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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 11/03/11
By TheCrow
Nov 3, 2011 - 11:21:42 PM

Report by Bill Wentz from Ring-Rap.com

The show opens and James Storm comes to the ring first as Tenay tells us we’re in Macon, GA and Storm had won the belt two weeks ago from Kurt Angle. His first defense comes tonight against his long time friend, Bobby Roode. Taz is still shocked that Storm is the champion as Storm gets a good reaction.

Storm asks for beer drinkers in the arena. He talks about his upbringing in the south and how he was taught to treat people with respect and defend the honor of the red, white and blue. In life you get one time around and he ponders what would be on his tombstone while he was drinking last night. He says it would say “father, son, beer drinker, and now World Heavyweight Champion.”

He talks about being a fighting champion but he says he likes football and Sundays are for church. He’s been around the world six times, and one man has been by his side the whole time and that is Bobby Roode. Storm calls him out and Roode obliges. Tenay talks about how he was screwed by Angle at Bound for Glory and he beat Samoa Joe to get another shot tonight.

Storm recalls the match they had a couple weeks ago, and how Roode told him to bring everything he had. Storm tells Roode to bring everything he has tonight and says his daughter is looking forward to wearing the belt again after a visit to Chuck E. Cheese. Roode attributes his success to Storm and talks about the success of Beer Money when the two men were struggling along as singles competitors. Storm was the one that got them over and Roode thanks him for that help and giving Roode another chance at his career.

When Storm won a couple weeks ago, Roode was the happiest man on the planet and the moment was amazing. Storm has been his friend and like a brother to Roode. Tonight, he gets another chance – something that doesn’t come along often in the business. He’s going to bring it, because he knows Storm will. He proposes they do what they’ve been doing for four years now – steal the show. He says they should blow the roof off and have the match of their lives. They shake and Beer Money’s music plays.

Tenay and Taz run down the card, to include Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson and Storm vs. Roode.

Ronnie from Jersey Shore is shown arriving with Eric Young.

Match #1 – Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (w/Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks) vs. Tara and Miss Tessmacher (c); TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Gail and Madison are accompanied by Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks. Tenay cries foul over Karen being out there and says she’s biased but Taz tries to defend her decision making. The champs come out second and of course Brooke does a mini-strip.

Rayne and Tessmacher start off. The champs work some quick tags early on and drop Madison with a double front suplex. Gail gets a tag, then Madison gets back in and eats a stinkface from Brooke.

The heels take over after that move, with Gail delivering an upper cut and a neckbreaker that nets a near fall. Gail again controls the offense and tags in Madison. Tessmacher gets the tag to Tara who tees off on Madison until Gail Kim gets involved. The action breaks down with all four women in the ring.

Tara hits the Widow’s Peak but Earl Hebner is distracted by Karen Jarrett. That opens the door for Gail Kim to hit Eat D’Feet and Madison to get the cover for the belts to change hands.

Winners and NEW TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Gail Kim & Madison Rayne

Taz finally admits a little bias by Karen Jarrett as the heels celebrate their win.

Backstage Garrett Bischoff says he’s going to man up and give his dad the apology he always wanted. He’s going to be the bigger man and give his apology his way.

Back from commercial and Garrett Bischoff is in the ring. He admits that he needs to apologize to his dad. He intends to deliver that apology tonight. The fans boo him for doing this, but he says he needs to be the bigger man and he calls out Eric. Eric comes out with a smile on his face, knowing his son has “come to his senses”. Garrett apologizes for letting his dad down at Bound for Glory, for not becoming the man Eric had hoped. He ends by saying “he’s really sorry he hadn’t done this sooner.”

He clocks Eric and mounts and rains in right hands. Ric Flair and Gunner run to the ring and Garrett leaves, then backs up the ramp. Eric screams at him from the ring, with Gunner and Flair at his side.

Backstage, Samoa Joe confronts Sting. He thanks him for the shot last week, but he reminds Sting that people have a mysterious way of getting hurt. Sting repeats it and says he copies, and Joe says “we’ll see.”

Flair and Bischoff walk into the scene. Bischoff says he knows if Sting could fire him he would, but Bischoff contractually protected himself. He knows the way to solve this and it’s to settle it in the ring. He wants a match with Garrett, and if Garrett wins, Sting can rewrite Bischoff’s contract any way he likes. Sting says it’s interesting and he wants to talk to Garrett about it first.

Christopher Daniels is talking to HerveyCam. He says ever since he went into business for himself he went on a winning streak by beating AJ Styles and RVD. HerveyCam questions the win over Styles at Bound for Glory and Daniels says it was all audio hocus pocus. He says it’s time for Daniels to get noticed and get title opportunities. HerveyCam asks about the incidents with a screwdriver and Daniels says he doesn’t need a screwdriver to beat AJ or “Bob” Van Dam.

RVD is standing behind Daniels by this point, and he attacks Daniels. The two men battle in the hallway until Daniels is able to escape. RVD calls after Daniels “Run, Daniels, Run….see you at Turning Point.”

Match #2 – Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorensen

The two take turns trying to motivate the crowd. Kid Kash joins the announce position and talks about how Jesse is a punk and he is a legend in the business. Rookies should drop their bags to shake the hands of legends in the locker room. Punks like Sorensen should earn his respect.

Aries hits a knee breaker into a back suplex. Kash puts himself over as the greatest X Division champion and Taz paved the way for him. Sorensen mounts some offense and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Sorensen tries a cross body but Aries moves. Aries hits a drop kick in the corner twice. Kash implores Aries to beat his ass.

