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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 11/17/11
By TheCrow
Nov 18, 2011 - 12:57:58 AM

They open up tonight’s program with a video package that highlights Roode’s heel turn and his new persona.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring, belt in hand. He said he feels ashamed to have been a part of Fortune and he was the star of the group. Roode put himself over as always beeing the future of TNA and he called the rest of Fortune “pieces of crap” and felt they should have known there was a point where he would cast them aside.

Roode addressed his former Fortune mates, telling them they needed to grow a set and he’s not going to let them live in his shadow any longer. James Storm’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. Storm called Roode a jackass and a dumbass, and accused Roode of jumping him last week. Storm told Roode he was going to finish his beer and kick Roode’s ass. Roode begged off, and Security hit the ring to keep the two men separated. Roode said he had no reason to attack Storm, since he already proved he can beat him in the ring.

Storm guaranteed he’d find the guy who attacked him, but he’d kick Roode’s ass for the hell of it. Security didn’t like the idea and dragged Storm away. AJ Styles appeared in the ring and attacked Roode. Security had their hands full and pulled those two apart a few times. Styles grabbed a microphone and Tenay put over his promo that was forthcoming.

Back from commercial and we head back to the ring. AJ and Roode jawed back and forth, and AJ called Roode a piece of trash. Styles said that Roode screwed over Storm, then screwed AJ also. Styles said he’d get his revenge by taking the title from Roode. Roode claimed he defended his title clean and he told Styles to head back to the trailer park. Brawl #2 ensues between AJ and Roode.

Sting hit the stage and said he would set up a title match between AJ and Roode at Final Resolution, and it would be a 30-minute Iron-Man match. Roode grabbed Dixie Carter, for some reason, and Styles went for the save but ate the title belt. Roode punched out Styles, who ended up unconscious on top of Dixie.

Backstage, Storm confronted Samoa Joe. Joe said he didn’t attack Storm because he and Roode were together the entire night. Another brawl ensued until agents hit the scene to pull them apart.

Back from commercial, Sting and Roode are arguing, and Sting shoves Roode and scolds him for putting his hands on Dixie. Roode threatened a suit on Sting for touching him.

Match #1 – Robbie E (c, w/Robbie T) vs. Devon (w/The Pope D’Angelo Diner0); TNA Television Championship

Devon controlled the early going. Robbie T created a distraction but it wasn’t enough to give the champ an opening.

Robbie E hit the floor, and Pope tried to rough him up. Robbie T clotheslined Pope. EY showed up with a chair to chase Robbie T away. Devon hit his finisher, but got distracted by his sons tending to the fallen Pope. Robbie E got the quick roll up win.

Winner: Robbie E.

Garrett Bischoff is backstage with Sting, and he asked for another match with Gunner. Sting said he’d consider it.

Matt Morgan ran into Crimson, and the two talked like old friends. Sting crossed their path and told them that Mex America was considering leaving because there was no competition for them. Sting talked the two into becoming a team to contend for the belt. Morgan was hesitant, but Crimson talked him into it. They’ll challenge for the straps tonight.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff crossed paths with Sting, who bragged about having re-written Bischoff’s contract. Bischoff played sad about it, and said he hasn’t signed it and won’t. Sting threatened Bischoff with a Scorpion Death Drop onto the concrete, but he’d grant Gunner’s wish of a second match instead. Flair and Bischoff bragged about being in Gunner’s corner and Sting said he’d be in Garrett’s.

Match #2 – Austin Aries (c) and Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick

Sorensen started off and took the fight to Kash. A high cross body got a near fall for Jesse. Kendrick tagged in, and the faces double-teamed Kash. Kendrick rolled Kash to the floor and followed with a springboard cross body. Aries hit a suicide dive to take Kendrick out. Aries rolled Kendrick in and tagged in.

Both teams tagged, and Sorensen hit Kash with a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Kash slapped Aries in, and Aries responded in kind. Aries called Kash names that you could hear over the camera. Kash missed a moonsault, and Sorensen was able to hit his neckbreaker to get the win.

Winner: Jesse Sorensen

Backstage, Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne, and Gail Kim are backstage celebrating Gail’s win at Turning Point. They talk about the gauntlet match that will be coming up to determine Gail’s #1 Contender at Final Resoultion. Madison heads to the ring, knowing what her objective is tonight. Karen asks Traci Brooks for champagne for her and Gail.

Storm is still backstage looking for his attacker. He finds Mr. Anderson playing Madden, and he accuses him. Anderson denied it and said he’d attack from the front, not from behind. Storm unplugs the XBox and walks away.

Match #3 – 10 Knockout Gauntlet Match to determine Gail Kim’s #1 Contender

Velvet Sky and Rosita start off the match. They jaw for a minute, then Velvet immediately hits her butterfly facebuster for the win.

Velvet Sky wins in 0:06

Brooke Tessmacher is the next opponent. She starts off with a beatdown, but Velvet came back with a bulldog to pick up the win.

Velvet Sky at 0:45

Angelina Love is next in the gauntlet. Angelina rolls up Velvet and pulls the tights to get a quick win.

Angelina Love at 2:04

Mickie James is the next opponent. She gets attacked on the ramp as they go to break. The two women continued to fight as we came out of the break. Mickie hit a spinning kick to pin Angelina

Mickie James at 7:00

Sarita is out next to face James. She takes an early advantage on Mickie, but Mickie hits her jumping DDT to pick up the next win in the gauntlet.

