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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 10/11/11
By TheCrow
Nov 10, 2011 - 11:39:58 PM

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring as Tenay introduces the show. Taz says Roode shocked the world and doesn’t understand why he did what he did, but it got him the World Heavyweight Championship. Tenay questions why Roode did what he did to someone so close to him in James Storm.

Roode can’t believe he’s getting booed, or is he hearing a “Roode” chant. He insults the fans for cheering him last week and asks why they hate him. Was it for killing Beer Money, or taking advantage of the same opportunity he had? This is a new generation of selfishness and he is the leader of it. Doing things the right way gets you nothing and nowhere. This is a dog-eat-dog world according to Roode and he ate Storm for lunch. He didn’t see it coming and that’s on James.

He came to a realization at Bound for Glory that after 13 long hard years, the opportunities only come along so often, so he made the best of it against his former tag partner. Today, Storm is in a hole in the wall drowning his sorrows, while Roode is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

While Roode is cutting his promo, Storm is trying to make his way to the ring. Eventually he does, and Roode runs. Sting’s music hits while security corrals Storm. Sting asks where Bobby is going. He asks Roode about taking shortcuts last week and quotes his selfish generation comments. Sting says he prefers Macon and James Storm, and sets up the rematch between Storm and Roode for the title. Roode is livid, and Storm smiles. Sting quotes Storm’s catchphrase and lets the fans finish it.

Taz and Tenay run down the card: Daniels will face AJ Styles, Velvet Sky and Mickie James will challenge Gail Kim and Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Tag titles, and Ronnie and EY will face Rob Terry and Robbie E. Commercial.

Dixie is shown backstage with the head of Bellator Fighting.

A video package airs of the exchange between Matt Morgan and Crimson from last week. This sets up a match between Morgan and Crimson at Turning Point.

Match #1 – The Pope, D’Angelo Dinero vs. Crimson

Pope comes to the ring first, and the announcers talk about how it would turn heads if Pope were the man to end Crimson’s undefeated streak.

The two men exchange some chain wrestling holds. Pope kicks Crimson low and hits a DDT for a two, then follows with fist drops. They exchange strikes and Pope hits a big uppercut. Pope goes to the top rope for a move, but Crimson counters to the Red Sky powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Crimson

Backstage, Gunner addresses Garrett Bischoff. He says there’s a chain of command he’s followed since his military days. He tells Garrett his dad, Eric, is at the top of the chain and he’s going to deal with Garrett shortly. It will be a walk in the park.

Match #2 – Gunner (w/Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff) vs. Garrett Bischoff

As Gunner makes his way out, they reset the story that brought us to this point. Last week, Garrett beat down Eric, and Sting set this match up. Taz calls this a mismatch.

After a few minutes of posing, and Gunner talking to Flair and Bischoff at ringside, Garrett catches Gunner with a couple of quick arm drags, a hip toss, and a back body drop. Flair gets involved, going after the official, and the match gets thrown out. Garrett backs up the ramp and Tenay reminds us that Sting now has the opportunity to rewrite Eric Bischoff’s contract even with Garrett just participating and picking up the win by DQ.

Winner: Garrett Bischoff

Backstage Robbie E and Robbie T show up at Ronnie’s locker room, and a security guy won’t let them in. EY and Ronnie stick their faces out and the two teams exchange words. Robbie E gets slapped by Ronnie and he jumps on Robbie T’s back, telling him to hold him back. The announcers sell their upcoming match, and the World Heavyweight title rematch.

Back from commercial and Storm is found laying against a wall, bloodied. Trainers swarm in and help him to his feet. He’s very dazed and the announcers wonder if we’ll have the title match later.

Match #3 – Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

Sorensen takes control in the early going, and hits a springboard cross body. Ion comes back with a tilt-o-whirl face buster. He takes a bit too long to go up top, and misses his dive since Sorensen is able to move out of the way. Sorensen followed with his neck breaker for the win.

