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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/27/12
By Wojciech Zdrojkowski
Sep 28, 2012 - 12:49:52 AM

TNA Impact 9/27/12
By Wojciech Zdrojkowski

We start with a package recapping what has happened and building up the Bound For Glory PPV.

Fireworks hit and Impact starts live from Orlando Florida.

Hogan makes his way to the ring with a baseball bat. He says this Impact is going to be a turning point. He says Bound for Glory is only 3 weeks away but he is distracted by Aces and eights and needs to deal with them. He says before that he wants to make a fatal 4 way match for D-Von’s now vacant TV title and he has hand picked 4 men himself. He then says the Storm and Bobby Roode issue needs to get sorted and makes and announces that they will fight each other in a street fight at Bound for Glory. He says the enforcer in that match is going to be MMA’s King Mo. He says tonight he is going in to Aces and Eights’ club house alone for a fight.

Sting’s music hits and he goes to the ring. Hogan tells him he just borrowed his bat. Sting says ‘my bat is your bat.’ He says he is going with him to Aces and 8’s. Hogan tells him to grab another bat so they can go and sort this out.

Kurt Angle [with AJ] v Chavo Guerrero [with Hernandez] v Christopher Daniels [with Kazarian]
Daniels hops out of the ring. He gets thrown in by the other 2. European uppercuts to Daniels by Chavo. More European uppercuts at the turnbuckle to Daniels. Chavo stomps away at Daniels at the turnbuckle. Angle and Chavo whip Daniels in to opposite turnbuckles. Clothesline on Daniels by Chavo. Angle and Chavo go outside and Hernandez and AJ join them and an argument breaks out. All of them get in to the ring. All 6 men in the ring briefly.


Hernandez, AJ and Kazarian were sent away during the commercial as Daniels has Angle in an armlock. German Suplex to Daniel from Angle. Angle slam attempt but it is reversed. Chavo head scissors to Daniels. Dropkick by Chavo and pin for the 2 count only. Angle Slam from Kurt Angle on Daniels. Straps go down but Chavo rolls Kurt Angle up from behind for a 2 count. 3 amigos on Daniels from Chavo. Chavo goes up top. Ankle Lock on Daniels by Angle. Chavo and Angle argue. STO by Daniels on Chavo and cover for the 3 count.
Winner Christopher Daniels

Hogan is in the back with Mr Anderson, Samoa Joe, Garrett and Magnus. He wants to choose 2 of them to fight for the TV Title and they all tell him why he should choose them. He decides Joe is probably in and Magnus is out. He gets left with a choice of 3.

Brooke meets Tara backstage. Tara tells her she is late. Brooke says Tara is late. Tara takes a phone call. Brooke tells Tara she should get ready for her match now. Tara goes back to her phone and talks to someone. Brooke takes the phone and walks off.

Tara v OBB [with Eric Young]
ODB pulls Tara’s hair. ODB throws Tara across the ring a couple of time. Tara slides out of the ring. ODB follows her out and chases her back in. Tara is thrown in to the turnbuckle and then splashed in to it. Bronco Buster on Tara. Tara goes outside again. ODB with a sliding dropkick to Tara on the apron. ODB gets Tara back in the ring. Tara offers her hand but Tara drags her up by the hair and hits a big clothesline. Another clotheslines from ODB. Fall away Slam on Tara. ODB kicks Tara out of the ring. ODB brings Tara back in the ring. Tara seems hurt, she pull off her knee brace and complains to the ref. ODB walks over and Tara rolls her up with feet on the ropes for the 3 count to get a title show at Bound For Glory.
Winner Tara

Bully Ray is walking backstage as a cameraman asks him who he is teaming with tonight. Bully Ray tells names a couple of people who he is not teaming with. He then tells the cameraman not to follow him but if he is going to anyway, to film his calves [and he does].

Hogan is backstage with Garrett, Mr Anderson and Samoa Joe. He says Joe is in for sure and decides that he will face Anderson. Garrett walks off angrily.
Bobby Roode is in the lockeroom with Austin Aries and tells him he is going to face him and Jeff Hardy as he tags with Bully Ray. He says he is going to be cheering for Jeff Hardy at the PPV since he does not get to have another title shot at Aries. He goes on to say that Aries is the better wrestler though and deserves to win. He wishes him luck for the PPV match. As Roode walks off, Aries tells him luck is for losers.

