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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 10/27/11
By TheCrow
Oct 27, 2011 - 11:52:19 PM

Report by Bill Wentz at Ring-Rap.com

They show a video package of James Storm, highlighting it with Storm’s superkick that netted him the World Heavyweight Champion. He says they’re still Beer Money and the best tag team ever. He talked about how the title was for his dad, that he lost at 12, and he’s going to punch whoever wakes him up.

In the arena, Storm comes out to his own entrance music. Tenay says he seized opportunity last week when he faced Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. He says he remembers watching Wrestlemania 3 with his dad, telling his dad he wanted to one day become a champion. He says he’s like 90% of the fans who hear all the “you can’ts” and holds the belt up to his dad to tell him he’s the champion. He thanks the fans for making his dream come true and brings out Fortune to talk to them.

Tenay recaps the victory party as Fortune makes their way to the ring. Taz said the party kept on going as the cameras went off. Storm says the word of the song is about changing things and they changed iMPACT Wrestling. He addresses Roode, saying Angle screwed him out of an opportunity at Bound for Glory and says he has an idea – to give Roode first crack at the title. They shake hands, but Samoa Joe’s music hits.

Joe wants to get things straight. He used to be a part of Fortune, a group that kept them down. He congratulates James for winning the title but what’s unusual is that for all the “right for the business” stuff being preached, they’re not any better than Immortal. He insults Storm for “keeping it all in the family”. He asks if Storm’s going to give shots to each member of Fortune and then to Storm’s Uncle Elmer. Joe asserts himself for the next title shot to prove it’s a new era under a new champion.

Storm tells Joe that all he’s done is lose to Crimson lately and his window of opportunity is closed. Storm asks Joe what makes him think he can jump to the front of the line, and Joe says Roode already failed miserably. Sting’s music hits. He comes out and says that each of them has good points but now he’s the guy who has to judge the case. He sets up Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe to determine the #1 contender, and that winner gets a shot at James Storm in Georgia next week. Taz and Tenay say it’s fair and the right decision.

The announcers run down matches on the card tonight, specifically Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy, Gail Kim vs. Tara.

Daniels asserts that he didn’t say “I quit” to AJ and instead AJ played the audio version of Photoshop. AJ can’t beat him, nor can Rob Van Dam, and he’ll prove that next.

Match #1 – Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels comes out first and they recap the match between he and Styles at Bound for Glory. RVD closed a chapter by beating Jerry Lynn at Bound for Glory in a match that ended in mutual respect. The two men exchange some chain wrestling moves as AJ Styles joins the commentary position.

Daniels uses a drop toe hold to gain control of the match. He gets a quick near fall. Daniels tries the BME but misses, and RVD goes on the attack. After a flurry of offense he tries the Rolling Thunder but Daniels rolls out of the ring. AJ says it’s normal for Daniels. RVD sets up a spinning kick on Daniels, who is draped across the security barrier.

Daniels goes under the ring to get a toolbox, and hits RVD in the gut. The match is thrown out. Daniels is trying to get a screwdriver out but AJ leaves the announce position to chase Daniels off. Daniels runs through the crowd to get away as the announcers sell a possible screwdriver attack on RVD as a serious situation.

Winner: No Contest

Karen Jarrett, along with Madison Rayne and Gail Kim, is heading for the ring. We’ll hear from them next.

Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne, and Gail Kim come to the ring. Tenay says there won’t be an unbiased executive VP of Knockouts because the way Karen Jarrett has been treating the situation. Taz thinks it’s great that Gail Kim is back and Karen has been handling things well.

Gail Kim says everyone can knock off the emails and Tweets asking “why”. She says she owes no one an explanation. If people really want to know why the “Goody Two Shoes’ Gail gave Velvet a concussion and sent her home, she’d be happy to give an explanation. All she ever did was do whatever anyone else told her, and had it not been for “the one person who had my best interests in mind”, Karen Jarrett. It’s about her, not the fans and not the company.