Worth noting the DDT was VERY ugly, and I thought Sarita would get a broken neck…

Mickie James at 8:55

Tara is in the gauntlet next, and her and Mickie hook it up. Tara tried to get the Widow’s Peak, but Mickie rolled through it. Tara was able to reverse the roll-up into a heel hook submission. Mickie got to the ropes to break it then hit her finisher again to pick up the next win.

Mickie at 11:15

Winter is next and she tried to attack Mickie in the corner with shoulder blocks, working the midsection. She followed with a Northern Lights Suplex. Mickie finished off Winter with a spinning kick.

Mickie at 13:05

ODB has been reinstated, and she’s the next opponent. ODB was fully in control of this part of the gauntlet from the start. Mickie was able to come back and hit a senton that picked up the next win.

Mickie at 14:30

After she lost, ODB attacked Mickie and left her laying in the ring. Madison Rayne is the last one in the gauntlet match, and she took a long time to get to the ring. She acted the part of Queen Bee, smiling and waving her way down the ramp. Once in the ring, Mickie rolled her up very quickly to become the new #1 Contender. Mickie celebrated as Madison fumed about the result.

Winner: Mickie James (New #1 Contender)

Backstage, Bully Ray is busy insulting some young woman for asking him out when James Storm appeared, tossing chairs aside. He accused Ray of attacking him and turned his back, asking him to do it again. Ray said his hands were full with Abyss, and he had no time to deal with Storm – someone he has beaten up before. He turns the conversation to an attempt to get Storm to join Immortal, but Storm told Ray he’d get laid before Storm would join Immortal.

Jeff Hardy was shown walking backstage…we’ll hear from him next.

Garrett Bischoff talked to HerveyCam, saying he was excited to get another chance tonight.

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring in street gear. He told the fans it was great to be back on iMPACT and thanked the fans for their support. He pledged he would always be there for the fans, and said it was time to set his sights on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Karen Jarrett’s music hits – and Tenay wonders what this is all about.

Karen ripped Hardy for being less than a man and got all over him for wanting his spot back. She insisted she had a bigger set, and talked about how great Jeff Jarrett was for creating a place in the business to give wrestlers another place to go. She talked about the history she had with Hardy’s wife, and that they had a lot of close conversations, one of which included the fact that Jeff “couldn’t deliver the goods” (insinuating Jeff is impotent).

Karen landed some more insults, and goaded Jeff to try and hit her. Hardy refused, saying he was not only a man, but more than human. Hardy grabbed Karen by the arm and told her that he and his fans are creatures of the night. Jeff Jarrett came through the crowd and attacked Hardy, but Hardy got the better of him. The Jarretts escape up the ramp.

Backstage, Mexican America is chatting in Spanish. When they did start to talk in English, they talked over themselves way too much to figure out what they were saying.

Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff give Gunner a pep talk to get him fired up for his match later.

Match #4 – Mexican America (c) vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson; TNA Tag Team Championship

Crimson and Anarquia start the match off. Crimson dominates the smaller guy from the early going. The women get up on the apron, and Hernandez hits a clothesline on Crimson. From that moment, the heels controlled the match by working quick tags to wear down Crimson.

Crimson connected with a spear on Hernandez and got the tag to Morgan. Morgan ripped through Anarquia and slammed Hernandez. Morgan hit a choke slam on Anarquia and covered but Hernandez broke up the pinfall attempt. Morgan took out both heels with a double clothesline.

Crimson hit the ring to take out Hernandez and followed with an exploder suplex on Anarquia. Morgan hit his Carbon Footprint and covered for the win. Morgan and Crimson become the new tag team champions.

Winners: Crimson & Matt Morgan (New Tag Champs)

James Storm is on the search still, and he tells HerveyCam that he knows who did it, and he’s going to call out the guy who did it after this “next match.”

Match #5 – Garrett Bischoff (w/Sting) vs Gunner (w/Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff):

Garrett held his own in the early going of the match and actually controlled Gunner. Gunner hit a flying forearm to turn the offense around in his favor. Gunner kept the pressure on Garrett for a while.

Gunner hit the ring post shoulder first, and Eric distracted Garrett. Gunner went right back on the offense on Garrett. Out of nowhere, Garrett hit a DDT on Gunner to pick up the win. Bischoff and Flair were in shock at ringside as Garrett and Sting celebrated in the ring.

Winner: Garrett Bischoff

James Storm’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. He said wherever he goes, he gets underestimated and utilized because of how he looks and how he dresses. He said he was the Cowboy, even though his had said otherwise. Storm talked about how other guys claimed to be tough, but he is bar-tested tough and this cat and mouse game of who attacked him needs to stop.

He said he was going to call out who he thought attacked him, then considered every single wrestler in the back guilty. He called out AJ Styles, and after a short pause AJ’s music hits. AJ heads to the ring, a bit worse for wear after the brawl earlier with Robert Roode. Storm said that AJ had the most to gain by attacking him. Storm played up the two title shots AJ has gotten as proof.

Styles denied it, asking if Storm was crazy. He said the entire reason he went after Roode was to help defend Storm. A little bit of pushing and shoving starts but Kazarian hits the ring to sort it out and keep them apart. Kazarian tells AJ to get out and the two of them head up the ramp as James’ music starts to play.

As Storm heads up the ramp, Kurt Angle attacks him from behind. Angle beats him down, then drags him back to the ring and hits the Angle Slam on Storm. Kurt gets on the mic and tells Storm he is guilty as charged. He tells Storm when goes home to his daughter to tell her that Kurt is the guy who gave daddy the concussion. The camera focuses on a laid-out Storm to end the show.

Credit to Bill Wentz at Ring-Rap.com

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