Samoa Joe v Mr Anderson [Television Title match]
Right hands from Joe. Lock up. More rights and lefts from Joe in the turnbuckle. Joe throws Anderson in to the opposite turnbuckle. Spinning kick to Anderson in the turnbuckle and pin. Kickout by Anderson. Running shoulder block on Anderson. Chop to the back of the neck on Anderson. Swinging neck breaker and pin with another kick out by Anderson. Shoulder block from Joe. Jaw breaker by Anderson. Uppercut forearm by Joe. Anderson clotheslines Joe. Mic check is blocked by Joe and followed by a Rear naked choke. Anderson tries to grab the ropes by Joe pulls him away. Anderson’s arm is raised and drops. He’s out. Joe wins by submission.
Winner Samoa Joe [new Television Title Champion]

Hogan and Sting are planning their visit to the Aces and Eights clubhouse when a woman asks Hogan to sign something. She then sprays him and Sting with mace as some Aces and Eights guys but sacks over their heads and throw them in to a van.

Evan Markopoulos is in the ring with Taz, Bruce Pritchard and Snow who will decide if he gets to have a contract at TNA. Taz says yes but Pritchard and Snow say no and the 18 year old Evan Markopoulos leaves the ring.

Hogan and Sting are tied up backstage as the sacks get taken off their heads. The unknown leader of the gang speaks to them in a muffled voice. They bring out Joseph Park and the leader tells Hogan he wants him to pick TNA’s 2 best guys to fight 2 of their best guys. If TNA win they get Joseph Park and Aces and Eights leave, but if the Aces and Eights win they get full access to TNA. Hogan agrees to the deal.

Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries are shown as they walk backstage separately.

Recap of Hogan and Sting incident.

Storm is backstage saying 2 men will walk in to Bound for Glory but only 1 will win and he respects MMA’s King Mo but he only needs him there to raise his hand when he wins the match.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray v Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray lock up. Rights and lefts at the turnbuckle from Bubba. Hurricanrana from Jeff. Aries and Roode are tagged in. Arm drag by Aries on Roode then a drop toe hold on Bully Ray who runs in. Jeff hits Bully Ray and Roode with a double clothesline.

Commercial break

Jeff hits a splash off the turnbuckle on Roode for a 2 count.

Another commercial break [after like 5 seconds]

Roode knocks Jeff off the turnbuckle. Bully is in and drags Jeff to the middle of the ring, stomping and punching him occasionally. Cover gets 2. Roode is in with a knee drop and cover for a 2 count. Punches to the head by Roode. Jeff fights back with right hands. Twist of Fate out of desperation on Roode. Jeff stays down as Roode slowly gets to his feet. Aries knocks him out of the ring. Bully Ray knocks Aries out of the ring. Roode slams Aries in to the steel steps on the outside before he slides him back in to the ring. Bully Ray kicks Aries a few times. Roode is back in. Back breaker on Aries followed by kicks to the back. Bully Ray with a double fisted dive off the turnbuckle on Aries. Pin gets a 2 count on Aries. Bear Hug from Bully Ray on Aries who eventually fights out of it. Dropkick to the knee from Aries. Right hands to Roode who runs in. Diving clothesline by Aries on Roode. Bully Ray breaks up the Last chancery. Hardy is in but Bully Ray takes him out with a kick. Dropkick on the turnbuckle to Bully Ray from Aries. Suicide dive on Roode. Missile dropkick on Roode. Jeff tags in himself with Aries not aware and hits a Swanton Bomb on Roode to cover him for the 3 count.
Winners Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries is not happy that Jeff tagged in himself without him knowing and they argue with both looking unhappy as we go to credits….

An okay show but only 4 matches in it and none of them, not even the main event, were long enough. Some of the backstage stuff was a big waste of time but you can be used to that with TNA. On the whole I would say it was an average show.

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