Winner: Jesse Sorensen

After the match, Kid Kash comes out and calls him as impressive as one of the fans. Kash calls Jesse “Mr. 10 minutes in the business” and says Sorensen thinks he can do whatever he wants. He’s going to give Sorensen the opportunity of a lifetime. He calls it impressive that Jesse beat the champion last week.

Kash says he’s giving Sorensen something tonight. He sets up Sorensen vs. Aries vs. Kash, and has the contract with him, missing only one signature. He demands Sorensen sign, and he eventually does. Kash tells him he just made the biggest mistake of his career and insults Sorensen’s mother. Sorensen hammers away on Kash, but Aries dashes out to join the party. The two beat down Soerensen thoroughly.

Backstage, Karen, Gail, and Madison are getting ready, and Traci Brooks is standing in the background. They talk about their plan to beat down Velvet and soften her up for Gail Kim to take the Knockouts Title on Sunday at Turning Point. Karen tells Traci she screwed up the plan and Velvet shouldn’t have the belt anyhow. The three heels hug and feel good about themselves as Traci looks on.

Match # 4 – Velvet Sky (c) and Mickie James vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (w/Karen Jarrett, Knockouts Tag Champions); TNA Knockouts Tag Championship

Faces come out first, and Velvet of course lets the pigeons loose. Tenay debates if Karen Jarrett is biased as she comes out with the heel team.

Velvet goes on the attack first on Madison, taking the fight right to her. Mickie gets the tag but gets worked over by the heels. She hits a hangman neck breaker to break their control and tag Velvet. She gets a near fall that Madison breaks up. Mickie hits a Thesz Press on Madison.

Karen Jarrett gets involved again, causing a distraction for Earl Hebner. Velvet hits the double underhook on Madison, but turns right into the Eat D-Feet from Gail. Gail covers for the win and the heels celebrate.

Winners: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Up next is Ronnie and EY vs. Robbie E and Robbie T.

James Storm is backstage with the doctors and Sting. He is dazed but keeps insisting he’s fine. Sting says he doesn’t know what city he’s in and he’s not “fine”.

A video package airs to recap the story between EY, Ronnie, Robbie E and Robbie T.

Match #5 – Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Eric Young and Ronnie

The Robbie pair comes out first and poses in the ring. EY has both belts on his waist this time as they make their way to the ring. Tenay says this is something we’ve been waiting for for weeks.

Ronnie starts with Robbie E, but Robbie T gets the tag. EY tags himself in to take on Big Rob. EY locks up with the official, but it creates an opening for him to deliver a drop kick.

Robbie E gets the tag again and works over EY. Robbie T takes over where E left off. They hit a double team move for a near fall on EY. Ronnie gets taunted and that opens the door for EY to counter.

Ronnie gets the tag and opens up on Robbie E. He hits a clothesline and a body slam. EY delivers an elbow drop, and Ronnie splashes Robbie E for the win. The winners celebrate.

Winners: Eric Young & Ronnie

Backstage Jarrett claims he will take out Hardy tonight. Bully is going to beat Anderson up again like he’s done before, and Steiner is just mad. Steiner agrees then says he’s going to “go take an Anderson and a Hardy’ and goes in the restroom. Bully tells him to use a courtesy flush since Steiner ate a lot of eggs today.

Ink Inc. is shown at a table in the catering area, and Mexican America walks in. The two teams brawl for a bit, and Mexican America retreats. Jesse calls after them, telling them to bring the belts on Sunday at Turning Point.

Match #6 – AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Bjorn Rebney, head of Bellator Fighting, joins the announce position. Styles came out to a big reaction in his home state.

Early in the match, they do a lot of talking between the announcers and Bjorn regarding the Viacom acquisition of Bellator and the programming they have going on. Daniels controls the offense, hitting a slam followed by a springboard moonsault for a near fall. He follows with a body scissors that AJ tries to elbow out of.

