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Posted in: PPV
Impact Bound For Glory PPV Results 11/5/17
By Marc Middleton
Nov 5, 2017 - 7:55:54 PM

The show opened with Alberto El Patron showing up and them asking what is he going to be doing here tonight.


They announced this as Lucha style meaning no tags but two people legal, but it's not an elimination match but a first pin or submission. Because they are in Canada, Williams got a huge reaction and came out to "Oh Canada" and with the flag..

This was a good match, lots of high flying. Not everything super crisp but fun match that the crowd liked. . Highlights included Xavier doig a Space flying tider drop, Williams doing a pescado into a huracanrana and there was a triple tope spot. Sydal looked good. Garza's shoulder is messed up from surgery and clearly wasn't ready to be back. The finish saw Williams finally hit the Canadian Destroyer, which the match built to, hitting it on Xavier but Lee threw him Williams out of the ring and stole the pin.


They called Dux the hottest free agent in Canada. NOAH Chairman Masayuki Uchida came out with Ishimori. They pushed that the winner would be in line for a shot at Lee. Short match more like a TV enhancement match with Ishimori winning with a 450, so they are probably doing Lee vs. Ishimori at TV tomororw or later in the week.

Grado saw Abyss and called him Joseph and said we don't need to do this. Abyss said there's no Joseph here but you're about to feel pain and suffering and carnage and said he's about to be exported. Actually deported. Grado stood up to him, said it's a different Grado and he's going to be his ass and called him Joseph again.

Alberto is now out. Alberto once to give us a history lesson. Alberto got a good reaction but not overwhelming. He's doing an anti-authority gimmick. He talked about what the company, the cowards, the perros did to him, they screwed him, they destroyed him because they have no cajones, called them backstabbers. They believed all the lies instead of reading the reports, as the reports will tell you I didn't do anything but they suspended me and stopped paying me. The announcers are acting like it's a shoot and talked about pulling the mic. Alberto said they stripped him of the title. He said the current champion is fake and he has to beat him to be the real champion. He said this place didn't care about his family, his young children, and said there's a loser who wanted to spread lies and stuff that never happened. He said after showing that he didn't do anything, none of them called or texted him, nobody came to his house. He vowed to do something tonight. Said the place was filled with losers, cowards and backstabbers. He went to Jeremy Borash and said he thought they were friends and asked him where he was three months ago. He said JB never called him, never texted him. Alberto came up to him. Fans wanted him to put Borash through a table. He told Borash to tell the people if he called. Borash said he never called, never texted and apologized. He and Borash shook hands and Borash acted all nervous. Alberto said he was going to make a statement. JB said we should talk about this tonight. But then Alberto did nothing and said maybe not. He just said tonight would be amazing and then he left.


This was a mess. Abyss won with a black hole slam on a barbed wire board in a weapons match. They did the thumbtacks, barbed wire boards including Grado splashing on the barbed wire board with Abyss in the middle of a barbed wire board sandwich. At one point Van Ness interfered and gave Grado a low blow for not marrying her. Van Ness got Janice, the nail board and then the lights went out. Rosemary came out and attacked Van Ness and saved Grado by blowing mist at Van Ness. Abyss was about to choke slam Rosemary, but they were a team here before and she stroked his forehead. She went to blow mist at Grado who moved, and Abyss got the mist in the eyes. Abyss was blinded and choke slammed Rosemary on thumb tacks. Grado then schoolboyed Abyss and the ref counted three and the bell rang. Borash, who knew it wasn't the right finish said he kicked out at two and hte timekeeper rang the bell early. Abyss then used the black hole slam on the barbed wire board for the pin.


Dorian Roldan was out with Team AAA. They mentioned Edwards was going to defend the GHC title on Impact Thursday night, so that's being taped tomorrow.

Long match. Really sloppy a lot of the way. Pagano isn't good at all and a lot of the other stuff looked mistimed. But they did a lot of big moves and the crowd was into the Impact vs. outsiders idea . Storm pinned Pagano with a superkick that didn't land solid after EC 3 used low blows on Pagano & Texano at the same time and gave them a double one percenter. Early on they teased that EC 3 wouldn't tag in but later he tagged in and at the end he was all in on the team and celebrated with Storm. Edwards took a package tombstone from Fantasma and was taken out, although he was celebrating and set up Storm's win.


The rules basically were that it's a gang war so everyone can legally interfere.

OVE retained the titles in a big brawl. All the weapons again. The finish saw Sami Callihan throw powder in Konnan's eyes and then threw Santana off the top rope onto a ladder bridge and then gave Ortiz a piledriver off the apron through a table and both Crist Brothers pinned Ortiz to win. They buried LAX under a Mexican flag when it was over. Some sloppiness in the sense this wouldn't be a good match on a major league show but this worked here and the crwod liked this match. Before the match Callihan had supposedly hit someone with a pipe adn the idea was that it was Homicide backstage buried under a Mexican flag and taken out, but most likely it was just some extra buried. At one point Santana did a New Jack dive on Dave off a light stand throug a table after Ortiz had power bomed Jake off the stage through a table. There was a chair shot to the head as well. These guys took a ton of punishment to get the match over.


Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) was shown at ringside. They called him Anthony Carelli and Josh Matthews said he's known him so long he calls him Boris (his OVW name a long time ago).

The match was sloppy, the whole story was about Kim trying to win the title in her final Bound for Glory, which she did. Kim pinned Sienna with the eat defeat off the middle rope. When the match was over, Borash said it was Gail's final match and said she was retiring on top so I guess she'll retire the title on TV and they pushed her ending her career. The crowd like Kim so the story worked, but it's not like they went crazy for anything with it.

Jimmy Jacobs showed up. Interesting he was on ROH and Impact. They said how Jacods doesn't work here. He said, "I don't work here, that's what you think."


They showed Colby Covington backstage with Dan Lambert and a couple of other guys as ATT.

Lashley pinned Moose with a spear after Moose was distracted by Covington. It was a numbers game as there were four ATT guys who interfered and were in the cage so it was 6-on-2 at the end. Moose and Lashley carried it and would break it up whenever Mo squared off with Bonnar. When Mo and Bonnar finally went at it after several teases, they did basic MMA stuff and it was okay. It was more a story match, I wouldn't call it good or bad but it wasn't as if the angle was super hot here. Moose and Mo ended up going out the door. Dan Lambert then threw Mo in and all the ATT guys including Lambert got in the cage and Lambert locked the cage door with Moose out of the cage. Bonnar had a quick spot of cleaning house until he was beaten down. The big spot saw Moose climb the cage and do a crossbody off the top of the cage onto everyone. Moose also did a tree slam off the top rope on John Harnett, a smaller guy who is a manager at ATT and took a good bump.


Chris Adonis is in Drake's corner.

They were having a good match with nowhere near world title heat. The finish was overbooked, all about Alberto. They did a ton of near falls. Impact had it won but Adonis interfered. Impact laid out Adonis with a belt shot that Adonis had brought in. Impact later hit Starship pain and Alberto showed up and pulled the ref out of the ring. Impact went for a dive on Alberto, who moved, and Impact wiped out the ref. Alberto nailed Drake with a belt shot acting like he didn't care who won. Then he nailed Impact with a hard unprotected chair shot to the head. Alberto then put Drake on top of Impact and the ref counted the pin with Drake retaining the title. This was a good match but the interference in so many matches earlier made this more annoying than heated buy the time they got here and did the same thing, particuarly after the prior match.

Report by Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline.com

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