Karen says that since she is a queen of her word and promised Gail if she came back and stood by Karen’s side, it would pay off. Gail is rewarded with a Knockouts title match against Velvet at Turning Point. The sooner they get the belt off of “Prostitute Velvet” and get it back to the greatest women’s champion of all time, the better. Gail thanks her, and says she’s not going to let Karen or herself down. She calls out a piece of fresh meat to showcase her greatness and Tara comes out.

Match #2 – Gail Kim vs. Tara

The announcers talk about how Gail has not lost ring rust and how unusual it is to see Tara being treated as a warm up match. They also discuss the attitude that Gail came back with. A clothesline drops Tara, and Gail throws her out to the ringside area. Gail flips her back in over the ropes as they go to break.

After the break, Gail uses a unique armbar style submission attempt but Tara counters with a side slam. Tara gets some offense in but Gail counters with a drop toe hold onto the ropes. Gail hits her finisher to pick up the win. Afterward, Madison screeches for joy and Karen forces Traci Brooks to raise Gail’s hand. Tenay says that Gail has momentum now heading to Turning Point.

Winner: Gail Kim

Jeff Hardy says it’s official and he’s back. He will get his in-ring debut against Bully Ray, and it’s been a long time since he’s faced Bully Ray, and in fact faced anyone. Flair is talking with Bischoff about tough love as they go to break.

Match #3 – Robbie E (w/Rob Terry) vs. Eric Young (c); TNA Television Championship

Rob Terry is Robbie E’s bouncer. EY has two belts on – the traditional TNA Championship and the TV belt. Taz and Tenay are laughing a bit as EY comes to the ring.

They exchange whips, and EY flips over the corner and fist pumps on the apron. A belly-to-belly suplex finds it mark and Taz pulls out a Magnum TA reference. EY tries a pile driver but Robbie flips him over. EY uses a crucifix roll-up to get the win.

Winner: Eric Young

Afterward, Rob Terry attacks EY, and Rob and Robbie team up on EY for a bit. Robbie lands some knees and a slap to the face then stands over EY. As Rob and Robbie leave, EY gets on the mic and criticizes Robbie for punching him in the stomach. He says since Rob Terry got involved, he’s going to bring in Jersey Shore’s Ronnie and there’s gonna be a fist pumping party in Macon, GA.

We get a shot of an upset Eric Bischoff heading to the ring as we go to break.

Daniels is on the phone talking about getting a title shot after having beaten RVD and AJ. Kazarian walks in and asks him to put the situation between Daniels and AJ to bed. Daniels agrees to call later.

Bully Ray talks about Jeff Hardy pissing in Sting’s corn flakes for setting up a first match with Bully Ray. He says he never respected Jeff though they made history all over the world together, then says rehab is for quitters.

They swing to talking with Garrett Bischoff and relive events leading up to last Thursday’s explosion between Garrett and Eric at Bound for Glory.

Bischoff comes to the ring, as the announcers talk about what happened between Sting, Hogan, Bischoff, and son Garrett at Bound for Glory. Bischoff tells the fans to shut up and says he has important business to tend to. He tries to keep his personal and professional business separate but his first born son made that more difficult than it should be. He calls Garrett out for a father-son chat.

He says Garrett took it on himself to embarrass Eric by punching him in the eyes last week. He chides him to pay attention to Eric and not the fans as “his future is in front of him.” He didn’t waste perfectly good semen on someone who he would need the most. He talks about their history, with Garrett following Eric around at NWA studios at the young age of four. He says Garrett learned more by accident about the business than most in the business know. He did this because he wanted someone he could count on but Garrett let him down. As mad as Eric is, he’s not going to deck him.

He is one ruthless son of a bitch but he’s going to give him something he hasn’t given anyone else. He offers Garrett the mic and says if he has something to say to say it to everyone. He cuts him off saying that he’s going to give him some time to think about this. He wants Garrett to do one of two things – Garrett will apologize in front of everyone by the end of the night, or Eric will kick his ass. Taz calls it uncomfortable. Backstage, Flair says he’s going to go talk to the kid about respect. Tenay sells the #1 Contender’s match and Hardy vs. Bully Ray still to come tonight.

