. Out next comes the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money. Storm and Neal start the match out and lock up. Storm takes Neal down first. Lots of back and forth action. Neal with two arm drags and they come face to face in the middle of the ring. Storm slaps Neal. Neal slaps Storm. Storm with a neckbreaker and a 2 count. Neal with a crossbody out of the corner for a 2 count.

Moore and Roode are tagged in. Roode takes Moore down and they trade holds. Storm takes Moore down with a shoulder but Moore dropkicks him for a 2 count. Roode catches Moore with a til-a-whirl backbreaker and another 2 count. Neal is tagged back in for some double teaming. Neal charges the corner but Roode moves. Roode clotheslines Moore and scoop slams Neal for a 2 count. Storm is tagged back in but Moore runs in and hits him from behind. Moore is tagged back in and unloads on Storm in the corner. Moore with a leg drop for a 1 count. Another headlock by Moore.

Moore slams Storm by his hair and tags back in Neal. Neal hits a big neckbreaker for a 2 count. Headlock by Neal now. Moore comes back in and continues the assault on Storm. Another tag to Neal, keeping in control of Storm. 2 count by Neal. Moore whips Storm hard into the corner. Moore leaps at Storm in the corner but he moves. Roode and Neal come in at the same time and trade shots in the middle of the ring. Roode with clotheslines and shoulders now. Roode with a big backdrop. Roode with chops. Neal kicks Roode in his face but gets spinebustered for a 2 count. Storm comes back in and they hit a big double team move on Neal. Moore comes in and fights with Beer Money, hitting a nice headscissors and kick. Hurricanrana by Moore on Roode. Moore and Storm go at it now. Moore with a moonsault on Storm. Roode catches Moore but gets bulldogged for a 2 count.

Moore goes to the top but Roode pushes Neal into him. Roode and Moore continue to go back and forth. Roode with a 2 count and he's getting frustrated. Neal attacks Roode from behind. Storm kicks Neal in the back of the head and then hits a double suplex ion Moore. Beer Money do their usual taunt but Neal spears from behind. Neal hits a neckbreaker while Moore hits a cutter for a 2 count. The end comes when Storm hits the superkick on Neal. They hit the DUI on Moore for the win.

Winner: Beer Money

- Christy Hemme is backstage with Ric Flair and Matt Hardy. Hardy talks about being famous and a champion.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

We go to the ring where AJ Styles is. Out next comes Matt Hardy with Ric Flair in his corner. They lock up and here we go. They take it to the corner and are separated. AJ with right hands and chops on Hardy. Styles with a side headlock now. Hardy fights out of it but AJ drops him with a shoulder. Hardy fights out of another hold by AJ. AJ with another headlock, taking Hardy to the mat.

Hardy goes down after a big dropkick. AJ goes to the apron. Hardy brings him back. AJ comes back and knocks Hardy out to the floor. Flair distracts AJ and he turns around to a clothesline from Hardy for a 2 count. Hardy slams AJ and works him over on the mat. Hardy with right hands now. Hardy charges but AJ pulls the ropes and Hardy falls out to the floor. AJ hits a moonsault off the apron and onto the floor. They fight on the floor. Hardy pulls AJ's face into the apron. Hardy rams Styles' shoulder into the ring post and comes back into the ring. Flair looks at AJ on the ground disappointed. Hardy throws AJ into the railing but he baseball slides under the railing and comes up in the crowd. AJ springboards over the railing and onto Hardy. They come back in the ring and AJ hits Hardy with Flair chops. Hardy fights AJ off. AJ counters with elbows. Hardy slings AJ backwards into the corner and he goes down hard.

AJ gets thrown back out to the floor. Ric Flair attacks with chops and right hands while the referee is distracted by Hardy. Hardy brings AJ back in the ring and slingshots his neck under the second rope. Hardy applies a double underhook submission. Styles collapses to the ring as Hardy keeps the hold applies. AJ turns it into a 2 count but Hardy regains control of the hold. Styles rams Hardy back into the corner. AJ charges but Hardy drops AJ's face into the corner. Hardy drops AJ on his head for another 2 count. Hardy chokes AJ with the ropes now. Flair reaches over and grabs AJ's crotch while the referee can't see.

Hardy with elbow drops and another 2 count. Hardy with another submission on AJ's neck. AJ fights back with chops and right hands. They both miss clotheslines and then hit each other at the same time. AJ drops Hardy with an enziguri kick. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring now. AJ drops Hardy with clotheslines and a kick. AJ with a backbreaker and a 2 count. Another 2 count by AJ. AJ goes up top but Hardy moves. Hardy with a side effect for a close 2 count. Hardy goes back up top and comes down on AJ's head. Hardy goes for Twist of Hate but AJ counters with a 2 count. AJ clotheslines Hardy. AJ calls for the Styles Clash but Hardy counters and slams AJ on his neck. 2 count for Hardy. AJ goes for a pin but Flair distracts the referee on the apron and he can't get it. AJ goes over to Flair on the apron. Flair pokes him on the apron. Hardy comes up. AJ kicks Flair with a pele kick and he hits the floor. Hardy with a big DDT on AJ. Hardy goes up top and hits a moonsault for a 2 count. AJ counters Twist of Hate again. Hardy goes up top but AJ kicks him in the head and he falls to the mat. AJ hits a big Spinal Tap from the top while Flair is distracting the referee. Hebner fights Flair off and counts the pin for Styles.

