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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 12/22/11
By TheCrow
Dec 22, 2011 - 11:12:06 PM

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results for Wednesday December 22, 2011

iMPACT begins this week with a video package detailing the ongoing conflict between Bobby Roode and TNA management. The package closes with promotion for both the new alliance between Bully Ray and Roode as well as Jeff Hardy's return to title contendership.

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring accompanied by Bully Ray (who is wearing a Santa hat). A loud chant of "**** You" erupts from some of the crowd. Roode says that he loves this time of year and wishes a "Merry Freaking Christmas" to everyone in attendance as the previously profane chant becomes a loud "HARDY! HARDY! HARDY!" chant. Ray takes the mic and says that both he and Roode give all year long, including giving their extra chicken bones to homeless people and their extra dollar bills to strippers. Ray says that he likes to give beatings more than anything else, and that last week he handed out "Seasons Beatings" to Jeff Hardy and Sting.

Roode takes the mic back and says that the one thing that Sting has proven to him over the last few weeks is that every action will bear a consequence. Roode says that he must be on both Santa's and Sting's "naughty list" this year, and that the only right thing for Sting to do is to come out and suspend Roode. This prompts another loud Hardy chant from the crowd. Much to Roode's surprise, Hardy is the one that comes to the ring in place of Sting. The announcers put Hardy over as the #1 Contender to Roode's title and promote the upcoming PPV in January.

Hardy circles the ring as Ray prevents him from entering and pulls out a microphone. Hardy says that it isn't about Roode and Sting, it's about Roode and him. He says that he is Roode's armageddon and also says that Roode and Ray will be facing off in a match later in the night against Hardy and a partner of his choosing. Ray says that Jeff has no friends and that nobody likes him. He says that Hardy isn't like him and that he isn't loved by millions around the world. Before he can get another sentence out, Sting's music hits and he comes to join the conflict at ringside, wearing his "insane Icon" face paint again as well as a Jeff Hardy shirt. He says that Jeff Hardy is loved all over the world, and that he's also loved by the Stinger. Sting volunteers to be Hardy's partner for the night and wishes Roode a goodbye as Roode protests this decision and both Hardy and Sting walk to the back as we head into our first commercial break of the night.


Back from commercial and the announcers inform us that tonight's main event tag team match is going to be a street fight. We head ringside to Christy Hemme for the first match of the night.

Match 1: Wild-Card Tag Team Tournament: RVD & Christopher Daniels VS AJ Styles & Kazarian

Kaz and RVD start things off in the ring trading holds as the announcers continue to put over the tag team tournament. Kazarian quickly drops RVD with a drop toehold but both men get up again and have a staredown before going to tag in their partners. Daniels refuses to tag in and tells RVD to go take care of business. Styles drops RVD with a big dropkick after the two trade some holds. RVD reverses a clothesline attempt from Styles and hits a kick from the top rope. RVD drags Styles to his corner and attempts to tag Daniels in, but Daniels moves to the other side of the ring to avoid the tag. Styles tags Kazarian back into the match.

RVD hits a massive monkey flip on Kazarian but misses the spear attempt in the corner, allowing Kaz to get a quick 2-count. Styles is tagged back in and hits a suplex on RVD, leading to another 2-count. RVD attempts to hit Rolling Thunder, but bumps into Daniels on the ropes and knocks him down, which the referee sees as a tag. Kaz hits some quick offence on Daniels and gets a quick 2-count. Daniels knocks Kaz down and goes to tag in RVD but is met with a big kick to the head, allowing Kazarian to hit his finisher for the win.

Winners: Kazarian and AJ Styles (5:19)

The team of Kaz and Styles has advanced to the next round of this tag team tournament, and the last match of the first round is still to come later tonight. The announcers hype the main event of the night as we head to commercials.


Back from commercial and we head ringside for the second of three matches between Zema Ion and Anthony Nese.

Match 2: Zema Ion VS Anthony Nese

Before Nese can even get in the ring, Ion knocks him to the floor on the outside and hits a moonsault off the top rope. He throws Nese back in the ring and taunts the crowd before climbing back in himself. Nese hits an enziguri and climbs to the top rope to hit a big dropkick. Some back and forth action between the two before Nese hits a springboard moonsault for the 2-count. Nese follows it up with a bridging German suplex for another 2-count. He attempts another springboard moonsault but Ion dodges it and climbs to the top rope.

Nese recovers and tosses Ion off the top rope for another 2-count. Ion attempts to hit his finisher but it is countered into a flip piledriver by Ion. Ion goes for the pin but pulls Nese off the mat before the 3-count. Ion poses for the crowd but is quickly rolled up by Nese for the 3-count.

Winner: Anthony Nese (4:00)

Madison Rayne is backstage and says that she has a huge announcement to make. She claims that on her way out, Karen Jarrett appointed her the new VP of the Knockouts Division. The cameraman asks why she is wearing a referee's outfit, and she says that she'll explain it all shortly. We head to commercials.