Flair is with Garrett, and tells him to call him God, not Mr. Flair. He tells him that it is exciting but this business needs young men. What’s wrong with the business is that young punks are breaking in, guys that couldn’t walk in his shoes 30 years ago let alone now. Flair says Garrett needs taught respect and tonight Eric will kick his ass in front of the iMPACT World. He says to be sure that Eric doesn’t go soft, Garrett shouldn’t be surprised if Flair comes to the ring too. Flair roughs him up a little and tells him to think about what’s going on in his life.


Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and here comes the Founder. Tenay says Jarrett went nuts after finding out Hardy was reinstated to the roster. He gets on the mic and talks to the producer, saying one clip was left out in the video package. He talks about the Victory Road incident and asks why it wasn’t there – and why wasn’t the Turning Point 2006 main event there. Oh that’s right, the “son of a bitch no-showed that event”. He calls for Kevin Sullivan (?) but Hardy’s music hits.

No words, Hardy and Jarrett just start brawling. Security again hits the ring to break them up. Bully Ray shows up and attacks Hardy from behind.

Match #4 – Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray:

Jeff Jarrett took a cheap shot as he left the ringside area. Ray uses a double sledge and a slap to the chest. We go to commercial.

Out of the break, Hardy runs some offense with punches in the corner but Ray hits a boot to ground Hardy on the heels of Whisper in the Wind. He uses a nerve hold to control the offense. Ray slams Hardy, then follows up with a splash and chops. Hardy fought back with kicks but got cut off. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Christy Hemme interviews Jeff, but Jeff Jarrett attacks from behind after Hardy gets a short thank you out. Ray has gotten the table out and there’s bad intentions here. They’re setting up a move from the corner but here comes Mr. Anderson for the save. Jarrett and Ray run for the stage.

Roode talks about getting another shot to achieve his dream. Another obstacle is in his way, and if he beats Samoa Joe he can have another chance to live his dream. Is he ready? Of course.

Match #5 – Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode; #1 Contender’s match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

JB handles the formal introductions after both men get their entrances. They exchange strikes early on and Joe eats a clothesline. Roode tries to get a crossface but Joe ducks out of the ring. Taz admits that Roode got screwed by Angle at Bound for Glory. Joe uses the ring as a weapon out on the floor, and follows with a snap power slam for a two.

Joe controls the action with a rear chinlock and the fans get behind Roode. Joe uses an atomic drop on Roode, but walks right into a spinebuster. Roode follows it up with a diving neckbreaker.

Joe counters another crossface attempt into a fireman’s carry drop that nets a good near fall. He tries the Muscle Buster but Roode manages to counter to a crossface. Joe counters by rolling it to a pin attempt, then follows with a leg breaker. Bobby nearly gets locked in the heel hook submission but counters it and catches Joe with a Northern Lights Suplex for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

As Roode celebrates, Storm makes his way to the stage. They finally make contact and acknowledge each other from their positions.

Bischoff is actually excited about the fact he will get to embarrass his son on national TV. That segment is coming up after the break.

They recap what happened earlier between Garrett and Eric first – Garrett will either apologize or get his ass kicked. Here comes Eric for the moment of truth. Bischoff says one of the great things about family is that they can put things behind them and move on. He calls out Garrett again and is sure he will do the right thing here. Bischoff says he made a mistake but he’s a good kid.

Eric resets the issue earlier and before Garrett apologizes he has something he wants to say. He goes on to say that he got caught up in the emotion and he knows what it’s like to be young and dumb and have judgment clouded. Eric encourages Garrett to apologize but Garrett says nothing. Bischoff gets frustrated.

Garrett refuses to apologize and grabs his dad by the collar. Ric Flair interferes and says Garrett better apologize to his old man right now. He wants Garrett to apologize and kiss Flair’s ass. Garrett goes to walk away and Flair says he’ll not screw around like Eric and mess up Garrett. He’s had enough and decks Flair.

From behind, Eric hits his own son and Flair takes over on the offense, kneeing him in the groin and chopping him in the corner. Flair tries to force an apology but none is coming. Flair slaps Garrett on the chest and lets him fall to the mat. Flair continues to stomp away as the announcers talk about Garrett paying the price for being his own man.

Report by Bill Wentz at Ring-Rap.com

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