Daniels rolls up AJ for a near fall, but Hebner catches Daniels using the ropes for leverage. AJ springs off the corner and hits a reverse DDT move. He starts to control the offense with strikes, followed with a springboard forearm. He tries the Styles Clash but Daniels counters and Styles hits the Pele for a near fall.

Daniels goes outside, looking for something under the ring. AJ confronts him, and Daniels hits a backbreaker. Daniels finds the screwdriver. Rob Van Dam makes an appearance to steal the screwdriver from Daniels. On the distraction, AJ is able to deliver a backbreaker followed by the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Rob comes into the ring and the two shake hands and they play with Earl Hebner for a minute as the announcers thank Bjorn for joining them. They sell the six man tag coming up next.

The announcers run down the card for Turning Point, coming up Sunday. Highlights include Crimson vs. Matt Morgan, Velvet Sky defending the Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim, Mexican America defending their tag belts against Ink Inc. in a six person tag, and RVD vs. Daniels in a no disqualification match.

Match #7 – Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, and a mystery partner

The heels come out first, and Anderson hits the stage next to do his mic entrance. Hardy joins Anderson at the ramp and Tenay asks who will join them – and we’ll find out after the break.

After the break, Abyss is announced as their partner. Bully Ray looks shocked and Jarrett is pissed. The teams stare down each other for a few minutes before order is restored and the match starts.

Abyss starts with Jarrett, who makes his way across the ring to shove Hardy. Abyss tags Hardy in, and Jarrett tags out quickly to Steiner. Hardy gets a kick on Steiner and tags in Anderson, who gets his eyes raked. Jarrett tags in and eats a neck breaker from Anderson.

Steiner distracts the official and Bully Ray gets a cheap shot on Anderson. Bully Ray drops several elbows, then he and Steiner double team Anderson. Steiner drops the elbow and does some push ups. Anderson counters with a short-arm clothesline so he can get the tag to Hardy.

Hardy runs offense on the heel team until Jarrett interjects himself. Steiner hits a fall-away slam off the ropes, and Bully Ray picks up the scraps for the near fall, then locks on a body scissor. Jarrett gets the tag and works Hardy to the corner, but Hardy counters and hits Whisper in the Wind. Both men get tags.

Abyss is on fire, hitting clotheslines on everyone. He hits the Shock Treatment on Jarrett then gets clotheslined outside by Bully Ray. It’s a full-on scrum now as finishers are getting exchanged. Abyss hits Steiner with the Black Hole Slam for the win. The faces celebrate as the Immortal members lick their wounds outside the ring.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Ken Anderson

The announcers debate if James Storm should be competing here. They show video clips of Storm being tended to earlier in the evening. Taz respects the pride and drive of Storm but he shouldn’t be competing.

Match #8 – James Storm vs. Bobby Roode (c); TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Roode makes his way out to the ring. Introductions come up after the break. Storm’s music hits, but he doesn’t appear. Roode smiles, thinking it’s a good thing. They try the music again and this time Storm comes out, staggering and still all bloody from the attack earlier.

No introductions here, as Storm attacks Roode right from the go. He attacks with right hands, hard whip to the corner and a back body drop. Storm doesn’t have the oomph to keep going though and he falls to the mat. A doctor comes to ringside and the official holds Roode off. The doctor can be heard saying “I tried to keep him from coming out” and “he needs to go to the hospital.”

Roode and the official try to help Storm to his feet. Roode asks if the match is over and if the bell hasn’t rung. Roode rolls Storm up to get a count and celebrates, saying he beat Storm again. Sting makes his way to the ring. Kaz and AJ come to the ring also to check on Storm.

Winner: Bobby Roode

AJ calls Roode a piece of trash, and calls Roode down to get some. He says he as a better idea, and challenges Roode to a match at Turning Point. Sting makes it official. Roode says AJ doesn’t want any of it as the show ends.

Credit to Bill Wentz at Ring-Rap.com

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