Winner: AJ Styles

- After the match, Flair is going crazy. AJ runs over from behind and drops Flair with a low blow. We go to replays.

- We go to more footage of the Jarrett honeymoon. Karen says she doesn't want to get wet and no more rides. She says this is a family vacation, not a honeymoon. Karen is ready to go. Jeff says he knows what's missing. Jeff says he misses him too. He's talking about Kurt Angle. Jeff says he's calling for a truce with Kurt on Thursday's iMPACT. Karen asks where the kids are. Jeff says they're off having fun. The kids all run up wet and get Karen wet. She starts screaming as a big wave of water splashes them all.

- Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Anderson talks about the #1 contender's match with Rob Van Dam tonight and says it's just business. Anderson says everyone finishes last but assholes always finish first and walks off.

- We get a video with highlights leading up to the Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam match for the #1 contendership.

#1 Contender's Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson

We go to the ring and out first comes Rob Van Dam. Mr. Anderson comes out to the stage next and cuts a promo before heading to the ring. They come face to face and talk trash. Anderson strikes first and they trade shots. Anderson drops RVD with a shoulder. Lots of back and forth action and counters to start the match. RVD takes Anderson with a scissors for a 2 count.

They lock up again for more back and forth counters and holds. More pin attempts by each man. Anderson with another shoulder block. RVD goes to leap frog but it's botched. Anderson clotheslines RVD in the corner. RVD turns it around with shoulder thrusts in the corner. RVD with a springboard kick and Rolling Thunder.

They go to the floor. Anderson gets draped over the railing. RVD goes to the apron and runs at Kennedy for a leg drop on the rail. Anderson moves and RVD lands hard and awkwardly. Anderson uses the ring post on RVD's leg now as we're back in the ring. Anderson focuses his attention on RVD's leg, hitting it with knee drops now. Anderson applies a single leg Boston crab now. Anderson takes it to the corner now and then clips RVD's leg from behind. 2 count for Anderson. RVD fights out of the corner with clotheslines and a kick to the face. Anderson goes to plant RVD on his face but it's countered. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Anderson moves and counters it. RVD with a headlock now. Anderson backdrops him. Anderson with elbow drops and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Anderson hits the plunge for another 2 count.

RVD ends up hitting shoulder thrusts in the corner. They end up going to the floor as RVD splashing Anderson over. They fight up the ramp as the referee counts. Anderson drops RVD on the floor with a Mic Check and both go down. Neither can make it back in time and the referee calls for the bell.

Double Count Out

- After the match, the fans call for the match to be restarted as RVD and Anderson try to recover at ringside. RVD argues with the referee and wants the match restarted it looks like. We go to Tenay and Taz, and we have no #1 contender for the World Title.

- We get a backstage video from Jeff Hardy. He says he is going to bring Sting and everyone else back to reality tonight.

- They air a video of Sting for tonight's main event where he starts out talking about how he got into pro wrestling and then when he thought he was going to retire. Sting is back.

No DQ Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Sting

We got to the ring and out comes the challenger Jeff Hardy. Out next comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting and he gets a nice reaction from the iMPACT Zone. Jeremy Borash does formal ring introductions as we get ready to go.

Eric Bischoff interrupts and makes his way out to the ring. Bischoff talks about March 3rd where "the network" got involved in their business. He says since Hardy was taken advantage of, he's going to be fair tonight. Bischoff extends his hand to Sting but Sting won't shake it. Bischoff says he spoke with Hulk Hogan and since Hardy couldn't prepare for Sting on March 3rd, they told Hardy tonight they were changing it ahead of time. Hardy had been preparing for the stipulation and it is... No DQ. Sting decks Bischoff with a right hand and he goes down. The bell rings and here we go.

They play with the crowd to start. Sting bullies Hardy back into the corner and Hardy cowers down. They lock up now and Sting strikes first. Sting hits a few shots and out of nowhere hits a Death Drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sting

- It feels like something is going on here. Hardy talks to the referee. Sting briefly celebrates with his title while Hardy is still in the ring. Sting backs up the ramp with the referee raising his hand. Taz is playing it up like Sting just re-invented himself and got a huge win. Sting says something back to fans, "I agree, I agree." We go recaps of the various matches at tonight's pay-per-view. Victory Road goes off the air with a shot of the TNA ring and Tenay hyping that Sting retained his title.

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