Aries tries a suplex but Sorensen uses an inside cradle to pick up the win. Aries is in disbelief. Afterward, Kash and Aries head backstage together, saying they don’t know who “Jesse Sorenstat” is.

Winner, Jesse Sorensen

Backstage, Robbie E and Rob Terry are walking down the hallway. Tenay says we saw Ronnie from Jersey Shore already, and there’s going to be fireworks as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and James Storm talks about the history between him and Roode and how they’re brothers, but tonight’s all about the title. That’s what puts food on the table for him and his daughter. Elsewhere, Roode says this is a great opportunity, and he and Storm have talked about how exciting this would be. Opportunities like this don’t come along all the time.

Robbie E and “Robbie T.” come to the ring. Robbie wastes no time in calling out Ronnie and Eric Young. Robbie E told Ronnie that he sucked as did the Jersey Shore. He told him to pack his bag, go find his hamster car, and leave.

Ronnie attacks Robbie E and takes him down with a double leg takedown. Rob Terry gets involved and pulls him off, and EY jumps on his back. Rob flips him away, and Robbie E whips Ronnie with a belt. The heel pair is satisfied with their work and leaves the ring.

EY gets on the mic and tells them to wait. He reminds Robbie that Ronnie is from Jersey Shore and EY is the high chancellor of all things entertainment. He’s going to check with his “close personal friend, the Stinger” and makes a challenge for next week – Robbie E and Rob Terry vs. EY and Ronnie. Robbie is livid and Tenay can’t believe it. Ronnie and EY celebrate with the title belts.

Match #3 – Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy

The heels make their entrance first, with Karen Jarrett. Anderson does his full mic entrance and Jeff Hardy is last to come to the ring. Karen rolls her eyes during his entrance.

Hardy is on a roll offensively, but Karen Jarrett grabs Hardy’s leg to stop him. Bully Ray hits a splash for a near fall as the crowd chants for Jeff Hardy. Jarrett controls Hardy at the ropes and the heels double team Hardy.

Anderson gets the hot tag and uses a reverse neckbreaker to get a near fall on Ray. It breaks down and all four men are in the ring, and Anderson and Hardy go up top. Scott Steiner hits the ring, and the match is thrown out. Steiner hits Hardy with a chair, then both faces get hit with a chain in the ring, and Hardy eats The Stroke as Anderson gets hit with the Bubba Bomb. The heels celebrate.

Winner: No Contest

Backstage, Sting catches up with Garrett Bischoff. He reiterates what happened earlier – Sting can re-write Eric’s contract if Garrett agrees to face an opponent of Eric’s choosing. Garrett thinks about it, and Sting says that he should have not brought it up. Garrett says he’s good with it and he agrees to it. Sting is reluctant, but eventually concedes to let it happen.

Matt Morgan comes to the ring to a nice reaction. He wastes no time in calling out Crimson though. Tenay puts over the undefeated streak of Crimson.

Morgan agrees that they had a common enemy in Samoa Joe. He says they had each other’s backs and talks about all the times he’s been questioned about facing Crimson in the ring. He talks about how he’s worked so hard to headline pay per views and cement his name as a top big man. He’s earned every bit of it. He gets off on competition and says the fans should get what they want – Crimson vs. The Blueprint. He puts it over as an “irresistable force vs. immovable object”

Crimson admits it is what the people want to see and it’s been in the back of his head. How could his unbeaten streak be legit if he didn’t take out everyone and anyone, even the best seven footer in the business. He’s going to see Morgan’s challenge and raise him. He challenges Morgan to show up at Turning Point and bring his “A” game, because no one is ending the streak, not even Morgan. They shake on it and Crimson leaves.

Taz sells the main event, coming up next.

They recap the video package from the beginning of the show, highlighting interviews with James Storm and Bobby Roode.

Match #4 – Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (c); TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Roode comes out first, and the announcers recap how Roode was screwed by Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory. Storm is out next and they talk about the irony that Storm would make his first defense against his long-time tag partner. JB handles the formal introductions for the main event.

The two slap hands as we get started. They open with some chain wrestling that ends with a standoff. They each try knee drops that each other move away from. Another standoff as they continue to exchange holds in the early going as they go to break.

Out of the break, the two men exchange chops, and Storm unloads multiple clotheslines in the corner. Storm connects with a superplex off the ropes and both men are down. From their knees, then eventually from their feet, the two men exchange strikes. Storm hits some clotheslines off the ropes and a big back body drop.

Roode gets a good near fall off the neck snap from the second rope. Roode elevates Storm to the apron, and Storm kicks him and follows with a cross body for a near fall. Storm stacks Roode up for another near fall and questions the official’s count. Storm tries Eye of the Storm but Roode drops down and returns a spine buster for another good near fall.

Storm delivers a chinbuster and clotheslines Roode out, with his own momentum taking Storm with him. They beat the count in and Roode goes for a crossface. Storm nearly taps but he fights through it.

Late in the match, Storm warms up for the Last Call, but Roode catches him. Roode tries the Fisherman’s suplex, but Storm counters him. A whip to the corner nearly squashes the official but Brian Hebner bounces out of the way, but tweaks his knee. Roode ends up outside the ring, and Storm is down in the ring.

Roode eyes up the beer bottle on the ring steps and grabs it. He smashes Storm over the head with it and crawls back in the ring. The referee crawls in and counts the fall.

Winner, and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode

After the match, he spits at a fallen James Storm and stands with his foot on Storm’s chest. Tenay is disgusted and calls Roode’s tactics “bulls**t” as the show ends.

Report by Bill Wentz from Ring-Rap.com

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