Back from commercial, Pope is backstage saying that he was there for Devon when he needed a friend and a brother. He says that he is there for all his people whenever they need him, and Devon's kids are finally starting to realize it. He says that Devon needs to aspire to be more like him. Pope puts over his match at Genesis with Devon. Devon approaches Pope and calls him on before choking him up against the wall. Out of nowhere, one of Devon's kids hits Devon with a chair and they stand over him as Pope threatens to take him out. Pope and the kids walk off.

A video airs from "earlier in the week" of Eric Young and ODB in a restaurant. Young says that they are celebrating their first chance at a tag title reign, and also their first date. ODB says it's not a date and calls out to a waiter for a beer. The waiter comes to the table and Young begins to fight with him, apparently thinking it's a match. EY says he is just nervous about his first date. ODB says that if it was a date, he would have brought her some flowers or something. EY walks off to the bathroom.

Madison Rayne is shown walking backstage. The announcers say that she's headed to the ring to explain the situation with the Knockouts Division right after the commercial break.


Rayne's music hits and she comes out to the ring in referee attire. She grabs a mic and calls Tara and Brooke Tessmacher out to the ring. "TNT" heads to the ring to loud cheers from the crowd. Rayne tells them both that before Karen Jarrett left the company, she appointed Rayne the new VP of the Knockouts Division. Rayne says that with that title comes great responsibility, and the most important of those responsibilities is to destroy everyone who is beneath her. She says that it starts tonight as she is going to destroy TNT. Rayne says that tonight the two women are going to face each other in a match, and to ensure that there is a match, she has appointed herself the guest referee. She says that the women shouldn't go anywhere, because that match is coming up right after the advertisers finish paying her hefty salary. The announcers sound surprised as we head to another commercial break.


Match 3: Tara VS Brooke Tessmacher (Special Guest Referee: Madison Rayne)

The two competitors refuse to start the match and Rayne threatens to fire both of them. Tara and Tessmacher begin to pretend to wrestle, much to the chagrin of Rayne. Rayne breaks the two up and screams that if they want to be funny, they can go be funny in the unemployment line. They lock up again and Rayne makes a couple of pinfall counts, but quickly realizes that Tara and Tessmacher are still playing around as they keep trading pinfall attempts by rolling around the ring.

They go into the corner and Rayne smacks Tara on the back of the head, blaming it on Tessmacher. The two women stare each other down and Tessmacher throws Tara into the corner. Rayne smacks Tessmacher on the head and blames it on Tara. She says she'll disqualify one of them if they keep doing that kind of thing. This leads the two women to start competing for real. They trade some holds in the ring, but Tara comes out on top as she tosses Tessmacher to the mat. Tessmacher comes back with a spear and reverses an Irish Whip attempt into a flying clothesline. Rayne looks pleased that she was able to provoke the two into fighting.

Tessmacher goes for the pin and Rayne deliberately counts it slowly. Tara and Tessmacher take each other out with a clothesline. Rayne slowly begins her count to 10. Both women get up off the mat and begin to scream at each other. Rayne steps in between and emends that somebody hits somebody, leading to both Tara and Tessmacher punching Rayne in the face. Rayne rolls out of the ring as TNT Tebows in the ring. Rayne heads to the back screaming.

Winner: No Contest (6:11)

The cameraman catches up with Sting and Jeff Hardy backstage. Sting puts Hardy over and says that he's wanted to tag with Jeff for a while now. Hardy says that it means the world to him that Sting gave him another chance and believed in him. He says that he doesn't care what Roode and Ray say, because tonight he's going to show them what's up. Sting says that Roode and Ray both have clenched sphincters right now, and both he and Jeff walk off as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial and we see Eric Young rummaging through the kitchen at the restaurant he's at looking for an appropriate present for ODB. He is confronted by a waiter who says he's going to call security. EY grabs a "European foot massager" (which is actually a tray for the dishwasher) and a fan (because ODB is so hot she needs to cool down) and runs back into the restaurant.

Back at ringside, James Storm's music hits and he comes out to the ring in a suit. He calls for a microphone. Storm calls Angle out for being a coward and says that if he ever wants to fight, there's only 2 places that Storm ever hangs out: in the iMPACT arena, or in the local bar. Storm says that he came out like a man and confronted Angle and that he's not intimidated. He acknowledges that Angle did beat him down, but also says that in the end, Angle got "Tim Tebow'd" courtesy of James Storm.

The screen lights up with Kurt Angle at some local bar dressed as a cowboy. He orders a moonshine from the bartender and insults his date before spitting his drink in her face. Angle looks at the camera and says that he feels sorry for everyone in the bar before walking off.

Camera cuts to Shannon Moore walking backstage and he says he may not be happy to be teaming with Anarquia tonight and he's certainly not happy about having to fight a woman, but he's going to go out there and win.

The announcers put over the upcoming tag team match between ODB & Eric Young and Shannon Moore & Anarquia, the final first round match in the Wild-Card tag team tournament as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial and we join Bully Ray and Bobby Roode backstage. Ray says that he and Roode are two of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring and that Sting and Hardy have no chance, especially because it's a street fight. Roode says that Sting might be throwing his authority around tonight, but he has Sting right where he wants him. Roode says that tonight Sting is going down, and Jeff is going to get a taste of what's coming to him at Genesis.

We head to ringside for our next match of the night.

Match 4: Wild-Card Tag Team Tournament Match: Shannon Moore & Anarquia VS Eric Young & ODB

Young and Anarquia start things off in the ring. EY hits some quick offence on Anarquia before Moore tags himself in. Moore chases EY around the ring before EY jumps out and starts to lock up with Sarita and Rosita. They seem less than impressed. EY takes off his shorts (revealing normal wrestling tights underneath) and hands them to the ladies before climbing back in the ring. A distraction by Sarita and Rosita allows Anarquia to take EY down with a big clothesline. He gets a quick 2-count. Anarquia tries to come off the ropes for another clothesline, but Moore tags himself in again.

Moore hits a moonsault off the top rope and gets a 2-count. He drags EY to the corner, which allows Anarquia to tag himself in. EY crawls to his corner and tags ODB into the match. Anarquia picks her up for a body slam, which prompts Moore to jump to ODB's defence. Moore walks up the ramp in disgust, allowing ODB to mount some offence on Anarquia. She hits a press slam on Anarquia, allowing EY to hit a big elbow off the top rope. ODB hits a low blow while the ref is distracted by EY and gets the 3-count.

Winners: Eric Young & ODB (4:36)


Matt Morgan and Crimson are shown backstage and the cameraman asks their thoughts on the tag team tournament. Morgan reviews the teams that have moved on so far, and Crimson says he doesn't understand why anyone would even want to move on. He says that Morgan is the best big man in the industry, and that he himself is still undefeated. Morgan says that he doesn't care where you come from, he is an equal opportunity ass-kicker.

Cameras cut to Kurt Angle in the bar again and he begins to fight with some of the patrons. He pulls out a prop gun and smashes a guy in the head with it before putting his friend through a table. Angle lines 5 of the guys up along the bar and kicks each one of them in the groin. To add some salt to their wounds, he throws a Christmas tree on top of them. He looks into the camera and says that at Genesis, he'll be bringing hell with him. We head back to ringside for the main event of the night.

Match 5: Street Fight Tag Team Match: Bully Ray & Bobby Roode VS Jeff Hardy & Sting

A brawl begins as soon as both teams are in the ring. Hardy goes right for Roode and beats him down in the corner. Sting does the same to Ray across the ring. Sting and Ray exit the ring and begin to brawl on the floor. Roode turns the tables on Hardy in the ring and hits some power offence. Roode and Hardy trade blows in the ring while Sting beats Ray down on the outside. Roode is thrown from the ring as Sting climbs back in. Hardy and Sting slingshot themselves to the outside to take out Roode and Ray as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, the action has moved up the ramp as the face team continues to beat down the heels. Ray counters Sting and manages to hit Hardy from behind with a Kendo stick, allowing both heels to make a comeback. Roode grabs his own Kendo stick and beats Hardy down on the outside. Roode tosses a garbage can lid into the ring for Ray who continues to beat down Sting.

Sting mounts a comeback in the ring and hits a superplex on Bully Ray. Hardy is down and out on the floor outside and Roode climbs back in the ring just in time to see Ray barely kick out of a pinfall attempt by Sting. Roode targets Sting's ribs with the Kendo stick as Ray climbs to the outside to beat Hardy with his chain. Roode goes for a pin and gets a 2-count. Ray chokes Hardy with the chain outside as Roode continues his onslaught with the stick, getting another 2-count.

Ray tosses his chain into the ring and Roode wraps it around his fist, but Sting catches the punch before it lands. He tosses Roode into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Roode gets out of the way. Sting collapses in the middle of the ring as Ray climbs back in and Roode heads back outside to make sure Hardy is still down. Ray suplexes Sting on top of a garbage can and hits a big elbow drop for another 2-count. Roode climbs back in the ring. Ray goes for a clothesline, but inadvertently hits Roode as Sting ducked out of the way. Hardy climbs back in the ring and is quickly met with a big boot from Ray.

Roode slowly crawls back to his feet as Ray goes to the outside to grab a table. He and Roode set it up and grab Hardy for a double suplex. They hit the suplex, but not before Sting scrambles to push the table out of the way. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on both men and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on Bully Ray. Roode attempts to break it up with a trash can, but Sting hits a Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting and Hardy set up the table, but it is partially broken. Hardy climbs to the outside for a fresh table and brings it in the ring. Sting lays Roode out on top of the table as Hardy climbs to the top rope and hits a big splash on top of Roode for the 3-count.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Sting (13:18)

Sting and Jeff Hardy celebrate in the ring as the show closes and the announcers put over their big win.

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